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长春市二院可以治疗漏尿症吗榆树市妇幼保健妇保医院是私立的吗?Jessica在北京学中文,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是于苗要问的:换位思考。YM:Hey Jessica! Hows it going?...你怎么看起来气呼呼的?Jessica:I AM angry! One of my friend said shes going to come visit me, but she canceled her trip AT THE LAST MINUTE! Ive saved all my weekend for her!YM:啊? 这可真扫兴,不过你有没有问她,为什么不来了呢?Jessica:She said a very important client is coming to town over the weekend, and she got the opportunity to accompany them.YM:哦,原来是这样。你想想,你朋友刚开始工作,能有这么好的接触大客户的机会,你应该为她高兴呀! 试着换位思考一下嘛!Jessica:换位思考?....哦,我知道了,you are telling me to put myself in her shoes. Yeah, I guess Im being a little harsh.YM:对啊! 她一定也很想跟好朋友过个休闲的周末,but sometimes youve got to sacrifice your personal life for work, especially when you are new at your job! Jessica, 你这么善解人意,一定明白的!Jessica:Yeah, I guess I should be more considerate.YM:哦! 原来善解人意就是 considerate! 我其实特别明白你朋友的心情,我感同身受! Hmm, 这个“感同身受”用美语要怎么说呢?Jessica:You can say it strikes a chord. Strike is spelled s-t-r-i-k-e; and chord, c-h-o-r-d, chord. If something strikes a chord, it means it evokes a similar emotion or reaction. 就是你说的感同身受!YM:原来是这样! Yes, your friends situation strikes a chord with me!Jessica:You know, Yumiao, I think you are right. I will call her and apologize for overreacting, and I will wish her good luck!YM:我来总结一下今天所学的:第一,换位思考叫做 put oneself in someone elses shoes;第二,善解人意可以用 considerate;第三,感同身受,叫做 strike a chord! /201306/245791绿园区妇幼保健院介绍 1.maybe I dont deserve you.也许我真的配不上你。长春妇科都市丽人医院

长春中心医院男科医生Computers are an amazing thing, you know they have really improved peoples lives over the past 15 or 20 years. You know you can do word processing. You can access libraries of information. You can communicate with your friends 24 hours a day across the globe. You can do art. You can watch movies. You can play music. All sorts of interesting and cool stuff, that makes life more pleasurable, or makes life easier, you know, its really an amenity thats been a big part of most peoples lives for a long time now, and they always seem to be improving and getting bigger and better. Well, actually, theyre getting smaller and better, but why is it that over this time, that computers never seem to run smoothly all the time. Theres always little glitches and problems. You know, computers are getting better but so are viruses. Programs are getting easier and better, but theyre also getting more expensive and you always have to upgrade because what you want to get doesnt work necessarily with what you have on your computer, you know.电脑是件很神奇的东西,你知道,它们在过去15-20年改善了人们的生活。你知道你可以用电脑进行文字处理。也可以获得信息库。你可以每天24小时和全球的朋友进行交流。你也可以做和艺术相关的事情、可以看电影、听音乐等等。各种有意思的事情会让生活更愉悦,也更舒适,你知道,它作为人们生活中重要的便利设施已经存在很长时间了,它们一直在不断改进,变得更大更好。实际上,它们是越来越小,越来越好,但是为什么这么长时间以来电脑都没能保持顺利运行呢?总是会出现小故障和问题。你知道,电脑越来越好,可是病毒也是如此。程序变得越来越简单,越来越好,但是它们也越来越昂贵,你不得不升级因为你电脑上的程序不能满足你的需求。Internet connections are always speeding up, but theres always a slow internet connection, at least 20 or 25 percent of the time. You know, if you want to run something you always need to download this or download this. This program is incompatible with this program. When you are on the internet, there is always strange pop-up ads and things like that. E-mail! Ah, your e-mail box is full, too much memory, yeah, printers, printers are the worst of all. You know after all this time, why is it that printers always break down when you need to print something on time. Hey, theres my little ramble about computers, but all in all, theyre good, cause without computers there wouldnt be such a wonderful site lke ELLLO.网络连接在不断加快,但是20%到25%的时间网络连接都很慢。你知道,如果你想运行某个东西,你就需要下载。这个程序和那个程序可能会不兼容。你在上网的时候,总是会有奇怪的弹出式广告。电子邮件!你的电子邮箱满了,有太多的内存,还有打印机,打印机是最糟糕的。你知道这么长时间以来,在你需要打印东西的时候打印机总是会出故障。嘿,这些就是我对电脑的漫谈,不过总的来说,它们很好,因为没有电脑就不会有像ELLO英语这样棒的网站了。 译文属 /201409/332307长春市心理医院打胎流产好吗 Todd: Nicola, you were talking to us the other day that you went diving in Australia.妮可拉,你要向我们讲讲前几天你在澳大利亚潜水的事儿?Nicola: Thats right I did.是的,没错。Todd: Wow, so what was it like?哇,潜水怎么样?Nicola: Well, actually it was quite scary to be honest. When I first started I did an introductory course, which was just maybe like two days. And so they just sent you out with all of the equipment, put you in the sea, and guided you, but then when I did the real course we started in the swimming pool, which was fine and it was all great fun, although there were two men on my course who completely freaked out and had to leave.实际上,老实说很吓人。我第一次潜水前,先听了基础入门课程,大约只有两天的课程。然后他们就给了我很多器材,带我下海,有教练指导我,在我们在游泳池实际演练的时候,一切正常而且很有趣,但我的班上有两名男学员吓坏了,他们最后只得退出。Todd: Oh!哦!Nicola: Yeah! so that was fine but then they took us out to sea which was a bit different. Yeah, because they made us set up our own equipment, I mean they still checked us and everything so we didnt die, but we had to put on our own equipment. We had a diving buddy who I was with, and I was with my friend Graham, who I was traveling with anyway, and we went down into the sea. We went down maybe fifteen meters. And they always say like Dont Panic just keep breathing normally and everything. But I did kind of panic a bit.是的!这些还好,但接下来教练带着我们下海就有些不同了。因为他们要求我们自己穿戴器材,他们仍然会检查我们的器材和其他所有事物,以确保我们不会死于非命,但我们需要自己穿戴调试器材,然后下海。我有一个潜水伙伴,我的朋友Graham,我当时正和他一起旅行,我们两个一起下海。我们下潜了15米。教练会说“不要害怕,保持正常呼吸”。但我还是有一点害怕。Todd: Oh, no!哦,不!Nicola: So then I rose to the surface really quickly, which you know, youre not supposed to do in diving. So I went up really quickly. Luckily we werent deep enough to do any damage but my diving buddy Graham was having a great time down there looking at shipwrecks and didnt even notice that I was missing.下海后我很快就浮上来了,这对于潜水来说不是个好现象。好在我很快又潜下去了。幸运的是我们潜得不深不会受伤,但我的潜水伙伴Graham潜下去探险沉船废墟,他甚至没发现我已经不见了。Todd: What a terrible guy!真是个差劲的伙伴!Nicola: Yeah, I know. so, then...是的,我知道,接下来……Todd: Wow! Did they fail him? I hope he failed the course?哇!教练给他挂科了吗?我认为他这门课不合格。Nicola: No, he passed. He paid enough money. He passed. But it meant that I couldnt go diving for the rest of the day cause I had gone down quite deep, so that was a shame, but.没有,他通过了。他交够了钱。他通过了。但这意味着我那天不能再下海潜水了,因为我已经潜得太深了,很遗憾。Todd: Thats terrible. But you didnt hurt yourself, you didnt come up to fast?这太糟糕了。但你没有伤害到你自己,你没有很快就浮上来?Nicola: No, I was fine in the end, but it was a shame because that was the end of my diving day. But we had a few more days to do it.没有,我后来表现很好,但那是我当天最后一次下水了。好在我们还有几天时间可以下海潜水。Todd: So now you are comfortable diving. You dont freak out anymore?所以说,你现在能自如地潜水。你不再害怕了?Nicola: I dont freak out anymore, but I couldnt go diving now on my own because it has been so long. Yeah!我不再害怕了,但我现在不能自己潜水,因为已经时隔很久了。注:译文属原创,,。 /201210/204425宽城区做人工受孕

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