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Taking five days to complete a half-marathon may not seem impressive.用五天时间跑完半程马拉松似乎并不让人印象深刻。That is, until you learn the woman who did it is paralyzed from the chest down and 16 weeks pregnant.但是当你获悉这是一名怀16周、胸部以下高位截瘫的妇之后,一切就不一样了。Claire Lomas began the Great North Run in northeast England last Wednesday and finished last Sunday afternoon.克莱尔·洛马斯上周三在英国北部;大北方长跑;比赛中出发,于上周日下午完成了比赛。The 36-year-old Lomas averaged 3 miles a day using a ;bionic suit; that helped her move and lift her legs during the marathon, according to the B.据英国广播公司报道,36岁的洛马斯利用一套;仿生学套装;帮助她在马拉松比赛中抬腿和移动,平均每天可以跑3英里。;It#39;s taken some learning. It#39;s not just physical work, it#39;s the concentration with every step,; she said. ;It doesn#39;t just walk for me. I have to use the parts that aren#39;t paralyzed to make it walk.;她对此表示:;这要学习一段时间。这不仅仅是体力活动,每一步都要集中精力。对我来说不仅仅是行走。我需要运用没有瘫痪的所有部位来让自己动起来。;Lomas was paralyzed from the chest down after a horseback riding accident in 2007.在2007年一次坠马事故之后,洛马斯胸部以下都瘫痪了。Despite the challenges she#39;s faced as a result, Lomas believes people with spinal injuries should stay as active as possible.虽然最后她要面对很多挑战,但是洛马斯认为,有脊椎损伤的人也应该尽可能动起来。;It#39;s good for your health, anyway, whether you are an active person or not,; she told the Guardian.她在接受《卫报》采访时表示:;不管怎样,这都对你的健康有好处,不管你是不是健康人。;Lomas made the walk with the help of a robotic exoskeleton that she purchased after raising around ,000.洛马斯全程的行走都借助一套机械体外骨骼,这套装置是她筹了近66000美元之后购买的。The suit, made by ReWalk Robotics of Israel, uses lightweight braces and a series of sensors so users can rotate joints and control movement with their upper body, according to BT.com.据BT网站报道,该装置由以色列ReWalk机器人公司制造,使用了轻型架和一系列传感器,这样使用者就可以利用上身转动关节、控制行走。This isn#39;t the first time Lomas has competed using the exoskeleton. In 2012, she also walked the London marathon and finished in 16 days, according to Slate.这不是洛马斯第一次借助体外骨骼参加体育比赛了。据;石板书;网站报道,在2012年,洛马斯用16天走完了伦敦马拉松。 /201609/468162

If you worry you are not spending enough time with your children, you can relax. Get a babysitter and go out for the evening.如果你还在担心没有足够的时间陪孩子,那么现在你大可放轻松。找个保姆,晚上你可以放心大胆地出门赴宴了。Studies show that it is quality, not quantity, of time that makes children thrive.研究发现,让孩子茁壮成长的不是父母陪伴孩子的时间,而是陪伴孩子的质量。While research has usually focused on mothers, a study last week on BMJ Open showed that the amount of time fathers spend with children is also less important than how much they enjoyed parenting.通常大多数研究都会关注母亲,不过上周《英国医学杂志》的一项研究表明,父亲陪伴孩子的时间长短不是那么重要,最重要的是父亲是否享受陪伴孩子的过程。Fathers who took pleasure in caring for their young children were 28% less likely to have children with behavioural problems at both nine and 11 years old.据调查显示,能够以陪伴孩子为乐的父亲培养出来的孩子,在9岁和11岁出现行为问题的几率要低28%。Questionnaires were sent out to more than 10,000 parents in south-west England when their children were eight weeks and then eight months old.研究人员将调查问卷分发给英格兰西南部10000多对父母,问卷分别在他们的孩子8周大和8个月大时各发了一次。Fathers were asked how they felt about parenthood – for example, did they enjoy watching their baby develop, how much did they play with their child and how confident were they?爸爸们被问到他们是如何看待亲子关系的--例如,他们是否享受看着孩子长大的过程,他们多久陪孩子玩一次以及他们有多大信心?When their children were nine and then 11, the mothers were asked to score the children#39;s behaviour – on factors such as how considerate they were to others#39; feelings and their kindness to younger children, as well as levels of restlessness and clinginess.当孩子9岁和11岁时,妈妈们被要求给自己孩子的行为打分--依据因素例如:孩子对他人感受的体贴程度如何,对其他小朋友是否善良,以及躁动和依赖程度。The researchers discovered that how secure the fathers felt about their role and their partner, and how emotionally connected they were with their children, were more important in reducing the likelihood of behavioural problems than the time they put in to childcare.研究人员发现,父亲对自身角色以及伴侣的安全感以及他们与孩子感情的亲密程度,相较于他们花在育儿上的时间而言,在减少孩子出现行为问题的可能性上扮演着更加重要的角色。The final analysis was done on nearly 6,500 11-year-olds and also took into account the father#39;s level of education and income.最终的分析是建立在近6500名11岁的儿童身上,并同时考虑了父亲的教育和收入水平。Charles Opondo, of the Nuffield Department of Population Health at the University of Oxford, was the lead author of the study. He says it shows that positive involvement means more than time spent on childcare duties.牛津大学纳菲尔德人口健康学院的查尔斯·欧潘多是这项研究的主要作者。他表示,该研究明,积极的参与比花更多时间完成育儿责任更有意义。;Feeling good about being a dad, making an emotional connection with children and establishing a secure parenting relationship with mothers are perhaps even more important,; he says.他说道:;为身为人父感到愉悦,与孩子建立情感联系,与孩子妈妈建立一个充满安全感的父母关系,这些或许更为重要。;The research suggests that parental guilt about how much time is spent with their children may be misplaced. It is the emotional connection that parents have with their children that counts.该研究显示,父母对于没能花足够的时间陪伴孩子而产生的内疚感其实是完全没必要的。父母与孩子之间的情感联系才是最重要的。For babies and toddlers, playing, ing and bathing can be high-quality activities.对于婴儿和蹒跚学步的孩子,陪他们玩耍、阅读和洗澡算得上是高质量的陪伴。With older children, parents often recognise quality time when it happens – a simple chat in the car, for example.而对于大一些的孩子,父母通常能够意识到什么样的陪伴才是高质量的--比方说在车里的一次简单的对话。No one says less time is better, but the research suggests that what matters most is making the time you do have really count.没有人说更少的时间效果更好,这项研究只是说明,更重要的是将时间花在更有价值的地方。 /201612/482760

The Australian state of New South Wales has announced new measures to prevent shark attacks on its beaches after a teenage surfer was attacked last week.上周,澳大利亚新南威尔士州一名未成年冲浪者遭到了鲨鱼袭击,对此该州已经出台了一些防止被咬的新措施。Programmes to catch, tag and relocate sharks will be stepped up using baited hooks attached to lines of floating drums, officials say.据澳大利亚官员表示,他们将用浮标绑上饵钩,从而来捕捉鲨鱼,给他们打上记录标签,然后放到其他海域去。The system has proved successful at catching sharks but conservationists say it is harmful to wildlife.该系统已经被实在捕捉鲨鱼方面很成功,但是环保人士认为这会对野生动物造成伤害。The so-called smart drum lines alert officials when creatures are captured.当有动物被捉到时,这些所谓的智能浮标线就会向政府发出警报。There are aly 15 of them off the state and 85 others would be rolled out, a statement said.据一份声明表示,新南威尔士已经赶走了15条鲨鱼,并且还将驱逐85条。New South Wales Premier Mike Baird said 31 great white and five bull sharks have tagged and relocated since May, according to Australia#39;s A broadcaster.据澳大利亚A广播电台报道,新南威尔士总督麦克·贝尔德表示,自从今年5月以来,已经有31条大白鲨和5条公牛鲨被打上标签、重新放回大海。 /201610/469621A researcher who is no stranger to controversy has pondered whether exporting wild dog meat to South-East Asia is a sustainable way to manage the pest.一名饱受争议的专家近日又有了新想法:他提出向东南亚国家出口野肉来作为控制患的可持续之道。Dr Benjamin Allen most recently worked on a plan to release dingoes into a Great Barrier Reef island to kill feral goats.本杰明·艾伦士最近正在研究一个计划--把澳大利亚野放到大堡礁的一个岛屿上猎杀野山羊。His latest research started with a throwaway comment.他的最新研究始于一句玩笑话。;I met someone who works a fair bit in Asia. I mentioned that I work with dingoes, and they said #39;Oh, I#39;ve always wondered if tinned dingo meat would go well there#39;,; he said.他说道:“我遇到了一些在亚洲工作了很久的人。我提到了我在进行野研究,他们就说#39;哦,我想知道野肉罐头在那边能不能行得通。#39;”。Dr Allen did not give the issue much thought until he was preparing to present a paper at a conference focusing on conservation through the sustainable use of wildlife.艾伦士并没有把这个问题太放在心上,直到他准备在一个关于通过野生动物的可持续利用来实现保护的会议上发表论文。;Around the world, the sustainable use of wildlife is used as a model for conservation,; he said.“在全世界范围内,野生动物的可持续利用都是保护的典范。”他说。;We have sustainable use here in Australia aly. We have kangaroo and possum harvesting industries. Ecotourism is also sustainable use.;“我们已经在澳大利亚实行可持续利用了。我们有袋鼠和负鼠肉的加工业。生态旅游也是可持续利用的一种。”The paper Dr Allen wrote for the conference is titled Creating dingo meat products for Southeast Asia: potential market opportunities and cultural dilemmas.艾伦士为会议撰写的论文题为《为东南亚国家制作澳大利亚野肉罐头:潜在市场机会与文化困境》。;I think the first reaction from people when they hear the idea of selling wild dog meat to Asia is #39;How could you possibly put our animals through that?#39;; he said. ;But the dogs are aly being killed through trapping and shooting.;“我觉得,人们听到#39;往亚洲卖肉#39;这个主意的时候,第一反应应该是#39;你怎么能这么处理我们的动物呢!#39;”他说。“但是这些野已经用弹和陷阱杀死了。”Dr Allen said the control of wild dogs on Australian pastoral land had become a major concern to local, state and federal governments.艾伦士表示,澳大利亚牧区对野的控制已经成为当地政府、州政府和联邦政府的心头大患。;We#39;ve got no idea how many wild dogs are in Australia, but there#39;s something in the order of 10,000-15,000 scalps a year handed in to local governments for bounty payment,; he said. ;The dog is often hung on a tree or hung on a fence, or left to rot on the ground.;“我们不知道为什么澳大利亚有这么多野,但是现在每年有一万到一万五千只野尸体会被上交到地方政府来换取赏金。”他说。“野尸体往往挂在树上或者栅栏上,或者扔在地上腐烂。” /201610/471719

It was a Friday morning, 7:30a.m. I felt too lazy to drive my car, so my son booked an uber. In five minutes, the uber reached at the entrance gate, waiting for my arrival. I just saw the cab number and entered inside the car. I was so busy that I didn#39;t pay any attention towards the driver. I was searching for an important paper from my leather bag, so instantly said, #39;Please, go quick! I#39;m in a hurry!#39;那是一个周五的早晨7点半,我懒得开车,儿子帮我在优步上订了一辆车。短短5分钟,车就到了门口,等着我上车。我扫了一眼车牌,然后就上车了。我忙着做自己的事情,也顾不上抬头看一眼司机。我翻着做自己的皮包找文件,随便说道:“请快一点,我赶时间。“The voice came, #39;Yes, Ma#39;am!#39;只听声音传来:“好的,女士。”I was literally surprised when I heard a female voice! I stopped my work for a second and looked at the driver. The driver was a young lady. Maybe, around thirty or thirty-two! For the first time, I saw a lady, driving an uber!让我感到惊讶的是,我听到一个女性的声音,我放下手头的工作,看了一眼司机,只见是一个年轻的女性,大概在30或32岁左右,这是我第一次看到一个女司机开优步。The car was running on the national high-way towards the destination. It was quite a distance from my home. She was driving perfectly well. Hundred times, I had travelled in uber, but never I saw any lady, driving an uber! I didn#39;t know, why I became so enthusiastic to know why she had chosen this profession. I started the conversation,#39;If you don#39;t mind, can I ask you some questions?#39;汽车在高速路上朝着目的地行进,目的地离我家很远,她开车的技术很好。我在优步上坐车数不清有多少次了,我还是第一次看见一个女司机!我自己也不知道为什么莫名兴奋,想要了解她为什么会选择这样一个职业。于是我开启了谈话:“如果你不介意,我能问你几个问题么?”#39;Yes, ma#39;am! No problem.#39;“当然不介意,女士。”#39;I guess, you are well qualified!#39;“我猜你肯定受过高等教育,”#39;Yes, ma#39;am! I have completed my education. I have done my MBA course.“是的女士,我完成了我的学业,工商管理学硕士的课程。”#39;Oh, wow!!! Why did you then choose this profession, instead of going for an academic career?#39;“天哪,那你为什么选这行,而不是开启学术生涯?”I could see her face in the rear view mirror. She smiled and the way she expressed her views, I was really amazed!我从反光镜里能看到她的脸,她都是面带微笑表达她的想法,我被震撼到了。Very politely, she said, #39;Driving was my passion from my childhood, ma#39;am! Of course I do respect each and every job. In this case, at least I fulfilled my desire! I love driving! I don#39;t mind for big or small job. I wanted a job where I can get satisfaction. I got offers from m.n.c but this one I preferred because I like it! I know, I can#39;t get enough money out of it, yet as I told you #39;I love driving#39;!That#39;s it!#39;她很有礼貌的回答道:“从我的孩提时期,我就对开车有着热情,当然我尊重每一份工作,目前能够开车,也算是达成我的愿望。我不在乎工作的大小,而在乎自己内心是否得到满足,我拿到来自mnc公司的职位邀约,但是我还是喜欢我目前的工作,因为我真心热爱。虽然收入不会很高,但是我喜欢开车,这就够了。” /201705/507983

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