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襄阳中心医院割包皮费用襄阳市第三人民医院割包皮价格襄阳哪个医院做包皮手术比较好 Ive aly ed you the rock-bottom price.我已经给您报了最低价了。This price is quite reasonable.这个价钱是很合理的。I can give you a 10% discount.我可以给您打九折。Its not expensive at all.这个一点也不贵。Less expensive, lower quality.便宜的质量差。We dont bargain.我们不讲价。Youll find nothing less expensive than this.您会发现没有更便宜的了。If you buy two sets, I can give you a discount.如果您买两套,我就给您打个折。It cant be any cheaper.不能再便宜了。Lets meet each other halfway.咱们各让一半吧。Could you add 20 yuan?您能给加20块钱吗?Take it or leave it.要买就买,不买拉倒。About Price产品价格How much is this piano, please?请问,这架钢琴多少钱?10,620 yuan.10620块钱。Wow, thats kind of expensive!哇,有点儿贵啊!But you must realize it, sir. Beethoven is the most famous brand.可是,先生,您得明白,贝多芬可是最著名的牌子啊。Nevertheless, its altogether too extravagant for me. I just want to get one to leam how to play the piano.不管怎么说,总之这对我来说太奢侈了。我只是想买一架供我学习用。Then how about this one made in Guangzhou.那么这架广州生产的怎么样?I hope its quality is guaranteed.希望质量能有保。Oh, yes, sir. I think youll find we have an excellent reputation for quality and service.噢,当然有保,先生。我想你会发现我们店因为质量和务好声誉很不错。Can you come down a little bit?便宜点儿可以吗?Normally we have no second price. As you are coming to us for the first time, Ill make it 5.000 yuan.通常我们都是不二价的,不过既然您是第一次光顾我们店,我就要5000元吧。Thank you. Ill take it.谢谢。我买了。 /201405/302150Continuing our series on ESL for business travel, we rejoin Alan and Honesto on their business trip to the USA. In BEP 55 – Airport Departures and Take Off, Alan, the main character in our story, and Honesto, his colleague, have left Hong Kong for San Francisco. There they will go through immigration, collect their bags, and change planes to Michigan, which is where their company, Ambient, is headquartered.继续关于商务旅行的课程,我们重新加入Alan 和 Honesto前往美国的商务旅程。在上节课中——飞机起飞了。故事的主角Alan和他的同事Honesto已经离开香港前往旧金山。在那儿他们得入关,整理背包,换乘去米歇尔的飞机,那是公司总部所在地。Immigration is the process you follow to enter a foreign country. So in today’s ESL lesson, you’ll learn helpful travel vocabulary and phrases you can use when you enter the U.S. or other countries.入境是你按照规定进入另一个国家的过程。所以在今天的课中,你会学到有用的旅行词汇和短语,当你进入美国或其他国家时能用到所学知识。Listening Quiz:1) What is an I-94 form?2) How much money can you bring into the U.S.?3) Where does Alan want to go sightseeing?4) What does Alan mean by “just pulling your leg?” /201102/125731襄城区妇幼保健院中医院月经不调多少钱

南漳县妇幼保健中医院治疗便秘多少钱4.Opening a Bank Account 开个人账户 Dad: So, Jimmy, how does it feel to have your own money? Jimmy, 自己有钱的感觉怎么样? Jimmy: It’s great, dad. I don’t mind delivering papers, but the real fun is collecting the money. 太棒了,爸爸。送报纸倒没有什么,真正的快乐是收钱。 Dad: Even though you are only twelve, it’s not too early to start saving a little money. 虽然你才刚刚十二岁,可现在开始攒钱也不算早了。 Jimmy: I’ve never had a bank account before. Why don’t I just keep my money under the matterss like grandpa does? 我还从来没有开过账户呢。为什么我就不能像爷爷那样把钱藏在床垫下呢? Dad: You know you would spend it. And also, money in the bank earns interest. 那样,你就会把钱花掉的。况且,把钱存在还有利息呢。 Jimmy: But what if I need my money suddenly? 如果我急需用钱,怎么办? Dad: The bank will give you a PIN, and you can withdraw money from any ATM. 会给你一个密码,你可以从自动提款机提钱。 Jimmy: Great! So it’s almost the same as keeping it under the matters! 太好了! 这么说,存在和藏在床垫下并没有什么区别! Dad: Not quite. You have to maintain a minimum balance of twenty dollars. And sometimes the bank has service charges. But you don’t have to worry about that yet. Let’s go make your first deposit! 不太一样。你的账户里最少得存二十美元。有时候,还要收务费。但你现在还不用担心这些。我们去存第一笔钱吧! Jimmy: OK. Guess I have to do that before. I can make money my first withdrawal. 好的。只有先存钱,我才能开始取钱啰。 interest 利息 PIN personal identification number, 密码,个人身份号码 ATM Automatic Teller Machine, 自动取款机 Withdraw 提款 maintain a minimum balance 最少存入数量 service charges 务费 deposit 存款 /200701/9997老河口市人民医院前列腺炎多少钱 抱歉这么晚打电话   由于业务的需要,有时候很晚了还要给客户打电话。这时一定要意识到自己是在打扰别人的休息,要对他说一声对不起。   I’m sorry to call you so late. I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time.   对不起,这么晚还打来,希望没有吵到你。   Sorry for bothering you at this hour.   很抱歉在这个时候打扰你。   I know it will get you trouble to call you this late. But it is an real emergency. I have no choice.   我知道这么晚打电话来会给你添麻烦,但我有非常要紧的事情。我也没有办法。   I must apologize for calling you at this time.   我很抱歉现在打电话过来。 /09/85133襄阳市妇幼保健院妇科怎么样

襄州医院 流产多少钱56.去同事家做客常用应急场景范例一:Come to my new placeAre you doing something on Saturday evening? If not, welcome to my new apartment.You moved to a new place?Yes, I have been busy emptying the packing boxes and cleaning up the mats. Right now, it looks like a home. I would like to have a small celebration party. Please do come.Thank you for inviting me. Sounds lovely! I would like to come. Where is your new apartment?It is in the DX community, Room 306, No.2 building. It is very easy to find. Just ask the guard at the entrance.Who else will come?I invited all the colleagues in our department and also my former neighbor, Paul. He is a very good person. You should meet him.Ok, I will be there around 6. Is that ok for you?Yes, great. I am happy you are coming.范例二:My own designCome on in. I am so glad you are here. We have been expecting you.Am I late for the party? Looks everyone is aly here. Hope I didn’t miss something interesting.No, you are just on time. We haven’t really started yet.Great, here are some flowers for you. I hope you like them. I was not sure if the color will suit your new apartment.Thank you, they’re beautiful. You can hang your coat over there. Try this new couch, it is so comfortable. You will love it. Want something to drink, tea, coffee, juice or Cola?Don’t bother. I will help myself.Make yourself at home.It is such a nice place.Well, I don’t mean to boast but all the designs are done by myself and some colleagues are aly trying to copy some of them for their new apartments. Look, they are making photos now of my designed kitchen. /201002/96758 to ease out someone or something --------- 赶走(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) To remove something or someone gradually, quietly, and gently without creating disruption.例句 To keep peace in the family, we are trying to ease out my irresponsible uncle from our family business without upsetting him or inciting anger among our other relatives.为了维持家庭安宁,我们试图将我的不负责任的叔叔从家族企业中赶出去,同时又不惹恼他或其他亲戚。 /201504/366193襄阳第四医院治疗痛经怎么样襄阳妇保医院妇科专家



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