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大丰市第二人民医院治疗女性不孕多少钱盐城正规的割包皮医院盐城治疗不育不孕医院 What else am I missing? 我还漏掉了什么Okay, all those others. Those too, those are useful degrees 好 其它所有这些 也都是很有用的学位I had a degree in history literature 我拿到的是历史文学学位which is a great degree too 这个学位也很不错but theres some of the least practical majors and I combined them 不过 最不实用的专业课都被我选到了And its not that I didnt ideas about what to do after graduating, I had too many 我在毕业后倒不是一点想法都没有 而是想法太多I thought about taking the foreign service exam 我想过参加驻外事务考试about spending life as a diplomat 当一名外交官I even thought about medical school and how I could save people 我还想过进入医学院 去挽救人们的生命but then I also thought about waiting tables 我还想到了餐馆务and maybe opening a cupcake shop 或许我可以开一家杯形蛋糕店but in the meantime, I needed into my life intervened 但是 生活并不是一大堆幻想I became practical 我需要实际一些I needed money after graduation 我毕业后需要钱And my parents were not going to pay my way anymore 我父母也不打算继续付我的生活开I stopped worrying about getting the right job 我不再考虑怎么找到正确的工作and I focused on just getting a job 只要找到一份工作我就心满意足了And although its quite difficult at the time, I need to thank my parents 那段时间很艰难 不过我需要感谢父母for forcing me out into the workforce 谢谢他们逼我进入了职场My mom and dad are here today 我的父母今天也在现场So thank you, mom and dad 谢谢你们 爸爸妈妈for making me get up, get out and do something 是你们让我走出了第一步 开始自己的职业生涯With programming under my belt 由于有编程技能I found work for a small educational startup in Palo Alto 我在帕洛阿尔托的一家小型教育初创公司找到了工作and I discovered that technology was creative 我发现 技术具有创造性I could build things for people all over the world 我可以为全世界所有人创建出东西It was a start of a journey that has led me to incredible places 这是一个很好的开始 将我引向人生中各种美妙的地方But it was never my plan 但这并不是我的计划So maybe one thing more to try to remember 也许更需要大家记住的一点是is plans are made to be broken 计划就是用来打破的201512/414396They also have great capacity.它们有很大的容量For example, this system in Guangzhou例如,这系统在广州is moving more passengers our direction比中国所有的地铁线路than all subway lines in China,能运送更多的乘客except for one line in Beijing,除了北京的一条地铁线at a fraction of the cost.且成本只是地铁的一小部分We fought not just for space for buses,我们不只是为巴士争取空间but we fought for space for people,我们也为人们争取空间and that was even more difficult.那是更加困难的事Cities are human habitats,城市是人类栖息地and we humans are pedestrians.我们人类是喜欢行走的Just as fish need to swim or birds need to fly就像鱼需要游泳或鸟需要飞or deer need to run, we need to walk.或鹿需要奔跑,我们需要行走There is a really enormous conflict,真的有非常巨大的矛盾when we are talking about developing country cities,当我们谈论发展中国家的城市between pedestrians and cars.行人与汽车的关系Here, what you see is a picture that shows在这里,你看到的是一张insufficient democracy.显示不够民主的图片What this shows is that people who walk这表明的是,行人are third-class citizens是三等公民while those who go in cars而那些开车的are first-class citizens.则是一等公民In terms of transport infrastructure,从交通基础设施方面看what really makes a difference什么是真正区别between advanced and backward cities先进和落后的城市之间的is not highways or subways不是高速公路或地铁but quality sidewalks.而是有无适宜的人行道Here they made a flyover, probably very useless,这里,他们建造了一座天桥,可能非常无用and they forgot to make a sidewalk.而且,他们忘了修建人行道This is prevailing all over the world.这样的现象在世界各地普遍存在Not even schoolchildren are more important than cars.甚至在校学童都没有汽车重要In my city of Bogot,在我的城市波哥大we fought a very difficult battle我们打了一场非常困难的战斗in order to take space from cars,来为人们争取更多的空间which had been parking on sidewalks for decades,为了夺回汽车所占有的空间in order to make space for people that should reflect有些车几十年来停放在人行道上dignity of human beings,这夺回的空间反映的是人类的尊严and to make space for protected bikeways.并且,使空间保护里的自行车道First of all, I had black hair before that.首先,在那之前我满头黑发And I was almost impeached in the process.过程中,我几乎遭到弹劾It is a very difficult battle.这是场非常艰难的战斗However, it was possible, finally,然而,我们成功了,最终after very difficult battles, to make a city艰苦的战斗结束后that would reflect some respect for human dignity,让一座城市对人类尊严有些许尊重that would show that those who walk are equally以明那些行人important to those who have cars.和那些有车的人同等重要Indeed, a very important ideological and political issue anywhere事实上,任何地方最重要的,意识形态和政治纷争is how to distribute that most valuable resource就是如何分配城市最宝贵的资源of a city, which is road space.就是道路空间A city could find oil or diamonds underground一个城市能在地下能找到石油或钻石and it would not be so valuable as road space.那也没有道路空间更为宝贵How to distribute it between pedestrians,如何将它分配给行人bicycles, public transport and cars?自行车、公共交通和汽车呢?This is not a technological issue,这不是一个技术问题and we should remember that in no constitution当我们分配道路资源的时候,我们应该记住,没有任何一部宪法parking is a constitutional right没有任何一部宪法表明when we make that distribution.停车是一项宪法权利We also built, and this was 15 years ago,我们还建造了,这是 15年前before there were bikeways in New York在纽约,巴黎,或者伦敦or in Paris or in London,有自行车道之前it was a very difficult battle as well,那也是场非常困难的斗争more than 350 kilometers of protected bicycle ways.保护 350公里以上的自行车道I dont think protected bicycle ways我不认为自行车道are a cute architectural feature.是一个可爱的建筑特征They are a right, just as sidewalks are,它是一种权利,正如人行道一样unless we believe that only those除非我们认为,只有那些with access to a motor vehicle能使用机动车辆的人have a right to safe mobility,才有权安全地流动without the risk of getting killed.不用受到致命的危险And just as busways are,正如巴士专用道protected bikeways also are自行车道也是a powerful symbol of democracy,民主的一个强有力的象征because they show that a citizen on a bicycle因为它们表明,骑价值 30美金自行车的公民is equally important和一个驾驶3万美元汽车的公民to one in a ,000 car.同等重要And we are living in a unique moment in history.我们生活在一个特殊历史时刻In the next 50 years, more than half of those cities在未来的 50年,我们所建造的城市which will exist in the year 2060 will be built.一半以上,在 2060年的时候,仍会存在In many developing country cities,许多发展中国家more than 80 and 90 percent其中超过百分之八九十of the city which will exist in 2060到2060年仍会存在的城市will be built over the next four or five decades.将在未来的四五十年间建立起来But this is not just a matter for developing country cities.但这不只是发展中国家的城市In the ed States, for example,在美国,例如more than 70 million new homes超过 7000万的新房must be built over the next 40 or 50 years.必须在接下来的四五十年间建造完成Thats more than all the homes that today exist其数量相当于今天in Britain, France and Canada put together.英国、法国和加拿大,所有的房子加在一起And I believe that our cities today我相信今天我们的城市have severe flaws,有严重缺陷and that different, better ones could be built.不同的更好的那种房屋会被建造起来What is wrong with our cities today?今天我们的城市哪里有问题呢?Well, for example, if we tell any three-year-old child好吧,例如,如果我们告诉任何三岁孩童who is barely learning to speak这些儿童还不怎么会讲话in any city in the world today,在今天世界上的任何城市;Watch out, a car,;;小心,有车;the child will jump in fright,孩子会受惊吓跳起来and with a very good reason, because there are很好解释,因为全世界more than 10,000 children who are killed每年有超过一万名儿童死于by cars every year in the world.汽车造成的交通事故We have had cities for 8,000 years,城市的历史长达 8000年and children could walk out of home and play.儿童可以走出家,去玩儿In fact, only very recently,事实上,只是在最近towards 1900, there were no cars.直到 1900年,是没有汽车的Cars have been here for really less than 100 years.汽车的存在不到 100年They completely changed cities.但它们完全改变了城市In 1900, for example,在 1900年,例如nobody was killed by cars in the ed States.美国死于车祸的人数为零201504/368745盐城小孩包茎

盐城/如何预防宫颈糜烂Now the site itself was easy enough to build,网站本身是容易建成的,but the team was faced with the challenge但团队面临的挑战是of how they populate all of the content.他们如何填充所有内容。It would have taken the three of them这将会占用他们三个人a very long time,很长的时间,especially given that none of them are actually from Honolulu.特别是在他们都不是,檀香山本地人的情况下。And so they did something thats really radical,所以他们做了一件真的很前卫的事,when you think about how government之所以这么讲,是因为is used to working.要他们颠覆了人们关于政府该如何运作的想象They asked citizens to write the content.他们要求公民自己书写内容。So youve heard of a hack-a-thon.你应该听说过“编程马拉松” (hack-a-thon)。They held a write-a-thon,他们举行了“书写马拉松” (write-a-thon),where on one Saturday afternoon --在某个星期六的下午 --Wild pigs are a huge problem in Honolulu, apparently.在檀香山,野猪显然是个大问题。In one Saturday afternoon,在星期六的下午,they were able to populate most of the content他们能够书写填充大部分内容for most of the frequently asked questions,以解答大多数的常见问题,but more importantly than that,但比这更重要的是,they created a new way for citizens to participate in their government.他们创造了公民参与政府互动的新途径。Now, I think this is a really cool story in and of itself,我觉得这本身就是一个很酷的故事,but it gets more awesome.它变得越来越棒。On the National Day of Civic Hacking今年的公民黑客日this past June in Oakland, where I live,在六月时,在我居住的奥克兰举办,the Code For America team in Oakland“为美国编程”团队在奥克兰took the open source code base of Honolulu Answers采取了开放“檀香山”源码的代码and turned it into Oakland Answers,并把它变成了“奥克兰”,and again we held a write-a-thon于是我们再次举行“书写马拉松”,where we took the most frequently asked questions我们收集了最常见的问题,and had citizens write the answers to them,并号召市民做出解答,and I got into the act.随后我开始行动。I authored this answer, and a few others.我和其他几个人创作了这个。And Im trying to this day to articulate这一天我试图感觉到the sense of empowerment and responsibility我对所生活居住的城市that I feel for the place that I live有被赋予权力和责任的滋味,based simply on this small act of participation.这样的感受只是基于,参与活动这件这小小的举动。And by stitching together my small act把我的小小行动和with the thousands of other small acts of participation成千上万人参与的,小小行动加在一起that were enabling through civic hacking,我们就有能力通过公民黑客行为,we think we can reenergize citizenship重振公民权利,and restore trust in government.并且恢复对政府的信任。At this point, you may be wondering此时,你可能会想what city officials think of all this.市政公务人员会如何看待这一切。They actually love it.他们很喜欢。As most of you guys know, cities are being asked你们中大部分人知道,every day to do more with less,人们每天期待着,城市能花小钱办大事,and theyre always looking for innovative solutions他们一直在寻找,创新的解决方案to entrenched problems.来处理这根深蒂固的问题。So when you give citizens a way to participate所以,当你给予公民参与的路径beyond attending a town hall meeting,除了出席市政厅会议以外的路径,cities can actually capture城市实际上可以汲取the capacity in their communities居住在这里的社群的能力to do the business of government.来为政府出谋划策。Now I dont want to leave the impression我不想留下这样的印象that civic hacking is just an American phenomenon.公民黑客只是美国才会出现的现象。Its happening across the globe,在全球其他地区也在发生着,and one of my favorite examples我最喜欢的例子之一is from Mexico City, where earlier this year,是墨西哥城,今年年初,the Mexico House of Representatives墨西哥众议院的代表entered into a contract with a software development firm与一个软件开发公司签订了合同,to build an app that legislators would use要建立一个应用程序,to track bills.使议员能够用来跟进条例草案。So this was just for the handful of legislators这只是为少数几个in the House.在众议院的议员。And the contract was a two-year contract合同为期两年,for 9.3 million dollars.数额为930万美金。Now a lot of people were really angry about this,很多人都对这件事表示很生气,especially geeks who knew that 9.3 million dollars特别是程序员们知道,was an absolutely outrageous amount of money要写这样一个非常简单的应用程序for what was a very simple app. 930万绝对是夸张到令人愤慨的高昂报价。But instead of taking to the streets,但他们没有走上街头抗议,they issued a challenge.而是发出了挑战。They asked programmers in Mexico他们要求在墨西哥的程序员们to build something better and cheaper,创建出更好且更便宜的程序,and they offered a prize of 9,300 dollars --他们提供的奖金是 9300美元 --10,000 times cheaper比政府合同than the government contract,便宜一万倍,and they gave the entrants 10 days.他们给参赛者10天时间。And in those 10 days,在那十天里,they submitted 173 apps,参赛者共提交了173个应用程序,five of which were presented to Congress其中五个被筛选出来送往议会,and are still in the app store today.目前仍然能够在苹果在线商店看到它们。And because of this action,因为这一行动,that contract was vacated,该合同被撤销了,and now this has sparked a movement in Mexico City在墨西哥城,现在,这行动引发了一场运动,which is home to one of our partners,这是我们另一个伙伴的故事,Code for Mexico City.“为墨西哥城编程”。And so what you see in all three of these places,你在这三个地方可以看到的是,in Honolulu and in Oakland and in Mexico City,它们是檀香山,奥克兰和墨西哥城,are the elements that are at the core of civic hacking.公民黑客核心要素的组成部分。Its citizens who saw things that could be working better公民看到可改进的地方and they decided to fix them,于是决定要修复它们,and through that work, theyre creating通过这项工作,他们正在创建a 21st-century ecosystem of participation.参与政务的21世纪生态系统。Theyre creating a whole new set of ways他们正在创建一套全新的方法for citizens to be involved,让公民参与,besides voting or signing a petition or protesting.除了投票、签署请愿书,或抗议之外的政治参与行动,They can actually build government.实际上,他们可以建立政府。So back to our friend Ben Franklin,所以回到我们的朋友,本杰明·富兰克林,who, one of his lesser-known accomplishments他不那么鲜为人知的成就之一was that in 1736 he founded就是于1736年,他在费城创立了the first volunteer firefighting company in Philadelphia,第一个志愿性的消防公司,called a brigade.叫作“消防小分队“。And its because he and his friends noticed这是因为他和他的朋友们注意到that the city was having trouble keeping up城市所遇到的麻烦with all the fires that were happening in the city,通常与在城市内着火有关,so in true civic hacker fashion,正是因为他们有公民黑客的潜质才能这样做,they built a solution.他们建立了一个解决方案。And we have our own brigades at Code for America我们在“为美国编程”组织内也有自己的旅working on the projects that Ive just described,从事我刚才所描述的工作,and we want to ask you我们希望你to follow in Ben Franklins footsteps能够跟随本杰明·富兰克林的脚步,and come join us.来加入我们。We have 31 brigades in the U.S.我们在美国有31个旅,We are pleased to announce today今天我们很高兴地宣布that were opening up the brigade to international cities我们的“小分队”要向国际城市开放for the first time,这是第一次发生的事,starting with cities in Poland and Japan and Ireland.我们开始与波兰、日本,还有爱尔兰等城市合作,You can find out if theres a brigade where you live你可以在 brigade.codeforamerica.org这网页at brigade.codeforamerica.org,找出在你居住的地方是否有一个旅,and if theres not a brigade where you live, we will help you.如果你居住的地方没有旅,我们将帮助你,Weve created a tool kit which also lives我们已经创建了一个工具包,也可以在at brigade.codeforamerica.org, brigade.codeforamerica.org这网站上找到,and we will support you along the way.我们会持你一路向前。Our goal is to create a global network of civic hackers我们的目标是创建,一个公民黑客的全球网络,who are innovating on the existing system其中聚合所有试图,在现有系统上做出创新的人,in order to build tools that will solve为了生成能够解决entrenched problems,根深蒂固的问题的工具,that will support local government,能够用于帮助地方政府,and that will empower citizens.能够用于提高公民被赋予的力量。So please come hack with us.所以请来和我们一起当黑客。Thank you.谢谢。201504/368268江苏盐城协和医院不孕不育多少钱 We are living on a planet with a lot of activities, with reference to our living environment,done by faith and guess alone. 我们对于这个地球上所发生的许多现象,都只是通过信念或猜测来认知。Our lives depend upon these creatures.我们的生命依赖于这些生物。To take an example close to home: there are over 500 species of bacteria now known friendly bacteria-living symbiotically in your mouth and throat probably necessary to your health for holding off pathogenic bacteria.举一个身边的例子:已知有500多种的细菌,友好的细菌—正生活在你的口腔里也许它们正在为你抵抗来自致病细菌的进攻。At this point I think we have a little impressionistic film that was made especially for this occasion.说到这里,我想给大家放一个片子就是为了这次演讲而准备的。And Id like to show it.现在请看屏幕。Assisted in this by Billie Holiday.我们得到了Billie Holiday的帮助。And that may be just the beginning!这也许还只是开始!The viruses, those quasi-organisms among which are the prophages,the gene weavers that promote the continued evolution in the lives of the bacteria,are a virtually unknown frontier of modern biology, a world unto themselves. 病毒,也就是那些带有有机体特性的“准”生物,prophasias 就是其中一种,它是基因编织师,正是它使得细菌的持续进化成为可能,这一世界是现代生物学的一个待开垦的处女地,也是一个自我—的世界。What constitutes a viral species is still unresolved,although theyre obviously of enormous importance to us. 是什么构成了病毒还尚无定论,虽然这对人类而言意义重大。But this much we can say: the variety of genes on the planet in viruses exceeds, or is likely to exceed, that in all of the rest of life combined.但是有一点可以肯定,病毒世界的基因多样性远远大于所有其他生物的基因多样性之总和—至少科学家是这么认为的。Nowadays, in addressing microbial biodiversity,scientists are like explorers in a rowboat launched onto the Pacific Ocean. 今天,那些研究微生物多样性的科学家,就如乘着木船驶进太平洋的探索者。But that is changing rapidly with the aid of new genomic technology.但是,随着新的基因组技术的发展,这一境况正得到改善。Aly it is possible to sequence the entire genetic code of a bacterium in under four hours.现在,我们已经可以用四个小时的时间完成对一个细菌进行基因测序。201504/367396盐城协和治疗尖锐湿疣多少钱

盐城/协和医院妇产科宫颈糜烂1917. This is the time when we all assume 1917年,这是我们都认为的that everything somehow in terms of writing was perfect because the people on Downton Abbey are articulate,or something like that. 写文章没的说的时代,因为唐顿庄园里的人物各个都伶牙俐齿的。So, From every college in the country goes up the cry,然而,整个国家里的每一所学院都应感到羞愧,Our freshmen cant spell, cant punctuate.我们的新生不会拼写,也不会点标点。And so on. You can go even further back than this.诸如此类的言论。我们还可以再往前看。Its the President of Harvard. Its 1871.这是1871年的哈佛大学校长。Theres no electricity. People have three names.那个时代还没有电力。人们还都有三个名字。Bad spelling,incorrectness as well as inelegance of expression in writing.糟糕的拼写,不正确以及毫不优美的书面表达。And hes talking about people who are otherwise well prepared for college studies.他可是在说那些为了上大学作了充分准备的人。You can go even further back.我们再往前看。1841, some long-lost superintendent of schools is upset because of what he has for a long time noted with regret the almost entire neglect of the original blah blah blah blah blah.1841年,一个久违的督学官非常失望,因为他早已经注意到人们对文字本源的完全忽视等等等等。Or you can go all the way back to 63 A.D.and theres this poor man who doesnt like the way people are speaking Latin.或者大家可以直接跳转回公元63年。有个可怜人不喜欢人们说拉丁语的方式。As it happens, he was writing about what had become French.实际上,他正在控诉的是日后形成的法语。And so, there are always there are always people worrying about these things and the planet somehow seems to keep spinning.所以,总有-总会有人为这些事情担心,但是地球似乎并没有因此停止旋转。And so, the way Im thinking of texting these days is that what were seeing is a whole new way of writing that young people are developing,所以,我对当今的短信的看法是我们正在经历一种由年轻人发展出的新的书写方式,which theyre using alongside their ordinary writing skills,同时他们也在使用他们正常的书面表达写作技巧,and that means that theyre able to do two things.这意味着他们可以两者兼修。Increasing evidence is that being bilingual is cognitively beneficial.补充据就是拥有双语能力对认知的发展是有利的。Thats also true of being bidialectal.这在精通两种方言上同样适用。Thats certainly true of being bidialectal in terms of your writing.如果你会用两种方言写作的话,这也是千真万确的。And so texting actually is evidence of a balancing act that young people are using today, not consciously, of course,所以短信实际上是一个平衡之举的佐。当然,年轻人们是在无意识的这样使用短信的,but its an expansion of their linguistic repertoire.但这是他们语言能力的一种扩展。Its very simple.非常简单。201511/412123 On November 5th, 1990, a man named El-Sayyid Nosair walked into a hotel in Manhattan and assassinated Rabbi Meir Kahane, the leader of the Jewish Defense League. Nosair was initially found not guilty of the murder, but while serving time on lesser charges, he and other men began planning attacks on a dozen New York City landmarks, including tunnels, synagogues and the ed Nations headquarters. Thankfully, those plans were foiled by an FBI informant. Sadly, the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center was not. Nosair would eventually be convicted for his involvement in the plot. El-Sayyid Nosair is my father.1990 年11月5日,一位名叫埃尔·塞伊德·诺塞尔的男子走入曼哈顿的一间宾馆刺杀了拉比梅厄·卡赫纳,犹太防卫联盟的首领。诺塞尔一开始并未被指认参与谋杀,但当他因小事入狱刑期间,他和一些人开始计划袭击纽约市的一些地标,包括隧道,犹太教会堂和联合国总部。谢天谢地,这些计划被美国联邦调查局的线人挫败了。不幸的是,1993年世贸中心的那场爆炸袭击却发生了。诺塞尔最终被指控参与这场犯罪谋划。埃尔·塞伊德·诺塞尔是我的父亲。I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1983 to him, an Egyptian engineer, and a loving American mother and grade school teacher, who together tried their best to create a happy childhood for me. It wasnt until I was seven years old that our family dynamic started to change. My father exposed me to a side of Islam that few people, including the majority of Muslims, get to see. Its been my experience that when people take the time to interact with one another, it doesnt take long to realize that for the most part, we all want the same things out of life. However, in every religion, in every population, youll find a small percentage of people who hold so fervently to their beliefs that they feel they must use any means necessary to make others live as they do.我1983年出生在宾夕法尼亚州的匹兹堡,我的父亲是一位埃及裔工程师,我有个爱我的美国母亲,她是一名小学老师,他们尽最大的努力为给我创造出欢乐的童年。直到我7岁的时候家庭氛围开始出现了变化。我的父亲让我接触伊斯兰的一 很少人见过,包括大部分的穆斯林,都没见过的一个派别。我的人生经验告诉我 人们与彼此相处,很快就意识到,很大程度上人们对生活有着相同的追求。然而,所有宗教,所有群体,你总能看到一小部分人对他们的信仰太过狂热,以至于认为他们应该用各种方法让其他人和他们过同样的生活。A few months prior to his arrest, he sat me down and explained that for the past few weekends, he and some friends had been going to a shooting range on Long Island for target practice. He told me Id be going with him the next morning. We arrived at Calverton Shooting Range, which unbeknownst to our group was being watched by the FBI. When it was my turn to shoot, my father helped me hold the rifle to my shoulder and explained how to aim at the target about 30 yards off. That day, the last bullet I shot hit the small orange light that sat on top of the target and to everyones surprise, especially mine, the entire target burst into flames. My uncle turned to the other men, and in Arabic said, ;Ibn abuh.; Like father, like son. They all seemed to get a really big laugh out of that comment, but it wasnt until a few years later that I fully understood what they thought was so funny. They thought they saw in me the same destruction my father was capable of. Those men would eventually be convicted of placing a van filled with 1,500 pounds of explosives into the sub-level parking lot of the World Trade Centers North Tower, causing an explosion that killed six people and injured over 1,000 others. These were the men I looked up to. These were the men I called ammu, which means uncle.在他被捕前的几个月,他和我坐着聊天解释到在过去的几个周末,他和他的一些朋友在长岛(美国纽约州东南部岛屿)进行目标射击训练。他让我第二天一早和他一起去。我们来到凯佛顿射击场,我们并不知道自己已经被联邦调查局监视了。轮到我射击的时候,我的父亲帮我扶住肩膀上的来福,并教导我如何瞄准30码处的目标。那天,我射出的最后一颗子弹 打中了目标顶上的橙色亮光,所有人都惊呆了,尤其是我,整个目标版燃烧了。我的叔叔转向旁边的人,用阿拉伯语说到,“Ibn abuh”—— 虎父无犬子。他们当场开怀大笑起来,几年后我才了解他们大笑的原因,他们以为我和我的父亲有着同样的摧毁能力。这群男人最终被指控将满载1500 磅重的炸弹的厢式货车停在世界贸易中心北塔的地下停车场,爆炸造成6人死亡,同时致使超过1000人受伤。这些是我曾经敬仰的人。这些是我曾经称呼其为ammu,意为叔叔的人。201409/328602响水县做无痛人流多少钱盐城协和门诊治早泄怎么样



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