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盐城/月经不来有哪些原因盐城割包皮的医院走进外企 Entering Foreign Enterprise报到上班 report for workA:Good morning.Im the new typist Lin Fang.Im reporting for work today.B:Glad to meet you!Come in!欢迎加入我们公司。 Welcome to our company.A:Good morning.My names Peter King and Im new here.B:Pleased to meet you.Im Anna White,the assistant to the Personnel Manager.Welcome to our company.如果有什么要我帮忙的,尽管开口。If theres anything I can do for you,let me know. If I can be of any help,dont hesitate to ask.A:Hello!My names John Christian.I have never seen you before.You are new around here,huh?B:Yes.My names Mike Johnson.I just started 3 days ago.A:Well,if theres anything I can do for you,let me know.B:Thanks. I appreciate that!第一天上班 first day to workA:Good morning.Allow me to introduce myself.Im John Williams,the manager.B:Good morning,Mr.Williams.Im Wei Hui,the new secretary.Im glad to meet you.A:Today is your first day to work here,so I hope you will not feel too nervous.B:Yes,I hope so.适应 adapt yourself to...A:You must be the new clerk.Im Mark Anthony,your supervisor.Welcome!B:Im Jesse Mann.Nice to meet you,Mr.Anthony!A:Come this way.Your desk is over there. We have a lot of work to do.B:I hope it is not too difficult.Im a little nervous this morning.A:Dont worry.Youll adapt yourself to it all in a couple of weeks.请各位多多关照。Please help me out when you can.A:Mr.Zhang is from Shanghai.He can speak English,French and Japanese pretty well.B:Hello.This is my first time working in an American company,so I am quite nervous.Please help me out when you can.他将做金先生的助手。He will be working as Mr.Kings assistant.A:Mr.Zhang will be working as Mr.Kings assistant.B:Yes,I see.不要客气 feel free to...A:If anything is not clear,please feel free to ask.B:OK.Thank you very much indeed.我来介绍一下; Id like to introduce...A:Mr.Zhang,Id like to introduce our director Mr.William White.B:Im very glad to meet you.C:Its a pleasure to meet you.你将接替我的工作。You will be my replacement. You will take over my position.A:Are you the new accountant?B:Yes,I am.A:Oh,then you will be my replacement.My names Mark Smith.B:My name?s Alice Lee.让我带你熟悉一下办公室。Let me show you around the office.A:Let me show you around the office and tell you where everything is, so you can get a general idea of your duties.B:All right,Mr.Williams.这是你的办公桌。This is your desk. Your desk is here.A:Where do I work?B:This is your desk;there is a computer and other articles for use.领办公用品 get office suppliesA:Where can I get office supplies?B:At the administrative centre.这是干什么用的?Whats this for?A:Whats this for?B:Its the key to your desk.培训新员工 train new employeesA:How do you train new employees?B:We have a two?week training program.熟悉新工作 get used to new workA:Hello,Zhang Hai,Im Robert Lee,the office manager.And I will be training you for the following week before you start your job.B:I hope thats not too difficult.A:Take it easy.The training will help you get used to your work quickly.我们提供品质分析训练。 We provide quality analysis training.A:Mr.Smith,I was told that each worker is trained to do quality analysis.Can you tell me a little about that?B:Certainly.We provide quality analysis training as part of the training for all new workers,plus a week of further training every year. /201201/168736盐城/专业做包皮的医院是哪家 【场景再现】 有个女人打电话找Bob,结果打到了Chandler家里,然后Chandler冒充Bob跟人家约好时间在中央公园见,再放人家鸽子,最后再假装去安慰人家……ROSS: I'm tellin' you. You can't do this. CHANDLER: Oh, come on. I can never get a girl like that with conventional methods. ROSS: That doesn't matter. She wanted to call Bob. Hey, for all we know, Bob is who she was meant to be with. You may be destroying two people's chance for happiness.CHANDLER: We don't know Bob, ok? We know me. We like me. Please let me be happy. ROSS: Go over there and tell that woman the truth.CHANDLER: All right. ROSS: Go. CHANDLER: Hi. JADE: Hi. CHANDLER: Listen, I have to, uh, um, I have to, I have to confess something. JADE: Yes? CHANDLER: Whoever stood you up is a jerk. JADE: How did you--? CHANDLER: I don't know. I just had this weird sense. You know, but that's me. I'm weird and sensitive. Tissue?JADE: Thanks. CHANDLER: No, you keep the pack. I'm all cried out today. 【重点讲解】stand sb. up 放某人鸽子 /06/75430《社交美语》采用美国能力教育教材,由美籍专家录制,并由美国英语教学专家Tim Cushing担任语言指导,内容涵盖六十余项语言交际功能,包括谈论天气、询问观点、朋友约会、见面问候、寻求帮助等,缩微美国社会社交环境,为您提供身临其境的实战沙盘,让您在学习之后在社交场合谈笑风生。  软件提供录音、听读、即时字音、同步中文翻译等功能,并有相应话题的语言知识与背景介绍。还设置一个特殊功能,即您可将自己的朗读录音与软件中的标准读音加以对照,检验自己的学习效果。  最新交际英语教学理念,通过环境强化大脑刺激,完全社交商务办公场景,互动学习脱口而出。相关专题:五分钟英语快餐英语口语 /200807/44669盐城/如何治疗阳痿早泄

盐城协和妇科医院治疗内分泌怎么样好不好张扬、幽默、自作主张,这就是今天的女人?还是只有在“Sex and the City”?看“Sexy and the City”,您自己就能给出!从今天开始,Steven将和大家一起“挖掘”欲望都市的角角落落。。。Ok, Let's find out more![翻译]我想“做”。(女士用) [] I want to be laid. /09/85754滨海县人民医院在那儿 人见人爱的《老友记》又来了!继续享用这些为你精选出来的口语精华吧!I also have something else for you. 我还有东西给你。I have to give you something. 我得给你点什么。Let me do something to thank you. 让我做些事情感谢/报答你。You buy me a soda, and then we're even. Okay? 你买瓶汽水给我,我们就扯平。如何?Keep the change. 不用找了。Anyone want to see it? 有人想看吗?Why is it unfair? 为什么不公平?Try to accept his flaws. 尝试去接受他的缺点。Does the knuckle-cracking bother everybody? 扳关节会影响到大家吗?He's a big boy, he'll get over it. 他长大了,能熬过去的。She told me about that. 她告诉我了。It's not that bad. 没那么糟糕。Do you think that was wrong? 你觉得那样不对吗?What is up with the universe?! 这个世界怎么了?We have to talk. 我们得谈谈。I'm getting a deja vu. 我有似曾相识的感觉。There's something that you should know. 有件事情应该让你们知道。There's really no easy way to say this. 真的很难启齿。I've decided to break up with Alan. 我决定跟亚伦分手。So that's it? It's over? 就这样结束了? /200802/26764盐城/治疗附件炎多少钱

射阳县妇科检查多少钱十一届全国人大常委会第十九次会议25日下午经表决,通过了车船税法。根据该法的规定,乘用车的计税依据将按排气量大小分档计征。请看相关报道:According to the draft law, taxes on vehicles with engines smaller than 2.0 liters, which account for 87 percent of China's cars, will be reduced and vehicle owners should submit tax certificates in order to qualify for a road-worthiness certificate.根据草案,2.0升以下小排量车的车船税将会减少,车主需要提交缴纳车船税明才能办机动车行驶。国内87%的车辆为2.0升以下的小排量车。上面报道中的road-worthiness certificate就是“机动车行驶”,是准予机动车在我国境内道路上行驶的法定件。该上详细记载了许多重要的信息,包括license plate number(车牌号码)、车主姓名、engine serial number(发动机号)和vehicle identification code(车架号码)、载重量或者乘坐人数、初次登记日期以及annual vehicle inspection(年度检验)记录等。新出台的vehicle and vessel taxation(车船税)是按机动车的engine capacity(发动机排量)来分档计征的,旨在提高energy efficiency(能源效率)和公众的environmental awareness(环保意识),鼓励人们购买和使用fuel-efficient vehicles(节能车)。 /201103/127928 Larry和李华正在商量下个周末去哪里玩儿。李华今天要学两个常用语outdoorsy和artsy. LL: Hey, Li Hua, do you remember how much fun we had camping in the woods? Wouldn't you like to do something outdoorsy again this weekend? LH: Do something outdoorsy? 你是说户外活动吧。 LL: That's right! But "doing something outdoorsy" doesn't just mean to do something outside, though. Playing basketball or badminton outside isn't really outdoorsy. LH: 在户外打球都不算outdoorsy, 那什么才算呢? LL: Well, outdoorsy activities - like fishing, hunting, hiking, camping and canoeing - are ones that you do in natural settings, such as in a forest or near a river. LH: 哦,我知道了,就是一定要到野外才行,在公园里和运动场上还算不上是outdoorsy. LL: That's it. So - what do you say, do you want to do something outdoorsy this weekend, Li Hua? LH: 上次去宿营确实挺开心的,咱们这次干点儿什么别? LL: Well, you know me, Li Hua. I'm a very outdoorsy kind of guy. How about we go canoeing? LH: 划独木舟啊。听起来挺过瘾的,可我有点儿怕。 LL: Don't worry. I can teach you how to paddle a canoe. You don't have to be an outdoorsy person to learn how to do it. LH: 可是独木舟那么窄,翻了怎么办啊,我可不会游泳。有没有不那么危险的野外活动呢? LL: Oh, that is right. I forgot you can't swim very well. Okay...What other outdoorsy things might you like to do? LH: 有了!我们到纽约州的山里去远足吧! LL: Perfect. And I can borrow a backpack from one of my outdoorsy friends. That way we can bring food, water and other supplies we might need. LH: Okay. 那我要做些什么准备呢? LL: In addition to a backpack, you are going to need a good pair of hiking boots. I know a place that specializes in all sorts of outdoorsy stuff. We can get the boots there. LH: 好,那你陪我去买。也许你能把我改造成一个喜欢野外活动的人呢! ****** LL: I don't think buying hiking boots will turn you into an outdoorsy person, Li Hua. I think you are really more of an artsy person. LH: Arsty...喜欢野外活动的人可以说outdoorsy, 那说一个人 arsty肯定是说她喜欢艺术喽? LL: Exactly! "Artsy" people enjoy appreciating and making all kinds of art - painting, drama and music. LH: 那我就是个 arsty的人。我喜欢绘画、音乐和装饰。 LL: You are definitely artsy, Li Hua. I've always been impressed with your calligraphy. LH: 哦,我小时候我学过很长时间的书法;我父母都喜欢艺术,对我学习绘画和书法很持。 LL: My family isn't very artsy. My parents were always interested in sports and really encouraged me and my brother and sister to get involved in athletic activities. LH: 你姑姑呢?她看上去好像很arsty. LL: Oh, Aunt Jane? You are right, Li Hua, she is VERY artsy. Aunt Jane is artsy in almost every way. LH: 对呀,从她的饰就能看得出来。 LL: Yes, and not only are her clothes artsy, but her entire house is artsy, too. She loves to decorate her rooms in very interesting ways. LH: 我在中国有个朋友,也特别喜欢艺术,可是跟你姑姑不一样。 LL: How so? LH: 他穿得特别简单,但是酷爱钢琴,每天要花好几个小时练琴。 LL: I guess there are many different kinds of artsy people. What they have in common is their love of art. LH: 你呢,Larry, 要不跟我学书法吧,我保把你变成一个喜欢艺术的人。 LL: That's a generous offer, Li Hua. But I'm afraid there is a reason why I am an outdoorsy person and not an artsy person! I'll leave the calligraphy to you! 今天李华学到了两个常用语.一个是outdoorsy, 是喜欢野外活动的人.另一个是arsty,是喜欢艺术的人。 /200810/53935亭湖区男科专家东台市中医院龟头炎症



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