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Give it four years, as many years as you spent here at Yale, and act both pro-active and spontaneous and do the things you can to free veterans from the new uncertainty that awaits them, from the mysterious fears they will face the day after they come home. Cultivate in them the faith to carry on and they will do the rest.做出四年的奉献,就像你们在耶鲁学习的时间一样长,积极行动起来,做些力所能及的事帮助退伍军人,让他们从回家时起,不再受等在他们面前新的未知之苦,不再遭受他们要面对的诡秘的恐惧之苦。培养他们继续生活下去的信念,剩下的就交给他们自己了。So commencement day arrives! Your work begins-work that will not be always joyful to you, labor that may not always fulfill you and days that will seem like one damn thing after the other. Its true-you will now work every day for the rest of your lives, that full-time job. Your career, as human beings, and as Americans, and as graduates of Yale, is to stand on the fulcrum between fear and faith.你们要毕业了,这代表工作就要开始。未来的工作也许不会那么好玩,有时你会觉得很难有成就感,有时你会做什么都不顺。但是,从现在开始,你们人生的每一天,都要投入一份全职的终身工作。而这份作为人类、作为美国人、作为耶鲁毕业生的终身事业,就是站在恐惧和信心的杠杆点上。Fear at your back, faith in front of you. Which way will you lean? Which way will you move? Move forward! Move ever forward!当信心在你的前面,恐惧在你的后方时,你会往哪个方向倾斜?你会往哪个方向移动?各位,向前行吧,永远都要向前行。And tweet out the picture of the results! It may make you as famous as Sam Tsui.然后,把你的努力成果,用推特告诉大家。这样,你或许也能像徐山姆一样,变成网络红人。Thank you! And Congratulations!谢谢大家!祝贺大家!201406/308660Nick then brings kids to campus regularly so that they can so something special: see what its like to be on a college campus, and begin to dream.然后尼克会定期把孩子们带到大学校园,以便他们能够做一些特别的事情:看看在大学校园里是什么感觉,并开始塑造梦想。And then there is my friend and former law school professor, Charles Ogletree, a product of the Merced public schools. Now, he is an example of how you can bring your skills back. His ambition took him far away from home, but he has never forgotten where he came from.Each year, with his help, Merceds high schools are able to hand out scholarships, not just for the best and the brightest students,but also for many students who are just stuck in poverty and simply need a hand up to compete.还有我的朋友查理斯·奥格里特里,他以前是法学院的教授,他是赛德公立学校的“产品”。现在,他带着自己的技能回到社区,为他人树立了榜样。他的雄心壮志让他远离家乡,但是他从来没有忘记他来自哪里。在他的帮助下,赛德中学每年,不但向那些最优秀最有前途的学生提供奖学金,也向很多被贫穷所困、需要别人一臂之力助他们参加竞争的学生们提供。So the faculty,the students, local leaders, Merced alumni, everyone here is doing their part to help the children of Merced realize that access to a quality education is available to them as long as they work hard, study hard and apply themselves.因此,教职工们、学生们、本地领导者、赛德的校友们以及这里的每个人都在做自己力所能及的事,来帮助赛德的孩子们认识到,只要他们勤奋工作、努力学习,他们就能够接受优质教育。It is this kind of commitment that were going to need in this nation to put this country back on a path where every child expects to succeed and where every child had the tools that they need to achieve their dreams. Thats what were aiming for. And were going to need all of you,graduates, this generation, we need you to lead the way.我们国家需要的正是这种承诺,让国家再次步入正轨,让每个孩子都期盼成功,让每个孩子都有实现梦想所需要的工具。这就是我们的目标。我们需要你们中的每一位,需要所有毕业生,需要你们这一代人,我们需要你们引航带路。 /201303/227740

I study the behavior of investors,how they react to policy and the economy. 我研究投资者的行为,研究他们如何应对政策和经济。It gives me a different angle on the aid issue.这在救助问题上给我新的启迪。But it took an innocent question from my then-four-year-old daughter to make me appreciate that.但是当时我年仅四岁的女儿问的一个童真的问题让我对此心有感激。Pia and I were on the way to a local cafe and we passed a man collecting for charity.当时皮娅和我正在去当地一家咖啡厅的路上我们经过了一个为慈善募捐的男人身边。I didnt have any change to give him,and she was disappointed.我当时没有给他零钱,她就有些失望了。Once in the cafe, Pia takes out her coloring book and starts scribbling.到了咖啡厅, 皮娅拿出她的图画本开始涂画。After a little while, I ask her what shes doing,and she shows me a drawing of a 5 note to give to the man outside.过了一会儿, 我问她在干什么,她给我看了她画的一张5欧元的钞票要给外面的那个男子。Its so sweet,and more generous than Dad would have been. 非常温馨,远比她爸爸要慷慨得多。But of course I explained to her,you cant do that; its not allowed.当然我跟她解释,你不能这么做,这行不通得。To which I get the classic four-year-old response:结果我得到的是四岁小孩经典的回答:Why not?为什么啊?Now Im excited, because I actually think I can answer this time.现在我有点激动了, 因为我觉得我现在可以回答这个问题了。So I launch into an explanation of how an unlimited supply of money chasing a limited number of goods sends prices to the moon.所以我开始解释无限量供应的货币去购买限量供应的商品,是会把价格抬高到离谱的地步的。Something about that exchange stuck with me,not because of the look of relief on Pias face when I finally finished, but because it related to the sanctity of the money supply,a sanctity that had been challenged and questioned by the reaction of central banks to the financial crisis. 这次的交流让我久久不能忘怀,并不是因为在我快要结束的时候皮娅脸上露出安心的表情,而是因为它涉及到货币供应的神圣性,这种神圣性一直被中央对财政危机的反应所挑战和质疑。To reassure investors,central banks began buying assets to try and encourage investors to do the same. 为了使投资方安心,中央开始购置资产尝试鼓励投资者也这么做。They funded these purchases with money they created themselves.他们用他们自己造出来的钱去投资这些购置。The money wasnt actually physically printed.而这些钱并没有真正被印刷出来。Its still sort of locked away in the banking system today.在今天这笔钱仍处于被锁在系统的状态。But the amount created was unprecedented.但造出来的这笔钱的数量却是空前的。Together, the central banks of the U.S.,U.K and Japan increased the stock of money in their economies by 3.7 trillion dollars.各国的中央,美国,英国和日本都一起增加了各自经济的货币存量增加了3.7万亿美金 (人民币约22.2万亿元)。Thats three times, in fact thats more than three times,the total physical stock of dollar notes in circulation.这是三倍,其实不止三倍,实际流通中的美金货币存量总和。Three times!三倍啊!Before the crisis,this would have been utterly unthinkable,yet it was accepted remarkably quickly. 在经济危机之前,这是完全不能想像的,但它还是非常快就被接受了。The price of gold,an asset thought to protect against inflation,did jump,but investors bought other assets that offered little protection from inflation. 黄金的价格,黄金是被当作用来抵御通货膨胀的确实下跌了,但投资者购买了其他的资产,而这些资产却基本无法抵制通货膨胀。They bought fixed income securities, bonds.他们购买固定收益券,债券。They bought equities too.他们也买普通股。For all the scare stories,the actual actions of investors spoke of rapid acceptance and confidence.对于那些吓人的报道,投资者真正的行为显示出快速的接受和信心。That confidence was based on two pillars.这种信心建立在两个柱上。The first was that, after years of keeping inflation under control,central banks were trusted to take the money-printing away if inflation became a threat.第一个就是在控制通货膨胀的多年后,中央被人们所信任,如果通货膨胀构成威胁时他们可以停止钞票的印刷。201505/373588

And you know, we have a society, a world,你知道,我们的社会,这个世界,that is paralyzed by fear.已经在恐惧中麻痹。And in that paralysis, of course,当然在这麻痹之中,our capacity for compassion is also paralyzed.我们的慈悲心也受到麻痹。The very word terror is global.恐怖是全球性的。The very feeling of terror is global.这种恐怖感是全球性的。So our work, in a certain way,某种程度上我们的工作,is to address this imago,是要阐明这种意象,this kind of archetype that has pervaded the psyche of our entire globe.这种原型这已经毒害了整个世界的心灵。Now we know from neuroscience that compassion has some very extraordinary qualities.我们从神经科学得知慈悲有些非凡的特性。For example:比如:A person who is cultivating compassion,一个人正在修习慈悲,when they are in the presence of suffering,当他们身处苦难存在之处,they feel that suffering a lot more than many other people do.他们觉得比别人受难更多。However,然而,they return to baseline a lot sooner.他们能很快恢复常态。This is called resilience.这是弹性。Many of us think that compassion drains us,很多人认为慈悲会让自己枯竭,but I promise you it is something that truly enlivens us.但我保它是真正启发我们的东西。Another thing about compassion is that it really enhances whats called neural integration.另一个特性是它可以增强神经整合。It hooks up all parts of the brain.它使脑部的每个部分都联接起来。Another, which has been discovered by various researchers at Emory and at Davis and so on,另外,埃默里和戴维斯和其他一些研究者发现了,is that compassion enhances our immune system.慈悲会增强免疫力。Hey, we live in a very noxious world.嗨,我们生活在充满毒素的世界。Most of us are shrinking in the face of psycho-social and physical poisons,我们很多人经历这个世界上的心理社会性的或肉体上的毒害,of the toxins of our world.于是渐渐凋零。201510/405332

  On Monday, an act of terror wounded dozens and killed three innocent people at the Boston Marathon.周一,一个恐怖行径在波士顿马拉松赛上造成三人遇难和几十人受伤。But in the days since, the world has witnessed one sure and steadfast truth:但是此后几天,全世界目睹了不容置疑的事实:Americans refuse to be terrorized.美国人民没有被吓倒。Ultimately, thats what well remember from this week.最终这是我们从这周起要铭记在心的。Thats what will remain. Stories of heroism and kindness; resolve and resilience; generosity and love.这是我们要继续弘扬的-英雄主义和善良正义,决心和坚韧,慷慨和大爱。The brave first responders-police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and National Guard-who ran toward danger to help their fellow citizens.英勇的第一现场救援人员们-警察们、消防队员们、紧急救援人员们和国民警备队员们-迅速冲向危险救助他们的同胞。The race volunteers, spectators, and exhausted runners who rushed to help, including troops and veterans who never expected to see such scenes on the streets of America.竞赛志愿者们、观众们和筋疲力尽的参赛者们也冲过去协助救援,包括军人和退伍军人-他们都从没见过美国的大街上的惨状。The determined doctors and nurses at some of the worlds best hospitals, who have toiled day and night to save so many lives.来自世界上最好的医院的全心全意的医生和护士们呕心沥血地辛苦了一天一夜挽救了许多生命。The big-hearted people of Boston-residents, priests, shopkeepers-who carried victims in their arms; delivered water and blankets; lined up to give blood; opened their homes to total strangers.慷慨大度的波士顿人民-居民们、牧师们和业主们-把受害者们抱在怀里;发放饮水和毯子;排队献血;腾出自家房间供陌生人入住。And the heroic federal agents and police officers who worked together throughout the week, often at great risk to themselves, to keep our communities safe.英雄的联邦调查人员和当地警官们在这周同心协力,舍生忘死,保护社区的安全。As a country, we are eternally grateful for the profound sacrifices they make in the line of duty-sometimes making the ultimate sacrifice to defend the people theyve sworn to protect.作为一个国家,我们永远感谢他们尽忠职守时做出的深沉的牺牲-有时为了保护他们发誓保护的人民献出了宝贵的生命。If anyone wants to know who we are; what America is; how we respond to evil and terror-thats it.如果有人想知道我们是谁;什么是美国;我们如何应对邪恶和恐怖-从这里就可以知道。Selflessly. Compassionately. And unafraid.大公无私,同情爱、英勇无畏。Through days that would test even the sturdiest of souls, Bostons spirit remains undaunted.经过几天对最坚韧的灵魂的考验,波士顿精神仍然英勇无敌。Americas spirit remains undimmed.美国的精神仍然坚定不移。Our faith in each other, our love for this country, our common creed that cuts across whatever superficial differences we may have-thats what makes us strong.我们的相互信任、对国家的热爱、我们共同的打破我们可能有的表面的不和的信条-使我们国家强大。Thats why we endure.这就是为什么我们是美国。In the days to come, we will remain vigilant as a nation.在未来的日子里,我们仍需保持警惕。And I have no doubt the city of Boston and its surrounding communities will continue to respond in the same proud and heroic way that they have thus far-and their fellow Americans will be right there with them every step of the way.我们坚信波士顿市以及周边社区会继续以他们已经彰显的自豪的英雄主义方式应对-他们的美国同胞将与他们同舟共济、生死与共。May God bless the people of Boston and the ed States of America.上帝保佑波士顿人民,上帝保佑美利坚合众国。201304/237435


  is a consequence of ultraviolet light, of latitude and climate.这只不过是紫外线 纬度和气候造成的。There really is no such thing as race.实际上并没有什么;种族;。Were one species, each of us much much more alike than we are different.我们都是一个物种 相似性要远大于差异性。We all came from Africa.我们都来自非洲。Thank you.谢谢。Were are all made of the same stardust.我们都由相同的星尘组成。Were all live and die on the same planet.我们都在同一颗行星上生老病死。this pale blue dot in the vastness of space.地球也不过是无尽宇宙中的一个淡蓝色小点。Along with all the stuff about making new great discoveries and changing the world.除了让你们从事新的伟大发现和改变世界以外。Id like to give you some advice.我还想给你们一些实际建议。I mean, this is your commencement for crying out loud.毕竟这是你们的毕业典礼。just some plain old advice, like.一些老掉牙的建议 例如。if you smell fresh paint, dont walk under the latter.闻到刚刷油漆的味道时 不要从梯子下走过。Wear shoes in a thumbtack factory.在图钉工厂中走动时务必穿鞋。And dont try to smoke in the rain.不要试图在雨中吸烟。In fact, dont try to smoke at all.实际上 任何时候都不要抽烟。And let me say congratulations, UMass Lowell, its always smoke free.我要恭喜马萨诸塞大学洛厄尔分校 这里从来就是无烟区。Now so heres what I think is an unusual piece of advice.下面这条建议我认为很不寻常。But if youre going to get a bucket of water thrown in your face.如果有一桶水被泼到了你脸上。untuck your shirt.将扎好的衬衣抽出来。and you wouldnt think it would make that much difference.也许你并不觉得这样做有什么不同。A cotton shirt like this one is hydrophilic.像这样的棉衬衣是吸水的。Water is going to stick to it, true enough.水会被它吸附 没错。but a shirttail, even a water-loving shirttail.但是衬衣下摆 哪怕是吸水的衬衣下摆。 201510/406267

  And are we alone?.二是我们是否唯一。Those 2 deep questions drive us all through our whole lives.这两个深刻问题伴随着我们的整个生命。And to answer those 2 questions.要回答这两个问题。we have to continue to explore outer space.我们就需要持续对外太空的探索。When I was in school, I had a remarkable professor Carl Sagan.我上学时 有一位很不寻常的教授叫卡尔?萨根。He spoke often about, I did, yeah, I did.他经常说… 真的 我上过他的课。Just look everybody. I was just some guy in the black little room. I was not....我当时只是教室后排一个不起眼的学生。Anyway, Carl Sagan spoke often about the possibility of life on other worlds.无论如何 卡尔?萨根经常讲其它世界存在生命的可能性。Well my friends, class of 2014, its possible that in the next few years.2014届毕业的朋友们 或许过不了几年。the extraordinary will happen.非凡的事就会发生。Its possible in the next few years, we may discover evidence of life.或许过不了几年 我们就能发现。some sort of fossil Martian microbe.某种化石火星微生物的据。a ;Marscrobe; perhaps on that other world.这就是另一个世界的生命。It would utterly change this one.这会颠覆我们的世界。It would change the way each and every one of us thinks of.这会改变我们每个人对自己。his or her place in the cosmos, our place in space.在宇宙中 在太空中处于什么地位的考虑。We are very hopeful, the Planetary Society, that were going to send a mission.我们行星协会非常希望能够发送探测器。to the moon of Jupiter, Europa.到木卫二去。Which has geysers spewing seawater into outer space.木卫二上有间歇泉 将海水喷射到太空。What if we found some sort of Europeanion plankton?.或许我们能够在木卫二上找到浮游生物。It would change everything 这会改变一切。It would change the way each and every one of us thinks about our place in space.这会改变我们每个人对自己在太空中的定位。Now when you put a message in a bottle and toss that bottle into the ocean.当你将消息装进瓶子 然后把瓶子扔进海里时。You might have some vague hope that it will be returned to you some day.希望虽然渺茫 但你会希望有人某天会给你回信。From someone in some exotic place.回信可能来自很遥远的异国。Like Bak Alhenie, or Yangshan, or Buzzards Bay.像巴克阿尔赫尼 洋山 或是巴泽兹湾。201510/406725I just love saying ;Stanford.; Because of the truth is, I know I would have never gotten my degree at all, because I didnt go to Stanford. I went to Tennessee State University. But I never would have gotten diploma at all, because I was supposed to graduate back in 1975, but I was short one credit. I was short one credit, and I figured, Im just going to forget it, because, you know, Im not going to march with my class. Because by that point, I was aly on television. Id been in television since I was 19 and sophomore. Granted, I was the only television anchor person that had an 11 oclock curfew doing the 10 oclock news.我就是喜欢说“斯坦福”。因为事实上,我知道我根本不可能会拿到斯坦福的学位,因为我没有在这儿念过书。我读的是田纳西州立大学。我原本是拿不到毕业的,因为我本应该在1975年毕业,但临毕业时我还差一个学分。我原打算不再想这件事情,因为你知道,本来我也不想跟我的同学一样,一直上完大学。因为我那时已经上了电视。我还在大学二年级的时候就已经上了电视,那时我19岁。我是唯一播报晚上十点的新闻,却还得遵守晚上十一点宵禁的节目主持人。Seriously, my dad was like, ;Well, that news is over at 10:30. Be home by 11.;父亲严肃地告诉我,“嗯,新闻十点半结束,十一点前要回家。”But that didnt matter to me, because I was earning a living. I was on my way. So, I thought, Im going to let this college thing go and I only had one credit. But, my father, from that time on and for years after, was always on my case, because I did not graduate. hed say, ;Oprah Gail;--thats my middle name--;I dont know what youre gonna do without that degree.; And I say, ;But, Dad, I have my own television show.;但是这对我并不重要,因为我在自谋生计。我在走我自己的路。所以我想就让大学那件事这么过去吧,而我只是差一个学分。但从那时起往后的数年里,父亲却一直对我没有毕业这件事情耿耿于怀。他总是说:“奥普拉·盖尔”——我的中间名字——“我不知道没有学位你能做些什么。”然后我会说:“但是,爸爸,我已经有我自己的电视节目啦。”And hed say, ;Well, I still dont know what youre going to do without that degree.; And Id say, ;But, Dad, now Im a talk show host.; Hed say, ;I dont know how youre going to get another job without that degree.;他说:“嗯,但是我还是不知道没有那个学位你能干什么。”我又说:“但是,爸爸,现在我已经是脱口秀的主持人了。”他还是说:“我不知道没有那个学位你怎么去找其他的工作。” /201311/264493

  I went to college.我上大学了I went to University of Missouri-Rolla initially.我最初去了密苏里大学罗拉分校I was deciding between political science我那时要在政治学和at the time and computer计算机科学science because中做出选择,因为I have always been fascinated by cities and at我一直为城市着迷some point want to maybe potentially go into government我潜意识里有些想去政府工作Im still not quite sure if I have more effect我并不确定我以后在there or more effect in programming.政治上更有成就还是在编程上更有成就But I went away from political science但我放弃了政治学because I realized因为我意识到that there are a lot of parallels between what you do在政界和在政府里in politics and what you do in government and writing编制政策和法律policy and laws and what you do in programming.和编程虽然非常相似But the difference is the time scale.但是不同的是时间段So, I could write a policy as a senator or as a mayor我可以作为一个参议院或是市长拟定一个政策and I could see the effect maybe in eight years.我可能在8年后才会看到效果But I could write that same policy但我可以写出同样的政策and write a simulator并且为之编写出一个模拟环境around it and write populations around it and I could和一些模拟人群see that effect instantly with a computer.我就可以立即在电脑上看到结果So, I went down the computer science route.所以我选择了计算机科学这条路201503/364969

  Nothing makes me prouder than to know that this is my culture. Like all of you, I am very proud to be Chinese, and very grateful that I have been given the gift of this wonderful heritage. It is a gift that serves as a source of strength and as a guiding compass every single day in my life and in my career.我为这是我们自己的传统文化而感到无比自豪。和你们所有人一样,作为中国人我很自豪,也为拥有这样的美好传承而无比感激。在生活和事业中,这一传承是我力量的源泉,指引着我每次前行的方向。In closing, I encourage all of you to take full advantage of the gifts you have been given.讲话即将结束,我鼓励大家充分利用你们拥有的优势。You have the benefit of a precious cultural heritage, including a respect for the value of hard work. You know what is important and you work to achieve it. And your are tenacious in pursuing your goals.你们拥有这份宝贵的传承,包括对勤奋工作的价值的尊重。你们知道什么是重要的,并且努力去完成。你们在追求目标的时候会坚持不懈。As you pursue these goals, I encourage you to aspire high.在你们追求这些目标的时候,要树立更高的理想。Dream big dreams. Dream bold dreams. Dream as far as your imagination will take you.大胆地梦想,拥有更大的梦想,极尽你们的想象力去梦想。Whatever it is you dream of, there is no doubt in my mind you can do it. The world is open to you. So go out there and make all your dreams come true. 不管你们有什么梦想,我相信你们都可以做到。世界向你们敞开大门。大胆地走出去,去实现你们的梦想吧。 /201304/234114




  Dear brothers and sisters, do remember one thing: Malala Day is not my day.亲爱的兄弟们,请记得一件事:“马拉拉日”不是属于我的日子。Today is the day of every woman, every boy and every girl who have raised their voice for their rights.今日是属于曾为自己的权利说话的每一位女性,每一位男孩和每一位女孩。There are hundreds of human rights activists and social workers who are not only speaking for their rights, but who are struggling to achieve their goal of peace, education and equality.数以百计的人权活动家和社会工作者不仅为自己的权利发声,同时也努力去实现和平、教育与平等等目标。Thousands of people have been killed by the terrorists and millions have been injured.成千上万的人被恐怖分子杀害,数百万人因恐怖袭击而受伤。I am just one of them.我只是其中之一。So here I stand. So here I stand, one girl, among many.为此我站在这里,作为那些受到伤害的人群中的一员。I speak not for myself, but so those without a voice can be heard.我不仅为自己说话,也为那些无法让人听到他们声音的人说话。Those who have fought for their rights.那些为自己的权利抗争的人。Their right to live in peace. Their right to be treated with dignity.和平居住的权利。享有尊严的权利。Their right to equality of opportunity. Their right to be educated.享有平等机会的权利。接受教育的权利。Dear friends, on 9 October 2012, the Taliban shot me on the left side of my forehead.亲爱的朋友,在2012年10月9日,塔利班往我的左额开。They shot my friends, too.他们也射杀我的朋友。They thought that the bullets would silence us, but they failed.他们以为子弹会让我们沉默,但他们失败了。And out of that silence came thousands of voices.那一沉默中响起了成千上万的声音。The terrorists thought they would change my aims and stop my ambitions.恐怖分子以为他们能够改变我的目标,阻止我的理想。But nothing changed in my life except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died.但是我的生活没任何改变,除了:已逝去的懦弱、恐惧与无助。Strength, power and courage was born.坚定、力量与勇气诞生了。I am the same Malala. My ambitions are the same.我还是同一个马拉拉。我的理想依旧。My hopes are the same. And my dreams are the same.我的希望亦如故。而我的梦想依然不变。201412/348027

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