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呼和浩特市第一医院去除狐臭多少钱呼和浩特京美整形美容医院开双眼皮手术多少钱Jingguang Rai way京广铁路Jingguang Railway is a major .artery railway in China, connecting BeijingWest Station in Beijing to Guangzhou Railway Station in Guangzhou, Guangdong.京广铁路是中国一条从北京市通往广东省广州市的铁路,是中国最重要的一条南北铁路干线。The railway is jointed by two sections. The northern section, ;Jinghan railway; , is from Beijing to Hankou, and the southern section, ;Wuguang railway; , is from Wuchang to Guangzhou. Jinghan railway was finished in 1905 and Wuguang railway was finished in 1936. Between Hankou and Wuchang, there is the Yangtze River. The two sections were finally jointed together in 1957 when the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge was built and it was renamed as .Jingguang Railway.京广铁路原分为北南两段。北段从北京市到湖北省汉口,称为“京汉铁路”(1927年~1949年称“平汉铁路”),于1897年4月动工,1906年4月建成。南段从广东广州到湖北武昌,称为“粤汉铁路”,于1900年7月动工,1936年4月建成。在1957年武汉长江大桥通车后,两条铁路接轨,并改名为京广铁路。With a length of 2,324 kilometers, connecting the cities of Beijing and Guang- zhou through 6 provinces, namely Beijing, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan and Guangdong, as well as dozens of large and medium-sized cities, and many other railways. Jingguang Railway has played an unusual role in the national economy of China. Even after the parallel Beijing-Kowloon railway is completed, the Jingguang Railway still plays a huge role.京广铁路全长2324千米,连接了中国首都北京市和五座省会,分别是:河北、河南、湖北、湖南、广东,以及数十座大中城市保定市、邢台市、邯郸市、安阳市、鹤壁市、新乡市、许昌市、漯河市、驻马店市、信阳市、孝感市、咸宁市、岳阳市、株洲市、衡阳市、郴州市、韶关市,并与多条铁路相接,在中国的国民经济中起到了非同寻常的作用。即使在平行的京九铁路建成后,京广铁路也依然发挥着巨大的作用。The electric locomotive traction is mostly used in the whole railway passenger carriages and freight passenger carriages. Since the first railway speed lift in 1997 until the fifth in 2004, the travel time of the passenger carriage between Beijing and Guangzhou has been shortened from nearly 40 hours in the past t0 22 hours. In the coming opening of the Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger line, it is expected to divert about 70% of the Jing-Guang Railroad passenger traffic. Electrification project began in the 1990s, the Zhengzhou-Wuchang section had been completed in 1992, the Beijing-Zhengzhou section began in 1993, completed in 1998, the Wuchang-Guangzhou section began in 1998, completed in 2001.全路客运客车和货运客车大多采用电力机车牵引。自1997年第一次提速起至2004年第五次提速,北京往返广州间的客车的运行时间已由过去近40小时缩短到22小时。未来,武广客运专线启用后,预期可分流京广铁路约70%的客流。电气化工程于1990年代开始,其中郑州至武昌段先于1992年完成,北京至郑州段工程于1993年开始,1998年完成,武昌至广州段工程于1998年开始,2001年完成。 /201602/419374呼和浩特京美医疗整形美容医院激光祛痣多少钱 In a recent op-ed in The Financial Times, Larry Summers criticized the U.S. for not backing the creation of a new China-led international bank that would finance major infrastructure projects across the Asia Pacific region; the former U.S. secretary of treasury decried it a “failure of strategy and tactics” and called for “a comprehensive review of the U.S. approach to global economics.”美国前财政部长拉里o萨默斯最近在英国《金融时报》发表,批评美国政府不该冷漠对待亚投行,这家由中国牵头发起的新国际将为亚太地区的重要基础设施项目提供资金。萨默斯认为,美国政府犯下了一场“战略和战术上的失败”,并呼吁其“全面检讨对全球经济该采取的姿态”。Summers’ pointed words followed those of another Clinton Administration alumnus. Madeleine Albright, America’s former top diplomat, who late last month said the ed States had “screwed up” in its unsuccessful efforts to dissuade other countries from supporting the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.无独有偶,就在萨默斯措辞尖锐地指责美国政府前不久,另一位克林顿时期的政府要员、前国务卿奥尔布赖特上个月也批评了奥巴马政府。她表示,美国政府费那么大力气想把其他国家拦在亚投行之外,最后却把事情“搞得一团糟”。Both Summers’ and Albright’s remarks came as diplomats and business executives from Asia and Europe have embraced the bank. Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea and Australia, are among more than 40 nations who have brushed aside the White House’s concerns over the intentions of the bank and whether it will follow “high quality, time-tested standards.” China will provide much of the AIIB’s initial 0 billion in funding. The bank is expected to be up and running by the end of this year, helping finance transport, water, energy and other infrastructure projects.这边萨默斯和奥尔布赖特的责备不断,那边亚洲和欧洲的外交官和企业高管已经开始对亚投行积极示好。尽管美国一直在质疑亚投行成立的目的,还担心亚投行“没法遵守高质量的、经得起时间考验的标准”,但英国、德国、法国、意大利、韩国和澳大利亚等40多个国家并未理会,仍然申请加入。亚投行的初始资金规模为1000亿美元,大部分来自中国,预计该行将在今年年底前正式运行,为交通运输、水利以及能源等基础设施项目提供资金。Going forward, the U.S. and Japan, which also has withheld support, may well seek to save face and work with the bank. Such a move will be good for all parties, but for the bank to be successful, leaders should bear a few measures in mind:今后,美国很可能得找机会与亚投行合作,挽回点颜面,跟美国一样未参与亚投行的日本也一样。若真能如此,将对各方都有利。然而,要想亚投行真正成功,领导人还应该考虑到以下几个问题:With the bank’s focus on infrastructure development instead of on the broader goal of poverty reduction, it is important that policies and procedures be put in place to ensure that infrastructure investments do not lead to the unintended impoverishment of thousands of people or significant harm to the surrounding environment.鉴于亚投行的重点是基础设施开发,而不是为了消除贫困这样更为宏远的目标,那么有一点很重要,就是相关政策和程序都要落实到位,确保基础设施投资不会导致大批民众突然陷入贫困,也要避免对周边环境造成严重污染。Given their size and scope, major infrastructure projects such as hydroelectric power plants and road networks can lead to forced resettlement of communities and the loss of traditional livelihoods, such as in agriculture and fishing. I saw this during my own visits to a range of power and transport projects in my oversight role from early 2007 to the end of 2010 on the Board of Directors of the Asian Development Bank.亚投行的资金规模庞大,覆盖范围也很广,水电站和公路等大型基础设施项目可能迫使很多社区的原住民背井离乡,丧失务农、等传统谋生手段。2007年初到2010年底,我在亚洲开发任职期间实地考察了一些电力和交通运输项目,就曾遇到过此类情况。Strong social and environmental safeguards are needed to make sure development projects are done in a sustainable manner. Views and input from affected communities should be incorporated in a meaningful way from the earliest stages of project design. Otherwise, poorly designed projects can contribute to social and environmental harm, costs overruns for borrowers and ultimately unrest and delayed or cancelled projects.要确保项目的可持续开发,就需要采取强有力的社会保障措施和环境保护手段。设计项目早期就应该充分考虑当地相关社区的意见,而且应有居民代表参与。否则,如果项目设计有问题,有可能给当地社会和环境造成危害,借款方的成本将超,最终可能导致社会动荡、项目延误甚至取消。The new bank should move quickly to prove skeptics wrong. It has the chance, for example, to demonstrate that it can be more effective than the World Bank and other regional development banks in financing infrastructure while addressing legitimate community concerns about relocation and compensation for any loss of housing or income.亚投行应当迅速行动起来,明怀疑论者的观点是错的。比如说,它可以用实际行动明,在资助基础设施建设方面,亚投行的融资效率比世界和其他地区性开发更高;而在应付社区搬迁时提出的合理诉求、提供相应房屋或收入补偿方面,亚投行也有能力处置妥当。Recently, the World Bank admitted to “serious shortcomings in the implementation of its resettlement policies,” adding that it plans to fix its problems with a “plan that will improve the oversight and management of resettlement practices to ensure better protection of people and businesses affected by bank-funded projects.”最近,世界承认“在工程移民安置政策方面存在严重缺陷”,同时宣布将解决这个问题,具体途径是制定方案,改善移民安置过程中的监督和管理,确保受项目影响的民众和企业得到妥善安排。The new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has the chance to develop strong, new and effective accountability mechanisms all shareholders would support. A strong independent evaluations department not beholden to any single shareholder must be part of that. Mechanisms to review and ensure compliance with the bank’s own rules are also critical.新成立的亚投行还可以建立强有效的新型问责机制,并争取所有股东持。要实现这样的机制,必须成立一个强势的独立评估部门,不能受任何一家股东牵制。另一点也很重要,就是建立相应内控制度,确保亚投行严格遵守内部章程。As Summers noted, it is time for the US to wake up to a new economic era. Strengthened engagement with Asia and all its major financial institutions must be part of that.正如萨默斯所说,美国应该清醒地认识到,新经济时代已经来临,应该积极参与亚洲事务,与亚洲所有重要的金融机构多打交道也是其中的一部分。 /201504/369358呼市第一附属医院割双眼皮多少钱

呼和浩特那里治鲜红斑痣最好内蒙古解放军第253医院开双眼皮手术多少钱 Anyone who wants to know whether we should leave the EU should speak to Boris. I mean, of course, the vice-chancellor of the University of Cambridge, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz. 任何想知道我们应不应该退出欧盟的人都应该跟鲍里斯(Boris)谈谈。当然,我说的这位鲍里斯(本文作者的哥哥是持英国退出欧洲的伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊——译者注)是剑桥大学(University of Cambridge)校长、教授莱谢克#8226;里塞维奇爵士(Sir Leszek Borysiewicz)。 This city by the Fens has been a centre of scholarship for more than eight centuries, long before the EU and many of its member states even existed. Monks and scholars flocked here from Paris, Bologna and Salamanca in the Middle Ages and, over the years, our own benefited from reciprocal hospitality across Europe. 八个多世纪以来,剑桥这座位于大沼泽旁的城市一直是学术成就的中心——那时欧盟及其许多成员国根本不存在。中世纪时期,大批修道士、学者从巴黎、洛尼亚和萨拉曼卡涌到这里,在此后的几百年里,我国的修道士和学者在欧洲各地也得到礼遇。 Today these continental networks are deeper than ever and help explain why this university has more Nobel Prizes to its name — 92 — than any other institution. They also play a part in its success in turning research into good business. With more than 1,500 technology companies, employing nearly 60,000 people, it is the most successful innovation cluster in Europe. 如今,这些遍布欧洲大陆的网络比以往任何时候都更加深入,而且有助于解释为什么剑桥大学育的诺贝尔奖得主(92位)比其他任何机构都多。在将研究成果转化为优秀业务方面,这些网络也发挥了作用。拥有1500多家科技公司,雇佣近6万人,剑桥已成为欧洲最成功的创新聚集地。 The big question, then, for Boris is how much of this success is due to our membership of the EU? Let us be clear: Britain has been a science superpower since the dawn of the Enlightenment and our scientific temper will help us thrive either way. 那么,对剑桥校长而言,大问题在于这种成功在多大程度上应归功于英国的欧盟成员身份?让我们明确这一点:英国自启蒙运动开始以来一直是一个科技超级大国,我们的科学素养将帮助我国不断结出科学的硕果,无论我们留在还是退出欧盟。 The issue, though, is whether we would be as strong as we could be, without the funding and the partnerships that we gain through the EU. 然而,问题在于,若失去通过欧盟获得的资助及合作伙伴关系,我们还能不能保持强大,把我们的优势发挥到极致? European research funding offers a good example of how the EU can get things right — and of how the UK benefits from a seat at the table when the rules are framed in Brussels. We have successfully argued for EU research money only to flow to where the best science is done, regardless of geography or pork barrel pressures. And because of the excellence of our research base, we end up winning an outsized slice of EU research programmes. 欧洲研究经费提供了一个很好的例子,说明欧盟能够正确安排事情,说明当布鲁塞尔框定规则时,在谈判桌前拥有一席之地让英国受益。我们已经成功地说让欧盟研究经费只流向科研工作做得最好的地方,而不考虑地理或“笼络民心的政治拨款”压力。而因为我们的研究基地非常优秀,我们赢得了超出比例的欧盟研究项目。 The UK puts in about 12 per cent of all EU funding yet wins about 15 per cent of research funding, making us one of the largest beneficiaries of EU science programmes. In the latest funding round, we have to date secured 15.4 per cent, second only to Germany. 英国贡献欧盟全部经费的约12%,但赢得约15%的研究经费,这使英国成为欧盟科技项目的最大受益者之一。在最近的一轮经费划拨中,英国迄今已争取到15.4%,仅次于德国。 Britain’s universities flourish under this system. Cambridge topped the list of EU universities for participations in the most recent funding programme. And Oxford, Imperial College London and University College London occupied the next three positions. Some argue non-EU countries also benefit from EU science. But there is a big difference. They may be part of the European Research Area but they do not sit at the table when the European Council or Parliament set rules or decide budgets. 英国的大学在这一体系下蓬勃发展。在最近的经费分配中,剑桥大学在欧盟所有大学中获得的资金最多。紧随其后的是牛津大学(Oxford)、伦敦大学帝国理工学院(Imperial College London)以及伦敦大学学院(UCL)。有人辩称,非欧盟国家也受益于欧盟的科研。但这里有很大的区别。他们或许是欧洲研究区(ERA)的一部分,但当欧洲理事会或欧洲议会制定规则或决定预算时,他们毫无话语权。 Of course, British scientists will be able to call for support from the UK government. Indeed, since 2010 we have protected the science budget at a time of significant savings elsewhere, but we should not pretend that replacing these rich additional European funding streams would be easy. 当然,英国科学家有能力从英国政府争取到持。的确,自2010年以来,在其他方面开大幅削减之际,我们保住了科研预算,但我们不该自欺欺人地认为,替代欧盟的大笔额外经费将是容易的。 To keep our knowledge factories winning Nobel Prizes, we must in addition recognise that research is rarely a solitary undertaking or even a narrowly national one. About half of UK research publications now involve cross-border collaborations. And EU countries are among our most crucial partners, representing nearly half of our overseas collaborations. Free movement of people makes it easier for our universities to attract the best talent. 要继续让我们的“知识工厂”获得诺贝尔奖,我们还必须认识到,科研极少是一项孤立的事业,甚至很少是仅仅一个国家就能开展的。如今,英国约一半的研究成果都涉及跨境合作。而欧盟国家是英国最重要的合作伙伴,占到英国海外合作的近一半。人员自由流动让英国大学更易于吸引到最优秀的人才。 I am not suggesting that Brexit would reverse eight centuries of progress, returning “Silicon Fen” to marshland. However, those who want Britain to leave the EU must explain how they will sustain the same levels of investment and the same depth of partnership under different circumstances. 我并不是在暗示退出欧盟将使英国八个世纪以来取得的进步付诸东流,把“硅沼”(Silicon Fen)变回沼泽。然而,那些希望英国退出欧盟的人士必须解释,在不同的环境下,他们将如何维持相同的投资水平以及同等深度的合作伙伴关系? A vote to leave would be a leap into the dark that would put our status as a science superpower at risk. That is why I will be joining Boris in making a positive case for Britain’s future in a reformed EU. 赞成退欧的公投结果将使英国跃入黑暗,进而危及英国的科学超级大国地位。这就是为什么我将加入剑桥校长的行列,为英国在改革后的欧盟中的未来提出正面的理由。 /201603/430559赛罕区去雀斑多少钱

呼和浩特京美医疗美容修眉多少钱After a years-long court battle, Apple finally got what it wanted: A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that Samsung smartphones can no longer copy certain iPhone features.在三星和苹果长达几年的法庭弈中,苹果最终赢得了胜利:周四某联邦法院判决三星智能手机禁止模仿苹果手机的特点。In a 2-1 decision, a federal appeals court in Washington ruled that Samsung has to update its smartphones#39; software to remove slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and quick link software that directly mimic Apple#39;s similar features on the iPhone.在华盛顿的一个联邦法庭上,该案以两票赞成、一票反对的投票结果通过裁决:三星手机必须对其智能手机进行升级,移除直接模仿苹果手机的滑动解锁、自动更正和快速链接的功能。But the ruling comes long after Samsung has changed the way those features work on its smartphones. For example, you no longer need to slide a button to unlock Galaxy phones -- you can just swipe your finger anywhere on the screen.但是早在此禁令下发以前,三星就已经更改了手机上类似苹果的特点。比如,要解锁Galaxy手机,你不需要滑动解锁按钮,只要在屏幕上任何部位滑动手指即可。Samsung said in a statement that its Galaxy smartphones will continue to be sold and supported by the company. It also said it is looking for further review of Thursday#39;s decision.三星在一份声明中表示公司仍会销售Galaxy系列手机,并为客户提供持务。并且,他们要求对周四的决议进行复议。The court said it had granted Apple a ;narrow; ruling, saying it did not want to take Samsung#39;s devices off the shelves. Rather, it instructed Samsung to remove the infringing features -- if there are any remaining on customers#39; devices -- without recalling its smartphones.法院表示,他们给苹果公司的惩罚权利非常小,三星的手机不会下架,并且,他们要求三星移除手机上模仿苹果的特点,而对于已销售出去的手机则不用召回。Apple (AAPL, Tech30) first filed its lawsuit in February 2012 -- ages ago in technology terms. (The Galaxy S II was the newest Samsung smartphone to be listed in the lawsuit when the case was filed -- Samsung released the Galaxy S6 earlier this year).苹果最早发起诉讼是在2012年2月,在科技领域这根本就是几百年前的事。(当时三星公司早新的手机是Galaxy S II,而今年年初三星已经发布了Galaxy S6)So Apple won -- but not much more than a Pyrrhic victory.所以即使苹果公司赢了这场官司,但也是得不偿失。In the initial district court decision, Samsung was ordered to pay Apple 0 million for violating its patents -- less than a tenth of what Apple had initially asked for.根据最初地方法院的裁决,三星被要求赔偿苹果公司1.2亿美金侵权费,这个数字不到苹果公司要求的10分之一。It#39;s just one of several patent cases currently being fought in courts between the two smartphone giants. In a separate case, Apple was granted 0 million in damages after a court ruled that Samsung copied the iPhone. But an appeals court ruled that Apple could not patent the basic design of the iPhone, putting some of that award in jeopardy. The companies said last year that they will call off their patent disputes going forward -- outside the ed States.而这只是两大智能手机巨头法庭专利之战的其中一个。在另一个案件中,法庭判决三星向苹果公司付9.8亿美金作为侵权赔偿。但上诉法院判决苹果公司不能为其手机的基本设计申请专利,这样一部分赔偿金就可能要泡汤了。去年两个公司表示他们会叫停在美国之外地区的专利之战。 /201509/399924 托克托县妇幼保健人民中医院激光祛痣多少钱内蒙古自治区妇幼保健院整形美容科



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