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2018年09月24日 21:15:16 | 作者:88大全 | 来源:新华社
LEGAZPI, the Philippines As Typhoon Hagupit churned across the Philippines on Sunday, residents of the eastern part of the island nation expressed relief that they had joined the hundreds of thousands who had evacuated to safer ground.菲律宾黎牙实比——上周日,随着台风“哈格比Hagupit)席卷整个菲律宾,该岛国东部居民表示欣慰,因为他们和其他数十万人已经被疏散到安全地带。Eleanor Llaneta, 60, decided to follow the advice of her neighborhood captain and leave her home in Albay Province, on the southeastern tip of Luzon Island, on Friday, more than a day before Typhoon Hagupit made landfall.埃莉诺·兰尼塔(Eleanor Llaneta)现年60岁,她听从居民区负责人的建议,于上周五离开了自己在吕宋岛东南端阿尔拜省的家,比台风“哈格比”抵达提前了一天多时间。In past years she might have considered staying put, but a year’s worth of news about the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, which left more than 7,300 people dead or missing after hitting the Philippines in November 2013, convinced her that prudence was the best course.如果是过去几年,她可能会考虑留在家里,但台风“海燕0131月袭击菲律宾,导致300人死亡或失踪,这一年来相关新闻不断,所以她相信,谨慎是最好的选择。“We only knew about storm surges after Tacloban,said Ms. Llaneta, referring to the city that Haiyan left filled with mud, debris and dead bodies just over one year ago.“塔克洛班出事之后,我们才知道有风暴潮这种东西,”兰尼塔说。她指的是一年多之前,海燕袭击塔克洛班后,这座城市变得满是泥土、瓦砾和尸体。By late Sunday, what had been classified as a super typhoon was far weaker than Haiyan was when it hit, and was continuing to weaken. The storm, which is expected to push its way across the country until Wednesday, was generating strong winds and rain, but the overall effect was not as devastating as worst-case scenarios had anticipated.到周日晚间为止,超级台风“哈格比”的威力远不如“海燕”巨大,而且还在继续减弱。预计这场风暴将席卷菲律宾各地,直到周三。它带来了强风和暴雨,但整体破坏性没有人们预期的最坏情况那么糟糕。The government announced Sunday evening that at least three people were confirmed to have been killed by the storm, including a 1-year-old girl and a 65-year-old man who both died of hypothermia in the central province of Iloilo. The president’s office said “reports of a few casualties have unfortunately been receivedfrom the town of Dolores, where the storm first made landfall, but the full toll there was not clear.周日晚上,政府宣布,已经实至少人在风暴中遇难,其中有一岁女孩和一5岁的男子,两人都是在菲律宾中部的伊洛伊洛省因为体温过低丧生的。总统办公室说,“不幸收到了”来自多洛雷斯的一些伤亡报告,那是“哈格比”登陆的第一个地方,但该地的完整伤亡数字尚不清楚。In Albay Province, Ms. Llaneta and about 560,000 others were evacuated ahead of the storm, according to local officials. As of 4 a.m. Sunday more than 1.2 million people had been evacuated nationwide, Gwendolyn Pang, secretary general of the Philippine Red Cross, wrote on Facebook.在阿尔拜省,兰尼塔和大约56万人在风暴到来之前被疏散了,地方官员们说。到周日凌晨四点,菲律宾全国有20万人被疏散,菲律宾红十字会秘书长彭美Gwendolyn Pang)在Facebook上写道。Hagupit is expected to hopscotch across islands as it makes its way west. Maximum sustained winds near the center had dropped to about 100 miles an hour by Sunday morning, but the slow churn over the nation could dump large amounts of rain, setting off floods and mudslides.“哈格比”在向西部移动的时候,预计会跳动着穿过整个岛屿。周日早晨,近中心最大持续风速降至约每小00英里,但这样的缓慢移动可能会将大量雨水倾倒在菲律宾,引发洪水和泥石流。With full assessments of damaged areas far from finished, the government is not y to declare success publicly in riding out the storm. Still, officials and aid workers sounded notes of optimism that darker predictions of the storm’s destructiveness would not materialize.受灾区域的全面评估还远未结束,政府尚不准备公开声明已经成功度过了这场风暴。不过,官员和救援人员表现得很乐观,他们觉得,关于这场风暴破坏性的可怕预言不会实现。“The picture looks O.K. so far in the daylight,said Kate Marshall, a spokeswoman for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. “But we still don’t know what happens when the typhoon moves northwest.”“迄今为止,白天的状况看上去还行,”红十字会与红新月会国际联合International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies)发言人凯特·马歇尔(Kate Marshall)说。“但是,我们仍然不知道当台风向西北移动时,会发生什么事。”Nearly a day after Hagupit hit, Albay had yet to record a storm-related death or serious injury, said Jukes Nunez, an Albay special operations officer. “Disaster preparedness, we want to make it part of daily life, just like brushing your teeth,Mr. Nunez said. “We are one of the most vulnerable areas in the Philippines.”“哈格比”登陆将近一天之后,阿尔拜尚未出现与风暴相关的死亡或重伤记录,阿尔拜的特殊行动官员朱克斯·努涅Jukes Nunez)说。“我们希望备灾能成为日常生活中的习惯,就像刷牙一样,”努涅斯说。“阿尔拜是菲律宾最脆弱的地区之一。”The Mayon volcano rises over Albay, adding a further risk of landslides to the wind, floods and storm surges that often follow typhoons. In 2006, Typhoon Durian dumped heavy rain on the area, setting off mudslides that buried villages below Mayon and killing more than 1,000 people.马荣火山(Mayon Volcano)矗立在阿尔拜,因此在这里,台风不仅可能带来风、洪水和风暴潮,还会有山体滑坡的风险006年,台风“榴莲”给该地区带来的暴雨引发了泥石流,掩埋了马荣下面的村庄,导致逾千人丧生。One significant development in disaster preparedness here is a much wider knowledge of the threat from storm surges, the walls of water pulled along by typhoons that can quickly flood low-lying coastal areas. In Tacloban last year a wall of water from Typhoon Haiyan ripped across a peninsular neighborhood known as San Jose, crumpling cement houses and causing many deaths.这里的备灾活动出现了一个显著进步,就是有远比从前更多的人,对台风带来的风暴潮威胁有所了解。它是台风卷起的巨浪,能够迅速淹没沿海的低洼地区。去年,在塔克洛班,台风“海燕”卷起的巨浪横扫了半岛上一个名为圣何塞的居民区,水泥房屋遭到损毁,导致很多人丧生。An assessment of that disaster by a German government-funded sustainable development agency said that many residents in Tacloban where the storm surge was the cause of most of the fatalities had not been familiar with the risks and did not evacuate. “Serious warnings and more effective evacuations along the coastline could have saved many lives,the report said.德国政府资助的一个可持续发展机构对那场灾难进行了评估,指出在塔克洛班,导致绝大多数人死亡的罪魁祸首是风暴潮,而那里的居民不了解它的威胁有多大,所以没有撤离,“在沿岸地区发布郑重警告,进行更加有效的疏散,可以挽救许多人的生命,”该报告称。In the year since Haiyan, residents have been exposed to much more discussion about the risks of typhoons, and evacuees in the city of Legazpi said that had contributed to their willingness to leave their homes.在“海燕”灾难发生后的一年中,居民接触到了更多关于台风风险的讨论,黎牙实比市的撤离者说,这种讨论让他们变得更加愿意离开自己的家园。“We were hearing all of this news on the radio about storm surges,said Maria Ampo, 46, who weathered the storm in a classroom in Bagumbayan Elementary School along with more than 30 people ranging in age from a month to 82 years old. “That’s why now we’re worried about it.”“我们在电台里听到风暴潮的各种消息,6岁的玛丽亚·安珀(Maria Ampo)说。“这就是为什么现在我们担心它的原因。”风暴期间,她和其他30余人待在巴贡巴扬小学(Bagumbayan Elementary School)教室里,其中最年幼的刚出生一个月,最年长2岁。The evacuation of so many people is an impressive step in preparedness here, Ms. Marshall said. “A million people evacuated that’s pretty huge for a country like the Philippines,she said. “Even so, we’re waiting to see what happens next. We’re not out of the woods yet.”本次备灾行动疏散了这么多的人,令人印象深刻,马歇尔说。“对于像菲律宾这样的国家来说,疏散一百万人非常不容易,”她说。“即便如此,我们正在等着看,接下来会发生什么。我们尚未脱离险境。”来 /201412/347280Japan has protested bitterly after Russia’s prime minister visited a disputed island in a row that threatens improved relations between the two countries.在俄罗斯总理访问日俄争议岛屿后,日本提出了强烈抗议。两国围绕争议岛屿展开的争吵对两国间本已改善的关系构成了威胁。Dmitry Medvedev visited the island of Iturup, known as Etorofu in Japan, and declared the Kuril islands were part of Russia. “This is how it is and how it will be,said Mr Medvedev on Saturday. The island is one of four disputed since the end of the second world war.俄总理德米特里蔠德韦杰Dmitry Medvedev)访问了伊土鲁朴岛(Iturup,日本称择捉Etorofu)),并宣称千岛群Kuril islands)是俄罗斯的一部分。“现在如此,将来也如此,”梅德韦杰夫上周六表示。伊土鲁朴岛是二战结束后日俄存在争议的四个岛屿之一。Japan summoned the Russian ambassador for a dressing down, telling him the visit was “extremely regrettableand “injured the feelings of the Japanese people while the foreign minister will delay a planned visit to Moscow.日方召见俄罗斯大使提出强烈抗议,告诉他此次登岛“非常令人遗憾”,而且“伤害了日本人民的感情”,而日本外长也将推迟原本计划好的对莫斯科的访问。The tension reduces the chances of a summit this year between Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, and President Vladimir Putin of Russia and hurts a relationship both countries need to offset their frosty dealings with other neighbours.这种紧张降低了日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)和俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)在年内举行峰会的可能性,也伤害了两国关系。日俄两国现在都与其他一些邻国关系冷淡,日俄关系改善对于它们缓解这一局面有着重要意义。Japan never signed a peace treaty with the Soviet Union after the war because of Moscow’s claim to the four southernmost islands of the Kuril chain, which Tokyo calls the Northern Territories.由于莫斯科方面声称对千岛群岛最南边的四个岛屿(日方称北方领Northern Territories))拥有主权,战后日本始终未与苏联签订和约。Covering about 5,000 square kilometres, the islands offer rich fishing and have a Russian population of thousands. The previous Japanese population was expelled after the war.这四个岛屿总面积约000平方公里,拥有丰富的渔业资源,居住着数千名俄罗斯人。之前生活在那里的日本人在战后遭到驱逐。Settling the Northern Territories dispute is one of Mr Abe’s most personal diplomatic goals. His father, Shintaro Abe, tried and failed as foreign minister in negotiations with Mikhail Gorbachev in the 1980s. The younger Mr Abe was at his side as a secretary.解决北方领土争议是安倍个人最想实现的外交目标之一。上世纪80年代,他父亲安倍晋太郎(Shintaro Abe)以日本外长身份尝试与米哈伊尔戈尔巴乔Mikhail Gorbachev)谈判解决该问题,但以失败告终。当时,年轻的安倍晋三作为秘书伴随父亲左右。“It’s kind of a family business,said Nobuo Shimotomai, an authority on Russia at Hosei University in Tokyo. “Mr Abe wants to solve the issue himself with President Putin.”“这有点像是家族事业,”东京日本法政大Hosei University)俄罗斯问题权威专家下斗米伸夫(Nobuo Shimotomai)表示,“安倍想由他本人来与普京总统解决这个问题。”People close to Mr Abe say he has good personal chemistry with the Russian leader but many experts doubt whether Mr Putin will ever relinquish territory gained at great cost, and think he is playing “good cop, bad copwith Mr Medvedev.熟悉安倍的人表示,安倍与这位俄罗斯领导人有着良好的个人关系,但很多专家怀疑普京可能永远都不会放弃这块付出极大代价获得的领土,他们认为普京正在和梅德韦杰夫玩“一个唱红脸、一个唱白脸”的把戏。Shigeki Hakamada, a professor at the University of Niigata, believes Japan suffers from a degree of “Putin illusionin its fond hopes that the judo-loving Russian president who unlike Mr Medvedev has never visited the Kurils is y for a deal.新潟大学(Niigata University)教授袴田茂树(Shigeki Hakamada)认为,日本存在一定程度的“普京幻想”,自作多情地期望这位热爱柔道的俄罗斯总统——不像梅德韦杰夫,普京从未访问过千岛群岛——愿意达成协议。In 2012, Mr Putin used the judo term for a “drawin talking about the islands, referring to a 2008 settlement in which Russia and China agreed to split disputed Bolshoi Ussuriyskiy island down the middle. But the Russian president is now riding a wave of nationalism after annexing Crimea in 2014.2012年,普京在谈论该群岛时,曾用柔道中表示“平局”的术语,提008年俄罗斯与中国同意平分俄中存在争议的大乌苏里斯基岛(Bolshoi Ussuriyskiy island,中方称黑瞎子岛——译者注)。但014年吞并克里米亚后,这位俄罗斯总统如今正得到民族主义浪潮的撑。That move and Japan’s support for international sanctions on Russia has left a more pragmatic diplomatic calculation for both sides.吞并克里米亚之举——以及日本对国际社会对俄制裁的持——使得日俄双方更务实地进行外交盘算。“The Abe administration has a dilemma. If it doesn’t take a strongly critical stance to violations of sovereignty then it risks its future position with China over the Senkaku Islands,says Mr Hakamada. China claims the Japanese-controlled islands, which it calls the Diaoyu.“安倍当局进退两难。如果不就俄侵犯日主权的举动采取强硬的批判立场,那么它未来与中国在尖阁诸岛(Senkaku Islands,中国称钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿——译者注)问题上的立场也受到威胁,”袴田称。中国宣称对这个由日本控制的群岛拥有主权。On the other hand, Mr Abe is determined to make progress on the Northern Territories, and given its difficult relationships with China and South Korea, Japan is reluctant to alienate Russia as well.另一方面,安倍决心在北方领土问题上取得进展,考虑到日本与中国和韩国之间的困难关系,日本也并不愿意疏远俄罗斯。Russia, meanwhile, is conducting its own diplomatic pivot towards Asia. To avoid that being purely a pivot to China, however, it needs to strengthen relations with other regional players such as Japan although the strength of Japan’s US alliance gives Russia little incentive to make concessions.与此同时,俄罗斯正将自己的外交重心转向亚洲。然而,为了避免完全以中国为重心,它需要加强与日本等其他亚洲国家的关系——尽管日本与美国的紧密同盟让俄罗斯没什么动力作出让步。来 /201508/395281Yemens warring factions are on their way to Geneva for the first significant talks in the Middle East country’s months-long conflict.也门各交战派系正在前往日内瓦参加和平谈判途中。这是就这个中东国家长达几个月的冲突举行的首次重大和平会谈。The talks on Monday, facilitated by the ed Nations, will bring to the table Yemen’s Shiite Houthi rebels and the exiled government of President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi.星期一的谈判由联合国促成,将使也门什叶派胡塞反政府武装和正在流亡的哈迪总统做到谈判桌前。The Houthis wrested control of Yemen’s government in February, leading Mr. Hadi to flee to Riyadh, the Saudi capital.胡塞武装今年2月夺取了也门政府的控制权,迫使哈迪总统逃到沙特首都利雅得。Security officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief journalists, said that Saudi-led airstrikes against the rebels and their allies continued in several Yemeni provinces.负责安全事务的官员说,沙特领导的针对反政府武装及其同盟的空袭还在也门的几个省持续进行。这些官员不愿透露姓名,因为他们没有权限向通报记者这些情况。Meanwhile, thousands of Houthi supporters marched in Sanaa in protest of the war and what they described as the siege of the city.与此同时,成千上万名胡塞武装的持者在萨那举行游行,抗议战争,抗议他们所称的对萨那城的围困。来 /201506/380843

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday signed a decree imposing economic sanctions against Turkey after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian-Turkish border Tuesday.继土耳其24日在该国与叙利亚边境击落一架俄罗斯战机后,俄总统普京28日签署对土耳其实行经济制裁的总统令。The presidential decree, which was posted at the website of the Kremlin, said a ban of charter flights from Russia to Turkey will be introduced, and Russian tourism operators should stop selling tour packages to Turkey.根据这项在俄政府网站上发布的总统令,俄政府将采取措施,禁止包机往来俄土航线,旅游公司不得办理前往土耳其的旅游手续。In accordance with the decree, Turkish companies of transportation shall be restricted in their operations in Russian territories, with Turkish ships and boats being banned from staying at or navigating across Russian ports.总统令要求严格监督土耳其运输公司在俄境内活动,禁止土耳其船只在俄海港水域逗留航行。Turkish citizens, except Turkish diplomats and their dependents and those with temporary permits of residence, are not allowed to enter Russia starting Jan 1, 2016, according to the decree.根据总统令,016日起,除外交人员和家属以及具有临时居住的人以外,土耳其公民暂时不得入境俄罗斯。来 /201511/412853

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations should be an economic powerhouse. Asean’s population of 625m is set to grow by 120m before 2030, adding to an abundant pool of labour that complements bounteous natural resources. Yet the 10-member region punches well below its weight: it accounts for 3 per cent of global gross domestic product but is home to 9 per cent of the world’s population. The underachievement derives in part from political and regulatory diversity that undermines regional competitiveness and inhibits inflows of investment into manufacturing and infrastructure.东南亚国家联盟(ASEAN,简称东盟)应成为一个强大的经济集团。东盟的6.25亿人口将030年之前增.2亿,不但可以扩大本就充裕的劳动力储备,而且该地区还拥有丰富的自然资源。然而,这个10国集团的表现并不尽如人意:东盟拥有世%的人口,却只占全球GDP%。这种不佳表现部分源于成员国在政治和监管方面的多样性,这削弱了区域的竞争力,抑制了对制造业和基础设施的投资。Thus the launch of the Asean Economic Community, due by the end of this year, represents a milestone. The AEC aims to accelerate integration and establish a single market and production base. Hopes for the potential on offer are accentuated by a slowdown that has depressed the region’s GDP growth rate to its lowest level since the 2008/09 financial crisis.因此,计划在今年底之前创立的东盟经济共同Asean Economic Community, AEC)具有里程碑意义。AEC旨在加快区域一体化,建立单一的市场和生产基地。对AEC能带来潜力的期待已因为经济放缓而变得更加迫切,该地区的GDP增速下降至2008/09年金融危机以来的最低水平。On paper, the AEC’s aspirations resemble the early days of the European Economic Community. A blueprint agreed in 2007 envisaged a single market and production base, which included measures to standardise trade tariffs and dismantle non-tariff barriers, plus a free flow of services and investment. It allowed for more liberal migrations of skilled labour and freer interchanges of capital.表面上看,AEC的目标类似于欧洲经济共同European Economic Community)成立之初的愿景。东007年通过的一项蓝图设想了单一的市场和生产基地,其中包括规范贸易关税、消除非关税壁垒的措施,以及务和投资的自由流动。它还允许熟练工人更自由地迁徙以及更自由的资本流通。Of these, only a generally free trade in goods has materialised. Trade in services remains hobbled by formal and informal barriers while free flows of capital and investment are far from realised. A more liberalised market for skilled labour is so far away that officials rarely bother to mention it. This paucity of progress is having an effect. Intra-Asian trade has declined over the past 18 months, having flatlined during the previous two years. Such a record detracts from expectations. Indeed, the main impediment to integration is to be found among Asean’s founding principles.这些目标中,只有商品基本自由贸易已经实现。务贸易仍受困于正式及非正式的壁垒,而资本和投资的自由流动还远未实现。对熟练工人而言,更自由的市场如此遥不可及,连官员们都很少愿意再去提及。这种缺乏进展的局面已经带来影响。在经过两年的零增长之后,过8个月,亚洲内部贸易已经出现下滑。这种表现降低了人们的期望值。实际上,东盟一体化的主要障碍存在于该组织的成立原则之中。Unlike the EU, which relies on intrusive powers to ensure policy alignment among its members, the body shows no willingness to jettison its cherished “Asean way a consensus approach to decision-making that discourages “interferencein the internal affairs of fellow members. Too often this results in a frustrating lack of traction.与依靠干预性权力确保成员间政策均等的欧EU)不同,东盟并不愿意放弃其珍视的“东盟方式Asean Way),而这种要求达成一致的决策方式阻碍了对成员国内部事务的“干预”。由此带来的结果通常是令人沮丧的前进动力不足。In addition, there is a debilitating lack of administrative capacity. The Asean secretariat, which is responsible for forwarding the group’s agendas, has a tiny budget (m in 2014) and a skeleton staff that lacks the power to enforce adherence to regional initiatives. Progress towards AEC, for example, is assessed retrospectively with a “scorecardapproach that avoids direct criticism of member states.此外,东盟还缺乏行政管理能力,这是有害的。负责推进组织议程的东盟秘书处的预算很少014年为1700万美元),秘书处的主要官员也没有让各国执行地区动议的权力。例如,用“计分卡”方式对推动AEC的进展进行回顾性评估,以避免直接批评成员国。These features, however, do not tell the whole story. In spite of Asean’s fuzzy focus on integration, other forces buffeting the region are imparting a more irresistible momentum towards reform. The region is a vital part of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, which ties Asean members into a programme of trade liberalisation with China, India, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, Asean states Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Brunei are founding members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement with the US.然而,这些特征并不代表全部。尽管东盟自身对一体化态度模糊,冲击该地区的其他势力正带来一种更不可抗拒的改革动力。东盟是“区域全面经济伙伴关系协定Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership)的重要成员,该协定使东盟成员国加入了一项与中国、印度、韩囀?日本、澳大利亚及新西兰的贸易自由化计划中。此外,马来西亚、新加坡、越南及文莱四个东盟国家还是与美国达成的《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)的创始成员囀?It is likely that, even if Asean continues to fight shy of defining its destiny, the promises that members make beyond the region will drive inexorable progress towards integration. Therefore it makes sense to beef up its secretariat’s powers and take a more intrusive approach towards implementing the AEC.即使东盟依然怯于掌握自己的命运,很有可能的是,其成员国在区域之外所做的承诺将不可避免地推动东盟一体化取得进步。因此,有必要强化东盟秘书处的权力,并采取一种更具干预性的方式来落实AEC。来 /201512/413497

Not all Germans believe in God,said Jacques Delors, former European Commission president, “but they all believe in the Bundesbank.”There is some truth to this, which is why it is not hard to understand the humiliation felt by the economically orthodox citizens of the bloc’s leading nation, as common policies come under attack from national capitals and even from Europe’s own institutions. Talk in German media is of deception, abuse and exploitation, with Berlin losing every battle and its citizens paying a hefty price to keep the eurozone intact. Pressure is mounting at home to push back, to score points in the national interest. Berlin’s ability to resist will be crucial to Europe’s fate.First, it is important to understand why so many Germans feel victimised. The revered Bundesbank has been repeatedly outvoted at the European Central Bank. Until the euro’s introduction in 1999, it in effect conducted monetary policy for the entire bloc. Today, in the popular view, it is ignored, its stability-oriented approach replaced by an ECB policy that tries to compensate for failures in other policy areas.For Germans, the victory of the anti-austerity Syriza party in Greece shows Europe’s approach to the debt-racked nation has failed. Despite generous official help, it looks ever more unlikely that the loans will be repaid in full.There is also anger at last week’s ECB decision to engage in quantitative easing. If monetary policy were conducted for Germany alone, such a stimulatory asset-purchase programme would be neither necessary nor desirable indeed, low interest rates harm many German savers.Many Germans feel they no longer have reliable European partners. Paris and Rome are ignoring the hard-won fiscal compact. The UK is pursuing self-interest on integration. Syriza wants further second world war reparations. And France has declared that, as a big nation, it is not subject to Europe’s rules.To be fair, the German government in particular Angela Merkel, chancellor, and Wolfgang Sch#228;uble, finance minister deserve credit for their handling of the crisis. They have taken responsibility for the bloc, making big financial commitments and supporting institutional reform. They have also steered their own nation and Europe as a whole in a pragmatic direction. Yet, with anti-European public opinion mounting at home, it is harder to stay on such a path.Berlin faces three challenges. First, it must convince voters that what is good for crisis-hit countries is good for them. Two-thirds of German exports go to the EU, and a similar proportion of foreign investment, so only as part of a dynamic Europe can they prosper long term. In the short run, this means structural re#172;form of labour and product markets is needed. But so are expansionary policies such as the QE scheme, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker’s 315bn investment fund and a sufficiently flexible fiscal policy to stabilise demand in hard-hit nations.The second challenge is to convince Germans to be more patient and more humble. Complaints that neighbours avoid reforms are misguided; most have taken steps that surpass those of Germany’s Agenda 2010 a decade ago. Germany should remember from its own stint as the “sick man of Europethat structural reforms take time to work.Germany’s third challenge is to take a stronger leadership role; its political and economic stability impose a particular responsibility to do so. Europe needs to pursue more institutional reforms to deepen integration and strengthen co-ordination on fiscal rules and structural policies, which will require Germany to build a closer partnership with other Europeans and to convince France to become a strong partner once more.Domestic politics make it tempting for Berlin, like its neighbours, to pursue a self-interested national policy. That would impose a great economic and political cost, on Europe as a whole but especially on Germany itself. The government needs to explain why a more integrated Europe is in the nation’s own best interests. Germans need to accept that they are not Europe’s victims but, rather, destined to be among its leaders.“不是所有德国人都信仰上帝,”前欧盟委员European Commission)主席雅克#8226;德洛Jacques Delors)说,“但他们都信仰德国央Bundesbank)。”这句话道出了部分事实。在欧元区共同政策受到成员国政府乃至欧洲自身机构抨击之际,我们之所以不难理解这个欧元区经济领头羊国家秉持正统经济观的公民感觉受到羞辱,原因也在于此。由于柏林方面在每一场斗争中均成为输家、而德国公民为保持欧元区的完整又付出了高昂代价,德国媒体上充斥着关于欺骗、滥用和剥削的讨论。德国国内要求政府进行反击以维护国家利益的压力正在增大。柏林方面抵御这种压力的能力,将对欧洲的命运起到至关重要的影响。首先,有必要弄明白为什么如此多的德国人感觉利益受损。备受尊敬的德国央行欧洲央行(ECB)的表决中多次沦为少数派999年欧元问世前,德国央行实际上主导着后来的所有欧元区国家的货币政策。如今,人们普遍认为它被忽略了,其以稳定为导向的方针被欧洲央行一项旨在弥补其他政策领域失误的政策所取代。对德国人来说,希腊反紧缩的激进左翼联盟党(Syriza)的胜选明,欧洲对这个债务缠身国家的应对之策已经失败。尽管得到了慷慨的官方援助,但希腊全额偿还贷款的可能性看起来越来越低。德国人还对上周欧洲央行决定实施量化宽松感到愤怒。如果货币政策只为德国实施,那么这种刺激性的资产购买计划将是既无必要也不可取的——实际上,低利率损害了许多德国储户的利益。许多德国人认为,他们再也没有可靠的欧洲伙伴了。法国和意大利不再理睬来之不易的财政契约。英国在一体化上只追求自身利益。希腊激进左翼联盟希望进一步向德国追讨二战赔款。法国已宣布,它作为一个大国不受制于欧洲的规则。公平地说,德国政府——尤其是总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)和财长沃夫冈#8226;朔伊布勒(Wolfgang Sch#228;uble)——处理此次危机的做法值得称赞。他们担负起了对欧元区的责任,承诺提供大量资金并持机构改革。他们还将本国及整个欧洲引向了务实的方向。然而,随着国内反欧洲舆论的兴起,维持这一路线变得更加困难。德国政府面临三大挑战。首先,它必须说选民相信,有利于那些受危机打击国家的措施对他们自己也是有利的。德国三分之二的出口进入欧盟市场,对外投资的比例也大致如此,因此,只有成为充满活力的欧洲的一部分,德国人才能享有长期繁荣。在短期内,这意味着需要对劳动力市场和产品市场进行结构性改革。但同时也需要实施量化宽松等扩张性政策,建立欧盟委员会主席让-克洛#8226;容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)提议150亿欧元投资基金,并采取能稳定受危机打击国家需求的、足够灵活的财政政策。第二大挑战是说德国人要更有耐心、更加谦虚。有些德国人抱怨邻国逃避改革,这些怨言是错误的;大多数国家已经采取行动,其力度超过0年前德国的010议程Agenda 2010)。德国应该记得自己还是“欧洲病夫”的那段岁月,并回忆起结构性改革要发挥作用是需要时间的。德国的第三大挑战是发挥更强大的领导作用;其政治和经济稳定性使得它对此负有特别的责任。欧洲需要进行更多的机构改革,以深化一体化并加强对财政规则和结构性政策的协调,这就需要德国与其他欧洲国家建立更紧密的合作关系,并说法国再次成为其强大的合作伙伴。国内政治使得德国像其邻国一样,忍不住想追求一种自利的国家政策。那将对整个欧洲、尤其是德国自身造成巨大的经济和政治代价。德国政府需要解释为何更加一体化的欧洲才最符合德国自身的利益。德国人需要接受一点:他们不是欧洲的受害者,恰恰相反,他们注定会成为欧洲的领导者之一

Democratic state Sen. Ted Lieu of Torrance called on Fox News host Bob Beckel to resign Saturday after he said on the air Thursday that ;Chinamen; are the single biggest threat to national security.美国华裔民主党加州参议员刘云平周六发表声明,要求福克斯新闻台主播鲍勃·贝克尔为其周四节目中“‘中国佬’是对美国国家安全最大的威胁”的言辞引咎辞职。During an episode of the “The Five,Beckel said: ;As usual, we bring them over here and teach a bunch of Chinamen -- Chinese people -- how to do computers and then they go back to China and hack into us.”在周四的The Five节目中,贝克尔说,“像往常一样,我们把他们带到这里,教一帮中国佬……呃,中国人,怎样使用电脑,然后他们回到中国,非法侵入我们的系统。”“We should all be alarmed by the racist, xenophobic comments by Fox News host Bob Beckel,; Lieu said in a statement Saturday. ;His comments have no place in America, and this is at least the second time he has used racial slurs. He must resign immediately.;“对于福克斯新闻台主播鲍贝克尔的这种种族主义的、排外的言论,我们都应该有所警惕,”刘云平在周六的声明中指出,“他的言论在美国是站不住脚的,而且这至少已是他第二次说出这种种族歧视的言论。他必须立马辞职。”Beckel was commenting on a New York Times article that said Chinese hackers broke into the computer networks of a U.S. government agency that houses the personal information of all federal employees.贝克尔曾在《纽约时报》一篇文章的中称,中国黑客侵入了美国政府机关的电脑网络,网络中储存着所有联邦雇员的个人信息。This is not the first time Beckel has caused a stir with his remarks about race. Last year he said on the show that once after he went swimming, his “eyes blew up; and ;it made me look Oriental.”这已经不是贝克尔第一次用他带有种族色的引起争议了。去年他在节目中称,有一次他去游泳的时候,“眼睛都胀大了”,这“让我看起来像是个东方人”。“I am one of those ‘Chinamenwith ‘Orientaleyes that immigrated to America and majored in computer science. I also served on active duty in the ed States Air Force and continue to serve my country in the Reserves,; Lieu said in the statement. ;And today, as an American and as a California state senator, I call on Mr. Beckel to resign.;“我是一个‘中国佬’,长着‘东方人’的眼睛,我移民来到美国,学习的是计算机科学。我还曾经是美国空军现役部队的一员,并继续作为后备役为我的国家务,”刘云平在声明中说道,“今天,作为一个美国人,作为一名加州州参议员,我要求贝克尔先生辞职。”Lieu is running against gang prosecutor Elan Carr to replace U.S. Rep. Henry A. Waxman.刘云平正在与共和党检察官卡尔竞争国会众议员沃克斯曼空出的席位。来 /201407/312372

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