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齐齐哈尔市第一医院的QQ是多少哈尔滨医大三院妇科专家哈尔滨市九州医院做全身检查要多少钱 A: There's a major problem with room 5.B: I'm sorry to hear that. Please tell me the exact problem.A: This room is overrun with cockroaches.B: There has been an occasional silverfish in the hotel, sir.A: I stopped counting at nine.B: Sir, this hotel just passed a thorough insect inspection with flying colors.A: Your inspector needs spectacles. The fact is that cockroaches are running rampant.B: I apologize, sir. Just a second, while I transfer you to my supervisor. 01Sports have always been among mankind most treasured endeavors. It usually starts off as an accessible m of entertainment and, bee you know it, it becomes part of a civilization culture. Nowadays, the international scene is dominated by a handful of the most popular sports, but that wasnt always the case. There was a time when each town had its own local pastime. And this led to some bizarre games that are now mostly gotten (although, in some cases, that a good thing).运动一直是人们最为珍视的拼搏形式一项运动通常是以日常活动的形式开始出现,不知不觉地就成为了我们的民族文化的一部分现在的体育界被少数几项最受欢迎的运动主宰,但以前可不是如此每个小镇都曾经有属于自己的运动消遣方式,体育的大一统让一些各具特色的比赛项目几乎都被历史遗忘了(虽然有时候这也是好事).Barking Off Squirrels.打树猎松鼠;Barking off; was a type of squirrel hunting popular in America in the late 18th century and early 19th century. It was created in the backwoods of Kentucky and popularized by renowned frontiersman Daniel Boone, who was famous his marksmanship.;打树;是18世纪末期和19世纪初期流行于美国的松鼠捕猎方法这项运动兴起于肯塔基州的偏远落后地区,后因拓荒者丹尼尔·布恩出色的法而闻名The goal of the contest was to hunt squirrels, but not by shooting them. Instead, the hunters would shoot the bark right below the squirrels. The impact was strong enough to shatter the bark and create a concussion blast powerful enough to kill the squirrels. trophy hunters, this type of shooting had the added bonus of leaving the squirrels skin intact. The practice of barking off squirrels occurred at a time when the woods of Kentucky were filled with these unlucky woodland critters. Regular squirrel hunts were so frequent that it wasnt uncommon hunting parties to kill thousands of them in a single day. The most successful hunter often was not the best shot but the guy who could reload the fastest. That was why a new test of skill was welcomed by both hunters and spectators, who would often gamble on the outcome of the sport.比赛的目的虽说是猎杀松鼠,却不直接对松鼠射击,而是朝着松鼠正下方的树枝开其威力能粉碎树皮,并产生足以夺取松鼠性命的爆破力作为猎人的战利品,这种打猎方法还能保持松鼠的皮毛完好无损肯塔基州的树林充满了这些不幸的小动物时,;打树猎松鼠;非常盛行人人都爱好狩猎松鼠,以至于经常能在短短的一天内就射杀上千的松鼠最成功的狩猎者往往不是最精准的射手,而是换子弹最快的人该运动还衍生出了猎手和看客都喜爱的——给猎杀松鼠最多的射手下注9.Equestrian Long Jump9.马术跳远Many sports are created by combining two concepts that aly existed. While some ideas have been successful, not all of them are winners. Take equestrian long jump, example. This sport took the human long jump and combined it with horse racing to create a sport that was less exciting than either.许多新运动就是两项已有的运动结合而来虽然有些运动结合成功,但也不乏失败的以马术跳远为例,这项运动结合了两项激动人心的赛事:跳远和赛马,结果产生的新运动却比不上原先的任何一个There was a lot of interest in this concept in its early days. It was even featured as a sport at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris as part of a double equestrian event that also featured the horse high jump.If you are wondering why the equestrian long jump is not popular today, it because it failed to make an impression. In fact, it was downright anticlimactic. The gold medal was won by Belgian racer Constant van Langhendonck and his horse, Extra-Dry. Their winning leap measured 6.1 meters. Although it was significantly better than any other horse jump that day—second place came in at 5.7 meters--it was still lackluster as people were expecting an inhuman display of athletic prowess. comparison, the current world record a human long jump is 8.95 meters.这个运动概念在早期引起了人们的注意,甚至被列入了1900年巴黎夏季奥运会,与马跳高一起作为双马术比赛的项目你或许对马术跳远难以流行感到疑惑,这主要是因为人们无法在该比赛项目中取得好成绩这项比赛其实就只有个噱头金牌获得者是比利时骑手康士顿·凡·朗尔顿和他的马微甜他们的获胜成绩是6.1米,第二名是5.7米,虽然第一名的成绩显着优于其他选手,但这结果依然让人失望,所有人都期待着一场高技术厮杀的好戏呢告知大家一下,目前人类的跳远纪录是8.95米8.Turtle Racing8.乌龟赛跑You might think that turtle racing doesnt count as a gotten sport because it is still practiced today, but there are few similarities between the old and current versions aside from the name. Nowadays, turtle racing is a fun activity kids you can find at county fairs. All the participants huddle up in the center of a circle and let their turtles loose. The creatures wander around aimlessly until one eventually makes it out of the circle and is declared the winner.也许有人认为乌龟赛跑不算被历史遗忘,因为现如今这项运动仍然存在,但除名字相似以外,古今两个版本的乌龟赛跑再无相像之处现今在乡村集市,经常可以看到孩子们玩乌龟赛跑参赛者聚集在画好的圆圈里然后在中心处放下各自的乌龟,乌龟们漫无目的地游荡,直到有一只爬出圈子,这便是冠军That was not the case 0 years ago. Back then, giant turtles were used in a genuine straight-line race. Crowds of excited spectators watched impatiently from the sides just like they would at a horse race. The turtles even had small children riding them like jockeys. As bizarre as that image might be, there are even stranger claims about the origin of the sport. According to an in the Miami News, turtle racing first became popular in the Bahamas, where it was a favorite local pastime. However, there were a few key differences. starters, the races took place in water instead of on land, so giant sea turtles were used, typically loggerhead turtles. These turtles had men riding them as jockeys, and they werent just show. They were there to make sure the animals followed the course, which was usually more complex than a simple straight line.此规则跟0年前的乌龟赛跑大相径庭那会儿,大乌龟真的要直线赛跑赛场周围挤满了兴奋的观众,仿佛看赛马般狂热有时甚至会有小孩像赛马骑师一样骑在比赛的大乌龟身上更好玩的是,居然还有人考究起这运动的起源来根据《迈阿密新闻的一篇文章,乌龟赛跑初始在巴哈马群岛,且深得民心然而,这与我们之前讨论的又有些关键的区别首先,这里的比赛场地在水中而非陆地,所以用巨型海龟参赛,通常是赤蠵龟而且参赛者真的会坐在海龟上,这不是为了表演,而是为了确保海龟沿着复杂的比赛路径爬行7.Quintain7.刺靶Jousting is an essential part of medieval lore. There was no better way a knight to prove his valor than to enter a jousting tournament and perm in front of the king and his royal court. However, jousting champions are made, not born. In order to perfect their skills, knights would need to train—and that quintain. Instead of two knights charging at each other, one knight would charge at a stationary target (also known as a quintain) in order to improve his skill.格斗是中世纪传说必不可少的一个部分没有比参加格斗锦标赛更好的方法让骑士在国王和宫廷大臣面前展现自己的勇猛格斗需要磨练,没有经验的人是无法获胜的为了使自己的技术更加精湛,骑士们需要不停地训练,即刺靶这种训练不需要两个骑士互刺,只需要骑士攻系一个固定的目标(靶)以此来提高自己的技术Typically, the target was a shield balanced on a pole with a counterweight at the other end. The weight served multiple purposes as the quintain would spin when hit. An accurate shot would cause the maximum spin, and this was considered a good indicator of a knight skill. However, a slow or incorrect hit could spin the weight (usually a sandbag) in time to hit the rider from behind and knock him off his horse. Since quintain was merely a m of training, there was very little pomp and circumstance associated with it. Everyone was free to watch and even participate. Eventually, this turned quintain into a sport of its own, accessible to all the classes. Even those without a horse could participate by using a wooden horse or a boat in some areas. They could even simply run toward the target.靶子通常是吊在杆子一端的盾牌,另一端放上等重的平衡物这样的设计让骑士在刺靶时依照靶子的旋转速就能判断自己攻击的准确性快而准的攻击能达到靶子的最高转速,将盾牌甩得高高的,这被认为是骑士技术好的一个重要指标慢攻或错误的攻击会使另一头的平衡物(通常是沙袋)由背后打向骑士甚至把他打落马由于刺靶是只是一种训练形式,正式的排场很少会用到它每个人都可以随意观看并且参与其中刺靶最终演变为一种任何阶层都可以接触到的运动一些没有马的地方也使用木马或船来代替,只用双腿跑着刺靶也未尝不可6.Eel Pulling6.拔鳗鱼It shouldnt be surprising to find out that human beings werent always concerned with the welfare of animals. We certainly would not have let it get in the way of a good time. Such was the case with eel pulling, a practice that was popular in the Netherlands in the 19th century. There were two basic ms of this sport. One was a classic tug-of-war battle, but the rope was replaced with a live eel. The eel was soaped up to make it more slippery, and two teams would pull ferociously at each end of the doomed animal.人们通常不会去关心动物的幸福,不仅如此,还不让动物们好过例如;拔鳗鱼;,一个在19世纪荷兰十分流行的运动项目该运动项目有两种形式一种像传统的拔河比赛,只不过绳子换成了活鳗鱼为了使鳗鱼更滑,人们还在它身上抹肥皂双方的拔河队员会野蛮地拉扯这条在劫难逃的鳗鱼The other version of eel pulling involved hanging the eel from a line dangling over a canal. Players had to jump and take down the eel while passing through the canal in a boat. This version of the sport, which was more popular, was more entertainment than sport. Spectators would laugh at the participants, who often ended up in the canal.The biggest eel pulling hot spot was Amsterdam. The game was so popular that people kept playing it even after it was outlawed. Trying to stop the Dutch from enjoying their eel pulling had dire consequences, as the people of Amsterdam found out on July 5, 1886. A police officer ended a game in progress by cutting the line. This triggered the Eel Riot of 1886, which resulted in 6 deaths, 0 injuries, and countless arrests.另一个版本的;拔鳗鱼;则是用绳索把鳗鱼悬挂在在运河一处的上方参赛者需乘船流经此处并跳起来;拔;下鳗鱼这一版本的;拔鳗鱼;更为流行,与其说是运动不如称其为一种,因为一般来说参赛者最后都会掉进水里,这让观众们捧腹大笑;拔鳗鱼;最流行的地方是阿姆斯特丹该运动项目实在太火了,以至于后来被列为了非法运动,人们却还是乐此不疲如果你想要禁止荷兰人开展;拔鳗鱼;比赛,后果非常严重1886年6月6日,阿姆斯特丹一位警官剪断挂鳗鱼的绳索,中断了一场;拔鳗鱼;比赛,这就引发了1886年的;鳗鱼暴乱;事件,导致6人死亡,0人受伤,还有数不清的人被拘留翻译:彼得潘、小飞侠 前十网 65哈尔滨市第六医院预约四维彩超

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哈尔滨省第五人民医院门诊挂号本文选自Joey《乔伊,Joey和Gina对于Michael曾经来过并且会玩牌一事不敢相信两个人都很兴奋,想和Michael一起玩牌欢迎朋友们来学习交流,希望大家喜欢Gina: Oh, my God. You have been lying to me and doing shady things in Vegas? I have never felt closer to you!Joey: I can't believe you count cards. It's like I got my own rain man. Ooh. How much is that? Michael: 50 cents.Joey: That's spooky.Gina: I want to count cards with you.Joey: Yeah, wo gotta do this.Michael: No, I don't think that's a good idea. Gina: Come on, we can rip off the casino together like a family. 重点讲解:1. Shady adj. 多阴的,背阴的例如:a shady part of the garden 花园中阴凉的地方He's known to have been involved in several shady business deals. 大家都知道他同几笔不正当的交易有牵连. Spooky adj. (非正式) 令人毛骨悚然的,阴森恐怖的例如:a spooky old house 阴森可怕的老宅3. Casino n. ,(供、的)夜总会,俱乐部. Rip off(非正式) 索价过高例如:They really ripped us off at that price. 那家旅馆着实敲了我们一笔 99 Change a meeting变更约会A:Mr. Brown, I hope Im not disturbing you.布朗先生,希望我没有定打扰您B:No, not at all.不,没有A:I must make apologies. I wont be able to keep my appointment with you tomorrow morning. Uneseen circumstances compel me to leave New York tomorrow morning, and Ill be gone a week. Im afraid Ive brought you too much trouble.很抱歉明天上午我不能如约与您会谈有件意外事情我不得不明天上午去巴黎,恐怕得一周的时间恐怕我给您带来很多麻烦B:Never mind. It understandable. Do you want to cancel the appiontment?不要紧可以理解那您想取消这次会谈吗?A:No. I wonder if we could postpone the meeting to next Thursday.不,我想知道能否推迟到下周四B:But Ive got a very tight schedule next Thursday. I might not be able to make it.可是下周四我的日程安排得满满的很难再重新安排A:How about next Friday?那下周五怎么样?B:Oh, Friday is OK.哦,周五可以A:Will the afternoon suit you?那下午您方便吗?B:Yes, the afternoon will be just as good.是的,下午可以A:Then shall we make it at three oclock?那我们就定在下午3点钟吧B:Good. Three oclock at my office.好的3点钟在我的办公室见面A:OK, that settled.好的,就这么定了 196775黑龙江哈市第一医院是属于私立还是公立?哈尔滨市南岗区妇幼保健所在线回答



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