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元音音素/u:/和/u/的发音正确的发音小技巧: /u:/是一个长音,是通过口腔发出来的声音,发声处靠前,口形很扁,该音是一个非常清晰的音。 /u/是一个短音,是通过喉咙发出来的声音,发声处靠后部,嘴自然张开,短音/u/的嘴形比音/u:/ 稍大,从喉咙后部发出,声音很模糊。/u:/ fool soothing cool food goose/u/ full sugar cook foot good唇舌训练 The fool never feels full because the food is so good. /u:/ /u/ /u:/ /u/There's some food on your left foot, just be careful. /u:/ /u/ /u/This goose looks good to be served as food. /u:/ /u/ /u/ /u:/The cook cooks good food with sugar in it. /u/ /u/ /u/ /u:/ /u/I prefer the soothing color, it looks cool. /u:/ /u/ /u:/单词中字母的发音规律一般发长音/u:/的字母 oo food, room oe shoes ue blue, true o who, move, improve ou soup, group u rule, June ui fruite ew crew, grew一般发短音/u/的字母 oo cook, book, took u put, full, pull o wolf, woman oul could, should发音与朗读训练(在做以下朗读练习时,请注意黑体单词中画线字母的发音)What moves me 生活中的感动In our lives, what moves me a lot is that: /u:/在我们的生活中,我颇有一些感受:Athletes make their sports look easy /u/运动员们看上去很轻松地完成他们的运动because of the thousands of hours of work 那是因为上千个小时的that they've devoted to their sports. 专注于该运动的训练。A good singer seems to be able to hit every note effortlessly /u/优秀的歌唱家看上去很轻易地唱出每一个音符only because he or she has spent countless hours仅仅是因为他或她花费了无数个小时practicing and learning and practicing some more. 练习,学习,更多地练习。When they become successful, /u/当他们成功时,it's easy to call them lucky or to forget the amount of work 人们很容易地称他们是幸运儿,而忘记他们为那份事业that they've put into their chosen field, /u/而付出的艰辛的努力,but the fact is that they kept on with what they wanted to do, and didn't give up. 实事是,他们不断朝着目标努力,从未放弃。Faith口语课堂之发音与朗读技巧第4课预告元音/C:/和/C/的发音技巧,绕可令式的唇舌训练,字母发音规律以及发音与朗读训练。 Faith口语课堂每周四推出新课,敬请收听! /201109/153208。

  • Hi,大家好,欢迎的网友们做客“布朗尼加分”口语课堂。相信很多网友们都看过电影“金刚”,也一定对那个长相凶恶,但心有柔情的大家伙记忆深刻。今天,我们来认识另一位金刚。 Binti is a fierce-looking gorilla who lives at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. One day, she was sitting in the gorilla habitat eating bananas. A little boy and his mother were watching the gorillas. All at once, the child climbed over the stone wall. "Look out!" someone shouted. But it was too late. The child fell 24 feet onto the cement floor of the gorilla habitat and was knocked out cold. With her own baby on her back, Binti-Jua picked up the young boy. "The gorilla's got my baby!" cried the boy's mother. Onlookers were scared out of their wits. "I feared the worst," said one paramedic. "I thought she was going to treat him like a toy." But Binti-Jua was cool as a cucumber as she took care of the boy. She rocked him in her arms and kept the other gorillas away. Then she carried him to the gate where zoo officials were waiting. "I can't believe how gentle she was! We're proud of her. She's the apple of our eye," said a zoo director. The little boy is safe and sound, and Binti-Jua is a hero. Binti是一只fierce-looking gorilla,长相凶狠的母猩猩。一天,她正在吃香蕉的时候,一个小男孩儿爬过石墙,摔在了大猩猩笼子里的水泥地上,并且was knocked out cold。Be knocked out cold意思是become unconscious from a blow to the head。因为头部受到重击而失去意识。小男孩儿摔得不轻,意外发生的时候,Binti身后还背着自己的孩子,当Binti走过去抱起小男孩儿的时候,所有的onlookers,围观者,都were scared out of their wits. Wits,智力,智慧。短语意思就是 “吓得脑袋都不运转了,吓得不知所措,灵魂出窍”。有些恐怖电影,或者恐怖城就会用Scared out of your wits“下破你的胆”来做宣传语。 上面的人乱作一团,孩子的妈妈甚至认为Binti打算吃了她的孩子,唯独Binti自己cool as a cucumber。镇定自若。As cool as a cucumber相当于,very calm and relaxed. 非常放松,非常冷静。再比如:Not everyone can keep as cool as a cucumber in an emergency. 在紧急情况下,并不是每个人都能保持冷静的。 Confronted with such a vital question of life and death, he looked as cool as a cucumber. 面对着这样重大的生死问题,他的神态却异常冷静。 Binti rocked the boy in her arms,抱在怀里摇动着孩子,还kept the other gorillas away,还不让其他猩猩靠近。这样的举动真是太富于母爱了。难怪动物管理员都惊诧地说不敢相信自己的眼睛。不过,Binti的表现的确是足以让动物管理员们feel proud感到骄傲,并且将她视为是管理员们的the apple of eye,珍爱之物。这个用法相信在初中阶段老师就介绍过了。再比如:The little girl is the apple of her father's eye. 这个小女孩是他爸爸的掌上明珠。 小故事以happy ending结束,小男孩儿safe and sound, Binti也成了英雄。sound在这里可不是“声音”或者“听起来”的意思。它等同于healthy,表示“健康的,健全的”。再比如:She is sound in body and mind. 她身心健康。 听过这个故事一下想起孔令东描述大学时期同寝室里一个长得很凶悍,但却偏好琼瑶小说,内心也非常柔软的北方汉子。恩,看来不管是人还是其他动物,我们都不能轻易以貌取之。好了,期待下期和您再见。 /201111/159612。
  • (put something) on the line: at risk 冒风险 (工作,职业,名誉)面临风险,岌岌可危If we don't make a profit, my job is on the line. 我们要是赚不了钱,我就有失业的危险.If I don't get enough contracts this month, my job will be on the line. 如果这个月我签不到足够的合同,我的工作久就保不住了.By making such an unusual film, he has really put his reputation on the line. 制作这样一部另类的电影,他真是在拿自己的名誉冒险. somewhere along/down the line:某一时刻,某一环节 With an idiot like him to advise you, it was certain that you would get into trouble somwhere along the line. 有他这样的一个蠢材做你的顾问,你早晚会出岔子.How did it happen?I don't know. I just know that somewhere along the line we stopped loving each other.怎么会这样?我也不知道,我只知道从某一时刻起我们不再相爱了. /201003/99371。
  • This is an urgent message from the department of sanitation.这是一则来自卫生部的紧急讯息we are facing a crisis brought on by improper disposal of a virtually inedible Easter candy.我们正面临由于不当丢弃不可食复活节糖果而引发的危机Im talking,of course,about peeps.Every year at easter,millions of peeps are left uneaten.我说的就是 动物棉花糖 每年复活节 数百万的动物棉花糖无人食用These peeps,which are not biodegradeable,accumulate Fland fills and wash down storm drains,resulting to great harm to local wildlife.这些棉花糖不可降解 会逐渐堆积 冲下下水系统 并对当地野生动物造成严重伤害Thats why this year we are urging people to recycle uneaten peeps.所以今年我们敦促人们回收不可食动物棉花糖Peeps are made from a versatile material that has many uses including,leveling tables.动物棉花糖的材料是可爱而多用途的材料 它有很多用处 比如 垫桌子Scrubbing caked-on grease,a great substitute for packing peanuts,Peep nuts if you will.刷粘锅油脂 代替缓冲泡沫 可以称为缓冲棉花糖Protective sporting gear.Medical implants as a BPA Free plastic.Home insulation,its slightly less toxic it than asbestos.做保护性体育工具 当做医疗植入物 隔音 比石棉的毒性稍稍小一些Military training.Watch out,ISIS.And our long-term plan,sending peeps to space,so man can eventually set up a colony on planet peep.军队训练 小心哦 伊斯兰国 长期计划是 将棉花糖送入太空 让人类最终能在棉花糖星球建立殖民地So think before you throw those peeps away.You can make a difference,from my peeps to yours.所以扔掉棉花糖之前三思啊 你可以做出改变 就像我这样What else is going on?I heard something interesting.I heard that guy Robert dirst was indicted for illegal possession of a gun.Thats the latest news.还有什么 我听说件有趣的事 我听说那个罗伯特·德斯特被控非法持械 这是最新消息Oh,yeah,that creepy guy from that HBO documentary ;The Jinx;?Thats right,hes a weird,old millionaire.就是那个纪录片《厄运》里很吓人的那个家伙吧 没错 怪异的老百万富翁A lot of news about him.hes been connected with three different murders,maybe even more.He gives everyone the willies.新闻对他有很多报道 他与三起不同的凶案相关 甚至可能更多 他让人十分胆寒Every time I think about him,I get the willies.I think hes really creepy.每次想到他 就禁不住胆寒 我觉得他好吓人201611/480495。
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