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Bruce Lee was just a symbol of everything that every little boy wanted to be.李小龙是每个小男孩心中的榜样,梦想成为的人。You have offended my family and you have...Disgraced the Shaolin temple.The most important thing he#39;s ever done and accomplished is bringing people together.你伤害了我的家庭...让少林寺蒙羞,他做到的最重要的事是把人们团聚在一起。Bruce brought... he brought cultures together.布鲁斯融汇各种文化People remember him for being powerful beyond measure,you know, for being limitless,for standing for things when people crucified him.人们铭记他是因为不可估量的强大,因为他的无穷潜能,因为他在遭受非议时还能坚持自我。It didn#39;t matter what colour you are,what country you came from,you were a Bruce Lee fan.无论你是什么肤色,来自哪个国家,你都可以是李小龙迷。He#39;s the man. He#39;s the truth.And it was amazing how he connected so many people.Not just martial arts,but people from all walks of life.他是真男人,他是真理,不可思议的是他连接起了这么多的人。不只是武术领域,还有其他领域的人。If Bruce was here today, he#39;d be on Dancing with the Stars and he#39;d win it. Hands down.如果布鲁斯还活着,他可以上《与星共舞》,他会赢,小菜一碟。Doggone it, such is the basic need of a human being,I might as well enjoy it before I kick the bucket,like that type of an attitude.该死的,这是人类的基本需要,我死之前一定也要尝试下,就是这样的一种态度。We remember Bruce Lee today because he was so much fun to watch.He was like a mythological hero.我们至今还记得李小龙,是因为他带给我们太多看点,他就像神话英雄。My strength flowed through Bruce to me so...He left me with that gift.布鲁斯带给我了坚强,这是他留给我的礼物。The idea is running water never grows stale,so you gotta just keep on flowing.俗话说,流水不腐,所以你需要不断注入新的东西。 Article/201312/270768The juicy scorpion won#39;t be for him.可口的蝎子 他是没有口福享受了Then, suddenly, the sound of a sentry#39;s warning.但突然间 狐獴哨兵的警报声响起No meerkat can ignore that.狐獴们不能无视这警报Sentries never lie.哨兵们绝不会骗人But the sentry sees no danger.可是哨兵并未发现任何危险Guess who?猜猜是谁干的Of course, it#39;s the drongo.当然 就是这只卷尾燕He#39;s learnt to mimic the meerkats#39; own warning call.他已学会模仿狐獴们的警报声And now, he can enjoy his prize.现在 他可以慢慢享用战利品了A gang of meerkats, outsmarted by a bird.一群狐獴 败在一只鸟的计谋之下The drongo is only deceitful in the hardest winter months.卷尾燕只会在最难熬的寒冬才会使出诡计For the rest of the year, he provides honest protection.其他时节 他都会提供值得信赖的保护So, in the long run,因此 长远来看the meerkat family profit as well as the drongo.狐獴家族与卷尾燕是互利互惠的It#39;s a much harder life,而如果你尚未掌握生存诀窍if you haven#39;t yet learned the tricks of your trade.那么生活将会艰苦得多 Article/201311/266689Begging is not exactly a noble pursuit, but if you#39;re going to do it, do it well.乞讨并不是非常高贵的追求,但是做就要做到最好。You Will Need你需要A nice outfit比较好的外衣A good location比较好的位置A sign标语Steps步骤Step 1 Look nice1.注意仪表Look nice. When Dress for Success author John T. Malloy wore a shirt and pants and asked people in Manhattan for money to get home, he collected . When he put on a tie, he made .打扮漂亮一点。《衣着造就成功》作者John T. Malloy穿着衬衣和长裤在曼哈顿乞讨回家的路费,他得到了7美元。打上领带之后,他乞讨到了26美元。Step 2 Stand in front of bakery2.站在面包房前Stand in front of a bakery. Studies show that pleasant aromas boost generosity.站在面包房前。研究显示,愉快的香味能刺激人更加慷慨。Step 3 Use pique technique3.使用引起注意技巧Use the ;pique technique.; Research shows that asking for an odd amount of money—like, 37 cents—is usually more successful than asking for a quarter, because people assume you have a good reason.使用引起注意技巧(pique technique)。研究表明,乞讨不规律的数目的钱——例如37美分——通常比要求25美分更加成功,因为人们认为你肯定有非常好的理由。Hide your wine bottle. Beggars who look like they#39;ll use the money for drugs or alcohol get fewer donations.把酒瓶藏起来。看上去把钱用来吸毒或酗酒的乞丐通常得到的捐赠比较少。Step 4 Hold sign about them4.手持关于赠与者的标语Hold a sign that#39;s about them—not you. One marketing intern convinced a panhandler to switch from ;Help me. I#39;m homeless,; to ;If you give once a month, please consider me next time;—and her intake soared.标语书写关于他们,而不是关于你的内容。一位市场推广实习生说一名乞丐把标语从“帮帮我,我非常无助,”改为“如果你每个月付出一次,下次请考虑我。”她的收入立即有了大幅提升。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/238594How much will Twitter#39;s IPO go for? From October 25, 2013: CNN#39;s Christine Romans takes a look at how much Twitter#39;s IPO stock price will be.Want a piece of Twitter, do you? I don#39;t mean the trolls on there, I mean the whole company. Well, we now know how much that’s gonna cost you. Well, I don’t, Christine Romans does and she’s here with the information, so what do we think, Christine, what’s the pricing on this IPO?Hashtag drumroll please, 17-20 bucks a share, Chris, the biggest IPO since Facebook is likely to happen in the next few weeks. Who gets that price, 17 and 20 bucks, that’s the big guys, institutional investors who can purchase directly from Twitters underwriters like Goldman Sacks, Morgan Stanley, for the rest of us, you’re able to buy twitter the next day when shares could be trading at a much loftier level, good luck with that. If it pops and drops, then you’re left hold in the bag. And when you put it all together, Twitter’s value has been chocked up to about 11 billion dollars, it’s all very impressive of course, until you consider that twitter is losing money and will probably keep losing money in the foreseeable future. Wall Street does not mind that for now, as long as has been ramping up sales, and it has been growing its revenue. Twitter will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, you guys, the NYSE is gonna have a twitter test tomorrow. It’s a dry run to prevent any technical disasters like Facebook’s IPO, remember, which caused delays, trigger a 10 million dollar settlement with the SEC and all of that, remember that Facebook went just down, and that was a real disappointment, so twitter’s got that in mind for sure. Guys. Good to work out the kinks, we sure have learned that recently. You know? Different aspects of our lives. Alright, thanks so much. /201311/264552

If you think mooncakes are exclusively for humans, think again. Now, thanks to one Hong Kong businesswoman, dogs can get in on the action too, meaning pets and their owners can celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together.如果你认为月饼是专给人吃的,那还是再想想吧。现在,因为一位香港商人的创新,们也有月饼吃了,这就意味着和它们的主人可以一起庆祝中秋节了。In this shop in Hong Kong, the owners are holding workshops on making mooncakes for pets. The traditional round mooncakes represent unity, one of the most important themes during the autumn festival. For the pet owners, unity means including their furry friends in the holiday celebrations.在香港的这家店中,店主正在工作间为们制作月饼。传统的圆形月饼代表团圆,这是中秋节最重要的主题之一。对于们的主人来说,与家人团圆包括他们的这位毛茸茸的朋友。;I think he will like the mooncakes because he has eaten them before and he liked them a lot,; said dog owner Ricky Wong. ;So I decided to try making mooncakes myself. Ill be happy if I can do it myself.;主人Ricky Wong说“我认为它会喜欢这种月饼的,因为它之前曾啃食过月饼并且很喜欢,所以我决定要自己动手制作月饼。如果我能自己制作完成,我会很高兴的。”Making mooncakes that a dog can eat is no easy task, and the ingredients have to be carefully chosen. In this workshop, owner Anne Chan has created recipes especially designed for the health of canines.然而,要制作吃的月饼并非易事,需要精心挑选配料。在工作间,店主Anne Chan已经调配出了有益于健康的月饼配方。;We only give what we humans can eat to dogs. Secondly, we refuse to add any sweeteners. And then we add meat. After we bake it the dogs will fall for the smell even if there is no sweetener,; Chan said.Anne Chan说,“我们只给吃人类可以吃的东西。第二,我们不添加任何甜味剂。而且我们添加了肉。即使没有甜味剂,烘焙后们也会嗅到月饼的香味。”This year, the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 19th of September, a date, no doubt, both humans and their four-pawed companions have in their diaries this year.今年的中秋节是9月19日,毫无疑问,无论主人亦或是他们的四爪同伴都会永生难忘。 Article/201309/256949

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