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Going through the customs 过海关A: Sir, could you pass me your passport?先生,请出示你的护照B: Sure, here you are.好的,给您A: What the purpose of your visiting this time? business or pleasure?您此次旅行的目的是出差还是游玩?B: Im here on business.我是来这里出差的A: Good. How long will you be staying?好的,您将在此停留多久?B: A week.一周A: Do you have anything to declare?您有什么需要申报的东西吗?B: I have some eign currency.我有一些外币A: How much?多少?B: 00 euros.00欧元A: Then you have to fill in this m, please.那么请填写一下这张表格B: Sir, I have finished the m.先生,我已经填好了A: I think we have done here. You have to go to the duty office and see if you have something dutiable next.好的,我这里的手续就办好了,下面请到缴税办公室看一下您是否需要缴税的物品B: Thank you.非常感谢;Were done here;意思是;我们这里的事情已经做完了;,例如:We are done today. See you tomorrow. (今天就到这里,明天见) 33887.Derweze, Turkmenistan7.土库曼斯坦,达瓦扎Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia that borders Afghanistan. Within the country, there is a town called Derweze, which is in the Karakum (Black Sands) Desert. And not far from the town is a fiery crater that the locals have dubbed ;The Door to Hell.;土库曼斯坦是一个中亚国家,与阿富汗接壤在这个国家有一座小镇叫达瓦扎,位于卡拉库姆沙漠(黑沙漠)距离小镇的不远处有一个炽热的火坑,当地人称之为;地狱之门;The crater is 5 feet wide and 99 feet deep and while it does quite literally look like the entrance to hell, it actually a natural gas fire.火坑直径5英尺,深99英尺虽然它看起来很像地狱的入口,实际上却是一个天然气火口In 1971, there was some drilling going on in the area and the equipment hit a cavern and fell in. Luckily no one was hurt, but scientists were worried that the gas would be poisonous.1971年,地质学家在此地勘探,用设备钻出一个洞穴后地面出现塌陷所幸没有人受伤,但是科学家们担心这些气体有毒So in an incredible miscalculation, scientists suggested starting a fire, thinking it would burn off in a few days.因而做出了令人难以置信的错误判断,他们点燃了这些气体,以为它会在几天内燃烧掉It was afterwards that they found out that Turkmenistan has the fourth largest natural gas reserve in the world and the fire still burns today. The country is hoping to turn the area into a tourist attraction.后来他们才发现,土库曼斯坦拥有世界上第四大天然气储量,而大火至今还在燃烧,国家希望把该地区变成一个旅游景点6.Capela dos Ossos, Evora, Portugal6.葡萄牙,埃武拉市,人骨礼拜堂Capela dos Ossos, or ;Chapel of Bones; is the most popular tourist attraction in the medieval Portuguese city of Evora.人骨礼拜堂,是葡萄牙中世纪古城埃武拉市最受游客欢迎的景点The big draw of the th century chapel is a room that was constructed from the bones of 5,000 monks.这座礼拜堂始建于世纪,由5000名僧侣的尸骨搭建而成Then just to make it even creepier, there is also the body of a woman and a child hanging from a wall, but no one is really sure why their bodies are there.更令人毛骨悚然的是,还有一面墙上吊着一具妇女和一具男婴的骷髅,但是没人能说清她们的遗骸为何会挂在那里The reason the monks bones were used was because at the time it was constructed in the th century, Evora was running out of room to bury people.在世纪搭建这座礼拜堂的时候,埃武拉正面临墓地紧缺的困境,才使用了僧侣的尸骨There were aly 3 cemeteries and the city was going to get rid of a few. In order to save the souls of monks that died, 5,000 of their bodies were exhumed.当时已有3座墓园,而埃武拉准备撤掉几座为了保护去世僧侣的灵魂,他们的5000具遗骸被挖了出来With the remains, the church decided to use them as a message to the wealthy citizens of Evora. They constructed the room using the bones to remind people that once you were dead, you couldnt take your riches with you.教堂决定用这些遗骸给埃武拉的富裕市民以启示他们用尸骨搭成这座礼拜堂,以此提醒人们,财富并不能在死后一起带走Hence the message at the entrance, ;We bones that are here, your bones we wait.;所以入口才会写着:;我们的尸骨在此等待你们的尸骨;5.Hashima Island, Japan5.日本,端岛Hashima Island sits about nine miles off the coast of Nagasaki in Southern Japan.端岛坐落于日本南部的长崎市外约9英里处In the 1880s, coal was found on the sea floor of the island, and originally, workers were ferried to and from the island. Then the mining company thought it would just be easier to build places the workers to live.19世纪80年代,人们在这座岛屿的海底发现了煤起初,采煤工人们坐船往返于这座岛后来矿业公司认为,让工人们住在岛上会更方便On about 67,000 square feet, which is a little bit larger than a football field, the company created a commy complete with restaurants, bathhouses, apartments and even a graveyard.于是公司建了一个67000平方英尺的社区(比足球场稍大一点),里面餐馆、澡堂、公寓应有尽有,甚至还有一个墓地In 1959, 5,59 people were living on the island, making it the most densely populated place on Earth ever.1959年,岛上有559名居民,是当时地球上人口密度最大的地方In 197, the coal was all mined and the mining company made an announcement that there would be work on the mainland, but it would be on a first come, first serve basis.197年煤矿开采完后,矿业公司宣布内地有工作,但是要根据先来后到的原则招工This caused many people to pick up and leave quickly, leaving behind a lot of personal items like tea cups on tables and bikes leaning up against walls, which gives the island a very post-apocalyptic feel.很多人匆匆打包离开,留下了许多个人物品,比如桌上的茶杯、墙角的自行车等,使这个岛屿带上了一种;后启示录;的末日感.Pennhurst State School and Hospital, Pennsylvania.宾夕法尼亚州,潘赫斯特州立学校和医院The Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic opened in 19 in East Vincent, Pennsylvania. Shortly after opening, the institution was grossly misused.19年,专门为智能低下以及癫邪症患者所开设的东宾夕法尼亚州立机构在滨州东文森特成立这间机构开设后不久就违背了它原本的初衷Instead of only taking in people with disabilities, it also housed criminals, immigrants and anyone else who had no place to go, making it overcrowded within months of opening its doors.非但没有招收残疾人,反而开始收容罪犯、移民者以及那些无家可归的人,导致这里在刚开始的几个月就变得十分拥挤By the 1960s, the name had been changed to the Pennhurst State School and Hospital and there were over ,700 residents, mostly children. The problem was that conditions, like many other state intuitions at the time, were horrible.世纪60年代,它正式改名为潘赫斯特州立学校和医院,容纳了700多人,其中大部分都是孩子很快,这里也和其他许多州立机构一样,出现了很多严重的问题The staff was minimal and a vast majority of the children were not properly helped. Some doctors were also a bit sadistic.员工少,大部分孩子得不到有效救助有些医生还有虐待癖 example, in a news expose from the mid-1960s, a doctor talked about what he did with one patient he described as ;a bully.;例如,新闻曾曝光过,在世纪60年代中期,有一位医生坦白了他对一个;横行霸道;的病人所做的一切The doctor said he discussed with his colleagues, what he could inject into the patient that would cause the most pain but wouldnt leave permanent damage.那个医生曾和同事一起讨论要给病人注射一种药剂,这种药剂可以让病人痛不欲生,但是却不会对病人造成永久性的伤害After the discussion, he pulled the patient aside and used the substance to chemically torture him.讨论完,他就把这个病人拉到一边,给他注射了这种用来折磨他的药剂The expose brought the conditions of the hospital to light, which signaled the end and by 1987, the school was closed and abandoned.这段新闻将医院的一些情况公之于众,也预示着这家医院的终结1987年,学校也关门了Today it is privately owned and the owners run a haunted house attraction that has drawn criticism because some people feel it exploitative.如今的这个地方属于私人所有,所有者将其经营成一座鬼屋景点,受到了公众的指责,因为很多人都觉得这个地方像是个剥削工厂 66356Thailand strict laws making it a crime to insult the monarchy entered new territory on Monday, when a factory worker was charged with disparaging the king dog ;Tongdaeng;.根据严格的泰国法律,侮辱王室是一种犯罪日,当一名工厂员工被指控诋毁国王的爱犬;通丹;时,这项法律进入了一个新境界In a case brought in a Thai military court, the worker, Thanakorn Siripaiboon, was charged with making a ;sarcastic; Internet post related to the king pet. He also faces separate charges of sedition and insulting the king.泰国一所军事法院受理了这名叫做坦那孔·斯里帕蓬的工人被控在网上发帖;讽刺;国王的宠物的案件Thanakorn could face a total of 37 years in prison his social media posts.此外,他还面临煽动叛乱和亵渎国王的指控The suspect lawyer, Anon Numpa said the boundaries of what has been considered lèse-majesté, as royal insults are known, had expanded drastically in recent years.因为在社交媒体上发布这样的帖子,坦那孔可能面临总共37年监禁But Anon said he was incredulous that it could be broadened to include a household pet.嫌疑人的律师安农·努帕表示,亵渎王室罪的适用范围近几年来明显扩大,但令他难以置信的是,连王室宠物也会包含在内 765

导购口语:What kind of wristwatch are you interested in, a dress watch or a sport watch?您对哪个类型的手表有兴趣,装饰用的手表还是运动手表?We have a complete range of famous brands here. How about this one? It an Omega.我们这儿各种名牌的货色齐全这只如何?这只是欧米伽的Seiko watches are pretty good. They keep time as well as being tasteful.精工表相当好不但准确,而且格调也很高雅 语句:A complete range of famous brands各种名牌的货色齐全;keep time(钟表)走得准;as well as…不但……而且…… 情景再现:It one of the best clocks in our shop.这是我们店里最好的钟表之一They are waterproof and shockproof.它们是防水防震的You can take it back another change if it isnt a good timekeeper.如果时间走得不准,可以给您换货This ladies watch with luminous dial is so delicate.这只女士夜光表是如此的精致 1318

Eighty years after it was shut off to the world, New York has reopened a secret woodland sanctuary a stone throw from Fifth Avenue, just in time summer.在对外界关闭80年之后,纽约近日重新开放了一座距离第五大道仅几步之遥的神秘园区,而且正好赶上夏季来临The 1.6-hectare Hallett Nature Sanctuary is one of three areas of woodland in Central Park, the huge expanse of nature in the Big Apple visited each year by an astonishing 3 million people.占地1.6公顷的哈利特自然保护区,是每年能够带来惊人的300万游客的纽约中央公园里的3大林区之一The little sanctuary is hidden away at the southeastern end of the park, just meters from bustling designer boutiques and luxury high-rise apartment blocks. decades it was fenced off and allowed to overrun.这一小园区隐匿于中央公园的东南方,距离繁华的设计师精品店和奢华的高层公寓只有数米之远但数十年来它一直被栅栏给隔离开来,而且杂林丛生;It was closed by the park commissioner Robert Moses in the 30s and Robert Moses thought it would become a bird sanctuary,; said Doug Blonsky, president and CEO of the Central Park Conservancy, a non-profit organization that raises 75 percent of the park annual budget.负责筹措中央公园75%年度预算的非营利机构--中央公园保护协会总裁及CEO道格·伯朗斯基表示:“这个园区是在30年代被中央公园管理委员会主席罗伯特·西下令关闭的,当时他希望此地能成为一个鸟类保护区”;Untunately what happens, particularly in an urban environment, if you leave an area closed a long time, invasive species or plant material take over, cing out the natives,; he said.他说,“遗憾的是,如果一个地区一旦被长期弃置,尤其在城市环境中,就会遭到外来物种或植物的入侵,并对本地原生物种造成威胁”There are around 70 species of bird in Central Park. You can see many of them in the Hallett sanctuary, along with squirrels, racoons, ducks and birds pecking at puddles on the rocks. There is even a woodchuck which Blonsky says ;is very unusual.;中央公园里大约有70种鸟类在哈利特自然保护区你可以看到其中很多种,以及松鼠、浣熊、鸭子和小鸟在岩石上的小水涡里啄食你甚至可以看到土拨鼠,而伯朗斯基称这是“非常罕见的” now, the sanctuary is open only three afternoons a week from pm to 5 pm. In July and August it will also be open two hours on Sunday. But only visitors will be allowed in at once to maintain the solitude and peace of the sanctuary.现在,这个保护区每周仅在三个下午的点到5点接待游客在七月和八月,每周日还会开放两个小时不过,为了维持这个圣地的幽静与平和,每次开放最多只能接待名游客 70The amazing sight of a fitness fanatic working out his washboard stomach by dangling upside down over a Brazilian beach was initially seen as a daring act of stupidity.一位健身狂人日前上传了自己在巴西一处海滩上空倒挂悬崖的惊人照,向人们展示了他如同搓衣板一样的腹肌大家起初纷纷赞叹他的勇敢,但也觉得这一行为很“作死”But after the heart-stopping shot was revealed to be a trick of the camera, tourists have been flocking to the rock to have a go themselves.然而人们后来却发现,这张惊险的照片其实是“错位拍摄”搞的鬼于是游客纷纷涌向岩石也要一试Visitors have appeared in a variety of poses on the rock, which all make them appear as fearless daredevils.游客们在岩石上摆出各种姿势,一个个看起来都如“勇士”一般Unbeknown to the naked eye, there is in fact a plateau directly below the rock where people can stand, making it perfectly safe.实际上,岩石正下方就是高原平地,人可以站在上面,十分安全,但肉眼通过照片无法看出The trend was started by Luis Fernando Candela, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who was photographed by his girlfriend perming what he claimed was his most dangerous stunt yet.这种玩法是巴西人路易斯·费尔南多·康代拉最先发起的,他那些所谓的“最危险的特技”照片都是他女友给他拍的He appeared to hang over a beach at Pedra Do Telégrafo with a 1,000ft drop below, as well as sweeping views of the Pedra Branca national park.他看起来像是挂在“Pedra Do Telégrafo”海滩上空,离地面接近00英尺照片上还可以看见佩德·拉布兰卡国家公园的美景At the time he said: This is by far the most dangerous stunt Ive tried. The only thing that was keeping me up was my strength - all the weights Ive tried in the gym were building up to this moment.当时他说:“这是迄今为止我试过的最危险的特技唯一的撑就是我的力量——我在健身房的所有努力成就了这个时刻”My girlfriend was terrified but I was determined to get the photo.“我的女朋友要吓死了,但我坚持要这么做,拍下这张照片”But he was caught out when a YouTube by blogger Raiza Marinari resufraced from earlier this year, which revealed the drop was only ft rather than 1,000ft.不过,今年早些时候,他的伎俩被YouTube视频主瑞扎·马丽娜莉识破了:那个岩石离地面的距离只有英尺,而不是00英尺Since then, tourists have been flooding to the beauty spot to create their own images.从那以后,游客们如潮水一般涌向那个景区,想拍摄一张属于自己的“惊险”照片In one, a father pretends to pull his screaming child up to the safety of the rock edge, while in another a couple share a kiss while appearing to perch precariously over the giant drop.其中一张照片里,一个孩子尖叫着,看起来就要掉下悬崖,而父亲正拼命拉住孩子;另一张照片里,一对夫妇分别抱着巨石的上下边,正在亲吻,眼看着就要跟巨石一同坠落了 6

Transfer patents 专利转让A: Wed like you to provide us with a technical licence to improve our present products and develop new ones.我们想要你们提供一项技术许可来改进我们现有的产品并开发新产品B: I hope we can satisfy your requirements. Well guarantee that machine and technology are of advanced world levels, and the technology provided is integrated, precise and reliable.希望我们能够满足你的需要我们将保机器和技术是世界先进水平,所提供的技术是全面,精确,而且可靠的A: What right will the license grant to us?这项许可给予我们什么权力呢?B: It will grant rights of both manufacture and sales of our products.给予生产和销售我们的产品的许可A: Does the license include the patent?这项许可包括专利吗?B: Yes, it does.包括A: How long will you allow us to use the patent?你们将允许我们专利多长时间?B: 3 years. In 3 years you should keep confidential all the technical inmation and know-how offered by us.三年,三年内你应该对我们提供的一切技术信息和专有技术保守秘密A: Certainly. But you should also guarantee the ownership of the patent, know-how and technology.当然,但是你们也应该保专利,专有技术和工业技术的所有权B: If any third party disputes your rights to use them, you should bear the full responsibility.如果发生任何第三者争议我们使用它的权利,你们应当承担全部责任A: All right.可以B: How do we settle the disputes if there are any of them between us?如果我们之间出现争执如何解决?A: All disputes and differences of any kind arising from the execution of this contrast shall be settled amicably by the parties, or shall be submitted to the Council Promotion of International Trade arbitration.在执行本合同期间产生的所有争执和分歧,应由双方自行友好解决,否则应该提交国际贸易促进委员会仲裁B: We agree with you.我们同意;satisfy one requirements;是;满足某人;的要求,需求的意思;;be of advanced world levels;是;具有世界先进领先水平;的意思;;arise from;是;由于,产生于;的意思,例如:Mistakes that arise from a basic misunderstanding. (基本上是出自误解的错误) 9733

3.Females Carry Live Sperm Up to Two Years3.雌性龙虾可以携带活精子长达两年之久When lobsters mate, the male deposits his sperm into the female bee she leaves, but that doesnt mean that her eggs are fertilized right away.龙虾交配时,雄性会在雌性离开前把它的精子储存给雌性,但这并不意味着雌性的卵子立刻受精In some cases he hasnt provided enough sperm to fertilize all of her eggs -- there could be tens of thousands of them -- so she may seek out one or more additional males to get the job done.在某些情况下,雄性并不能提供足够的精子使雌性的卵都受精—雌性可能有成千上万颗卵,所以雌性龙虾会寻找一个或多个的雄性完成这项受精工作But even then her eggs might not be fertilized, because the female decides when conditions are just right. She may store live sperm in her body two years bee using them to fertilize her eggs.但即使这样,雌性的卵子也不可能全部受精,因为雌性龙虾会自行选择合适的环境受精在使用活精子使卵子受精之前,雌性可以让精子在她的体内存活两年Once the lobster fertilizes the eggs, they may stay inside her another year bee she lays them. And then they can stay attached to her swimmerets -- the small legs under her tail -- another 9 to months.一旦龙虾的卵受精,这些受精卵会在雌性龙虾产卵前,在其体内继续逗留一年它们会吸附在雌性的游泳足上(雌性龙虾尾巴下面的小腿)度过9到个月的时间After they hatch, the larvae float about a month bee settling on the bottom of the ocean to grow.受精卵孵化后,这些龙虾幼体在沉到海洋深处生长发育前会漂浮大约一个月的时间Only 1 percent of larvae make it to the bottom and in general, just two of every 50,000 eggs live long enough to become adult lobsters of catchable size.只有1%的龙虾幼体能够顺利抵达海底,在一般情况下,每5万颗卵中只有两颗能够生存下来,并成长到可以捕捞的成年龙虾的尺寸The lengthy life cycle and small payoff help explain why female lobsters are discriminating about when they decide to fertilize and lay their eggs.漫长的生命周期和极少的回报有助于帮助我们解释为什么这些能够决定受精和产卵的雌性龙虾会被区分对待.Lobsters Can Be Cannibals.龙虾可能同类相食One reason why more baby lobsters dont make it to adulthood? They tend to turn on each other. After hatching, lobsters go through numerous stages of development.为什么很多小龙虾还没长成就死了呢?因为它们总是自相残杀龙虾在孵化之后要经历好几个成长步骤Once they start to actually look like little lobsters, theyre not just floating along and eating zooplankton, fish eggs and other types of larvae anymore.一旦它们看上去像小龙虾了,就不再只是游荡着吃浮游动物,鱼卵和其他种类的幼虫了Theyre competing food and going after prey like crab, gastropods, starfish and marine worms. In close quarters, these juveniles will eat each other without any qualms.它们会互相争夺食物,开始捕食像螃蟹,腹足类动物,海星和海生蠕虫了如果两只小龙虾相互靠近,他们就会毫无疑虑的吃掉对方This behavior is part of why lobsters arent often raised in captivity -- they have to be separated into individual containers.这就是龙虾不会集体饲养而是分开喂食的部分原因This cannibalistic behavior isnt limited to baby lobsters, though. It common adults to eat juveniles or lobsters that have just molted when theyre in traps or tanks.这种同类相食的行为并不仅局限于小龙虾,我们平时更多见的是,成年龙虾在饲养池里吃掉小龙虾或刚蜕皮的龙虾Until recently, though, researchers hadnt witnessed this type of behavior in the wild. Then in , scientists in Maine filmed lobsters practicing infanticide.直到最近,研究员才在野外发现龙虾的这种行为年,缅因州的科学家拍下了龙虾捕食同类幼体的过程They tethered a juvenile lobster, figuring that its natural predators, such as cod and skate, would take advantage. At night, though, adult lobsters fought over it.他们锁定了一只幼年小龙虾,发现它跟鳕鱼和鳐鱼一样,是会利用一切的天生捕食者然而在晚上时,成年龙虾则跟这只小龙虾争斗The cannibalism was blamed on a recent glut of lobsters. Warmer waters and overfishing practices had reduced the populations of their natural predators.这些同类相食的龙虾曾一度因数量太多而被责备然而,水温升高和过度捕捞已经使得它们这些天生捕食者数目大减1.They Dont Show Signs of Aging1.龙虾并不显年纪If you believe everything you , you may recall seeing a lobster meme in the summer of -- a photo of a lobster with the phrase ;biologically immortal, delicious with butter.;如果你记得所有读过的东西,你可能会记起年夏天看到过的一只叫美美的龙虾的照片上面还写着一句话,“长生不老,辅以黄油更美味”I can attest to the latter part, but the mer isnt true. Lobsters dont age in the same way as most other animals – they dont get weaker or lose their ability to reproduce, and will keep on molting and growing.我没法实这句话的后半部分,但我可以确定它的前半部分是不对的龙虾和其他动物的变老方式不一样,他们不会因为上了年纪而变得衰弱或失去繁殖能力,而是一直进化成长However, that doesnt mean that they live ever. At some point, even if they arent caught, they die due to natural causes. Often this is because they run out of energy to molt at all and not molting leads to fatal diseases.但是,这并不意味着他们能永生从某种方面讲,即使没有被人抓去,它们也会因为自然因素死掉通常是由脱皮时能量消耗过度,或者没有脱皮而导致致命的病变So, we know that lobsters eventually die, but we arent quite sure when.所以,我们知道了龙虾最终会死,但是不确定是什么时候Lobsters reach their adult size when they weigh between 1.5 and pounds (680 and 9 grams), but the heaviest one ever caught clocked in at pounds ( kilograms).龙虾在体重达到1.5至磅(680至9克)的时候就成年了,但是跟据纪录,人类捕捉到的最重的龙虾是磅(千克)Some estimate that lobsters in the wild can live up to 50 years.野外生长的龙虾估计可以长到50岁Scientists estimate a lobster age by measuring levels of materials known to accumulate in its body over time, such as deposits of fat in its eyestalks or a pigment called eurolipofuscin in its brain.科学家可以通过测量龙虾体内随着时间积聚的已知材料等级来估计它们的年龄,比如它们眼柄的脂肪含量或大脑里一种叫eurolipofuscin的色素The latest research indicates that the best way to estimate lobster age may be by counting age bands well hidden inside the gastric mill in one of its stomachs.最近的研究表明,最好的方法是计算藏在它们其中一个胃里的胃齿白,从而估计年龄范围以最终得出龙虾的年龄 9770Interactions between two species can take many ms. Predators hunt prey, humans tame animals, groups compete territory, and so on. Most meetings between different species of animals could arguably be described as antagonistic or aloof. But positive, mutually beneficial interactions occur as well. Some of these collaborations can be incredible and unexpected.不同物种间的互动多种多样:弱肉强食、人类驯养、种群领土纷争等等大部分不同动物之间的关系可以形容为对抗或毫无交集但是乐观来看,互惠互利的合作也是存在的,而且,这些“合作伙伴们”可能会让你大跌眼镜.Ravens Guide Wolves To Prey.乌鸦引导狼捕猎In the past, gray wolves were considered too dangerous to tolerate and were nearly annihilated in North America by the 1970s. Populations have been recovering since then. Their reintroduction to Yellowstone National Park has had a beneficial and stabilizing effect on the local ecosystem, particularly where scavengers during the winter months are concerned.过去,人们总是认为狼是凶狠十足的动物,甚至在世纪70年代的北美被大规模捕杀以致几近灭绝然而,狼的数量也是从那时开始增加的——狼被重新引进到了黄石公园狼的引进促进了当地的生态平衡与稳定,为环境带来了积极的影响,尤其被食腐动物所欢迎Even without wolves, many herbivores still die of starvation toward the end of winter. While this provides an initial feast scavenging animals, much of the meat ultimately goes to waste as only so much can be consumed bee it all too decomposed. With wolves added back in, herbivore death is more spaced out while still providing y meals scavengers since, unlike other animals such as bears, wolves tend to move away from their kill after theyve eaten their fill.Ravens have learned to maximize the benefits of wolf leftovers. During winter, theyll land and croak near prey in order to get wolves attention, guiding them to their next meal. Of course, this places the raven in a prime position to feast on the leftovers. Perhaps as a result, wolves have also been noted to be surprisingly tolerant of ravens feeding close to them.就算没有狼,很多食草动物也会在冬季饥饿而死这也为食腐动物带来了一桌盛宴如果这些食草动物的尸体没有被及时吃掉,就只能白白分解掉随着狼的逐渐回归,食草动物的死亡时间间隔更长但是,狼不同于熊,狼在饱餐之后便扬长而去,所以这给食腐动物提供了唾手可得的美餐乌鸦为了能在狼离开后的第一时间吃到食物,在冬天的时候经常停留在猎物旁边呱呱大叫以吸引狼的注意力,并且引导它们去捕食当然了,聪明的乌鸦也可以在狼走后第一个享受美食也许狼能忍受乌鸦在离它那么近的距离里进食也会很使人震惊吧9.Carrion Beetles And Their Mite Minions9.食腐甲虫和它们的小跟班In nature, an animal carcass is a gift that rarely goes unused. American carrion beetles, as the name suggests, live a lifestyle that revolves around dead animals. Their body shapes are even optimized crawling under, or possibly inside, corpses. The smell of a newly deceased and decomposing animal will soon bring the beetles—sometimes bearing a load of mites on their backs.在自然界里,动物的尸体是天赐的美食,很少被浪费美国食腐甲虫——“虫如其名”,它们整日穿梭于动物的死尸之中它们的身体已经进化成了能够自由攀爬、进出动物尸体的形态一具新鲜的动物尸体总能迅速引来大量的小家伙们The beetles lay their eggs in the rotting meat, which will serve as nourishment their larvae. They are hardly the only species to use a carcass in such a manner, so inevitably these larvae will face other insects larvae as competition. Unlike other species, such as various flies, the carrion beetle only lays its eggs in dead animals as their larvae must eat meat to survive. The adults eat the rival species larvae but, given the abundance of competitive species, they cant destroy all of their progeny rivals. This is where the carrion beetles passengers come in. Upon arrival at a fresh corpse, the mites disembark and swarm the body, eating any larvae or eggs that do not come from carrion beetles and greatly reducing the competition. The carrion beetles will then carry the mites to the next body they find. It possible that the mites also clean bacteria from the beetles themselves while being given the free ride.食腐甲虫们在腐肉之中繁衍后代,这也为刚出生的小甲虫提供了必须的营养然而,食腐甲虫们并不是唯一以此方式繁衍生息的昆虫,,小甲虫也会面临着与其他幼虫的生死拼搏食腐甲虫不像蝴蝶,食腐甲虫的幼虫需要食肉为生,食腐甲虫也就只选择在动物的死尸上产卵而那些成年食腐甲虫则选择以“对手”的幼虫为食即便如此,因为各个种群的数量巨大,它们无法完全被“敌人”摧毁掉随食腐甲虫而来的还有一群“小客人”,它们借助食腐甲虫抵达了新鲜的动物尸体,这些寄生虫“下车”后做做热身运动就开始拳擦掌准备享受美餐食腐甲虫也非常乐意这么做,因为这些寄生虫吃掉的都是其他昆虫的幼虫和卵,以此也减少了食腐甲虫幼虫的生存压力在寄生虫们饱餐一顿后,食腐甲虫便再次带着它的小客人们开始了下一次“旅程”当然了,在享受免费顺风车的途中,这些寄生虫也会帮食腐甲虫清理掉身上的细菌8.Daniel Greene And His Seizure Snake8.丹尼尔·格林和他的痉挛蛇You may have heard of seizure dogs that can detect oncoming seizures in their owners and warn them accordingly, but what about a seizure snake? Daniel Greene of Shelton, Washington certainly has. He employs Bedrock, his 1.5-meter (5 ft) boa constrictor as just such a service animal. Greene, who suffers from grand mal seizures, often carries Bedrock draped around his neck. He noticed that when a seizure was coming on, Bedrock would stiffen and squeeze his neck slightly.Since then, Bedrock has been instrumental in giving him enough warning to de-stress, take medicine, or do whatever else must be done to either prevent the seizure or endure it as safely as possible. The difference is hard to miss; when Bedrock is asleep at night, Greene seizures occur unchecked.你也许听说过可以及时发现主人痉挛症状并及时提醒主人的,那么你知道也有这么一种蛇吗? 华盛顿大学的丹尼尔教授就有那么一条蛇,名字叫Bedrock那是一条长1.5米的蟒蛇,丹尼尔常用它来为自己务患有严重痉挛的的丹尼尔常常把Bedrock缠在脖子上带在身边因为丹尼尔发现每当痉挛快犯病的时候,Bedrock都会变得僵硬而轻轻地勒一下他的脖子自此之后,Bedrock起到提醒丹尼尔做舒压、吃药等一切防止痉挛或帮助丹尼尔安全度过痉挛的事情,成为了他身边非常重要的一部分但有一点令人遗憾的是,晚上Bedrock熟睡的时候,丹尼尔的病情也许会不受控制Greene method of seizure prevention has caused him difficulty, untunately. Some store managers balk at having a customer with a snake draped around his neck. Being a service animal, Bedrock is legally allowed by the Americans with Disabilities Act to accompany Greene in public. Sometimes, he still asked to leave, however. Greene says he doesnt mind leaving a store if asked politely, but he takes offense when managers try to assert that Bedrock isnt a real service animal.不幸的是,丹尼尔的做法也给他带来了一些困扰一些商店管理人员看到脖子缠着蛇的人常会非常害怕在美国,作为一种务性的动物,Bedrock陪伴主人上街是为法律所许可的,残疾人法案也可以作为依据但是有些时候丹尼尔教授还是会被要求离开商店他说他并不介意店员礼貌的要求自己离开商店,但是每当商店管理者试图说Bedrock算不上真正的务性动物时,他会感到非常生气7.Badgers And Coyotes Team Up7.合作的獾和土狼Badgers and coyotes share a common predilection toward taking various burrowing rodents as prey, though they catch them in very different ways. Rodents such as squirrels and prairie dogs have no chance of outrunning a coyote, but they can always escape into their burrows. A badger, on the other hand, can dig into the ground and tear a rodent from its burrow provided the rodent doesnt simply run out of another exit and leave the badger with no hope of catching it. A badger-coyote team could certainly tip the odds against their common prey if two competing predators could manage to work together. As it turns out, they do. Native Americans have spoken of these collaborations years, and more recently scientists have documented it as well. When badgers and coyotes work together to catch prey, they complement each others respective strengths. The badger digs prey out from the ground, and the coyote runs it down. These cooperative efts are most likely to occur between a badger and one lone coyote, as opposed to groups of coyotes.虽然獾和土狼都喜欢以各种挖洞的啮齿动物为食,但他们的捕食方法却大不相同比如像松鼠和土拔鼠这类啮齿动物,虽然它们跑不过土狼,但它们总能逃进它们挖的洞里另外,只要猎物没有从这地洞逃到另一个地洞,獾就可以通过挖地洞并把猎物抓出来如果这对竞争者能够合作起来,那么这样的一个獾-狼组合能够增加它们捕到猎物的机会事实上,它们的确做到了美洲原住民很久之前就开始谈论这个合作关系了,最近科学家也对此做了观察并记录下来当獾和土狼合作捕捉猎物的时候,它们互相为彼此弥补短处獾把猎物从洞里逼出来,然后土狼再把猎物扑倒这种协作性合作最有可能发生在一只獾和一只单独的土狼之间,而不是一只獾和一群土狼之间6.Frogs Protect Spider Eggs Shelter6.青蛙为蜘蛛卵提供庇护The midable Colombian lesserblack tarantula could easily eat an animal as small as the dotted humming frog, but it doesnt. It arguable that the small frogs are unpalatable to the spiders, but there is more at work than mere taste. The spider and frog have been observed sharing burrows created by the spider. Some Colombian lesserblacks have even been observed cohabitating with more than one humming frog.令人敬畏的哥伦比亚小黑背塔兰托毒蛛能够轻松的吃掉像斑点蛙般大小的动物,但是它从不这么干这是不是因为小型蛙对于狼蛛来说并不美味我们并不确定,至少,味道不是唯一的因素人们观察到蜘蛛和青蛙共享着由蜘蛛挖掘的地洞很多人观察到,哥伦比亚小黑背塔兰托毒蛛常与与多只斑点蛙共同居住Often, these frogs have to crawl over or under the tarantula in order to enter or exit the tunnel, and they are still not attacked. The spiders will pick them up and examine them but will then release them. They are thought to recognize the frogs via chemical cues.The two species share a mutually beneficial arrangement. Many other predators that might otherwise dine on the dotted humming frog wouldnt dare enter the burrow of a large hunting spider to do so. The frogs can also feast on small invertebrates attracted to the remains of the spider kills. Additionally, a spider burrow makes a great microhabitat a frog. So, how do these amphibian roommates pay their rent? The humming frogs eat ants, including those that might otherwise eat the Colombian lesserblack eggs.这些斑点蛙经常在进出通道时爬到塔兰托毒蛛的身体上面或者下面,但从未被攻击过毒蛛会把他们拾起来并检查一番,然后把他们放走有人认为,毒蛛可以通过化学信号来辨别不同的斑点蛙这两个物种互惠互利许多其他觊觎斑点蛙的狩猎者也不敢进入有着正在狩猎的大型毒蛛的洞穴与此同时,斑点蛙还可以饱餐一顿被毒蛛吃剩的无脊椎动物吸引来的无脊椎动物此外,毒蛛的洞穴为青蛙提供了一个极好的小生境那么,这种爬行动物室友怎么样付他们的租金呢?是,斑点蛙吃掉那些以哥伦比亚狼蛛的卵为食的蚂蚁翻译:哈利87 前十网 91Lesson One第一课Announcing Visitors to Guest通知有客人来访R:Excuse me,sir,may I help you?接待员:对不起,先生,我能为您做什么吗?V:No,thank you.Im just going upstairs to see a friend.客人:不,谢谢我正要上楼去看一个朋友R:We must announce visitors to our guests.接待员:我们必须要通知我们的客人May I have the guest name,please?请问您找哪位客人?V:Roger Whitestead.客人:罗杰怀特斯德R:Just a moment,please...Hello,Mr.Whitestead?接待员:请稍等您好,怀特斯德先生吗?G:Yes?旅客:什么事?R:This is Reception.接待员:这是前台接待There somebody here to see you.You have a visitor.有人想去拜访您有您一位客人Just a moment,please...(hands the phone to the visitor)...请稍等,......(把电话递给来访者)......(to visitor when call is finished) Thank you.(当来访者打完电话)谢谢V:No problem.客人:没关系Lesson Two第二课Guest Is not In客人没在R:...Im sorry,there no answer.Im sorry,Mr.Whitestead isnt in.接待员:......对不起,没有人接抱歉, 怀特斯德先生不在Would you like to leave a message him?您给他留言好吗?V:Yes,thanks.Do you have a piece of paper I could use?客人:是的,谢谢这里有没有一张纸给我用一下呢?R:Certainly,here you are.接待员:当然,给您V:Okay.Do you have an envelope?客人:好的,你这儿有信封吗?R:Im afraid not.Would a piece of scotch tape do?接待员:恐怕没有透明胶带可以吗?V:Okay.客人:可以Lesson Three Guest Returns第三课 客人回来了R:Excuse me,Mr.Whitestead?接待员:对不起,怀特斯德先生G:Yes?旅客:什么事?R:While you were out a friend of yours came by to see you.接待员:当您出去的时候您的一个朋友来拜访您,He left a note you.Here you are.他给您留言了一张纸条给您Lesson Four第四课Visitors after :00 p.m晚上点以后的拜访R:(after announcing visitor to guest) Thank you.接待员:(通知客人有人拜访之后)谢谢And could you please fill out this m bee you go upstairs?在上楼之前您填写一下这张表格好吗?V:Why?Ive never had to fill in a m bee!客人:为什么?我以前从来没有填过R:It because it after :00 p.m..接待员:因为已经超过晚上:00了V:This is a bit much,really.客人:这真是太烦琐了R:Im sorry,I understand.接待员:非常抱歉,我可以理解,But Im afraid were required to do this by the Public Security Bureau.可是公安局要求我们这样做的It not a regulation of T.I.B.;I hope you understand.这不是国际大厦的规定,希望您能理解V:Okay,okay.Here you are.客人:好吧,好吧,给你R:Thank you very much.接待员:非常感谢 31

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