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Ive been intrigued by this question of whether we could evolve or develop a sixth sense我一直有一个疑问 即我们能否演变或发明出一种第六感a sense that would give us seamless access and easy access to meta-information or information that may exist somewhere它能使我们很容易毫无痕迹地获得元信息或者存在于某处的信息that may be relevant to help us make the right decision about whatever it is that were coming across.在我们遇到任何情况时 这些信息都能协助我们做出正确的决定And some of you may argue, ;Well, dont todays cell phones do that aly?; But I would say no.或许你们中的一些人会说 当今的手机不正是如此吗 我并不这么认为When you meet someone here at TED and this is the top networking place, of course, of the year假设 如果你在TED遇到某人 这是个高端的交流场所 至少是本年度最杰出的you dont shake somebodys hand and then say, ;Can you hold on for a moment while I take out my phone and Google you?;你不能在和某人握手时说 你能稍等一下让我拿手机搜索一下你吗Or when you go to the supermarket and youre standing there in that huge aisle of different types of toilet papers,或者当你去超市站在巨大的摆满不同类型的卫生纸货架面前时you dont take out your cell phone, and open a browser,你不会拿出手机打开浏览器and go to a website to try to decide which of these different toilet papers is the most ecologically responsible purchase to make.然后打开网页查询一下哪类卫生纸是更加环保和值得信赖并购买的So we dont really have easy access to all this relevant information that can just help us make optimal decisions about what to do next and what actions to take.所以我们还没有真正便捷的方法来得到那些能够协助我们做最好的决定和下一步该如何采取行动的信息And so my research group at the Media Lab has been developing a series of inventions to give us access to this information in a sort of easy way,对此 我在媒体实验室的研究团队 一直以来在做着一系列的发明尝试让我们能用某种简单的方式来获取信息without requiring that the user changes any of their behavior.而不需要使用者改变任何的行为And Im here to unveil our latest effort, and most successful effort so far, which is still very much a work in process.现在我在这里展示我们的最新研究成果 也是我们至今最成功的版本 在工作过程中也很奏效Im actually wearing the device right now and weve sort of cobbled it together with components that are off the shelf我现在就带着这个设备 这是我们用一些现成的产品攒出来的and that, by the way, only cost 350 dollars at this point in time.顺便说一句 此时此刻只需要350美元Im wearing a camera, just a simple web cam, a portable, battery-powered projection system with a little mirror.我带着一个简单的网络摄像机 一个便携式打字机 一个带着小镜子电池供电的投影系统These components communicate to my cell phone in my pocket which acts as the communication and computation device.这些组件向我口袋中的手机传递信息 起到通讯和计算设备的作用And in the here we see my student Pranav Mistry, whos really the genius whos been implementing and designing this whole system.在大屏幕上我们能看到我的学生Pranav Mistry 他真的是这方面的天才 他负责执行和设计整套系统And we see how this system lets him walk up to any surface我们可以看到这个系统让他在任何表面上and start using his hands to interact with the information that is projected in front of him.运用他的手指与他面前的投影产生交互The system tracks the four significant fingers.这个系统主要追踪四根手指In this case, hes wearing simple marker caps that you may recognize.因此他带了简单的标识物方便大家看清But if you want a more stylish version, you could also paint your nails in different colors.如果你想让你自己看起来更时尚些 你也能把你的指甲涂成不同的颜色And the camera basically tracks these four fingers and recognizes any gestures that hes making这个摄像机主要追踪这四根手指 并且可以识别他做的任何手势so he can just go to, for example, a map of Long Beach, zoom in and out, etc.比如他能将这张长滩的地图的尺寸变大或者变小等等The system also recognizes iconic gestures such as the ;take a picture; gesture,这个系统也可以识别形象手势 比如拍照手势and then takes a picture of whatever is in front of you.然后拍下你面前的任何东西And when he then walks back to the Media Lab, he can just go up to any wall and project all the pictures that hes taken,然后当他回到媒体实验室 他可以走近任何一面墙 投射他拍到的任何照片sort through them and organize them, and re-size them, etc., again using all natural gestures.给它们分类 整理 调整大小 等等 也是通过自然的手势So, some of you most likely were here two years ago and saw the demo by Jeff Han, or some of you may think,你们中很可能有两年前在这里听过Jeff Han或者其他人做的演示;Well, doesnt this look like the Microsoft Surface Table?;你们会说 这不就是Microsoft Surface Table吗And yes, you also interact using natural gestures, both hands, etc.是的 你确实是用手势操作 并且是双手 等等But the difference here is that you can use any surface, you can walk up to any surface,但是现在这套系统的不同点在于你能在任何表面投射你的投影including your hand, if nothing else is available, and interact with this projected data.如果你在没有任何表面的情况下 你甚至能够在你的手上投影 和投射的数据进行交流The device is completely portable, and can be So, one important difference is that its totally mobile.这个设备是完全便携的 它可以 所以 一个很大的区别就在于非常便捷Another even more important difference is that in mass production, this would not cost more tomorrow than todays cell phones另外一个更加重要的不同是 如果大量生产此套系统 其花销不会比生产现在的手机的花销多and would actually not sort of be a bigger packaging could look a lot more stylish than this version that Im wearing around my neck.并且不需要多么精致的包装 就能比我现在脖子上带的这套更加时尚地多But other than letting some of you live out your fantasy of looking as cool as Tom Cruise in ;Minority Report,;除了满足你们一些人的幻想 就像汤姆·克鲁斯在少数派报告里一样酷炫the reason why were really excited about this device is that it really can act as one of these sixth-sense devices我特别喜欢这个设备是因为 它就像是人的第六感that gives you relevant information about whatever is in front of you.在任何情况下为你提供关键信息So we see Pranav here going into the supermarket and hes shopping for some paper towels.我们可以看到Pranav正在逛超市 他打算买一些纸巾And, as he picks up a product, the system can recognize the product that hes picking up,当他拿起一包 系统马上可以识别using either image recognition or marker technology, and give him the green light or an orange light.运用影像识别或者是标记技术 然后反馈出绿灯或者是橙色灯He can ask for additional information.他可以询问额外的信息So this particular choice here is a particularly good choice, given his personal criteria.所以这个选择是依据他个人标准 做出的最佳选择Some of you may want the toilet paper with the most bleach in it rather than the most ecologically responsible choice.你们有些人可能更想要有更多漂白剂的卫生纸 而非更加环保的那种If he picks up a book in the bookstore, he can get an Amazon rating it gets projected right on the cover of the book.如果他在书店拿起一本书 那么亚马逊的评价会投影在书的封面上This is Juans book, our previous speaker, which gets a great rating, by the way, at Amazon.这是一本胡安的书 我们以前的演讲者 在亚马逊上获得了很好的评价And so, Pranav turns the page of the book因此 他翻开书and can then see additional information about the book er comments, maybe sort of information by his favorite critic, etc.就能看到读者对这本书的等一些额外的信息 可能来自他喜欢的家If he turns to a particular page, he finds an annotation by maybe an expert or a friend of ours如果他继续往下翻 他会看到专家或者是读者朋友的注释that gives him a little bit of additional information about whatever is on that particular page.这又为他提供了一些信息 帮助他了解这本书Reading the newspaper -- it never has to be outdated.读报纸 这绝不是过时的You can get annotations of the events that youre ing about.你可以获得正在读的这个事件的视频解释You can get the latest sports scores, etc.你也可以了解到最新的体育比分 等等This is a more controversial one.这是最具有争议的一个As you interact with someone at TED, maybe you can see a word cloud of the tags,当你在TED和某人互动 你可以看到一系列标签云the words that are associated with that person in their blog and personal web pages.这些关键词都与这个人紧密关联 可以从他们的客和网页中获得In this case, the student is interested in cameras, etc.假如这样 学生们会很感兴趣你胸前的摄影机On your way to the airport,在我们去机场的路上if you pick up your boarding pass, it can tell you that your flight is delayed, that the gate has changed, etc.如果你拿起你的机票 你可以知道你的航班延误了或者登机口改变了之类的信息And, if you need to know what the current time is, its as simple as drawing a watch on your arm.如果你想知道现在的时间 只需要画一个手表 在你的手臂上So thats where were at so far in developing this sixth sense以上就是我们目前研究的第六感that would give us seamless access to all this relevant information about the things that we may come across.在我们可能遇到的事上无缝的为我们提供相关的信息My student Pranav, whos really, like I said, the genius behind this.正如我所说的那样 我的学生Pranav确实是这背后的天才He does deserve a lot of applause, because I dont think hes slept much in the last three months, actually.他的确应得这些掌声 他在过去三个月废寝忘食的工作And his girlfriend is probably not very happy about him either.显然他的女朋友可能也不是很开心But its not perfect yet, its very much a work in progress.但是这套设备还不够完善 需要更多的工作And who knows, maybe in another 10 years well be here with the ultimate sixth sense brain implant. Thank you.谁知道呢 或许10年后我们将在这推出终极的植入大脑的第六感 谢谢大家201706/513531

Clack returned to Cambridge with dozens of tetrapod fossils.Clack带着许多四足动物化石回到了剑桥It meant that at last someone else would be able to do original work in the field of how we got our legs,这意味着其他人终于可以对我们长出腿的事件进行初步研究but the true importance of the trip did not emerge until 1990但是这趟旅程的重要性直到1990年才显露出来when a colleague, Mike Coats, started work on the specimen shed almost thrown away, the acanthostega.当时她的同事Mike Coats正开始研究这件几乎被她丢弃的标本,棘螈He started to dig its hand out of the rock and he expected, of course, to find just five fingers.他开始清除前爪周围的石头,当然,他希望看到5根趾The first thing he found on this block was a finger. This digit here.他在这块区域找到的第一样东西是一根足趾,就是这根趾So weve got a number of finger bones aligned along the edge of this block.我们可以看到这个地方排列着好几根趾Then he continued with the preparation. He found the next finger which is here with its end curled over后来他继续清理,他在这里发现了第二根趾,趾尖是弯曲的and then a third similarly with this crooked finger end and a fourth, again with that,接着是第三根,同样也有类似弯曲的趾尖,第四根,也是如此and then theres a gap and then he went on to find another finger. Individual finger bones are really quite clear接下来是一段空隙,他又找出了另一根趾头,每段趾骨都清晰可见and that makes a total of five, but he still had all this area here to prepare so instead of stopping这样他就找全了5根趾,但他还需要剖析这片区域,所以他没有停下来he went on to clean up the rest of this area and lo and behold here is another digit, so that makes six他继续清理剩下的部分,瞧,这看起来又是一根趾头,这样就是6根了and he expected to finish there and then to his amazement heres a seventh and finally an eighth.他以为这样就结束了,但是让他吃惊的是,这里还有第七根趾,最后是第八根What? But it was true. Acanthostega had eight fingers on one hand.怎么会这样?但这却是事实,棘螈的一个爪子上有8根趾201702/494475

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464439

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