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Dear Annie:After almost 30 years in commercial banking, I took an early-retirement package during all the layoffs that went on in early 2009. It seemed like a good move at the time, but now I find I really miss working, and, since I#39;m still only in my early 50s, I#39;ve got at least another decade ahead in which to use my skills and experience. The problem is that five-year hole in my work history. I#39;ve spent the time taking some classes, doing a couple of consulting projects, and volunteering to help two local non-profits straighten out their finances. But my resume still shows no ;real job; for those years, and the few employers I#39;ve met with recently have seemed to hold that against me. Do you and your ers have any suggestions on how to handle this? -- Minding the Gap亲爱的安妮:我曾经在商业工作过30年。2009年初的裁员潮中,我接受了一笔提前退休金之后就退休了。当时,这似乎是很好的选择,但现在我发现,自己非常怀念工作的时光。而且,我刚过50岁,至少还能用我的能力和经验工作十年。问题在于,我的履历中将会出现五年空白期。虽然这段时间我学习了一些课程,参加了几个咨询项目,还作为志愿者帮助当地两家非盈利机构解决了财务问题。但这些年的经历在简历上仍不算是“真正的工作”,我最近见过的雇主大多也拿这个来反对我。我该怎么办?您和您的读者有什么建议?——M.G.Dear M.G.:Cold comfort though it may be, the number of long-term unemployed in the U.S. (defined as those out of work for six months or longer) seems stuck at about 3 million, so you can#39;t be the only one wondering. The first step in overcoming the stigma attached to that gap is one you may aly be taking: Bring it up yourself, rather than waiting for interviewers to ask.亲爱的M.G.:美国长期失业人口(指失业达六个月或更长的人)似乎达到了300万人,所以你肯定不是唯一一个在思考这个问题的人,虽然这个事实可能起不到任何安慰的作用。而要克履历空白期这一劣势,第一步是:自己主动提出,而不是等面试官问起。你可能已经做到了这一点。;Confront it,; advises Patty Prosser, CEO of HR and talent-management consultants OI Global Partners. ;Bring that hiatus up right at the start of the conversation, and enumerate all the things you#39;ve been doing to keep your knowledge and skills current. The more specific real-life examples you can provide, and the more closely they align with the job you#39;re seeking, the better.;人力资源与人才管理咨询公司OI Global Partners的CEO帕蒂#8226;普罗瑟建议:“面对事实。在对话开始的时候就主动提出这段空白,同时详细说明为了让自己的知识和能力一直保持在最佳状态,你都做过哪些事情。你能够提供的现实事例越具体,与你申请的工作的关系越密切,效果就越好。”Your volunteer experience may be especially relevant to finance jobs you#39;re applying for, but Prosser has seen plenty of job candidates downplay their unpaid achievements, or even neglect to mention them at all. ;Making an impact in a volunteer organization often takes a very special set of #39;people#39; skills that for-profit employers really value, so talk about that,; she says. ;Even if you #39;only#39; led a band-parents#39; fundraiser at a child#39;s school, for example, our career coaches would encourage you to tell how you got people engaged and what the outcome was.;你的志愿者经历与你正在申请的财务工作尤为相关,但普罗瑟见过许多求职者,他们对作为志愿者所取得的成就,要么轻描淡写,要么只字不提。她说:“在志愿者组织中产生影响,往往需要非常特殊的‘与人相关的’能力,而这些能力正是经营性公司雇主真正看重的东西。所以,不妨谈谈这些方面。即便你只是在孩子的学校负责家长团体的一项资金筹集活动,我们的职业教练也会鼓励你谈论一下如何让人们参与其中,最后取得了怎样的成就等。”The consulting projects you worked on probably helped keep you sharp, so talking about those is a good idea, too. Briefly describe any new skills you picked up and the results you accomplished -- and don#39;t be surprised if those temporary gigs lead to an offer of another short-term project at a company where you#39;re job-hunting. ;A growing number of employers prefer to bring on new hires on a contract basis before deciding whether to hire them full-time,; Prosser observes.你参与的咨询项目也能帮你保持敏锐度,所以谈谈这些经历也是不错的选择。简单介绍一下你学到了哪些新技能,实现了什么样的成果。如果你求职的公司因为这些临时工作给了你一份短期项目的工作邀请,不必大惊小怪。普罗瑟说:“越来越多的雇主在决定是否作为全职员工聘用求职者之前,更喜欢先提供合同制的岗位。”Ford R. Myers, an executive career coach and author of Get the Job You Want, Even When No One#39;s Hiring, agrees that tackling the issue head-on -- as opposed, he says, to ;just hoping they won#39;t notice; -- is your best bet. ;Be forthright about it,; he says. ;Explain your early-retirement decision to interviewers in a professional, unapologetic way.;高管职业导师、《绝处逢生——怎样在岗位荒中找到理想的工作》(Get the Job You Want, Even When No One#39;s Hiring)一书的作者福特#8226;R#8226;梅尔斯同意,最好的做法是直面这个问题,而不是“寄希望于人们注意不到它”。他说:“直截了当地提出来。以专业、毫不后悔的方式,向面试官解释当初提前退休的决定。”At the same time, Myers suggests a few ways to make your five years between ;real jobs; less conspicuous on paper. First, if you haven#39;t aly done so, rewrite your resume using a functional format that groups all your past work together under different headings according to what you actually did (;Accounting,; ;Management,; and so on), rather than when you did it. This ;highlights your functional strengths, instead of focusing on dates of employment,; he says.与此同时,梅尔斯提供了五种方式,让“真正工作”之间的五年空白在简历上看起来没有那么扎眼。首先,如果你还没有这么做,不妨使用按工作职能划分的模式重写简历,以自己实际做过的工作作为小标题,而不是从事这些工作的时间。他表示,这样做“可以突出你的职能优势,而不是把重点放在就业日期上。”Since hiring managers skim most resumes (with or without chronological gaps) for no more than 10 seconds, Myers also urges that yours be as specific as you can make it. ;Quantify everything you can, including retention rates, sales numbers, performance increase, and the number of people or projects you#39;ve managed,; he advises. ;Wherever possible, use percentages, hard numbers, and dollar figures.;有些招聘经理浏览大多数简历的时间不超过10秒钟(不论是否有空),所以,梅尔斯还建议简历一定要尽量具体。他建议:“尽量把所有内容进行量化,包括人才保留率、销售数字、绩效提高,以及自己管理的人员或项目的数量等。如果可能的话,使用百分比、硬数据和美元数字。”Active verbs help too, he adds: ;Words like #39;create,#39; #39;launch,#39; #39;initiate,#39; #39;devise,#39; and #39;conduct#39; have a lot more impact than vague phrases such as #39;responsible for.#39;;他补充道,一些积极的动词也会有所帮助。“比如‘创造’‘首创’、‘发起’‘策划’和‘实施’等动词,比‘负责’等模糊的短语更有效。”Try not to get discouraged if your job hunt takes a while, Myers adds. ;Some employers will be open-minded and won#39;t see your five-year gap as an obstacle to hiring you,; he notes. ;There will be others, however, who reject you purely on the basis of that gap. You need to expect this, and try not to take it personally.; Or, as a health care executive Patty Prosser met with recently put it, keep in mind that ;if you were smart five years ago, you#39;re still smart now; -- or maybe even smarter. Good luck.梅尔斯表示,如果你的求职过程需要花费很长时间,不要灰心。他说:“有的雇主非常开明,他们不会把你五年的空白期视为聘用你的障碍。但也有人会因为这段空白期而拒绝聘用你。你要做好这样的心理准备,不要把它当作针对你个人的行为。”或者,正如帕蒂#8226;普罗瑟最近遇到的一位医疗行业高管所说,记住“如果你五年前是聪明人,五年后依然是聪明人”——甚至更聪明。祝你好运。 /201404/289203

Hong Kong’s summer of political discontent has claimed its highest-profile victim, after the city’s Law Society in effect forced the resignation of its pro-Beijing president.香港持续整个夏天的政治纷争产生了最知名的受害者:香港律师会(Hong Kong Law Society)在事实上迫使了其亲北京的会长辞职。Ambrose Lam San-keung resigned yesterday ahead of a Law Society council meeting called to discuss his tenure, following last week’s vote of no-confidence in the two-term president.林新强(Ambrose Lam San-keung)昨日在香港律师会理事会开会讨论他的任期之前宣布辞职。上周香港律师会曾举行特别会员大会,通过对这位会长的不信任动议。“In order to maintain the solidarity of the Hong Kong Law Society, I will tender my resignation to the council with immediate effect,” said Mr Lam.“为了保持香港律师会的团结,我将向理事会递交辞呈,即时生效,”林新强表示。Mr Lam became a lightning rod for criticism among Hong Kong’s 8,000 Law Society members when he voiced support for Beijing’s “One Country, Two Systems” white paper, which stated that the freedoms enjoyed in the city were a privilege granted by China rather than an automatic right.林新强曾表态持中央政府的《“一国两制”在香港特别行政区的实践》白皮书。这使他成为香港律师会一些会员的批评对象。白皮书称,香港享有的各项自由是中央授予的特权,不存在自动的权利。香港律师会有8000名会员。Mr Lam, a managing partner at law firm Lam, Lee amp; Lai, claimed to speak on behalf of the society when he openly supported Beijing’s white paper – a document that has heightened concerns over what some see as Beijing’s tightening grip on the city.身为林李黎律师事务所(Lam, Lee amp; Lai)管理合伙人的林新强在公开持中央的白皮书时,自称代表香港律师会。香港一些人士认为北京方面正在收紧对该市的管控,白皮书加剧了他们的这种担忧。The white paper refers to judges as “administrators” and requires that they be “patriotic” towards China.白皮书称法官是“治港者”,并要求他们“爱国”。Critics of the document suggest it could water down Hong Kong’s judicial independence and the autonomy enjoyed by the territory compared with mainland China.这份文件的批评者认为,它可能淡化香港的司法独立,淡化这个特别行政区相比中国内地所享有的自治。A solicitor who works in a big international law firm in Hong Kong and attended last week’s Law Society vote said: “If there is decreased confidence in the judicial independence and rule of law in Hong Kong, that would be to the detriment to Hong Kong’s business market. [Global companies] would lose confidence in Hong Kong as a business centre.”在香港一家大型国际律师事务所工作、参加了上周律师会投票的一名律师表示:“如果人们对香港的司法独立和法治信心下降,那将损害香港的商业市场。(全球企业)将失去对香港作为商业中心的信心。”Kevin Yam, a Hong Kong solicitor who initiated the no-confidence vote, said: “[Mr Lam] did the right and honourable thing to listen to and respect the voices of the majority of the Law Society. Judicial independence, rule of law: they are fundamental for Hong Kong as an international city.”发起不信任动议的香港律师任建峰(Kevin Yam)表示:“(林新强)做了正确和光荣的事情,听取和尊重律师会多数会员的声音。司法独立、法治:它们是香港作为一个国际城市的根本要素。”Mr Lam’s support for the white paper prompted 1,800 black-clad legal professionals to hold a silent march through the city in late-June, and sparked terse responses from senior legal experts.林新强表态持白皮书的举动,促使1800名法律界人士在6月下旬身穿黑衣静默游行,并招致资深法律专家的简短回应。“If judges have to be standing with the government and form part of the government [as the white paper suggests], this would be totally contrary to the rule of law,” Audrey Eu Yuet-mee, a former president of the Bar Association, told local media.“如果法官必须(像白皮书所称的那样),与政府站在一起,构成政府的一部分,那将是完全违反法治的”,曾任香港大律师公会(Hong Kong Bar Association)主席的余若薇(Audrey Eu Yuet-mee)在接受当地媒体采访时表示。 /201408/322687

The rise of ecommerce in China has touched almost every sector of the economy – including an increasingly popular black market for DIY firearms.中国电子商务的兴起几乎已触及所有的经济领域,包括日益兴旺的自制黑市。For less than 0 one can buy the parts, tools and instructions to make a shotgun. There have been several arrests this year with police swooping on gangs of online gunrunners.人们花费不到100美元就能买到制造散弹的配件、工具和组装指南。今年以来,警方对网络贩卖者展开了突袭行动,逮捕了多人。Most recently, two men from Shanxi province were arrested last month for having a small arsenal of guns, firearms parts and ammunition they had bought online on Taobao, the popular Chinese ecommerce website owned by Alibaba, which listed in New York in September in the largest-ever initial public offering and which yesterday released its debut set of results as a listed company.上月,两名山西男子因持有从淘宝上购买的一些、配件和弹药而被捕。淘宝是阿里巴巴旗下一个颇为红火的购物网站。阿里巴巴今年9月在纽约上市,IPO融资规模创出有史以来的最高水平,日前该公司发布了上市以来的首份财报。Police said the suspects also used QQ, an online chat app owned by Tencent, another Chinese internet giant, to find clients and give online tutorials.警方表示,嫌犯们还通过QQ来寻找客户和进行在线指导。QQ是中国另一家互联网巨头腾讯(Tencent)旗下的在线聊天软件。Online trading in illegal firearms has soared in the past three years, according to Ma Ding, dean of the Institute of Network Security at the People’s Public Security University of China, which trains elite police officers. “The internet has provided a more convenient channel through which buyers and sellers far away can reach each other,” she said. “There is now easier access to the materials and components.”中国人民公安大学(China People#39;s Public Security University)网络安全保卫学院院长马丁表示,网上的非法交易在过去3年大幅飙升。她表示:“互联网为相距甚远的买家和卖家相互接触提供了更为便利的渠道。现在也更容易获取原材料和配件。”中国人民公安大学是培训精英警官的地方。However, Ms Ma added the quality of the weapons sold online was generally low. In one recent case, a car mechanic named Zhou was arrested in Jiangsu province for modifying air rifles to shoot bullets. He apparently had a fondness for hunting birds and police described his contraption as capable of “shooting a hole in a beer bottle 6m away”.然而,马丁补充称,网上出售的武器质量通常比较差。在最近发生在江苏省的一个案件中,一名姓周的汽车修理工因改装出能够打子弹的而被捕。他显然有打鸟的爱好,根据警方的描述,他组装的能够“将6米远的啤酒瓶打出一个洞”。But some online arms dealers are of a larger scale. In June, a man in Dezhou in Shandong province was arrested for running an online shop on Taobao where he sold an estimated 130 rifles as well as gun parts to buyers in 22 provinces worth more than Rmb40,000. He also published an online tutorial on how to assemble guns.但网上一些械卖家的规模做得不小。今年6月,山东德州的一名男子因在淘宝上开店出售和弹药而被捕——他向22个省份的买家出售了大约130只步以及配件,价值逾4万元人民币。他还在网上发布了如何组装的视频教程。Alibaba is particularly exposed because virtually all small online sellers in China use Taobao. While Alibaba has strict policies prohibiting weapons sales, it has had problems policing sellers of everything from fake goods to uranium and other materials that can be used to make nuclear bombs.阿里巴巴深受牵连,因为中国几乎所有的小网店都使用淘宝。虽然阿里巴巴严禁销售武器,但它很难监督卖家销售的从假冒伪劣产品到铀及其他可用来制造核武器的原材料等各种商品。“Taobao Marketplace is an open, user-generated content platform,” the company said in a statement, “and has stringent product listing policies in place prohibiting the listing of any firearms or weapons; the platform will co-operate with law enforcement authorities to remove problematic product listings promptly.”阿里巴巴在一份声明中表示:“淘宝是一个开放的、由用户生成内容的平台,拥有严格的产品上架制度,禁止出售任何或武器;淘宝将与执法机关合作,迅速移除问题产品信息。”In most cases, traders have hidden by selling innocuous sounding parts, which can then be assembled into finished guns. In the Shandong case, “Huo” ran a Taobao shop called Chengxin Qidong, or “Honesty Pneumatic components”.在大多数情况下,卖家会以出售普通的正当配件打掩护——但这些配件可以被组装为。在山东一案中,“霍某”在淘宝上开了一家名为“信誉气动”的店铺。“Internet gun traders may be quite discreet, as they divide their shipments and there is nothing suspicious of the parts themselves” said Ms Ma.马丁表示:“网上的卖家非常谨慎,他们将东西拆分发货,这些配件本身没什么可怀疑的。”However, she said, police units have begun monitoring forums and online stores advertising certain types of tubing and other parts that can be used in assembling firearms. “The cases are too difficult to crack,” she said.不过,她表示,警方开始监控某些论坛和网店,因为它们上面有广告推销某些管型材料和其他能够用来组装的零部件。她说:“这些案件很难侦破。” /201411/340986When hundreds of Californians invaded the state capitol last week to demand the right not to vaccinate their kids, they were playing out a very modern conflict: science versus belief systems. Scientists tell parents that vaccinations are safe. But many parents prefer to trust their gut instinct that they’re not safe. This dialogue of the deaf is becoming the norm. Increasingly, people make their own decisions on health and diet, instead of outsourcing them to scientists, doctors or governments.不久前,数百名美国加州人闯入州议会大厦,要求拥有不让自己的孩子接种疫苗的权利,他们演绎了一场极为现代的冲突——科学vs观念体系。科学家告诉家长接种疫苗是安全的,但许多家长宁愿相信自己的直觉——接种疫苗不安全。这种鸡同鸭讲式的对话已成常态。人们在健康和饮食方面越来越自作主张,而不是相信科学家、医生或政府。If you want to change people’s behaviour, don’t recite science at them, says Alan Dangour, nutritionist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). Rather, to nudge people to better decisions, we need to understand how they decide. Behavioural economics has identified cognitive biases that influence our decisions about money. Here are some biases and misjudgments that shape decisions on health and diet:伦敦卫生暨热带医学院(London School of Hygiene amp; Tropical Medicine)营养学家阿伦#8226;丹古尔(Alan Dangour)表示,如果你想改变人们的行为,不要跟他们大讲科学道理。相反,想劝人们作出更好的决定,我们需要去了解他们是怎么做决定的。行为经济学已发现多种影响人类消费决定的认知偏见。以下是一些影响人们决定健康和饮食方式的偏见和错误观念:“‘Natural’ is good.”“‘天然的’就是好的”When faced with complex problems, people often resort to a heuristic: a pragmatic, simplified mental shortcut. A common shortcut is to use labels such as “natural”, “organic”, “local” or “homeopathic” as proxies for healthy. Conversely, “artificial” gets equated with unhealthy. This heuristic appeals partly because it relies on words. Not everyone understands science but we all know language.当面对复杂问题时,人们往往会采用启发法(heuristic),这是一种务实、简单化的心理捷径(mental shortcut)。常见的捷径之一是使用“天然”、“有机”、“本地”或“顺势疗法”等标签代表健康。反之,“人造的”就等同于不健康的。这种启发法之所以具有吸引力,部分在于它依靠文字。不是人人都懂科学,但所有人都懂语言。Sometimes, natural actually is good. The World Health Organisation announced last month that the world’s most common weedkiller, glyphosate, can probably cause cancer. But often natural isn’t good. For instance, homeopathy is ineffective for treating any medical condition, concluded Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council last month, echoing a report for Britain’s House of Commons in 2010.有时天然的确是好的。世界卫生组织(WHO)在今年3月宣布,全球最常见的除草剂草甘膦可能会致癌。但多数情况下,天然的并不好。比如,澳大利亚国家健康与医学研究理事会(National Health and Medical Research Council)也在今年3月发表了一个结论,顺势疗法对治疗任何疾病都毫无疗效,附和了2010年提交到英国下议院的一份报告的结论。Likewise, “natural” organic foods aren’t more nutritious than other foods, said researchers from the LSHTM, after reviewing 50 years of studies. A Stanford analysis of 237 studies concurred.此外,伦敦卫生暨热带医学院的研究人员回顾了50年来的研究成果之后,表示“天然”有机食品并不比其他食物更有营养。斯坦福大学(Stanford)从237项研究中也得出了同样结论。“All ‘scientific’ studies are equal.”“所有‘科学的’研究都是平等的”In fact, as Eula Biss explains in her book On Immunity, any single study in medicine is meaningless. To e medical researcher John Ioannidis: “Most published research findings are false.” A single study might have been small, poorly conducted or produce findings that are due simply to chance. “What matters,” says Ioannidis, “is the totality of evidence.” That’s why the gold standard of medical research is the meta-study, such as the ones cited above on organic food, which aggregate previous research on a topic. Nonetheless anti-vaccinators still cite one now-retracted study of 12 children, published by Andrew Wakefield and others in 1998, which suggested that vaccinating children might cause autism.事实上,正如尤拉#8226;比斯(Eula Biss)在其著作《免疫》(On Immunity)中所述,医学上的任何单一研究都毫无意义。引用医学研究人员约翰#8226;约安尼季斯(John Ioannidis)的一句话:“大多数业已发表的研究成果都是虚假的。”单一研究有可能规模很小,操作不当,或者仅仅是偶然状况下得出的结果。约安尼季斯说:“重要的是所有据的总和。”这就是为什么医学研究的黄金标准是元研究,它集合了关于某一课题的以往研究,比如前文中提到的关于有机食品的研究。尽管如此,反疫苗者仍引用一份已经撤销的关于12名儿童案例的研究报告,该研究由安德鲁#8226;韦克菲尔德(Andrew Wakefield)与其他研究人员在1998年发布,他们认为儿童接种疫苗可能引起自闭症。People seize on single studies because we are bad at weighing quantities. We struggle to distinguish between “a little” and “lots”. That’s also why people panic when “traces” of “toxins” show up in a product — traces of mercury in vaccines, for instance. But quantity is crucial. Biss es a toxicologists’ adage: “The dose makes the poison.”人们之所以会抓住一项研究不撒手,是因为我们非常不善于权衡数量。我们很难区分出“少量”与“大量”之间的差别。这也是为什么当某一产品显现出“有毒迹象”时人们会恐慌,比如当疫苗中含有汞成分时。但分量才是关键因素。比斯引用了一句毒理学格言:“只要剂量足,万物皆有毒。”(The dose makes the poison)“Self-denial is good for you.”“弃绝自我是有益的”This religious notion survives in today’s “detox diets”, which often entail forswearing everything except selected “natural” products such as juices. In fact, “sinful” things such as wine, chocolate and coffee (a rare legal, mind-altering, performance-enhancing drug) are healthy in small quantities.这种宗教观念在如今的“节食排毒”(detox diets)饮食理念中得到延续。该饮食方式通常需要戒绝一切食物,只食用果汁之类的选定的“天然”产品。事实上,少量食用“罪恶的”食物对健康有利,比如葡萄酒、巧克力和咖啡(咖啡是一种少有的合法、会改变精神、提高效率的药品)。Confirmation bias确认偏见Our main source of information on health today is Google. However, you can find anything online, and most people gravitate to websites that confirm their beliefs.我们今天关于健康的信息主要来自谷歌(Google)。但是网上可以找到各种各样的说法,而且绝大多数人倾向于那些能明他们观念的网站。Ambiguity aversion模糊厌恶People like certainty. In health, that’s rarely available. Authorities sometimes change their minds: for instance, the US government is expected to announce soon that high-cholesterol foods are OK after all.人们喜欢确定性,但在健康方面确定性很难得到。相关部门不时会改变观点,比如美国政府预计很快将宣布,高胆固醇食物是没有问题的。Instead of seeking certainty, we should make decisions on the balance of probability: vaccinating your kids is very probably smart. But probability feels too ambiguous to be reassuring.在健康问题上,我们不该去追求确定性,而是应该基于概然性来做出决定:给你的孩子接种疫苗非常可能是个明智的决定。但可能性听起来太模棱两可,无法让人放心。Rare, spectacular kinds of death grip our imaginations.我们的想象里充斥着各种稀奇的、耸人听闻的死法People fret about terrorists, sharks, Ebola and plane crashes because of the availability heuristic. The more available a piece of information is to the memory — a terrorist attack, say — the more likely it is to influence our decisions. In fact, terrorism kills fewer people than sitting at a desk.人们担心恐怖分子、鲨鱼、埃拉(Ebola)和飞机失事是因为它们具有“可得性启发”(availability heuristic)。一条信息——比如恐怖袭击——对记忆的启发越多,对我们做决定的影响很可能就越大。事实上,死于恐怖主义的人远远少于死在办公桌前的人。Optimism bias乐观倾向Smokers know that smoking is addictive and lethal. But they tend to believe it will only enslave and kill other smokers, says Jody Sindelar, professor at the Yale School of Public Health. In general, people downplay their unhealthy habits, preferring instead to blame disease on factors beyond their control: their genes or environmental factors such as mobile phones or radiation. You can see why.耶鲁大学(Yale)公共卫生学院(School of Public Health)的乔迪#8226;辛德拉尔教授(Jody Sindelar)表示,吸烟者知道吸烟会上瘾,还会致命,可他们往往相信香烟只会征和杀死其他吸烟者。一般来说,人们会低估自己的不良习惯的影响,而偏向将病因归结于那些他们无法控制的因素,比如基因或手机、辐射等环境因素。个中原因可想而知。Present bias重视眼前的倾向We value the present above the future. The best time to quit smoking is therefore always tomorrow, says Sindelar.辛德拉尔说,比起未来,我们更看重眼前,所以戒烟的最佳时机永远是明天。Scientists and governments need to change tack. Instead of bombarding people with science, they should design policies that use our cognitive biases. One obvious technique is advertising. A gorgeous ad showing a mother cuddling a baby who is being vaccinated might be worth 10,000 scientific studies. Sindelar suggests other methods:科学家和政府需要改变策略。不应该用科学道理去轰炸民众,而是应该根据我们的认知偏差来设计政策。最易行的手法就是广告。比如拍摄一位母亲怀里抱着正在接种的小宝宝,这样一动人的广告或许比得上一万个科学研究。辛德拉尔还提出了其他方法: Reminders: on sunny days, send people messages suggesting they put on sunscreen.提醒:在阳光明媚的日子,给人们发消息建议他们涂上防晒霜。 Pre-commitments: encourage people to bet that they will lose specific amounts of weight.预承诺:鼓励人们打赌他们能够减掉多少体重。 Financial incentives: pay people to give up smoking.财务奖励:以奖金鼓励人们戒烟。These nudges could do more than scientific findings to change behaviour. In today’s low-trust world, science is in the doghouse with most other authorities.这些温和的规劝比科学发现更能改变人类行为。在如今这个低信任度的世界,科学与其他多数权威都已被打入冷宫。 /201505/374469The world#39;s biggest milk supplier is teaming up with a Chinese partner to meet growing demand for infant formula in China#39;s NZbn market.全球最大的牛奶供应商恒天然(Fonterra)正在与中国企业合作,以满足中国对婴儿配方奶粉日益增长的需求。目前,中国奶粉市场的规模约为180亿新西兰元。Auckland-based Fonterra announced a tender offer to acquire a 20 per cent stake in Hangzhou-based Beingmate, which produces and sells baby foods. The companies also plan a joint venture to increase distribution to China. In total Fonterra is investing NZ5m, in what CEO Theo Spierings called a ;game changer.;总部驻奥克兰的恒天然公布了一项收购要约,打算买入中国贝因美集团(Beingmate)20%的股份。此外,两家公司还计划成立一家合资企业,增大在华的分销力度。通过上述交易,恒天然总共将投资6.15亿新西兰元。该公司首席执行官西奥#8226;史毕根斯(Theo Spierings)称这次交易将“改变游戏规则”。贝因美集团总部位于杭州,是一家生产和销售婴儿食品的公司。The proposed partnership comes after a rough year for Fonterra due to a false safety alert. Last summer it recalled some of its milk shipments after identifying bacteria that can cause botulism, but later tests revealed no traces of the bacteria and the company was blamed for causing ;immediate grave concerns for consumers.;就在这一提议中的合作关系公布之前,恒天然刚刚因虚假的安全警报度过了十分艰难的一年。去年夏天,该集团在发现肉毒杆菌后召回了部分牛奶产品,但随后的检测却显示并未发现细菌踪迹。为此,恒天然因为“在短时间内(引发)消费者的严重关切”而受到谴责。Fonterra said the partnership with Beingmate will promote ;product quality and safety standards in the infant formula market in China.;恒天然表示,与贝因美的合作将提高“中国婴儿配方奶粉市场的产品质量和安全标准。”Chinese consumers have preferred foreign baby formula since a 2008 scandal in which domestic milk was deliberately adulterated with melamine, a byproduct of coal, in order to fake protein tests.自从2008年爆出奶粉丑闻之后,中国消费者一直保持着对外国婴儿配方奶粉的偏好。在2008年的奶粉丑闻中,中国国内的牛奶为了在蛋白质含量测试中作弊,故意掺杂了一种名为“三聚氰胺”的煤炭副产品。If the deal is approved the two companies will form a distribution agreement to market Fonterra#39;s Anmum brand of nutritional milk products more widely around China - aly Fonterra#39;s number one market, accounting for 13.4 per cent of revenue.如果该交易得到批准,两家企业将达成一份分销协议,在中国更大范围内推销恒天然旗下安满(Anmum)品牌的营养型乳制品。目前,中国已经是恒天然第一大市场,来自中国的营收占了该公司总营收的13.4%。The deal allows Fonterra to nominate two directors to Beingmate#39;s board. Beingmate is to retain a controlling stake of at least 30 per cent.该交易令恒天然有权向贝因美的董事会提名两位董事。而贝因美则会保留至少30%的控股权。If the partnership proceeds the two companies will then establish a JV to allow Beingmate to purchase a 51 per cent stake in Fonterra#39;s Darnum paediatric plant in Victoria, Australia. The plant, opened in 1997, would prioritise supply to the Chinese market.如果双方继续合作,两家公司随后将创建一家合资企业。这样,贝因美将可以买入恒天然一家儿童食品厂51%的股份。该食品厂位于澳大利亚维多利亚州的Darnum市。“The partnership will create a fully integrated global supply chain from the farm gate direct to China#39;s consumers, using Fonterra#39;s milk pools and manufacturing sites in New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.”“这一合作关系将利用恒天然位于新西兰、澳大利亚及欧洲的奶源和生产基地,建立一条完全整合的全球供应链。这条供应链一头是牧场的大门,另一头则直抵中国消费者。”Mr Spierings said:“The infant formula market in China is worth about NZ billion today and is expected to be worth NZ billion by 2017. This growth is driven by increasing urbanisation, higher disposable incomes, a preference for premium brands, and relaxation of the one child policy.”史毕根斯表示:“中国婴儿配方奶粉市场如今的规模约为180亿新西兰元。预计到2017年该市场的规模将达330亿新西兰元。出现这样的增长有多方面原因,其中包括城镇化进程的加快、更高的可配收入、对高端品牌的偏爱、以及计划生育政策的放宽。” /201408/324664

Never pick a fight with an ugly person, they#39;ve got nothing to lose.永远不要和一个丑陋的人打架,他们没什么好失去的。Time is the best teacher, but unfortunately, it kills all of its students.时间是最好的老师,不幸的是,它杀了它所有的学生。Comedy is acting out optimism.喜剧就是将乐观演绎出来。You#39;re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn#39;t lose it.上天只给你一丁点儿疯狂,绝对不能丢掉!If women ran the world we wouldn#39;t have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days.如果由女人来统治这个世界,我们将不会有战争,但是每28天就要进行一场激烈的协商。I love kids, but they are a tough audience.我爱孩子们,但他们可真是不好伺候的观众。In America they really do mythologise people when they die.在美国,人死后就会被神化。You have this idea that you#39;d better keep working otherwise people will forget. And that was dangerous.你认为你最好努力工作,不然会被别人忘记。这个想法很危险。 /201408/320686

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