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重庆湖南发际线脱毛价格南充市中心医院植发医院The Forty Most Important Minutes Each Day: Are You Using Them Well?人一天最重要的40分钟,你用好了吗?Recently I had a conversation in Beijing with an adult Chinese friend who was complaining how difficult it is to study English. No surprises there. It is a difficult language to master, just like Chinese.最近我在北京听一位中国朋友吐槽英语难学。这并不奇怪,英语跟中文一样,都不好学。I made a few suggestions based on my own experience. One involved a very valuable fact which I learned from my high school Latin and Greek teacher. He was a Jesuit priest, a gifted linguist, and had an amazing ability to memorize things, like poetry, essays, speeches, etc.根据亲身经历,我有几点建议,其中也包括我高中拉丁语和希腊语老师的真传。这位老师是名耶稣会的牧师,很有语言天分,对诗歌、论文、演讲等超群。His advice to us students was that for memorization purposes, there are forty minutes each day in which our memory is vastly more receptive than it is during the other 23 hours and 20 minutes. This 40-minute “super memory” period is divided into two parts: the 20 minutes before we sleep, and the 20 minutes after we first awake.他告诉我们这些学生,人在一天之中有40分钟最强,接收能力超过其余23小时20分。而这“记忆超强”的40分钟又可以分为两段:临睡前的20分钟和醒来后的20分钟。The theory supporting this is pretty simple. First, the last information you input into your brain before a good night’s sleep has a better chance of taking root than information acquired during the hustle bustle of normal daily routine; and, second, your mind is free of distraction when you first awake in the morning — so more receptive to inputs, like a blank slate.要明这一理论十分简单。首先,在进入梦乡前把信息植入脑海比在白天乱哄哄的情景下更容易扎根;其次,早晨醒来精力不容易分散,就像空白的页岩,吸收能力更强。I took the advice to heart and it served me well in my school years. In my university days, our Chinese teacher would assign us 200 new vocabulary words each day, on which we would be quizzed the following day. Without the “magic” forty minute technique, there’s no way I would have passed those daily quizzes.我牢记他的教诲,上学期间身体力行,受益良多。大学期间,我的中文老师每天都会教200个新单词,次日还要搞小测验。幸亏有这“魔力40分钟”秘笈,否则我早就“挂科了”。The technique really works, but like many things, it takes practice and discipline to hone and perfect it.这个办法真的很管用,但和其他很多事一样,也需要练习和自律才能日臻完美。As far as language study goes, it’s not only useful for memorizing vocabulary. It’s also a very useful window of time in which to listen to the language you’re studying, even as background noise, and even if it’s at a level you find difficult to comprehend. It might be audio language study aids, or just radio, TV or whatever.随着语言学习的深入,这个方法不仅对背单词有帮助,也可以成为锻炼听力的最佳时段,而且不论收听的是背景音、晦涩的内容、外语听力材料、广播、电视、还是其他什么。Beyond our years of formal education, memory skills are hugely important in any career.除了上学必需外,在各行各业中也很重要。How many times have you heard a speaker their speech from a prepared text, or the word-by-word content of a powerpoint presentation as they present each slide?你听过几个演讲人会照本宣科,又见过几个人在做演示时会逐字逐句地朗读每张幻灯片的文字?These are annoying, distracting, boring, and ineffective ways of communicating. They are almost guaranteed to lose the audience’s close attention and interest, let alone persuade or inspire anyone to do anything. And yet lots of people still make this mistake.这样的沟通方式令人厌烦、精力涣散、枯燥乏味、效率低下,保会让听众兴趣索然,味同嚼蜡,根本就无法说或激励听众采取行动。但仍有很多人会犯这样的错误。If you use the “forty minute” technique, you may not succeed in memorizing your presentation contents on a 100% word-by-word basis, but you’ll be familiar enough that you can spend much more time making eye contact with your audience. You will engage them in the process, while glancing at your text instead of staring at it. This will also free up your hands and arms to add some emphasis through gesture.运用“40分钟”技巧,也许你并不能一字不落地背诵演示稿,却可以充分掌握内容,从而留出更多时间与听众进行眼神交流。你可以让观众参与其中,抽空儿再扫一眼屏幕,不用紧盯不放。你还可以解放胳膊和双手,增加一些动作,以示强调。Memory is of course a big challenge for any language learner, especially as we grow older. Possibly an even bigger challenge, which starts around the pre-teen years for most people and gets progressively worse, is the fear of looking or sounding stupid.不管学习哪国外语,记忆都是个难题,特别是随着年龄的增长。另外一个更大的难题可能是大多数人从年少时起就害怕出丑,而且越老越怕。Younger children are generally uninhibited by this kind of self-consciousness when among their peers, and that’s one reason they learn language so quickly. They are not afraid to mimic, even if they get it wrong. Mimicry and imitation are core elements of the natural process of language learning.小孩子因为还没有形成在群体中的自我意识,所以学习语言会更快。他们不怕有样学样,就算犯错也无所谓。重复和模仿是语言学习过程中的核心要素。So, for young adults learning English or any second language, my advice would be threefold: 1) seize the forty-minute learning window; 2) slay the dragon of self-consciousness associated with mis-pronunciation or sounding funny; and 3) find ways to use the language outside of the classroom, as regularly and frequently as possible.所以,我对学英语的年轻人有三点建议:一要抓住四十分钟的时间窗,二要克担心念错或发音搞笑的心魔,三要在课余时间尽量找机会多用。One fundamental rule of language learning is: “Use it, or lose it.”语言学习的根本法则就是“用进废退”。The paybacks of success are enormous and life-long.成功的回馈十分巨大,终生受用。Likewise, the cost of failure is high. It includes all the money spent on tuition and associated expenses, plus a huge amount of time poorly spent. Not necessarily wasted, but poorly spent because the results could have been so much better.同样,失败的代价也很惨重。不仅是学费和相关出打了水漂,付出的时间成本也不可估量。虽然说不上是浪费,但与取得的成果相比就得不偿失了。 /201309/255234重庆市北碚区中医院电话多少 “Ultimately, cancer is a result of processes having to do with growth, so it makes sense that hormones or other growth factors that influence height may also influence cancer risk, said Geoffrey Kabat, a senior epidemiologist in the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in a statement.最终,肿瘤是人体生长过程造成的结果,因此影响身高的激素或其他因素也会影响人患癌的概率这一说法是讲得通的。耶斯希瓦大学阿尔伯特#8226;爱因斯坦医学院流行病学与大众健康系高级流行病学专家杰弗里#8226;卡巴特在一份声明中说。Some of those common factors may be genetic, while others could be linked to environmental exposures or nutrition early in life. As the authors write:这其中有些因素可能是基因层面的,而还有一些可能与患者年轻时候所处的环境和摄入的营养有关。这篇文章的作者写道:Adult height is determined both by genetics and by early life exposures, and environmental circumstances in#64258;uence the attainment of one’s genetic potential. The in#64258;uence of environmental exposures on height is evidenced by the secular increase in the height of populations in many countries beginning in the 19th century, probably re#64258;ecting improvements in hygiene and nutrition. Height should thus be thought of as a marker for one or more exposures that in#64258;uence cancer risk rather than a risk factor itself.成年人的身高由基因和早期生活环境决定,而环境因素会影响人基因决定的遗传潜能。关于环境对影响身高的据明显,19世纪初以来,很多国家人口的平均身高都在增高,这些似乎都是卫生和营养条件改善的反映。因此,身高应该被当作影响癌症患病率的一个或多个环境变因的标记,而不是作为癌症风险因素之一。Women raised in higher socioeconomic households, for example, tended to be taller than those raised in lower income settings, reflecting the fact that different nutritional exposures may have played a role in both their height and cancer risk. Height may simply be a marker for factors such as nutrition, and identifying them may yield new understanding of about how to prevent and treat tumors more effectively, “[The association between height and cancer] raises some interesting biological questions, and investigators can come up with [new] explanations,” says the study’s senior author, Dr. Thomas Rohan, the chair and professor of epidemiology and population health at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.比如,生长在社会经济条件较好的家庭中的女性,会比低收入家庭的女性身材要高,表明营养条件扮演着影响身高和癌症风险的角色。身高也许仅仅是营养条件的标记,发现这点或许可以改进我们对肿瘤的理解以及有效及预防和治疗肿瘤的方法。“身高和癌症的关系提出了一些有趣的生物学问题,研究者们也可以提出很多新的解释”,这项研究的主导者、阿尔伯特#8226;爱因斯坦医学院流行病学与大众健康系教授兼主任托马斯#8226;罗翰士说。In the meantime, Rohan and his colleagues say the study doesn’t imply that cancer is inevitable for every tall woman. The study found an association, not a cause-and-effect relationship. And it’s unlikely that diseases as complex as cancer can be traced to just one developmental process such as growth.同时,罗翰和他的同事表示该项研究并不意味着身高的女性必然患肿瘤。这项研究只是发现了身高与癌症之间的联系,并不是说这两者之间存在因果关系。而生长这种发育过程也不可能是复杂的肿瘤的唯一原因。 /201308/251227江津区去痘医院哪家好

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重庆有没有无痛洗眉毛的地方 Mo Yan, is a famous contemporary Chinese writer. In 2012, He became the country#39;s first Nobel Literature Prize laureate。中国当代著名作家莫言获得2012年诺贝尔文学奖,这是首次有中国人获得这一奖项。Born Guan Moye, the author writes under the pen name Mo Yan, which means ;don#39;t speak; in Chinese。莫言原名管谟业,笔名“莫言”,意为“不要说话”。Mo Yan was granted an honorary PhD of Arts by OUHK (Open University of Hong Kong) and was appointed guest professor at the Qingdao University of Technology. Relying on a series of country literary works, Mo#39;s claim to fame came in the 1980s when he established a reputation for being a so-called root-seeking writer. His works were strongly influenced by magical realism and told the tales of numerous legends which took place in Gaomi, Shandong Province. Mo is renowned for his unique perceptions of reality, imaginative descriptions, de-familiarization processing, mysticism and a pioneering style。莫言是香港公开大学荣誉文学士,青岛科技大学(微)客座教授。他自1980年代中期以一系列乡土作品崛起,被归类为“寻根文学”作家。莫言的作品深受魔幻现实主义影响,写的是发生在山东高密东北乡的传奇。莫言在他的小说中构造了独特的主观感觉世界、天马行空般的叙述、陌生化的处理,塑造出神秘的对象世界,带有明显的“先锋”色。Biography人物年表Mo Yan was born on February 17, 1955 in Gaomi, Shandong Province. He attended primary school in his hometown and actually was forced to drop out because of China#39;s Cultural Revolution. He was sent to the countryside where he had to perform manual labor for many years。莫言1955年2月17日生于山东高密,童年时在家乡小学读书,后因文革辍学,在农村劳动多年。In 1976, Mo joined the PLA (China#39;s People#39;s Liberation Army) and held the posts of monitor, librarian, teacher and secretary。1976年,莫言加入中国人民解放军,历任班长、图书管理员、教员、干事等职。In 1981, he started his writing career and published several early works such as ;Dry River,; ;Autumn Stream; and ;Folk Music.;1981年,莫言开始创作生涯,发表了《枯河》、《秋水》、《民间音乐》等早期作品。In 1986, he graduated from the department of literature at the PLA Academy of Arts。1986年,莫言毕业于解放军艺术学院文学系。In 1991, he was granted a master#39;s degree in literature and art from the Lu Xun Literature Institute at Beijing Normal University。1991年,莫言毕业于北京师范大学(微)鲁迅文学院创作研究生班,并获文艺学硕士学位。In 1997, his full-length novel ;Big Breasts and Wide Hips; won the Da Jia Literature Prize, a money prize of 100,000 Yuan. Mo then left the army and started to work for regional newspaper Procuratorial Daily. He also wrote TV scripts for the department of film and television。1997年,莫言以长篇小说《丰乳肥臀》夺得“大家文学奖”,获得高达十万元人民币的奖金。随后,他脱离军界,转至地方报社《检察日报》工作,并为报社的影视部撰写连续剧剧本。In 2000, his novel ;Family Stories of Red Sorghum; was on the list of the 100 best Chinese fictional works of the 20th century, as selected by Asia Week. The movie ;Red Sorghum,; directed by Zhang Yimou, was adapted from this novel and won the 38th Berlin Film Festival Golden Bear Award.2000年,莫言的作品《红高粱家族》获《亚洲周刊》选为20世纪中文小说100强。这部小说改编的电影《红高粱》由张艺谋导演,获得了第三十八届柏林国际电影节最佳故事片金熊奖。In 2001, ;Sandalwood Penalty; was awarded with the prize of the ;Best Literary Book for Readers,; granted by Taiwan ed Daily News. This novel also won the Ding Jun Double Year Prize for Literature in 2003.2001年,莫言的作品《檀香刑》获台湾联合报读书人年度文学类最佳书奖。该作品在2003年又获得了第一届鼎钧双年文学奖。Though missing out on the 2005 Mao Dun Literature Prize, Mo did win the second Mass Media Award for Chinese Literature for Outstanding Achievements for his novel ;Forty-one Cannons.; The Open University of Hong Kong later granted him an honorary PhD of Arts.2004年,莫言的作品《四十一炮》获第二届华语文学传媒大奖年度杰出成就奖。可惜的是,2005年莫言与茅盾文学奖失之交臂。随后,他被香港公开大学授予荣誉文学士学位。His first chapter book ;Fatigue of Life and Death; got him the Fukuoka Asian Culture Award in 2006. According to the list of wealthiest Chinese writers published on December 15, 2006, Mo ranked twentieth, with his royalties amounting to 3.45 million Yuan. These facts and figures attracted wide public attention。2006年,莫言出版的第一部章回小说《生死疲劳》获得福冈亚洲文化大奖。同年12月15日,第一届中国作家富豪榜发布,莫言以十年345万元的版税收入,荣登作家富豪榜第20位,引发广泛关注。In July 2007, his collection of essays ;Say It, Mo Yan;, a representation of his spiritual journey, was published.2007年7月,莫言出版散文集《说吧,莫言》。这套书全面展示了莫言的心路历程。In 2008, ;Fatigue of Life and Death; won first prize at the second Dream of the Red Chamber Awards.2008年,莫言的作品《生死疲劳》获第二届红楼梦奖首奖。In December 2009, Mo#39;s full-length novel ;The Frog; was published. The book features Mo#39;s characteristically unique writing skills, containing four long letters and one drama. ;The Frog; tells the story of a female country doctor who has been practicing gynecology for nearly 50 years. Set to the backdrop of China#39;s 1960s family planning policy, it represented the arduous and complicated course of controlling the Chinese population growth, creating an inspirational female protagonist and at the same time revealing the pain and difficulties of that age. On August 20, 2011, ;the Frog; won the eighth Mao Dun Literature Prize。2009年12月,莫言出版长篇小说《蛙》。该作品的创作手法别具一格,由四封长信和一部话剧构成,通过讲述从事妇产科工作50多年的乡村女医生姑姑的人生经历,反映新中国近60年波澜起伏的农村生育史,描述国家为了控制人口剧烈增长、实施计划生育国策所走过的艰巨而复杂的历史过程;通过刻画鼓舞人心的女主角,表现一个时代的难和痛。2011年8月20日,《蛙》获得第八届茅盾文学奖。Mo was appointed guest professor at the Qingdao University of Technology and was also selected to act as vice-chairman of the Chinese Writers#39; Association on November 2011.2011年11月,莫言受聘请为青岛科技大学客座教授。2011年11月24日下午,中国作家协会第八届全国委员会第一次全体会议投票选出中国作协第八届全委会副主席,莫言当选副主席。The Nobel Prize in Literature for 2012 was awarded to Mo Yan, ;who with hallucinatory realism merges folk tales, history and the contemporary,; the Swedish Academy announced in Stockholm on Oct. 11, 2012.2012年10月11日,瑞典皇家科学院诺贝尔奖评审委员会宣布,中国作家莫言获得2012年诺贝尔文学奖。委员会表示,莫言“将魔幻现实主义与民间故事、历史与当代社会融合在一起”。The Language and Cultural Press under Ministry of Education decided to add one of Mo#39;s novella ;A transparent carrot; in high school textbooks a couple of days after the annoucement for Mo#39;s winning as the literary laureate。莫言获得诺贝尔文学奖后,教育部直属的语文出版社决定将莫言作品《透明的红萝卜》收录在高中语文选修课程中。 /201210/204288重庆市第九人民医院等级泸州医学院附属医院激光美容



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