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  • WHAT THE ...!? I#39;m a genetic disaster! Why didn#39;t anyone stop this!?什么……!?我是一个基因灾难!为什么没有人阻止这个!?A pug#39;s unpleasant discovery哈巴的不愉快发现 /201608/459271。
  • About 200 people carrying rainbow flags descended on an east London supermarket for a mass ;kissathon; after a gay couple were ejected for holding hands.由于一对同志情侣在逛超市时因牵手遭驱逐,近日,约200人手持虹旗集结在东伦敦一家超市,并上演大规模的“吻拉松”。Thomas Rees, 32, and Joshua Bradwell, 25, were in Sainsbury#39;s on Hackney Road when a guard told them a woman had complained about their behaviour.今年32岁的托马斯·里斯和今年25岁的约书亚·布拉德韦尔,两人在英国哈克尼路上的一家名叫Sainsbury的超市里购物时,被保安告知有位太太投诉了二人的行为不妥。The protestors danced outside the Hackney Road store last Saturday night before kissing in the aisles.上周六晚,抗议者先是在哈克尼路商店外跳舞,接着又在过道处相互亲吻以表持。Sainsbury#39;s apologised for the incident and offered the couple a 10 pounds voucher.针对该事件,Sainsbury超市已经致歉,并向两人赔偿了一张价值10英镑的购物券。Mr Rees said he had been holding Mr Bradwell#39;s hand and may have put an arm around his partner#39;s waist as they were buying food in the evening. But after they paid, a security guard beckoned them outside to tell them about the complaint.里斯表示,当天晚上逛超市的时候,他一直牵着布拉德韦尔的手,可能当时还有一段时间把手放在了对方的腰上。不过在他们付完款之后,一名保安示意两人走出超市,并告知有人投诉他们。Mr Rees said it ;knocked me for six; and left him ;analysing how I#39;m perceived;, but since the incident they had received messages of support from around the world.里斯表示,当时自己非常沮丧,也不住的想社会对自己的接受程度到底如何。但是自从这件事情发生之后,二人已经收到了来自世界各地的持。During the event one person was heard to shout at the group to ;get off my street;, but the protesters carried on undeterred.声援活动过程中,有人冲抗议者叫嚷着“滚出我的街道”,不过他们似乎完全没受影响。A spokesperson for Sainsbury#39;s, which provided biscuits and water for the protesters, said: ;It#39;s been a really great event and an important opportunity for the community to show their support. We do our best to make sure everyone feels welcome in our stores but occasionally we make mistakes. We are working hard to make sure lessons are learnt.;Sainsbury超市的一位发言人为抗议者提供了饼干和饮用水,并且表示:“这确实是一个重大事件,也给了同性恋群体一个重要的契机,使他们有机会表示自己的持。我们尽自己最大的努力,让顾客有宾至如归的体验,不过难免有时候也会犯错。现在我们正在努力吸取教训。”Two years ago, a ;big kiss; protest was held at a Sainsbury#39;s store in Brighton after a lesbian couple were asked to leave when one gave her partner a kiss on the cheek.两年以前,在一个女同性恋因亲吻了伴侣的脸颊而双双被赶出布莱顿的一家Sainsbury超市之后,当时也举行过类似的接吻抗议活动。 /201608/462567。
  • Scientists have unravelled one of the secrets of a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine.科学家解开了传统中药中一种植物的奥秘.The Chinese skullcap - known as Huang-Qin - is traditionally used for fever, liver and lung problems.中国黄芩传统上用于治疗发烧,肝病和肺病.Scientists have discovered that the plant uses a special pathway to make chemicals with potential cancer-fighting properties. They say it is a step towards being able to scale up production to make new drugs.科学家发现,这种植物用特殊途径合成具有抗癌潜力的化学物质. 科学家表示, 这朝着规模化生产新药迈进了一步.Prof Cathie Martin, of the John Innes Centre in Norwich, is lead researcher of the study, published in Science Advances. Working in collaboration with Chinese scientists, her team deduced how the plant, Scutellaria baicalensi, synthesises the chemicals, known as flavones.诺维奇约翰英纳斯中心的凯茜.马丁教授, 是这项研究的首席研究员, 该研究发表在《科学进展》上. 她的团队与中国科学家合作, 推断出黄芩是如何合成黄酮这种化学物质的.Flavones are found widely in the plant kingdom, giving some plants vivid blue flowers.黄酮广泛见于植物王国, 让一些植物开出鲜艳的蓝花.Understanding the pathway should help us to produce these special flavones in large quantities, which will enable further research into their potential medicinal uses, said Prof Martin.“理解黄酮的生成途径, 有助于我们大量生产这些特殊物质, 有利于进一步探索它们潜在的药用价值.”Previous lab research suggests that flavones have anti-cancer properties, offering hope that they may one day lead to effective cancer treatments.之前的实验室研究表明,黄酮具有抗癌特性, 为有朝一日或可用于有效的癌症治疗提供了希望.Commenting on the study, Dr Alan Worsley of Cancer Research UK, said: ;This paper answers a very interesting biological question about how these plants are able to make particular molecules, but the study doesn#39;t look at whether the molecules can be used to treat cancer.英国癌症研究中心的沃斯利士对该研究说: “这篇论文回答了这些植物如何能够合成特定分子这个非常有趣的生物学问题, 但研究并没有探讨特定分子能否用于治疗癌症.”This herb is a member of the mint family and native to China. In traditional Chinese medicine, the root was used in combination with other plants to treat fever and other ailments.黄酮属于薄荷科,是中国本土植物. 传统中药中,这种根茎类植物和其它植物结合使用,治疗发烧和其它病痛.There is increasing scientific interest in ancient medicinal plants. In 2015, Tu Youyou was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for her work on artemisinin, an antimalarial drug derived from the sweet wormwood plant, Artemisia annua.对古老药用植物的科学兴趣正在与日俱增. 2015年, 屠呦呦因其在青蒿素方面的工作被授予诺贝尔医学奖. 青嵩素是从青嵩中提取的抗疟药. /201604/437139。
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