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Have a seat,Hello,Ethan HI,nice to meet you you too.All right.So Im glad...look,you are wearing....坐下吧 你好,Ethan 嗨 很高兴见到你 我也很高兴见到你 好了 我很高兴 看看 你正穿着this is what my idea was.When you came up your idea?I had an idea,and you had an idea.这是我的点子 你什么时候想到这个点子的 你有一个点子 我也有一个It turns out right when my idea...we put it on the air当我们在电视上播出我的点子时and we found out you aly have this idea,When did you come up with this idea.我们发现你已经先想到这个点子了 你什么想到这个点子的About April.I m not sure what it was.-But you just say it was April.yep.大概是四月份吧 我也不知道是什么时候 但是你刚才说了是四月 -是的Ok,And what made you come up with this idea.Well,I was playing with my silly bands, and then好的 那你的灵感来源于什么 我当时正在玩我的silly bands 接着So you were following for that whole thing.You bought silly bands. yep.所以你当时也在跟风 你买了silly bands 是的They made 200million dollars from those people. yep.Ok,so you were playing with silly bands.and?他们靠这个赚了20亿美元 是的 好的 所以你当时在玩silly bands 然后呢?There were some color paper clips beside me.So I start bending them and my parents joined in我旁边放着些色的回形针于是我弯曲它们 后来我父母也参与进来And then I was cliping like airplanes shapes onto my...shirt.然后我就把这些回形针扭成飞机形状 别在我的....衬衫上And we all thought why dont I make silly clips.So thats what happened.然后我们就想 为什么我们不做些silly clips 这就是当时想到这个点子的过程Thats what I thought.I was working with silly bands.我也是这样想的 我当时工作时用到了silly bandsAnd I thought why not make silly clips.So mine...Lets be honest.Yours are better.然后我就想为什么不做些silly clips 我老实说吧 你的点子比我的好Because I just had clips and I thought you could make any shape and clip onto your clothes or things因为我仅仅是想到可以把回形针扭成各种形状 然后别在衣或者其他东西上But you have things that...so whos making..where...Are you selling a lot.Are you doing well.但是你的 那么谁做的呢 哪里...你的这个销量很好吗 你的生意做得好吗yes.Im doing really well.damn.All right.so...是的 我的c 该死的 好吧 那么 /201603/432295This week marks the 45th anniversary of Dr. Alice Hamiltons death.Hamilton was a leading expert in the field of occupational health and a pioneer in toxicology. She lived to the age of 101.Dr. Howard Markel tells us that Hamilton lived and worked through a period of time that allowed her to break ground as both a physician and a woman.He describes her achievements as ;magnificent.;According to Markel, Hamilton became ;very interested; in the Social Gospel movement, a religious movement in the late 19th century that sought to improve American society through the application of Christian values.;Helping immigrants assimilate, helping the downtrodden get homes or jobs or things like that,; Markel says.Markel tells us she became further enamored with the work done by the women who founded Hull House, a settlement house that welcomed newly-arrived European immigrants, ;where she later worked and lived for about 22 years,; and decided that she wanted to become a doctor.She graduated from the University of Michigan, one of few schools at the time that accepted women into its medical program.Markel says she worked hard to stand out in a field dominated by men.;She made sure she had all the accomplishments to be a first-rate physician and researcher and scholar,; he says, spending time at the University of Minnesota, at Johns Hopkins, and in the laboratories of Leipzig, among others.;She was the very model of a major physician, yet she had a hard time getting regular gigs because of her gender,; he says.Markel tells us Hamilton was the first woman appointed to the Harvard faculty. ;She also said famously ... I may have been the first woman appointed, but I wasnt the first woman who deserved to be appointed.;Occupational health was not a field of study that anyone had any real interest in, according to Markel, during a time where extremely dangerous work environments were the norm.Hamilton tackled the topic with gusto.She acted as sort of a secret agent, getting into factories and workplaces to observe firsthand the sort of dangers workers were routinely exposed to, according to Markel.;She also was well-schooled enough in chemistry and toxicology to do studies, you know, what does exposure to picric acid do to you? Or, lead paint … or a variety of other toxins that we now know to be very deadly,; Markel says.While her work did have a significant effect on the state of workplace safety, Markel tells us there are many places in the world today that still struggle to provide safe and fair work environments.;She did move the needle, but we still have many problems both in the ed States and abroad,; Markel says. ;Alice Hamiltons work, I think she would say, is still undone.;Dr. Howard Markel tells us more about the life and work of Dr. Alice Hamilton in our conversation above.201509/400473There are people living on the island, and the iguanas are not afraid of them, in fact, quite the opposite.岛上有人居住,巨蜥并不害怕他们,事实上恰恰相反。It follows the scent of my barbecue.它循着我烤肉的香味而来。Over the last few years, these animals have adapted their behaviour to get used to the presence of man and use man as the potential food source.过去的数年中,这些动物行为发生了改变,适应了人类的存在,将人类作为一种潜在食物来源。This ability to learn and change as the environment around you changes is a very neat evolutionary trick.这种随周围环境变化而学习和变化的能力是非常理想的进化策略。It used to hunting invertebrates.它从前以无脊椎动物为食, It changes the behaviour to home in on this appealingly cooked barbecue sausage.现在则改变食谱定位到这根烤得很烂的香肠。And in modern world when mans encroached on virtually every habitat.在现代世界里,人类正在侵犯着每一块栖息地。Its a very good way of ensuring your survival.这种行为上的适应性改变很适宜生存。And the adaptability has enable the reptile with the more chilling interest in people.而适应性更让一种对人类有更骇人兴趣的爬行动物在这片水域兴旺繁衍。201502/359701

Private health care私人医疗保健The problem-solvers问题的解决者Hints of how to provide better health care for less money有关花更少的钱获得更多的医疗保健的建议CHENMED doesnt look like much. Its clinic north ofMiamihas a modest waiting area and circle of examination rooms. But every action is engineered and tracked. Jennifer Thomas, a senior executive, pores over data. Whiteboards on her walls are covered with diagrams, a vestige from her days at McKinsey, a consultancy. “Weve kind of figured it out,” she says.CHENMED这家公司看起来和其他公司不太一样。它在迈阿密以北的一个诊所里,不仅有一个舒适的等候室,还有一个圆形的监查区。然而他们的每一个行动都是被好好设计和跟踪的。高级主管阵妮佛·托马斯。她墙上的白板上画满了图表,这是她在麦肯锡咨询公司工作时留下的习惯。“我们搞懂了这件事。”她说。“It” is how to care for the most expensive patients in the worlds most expensive health system. ChenMed is devoted to poor elderly people who may have half a dozen chronic conditions. It profits when they are kept well and their health-care costs are kept low. Clinics like ChenMed are the exception, not the rule. But the company is one of many that provide a hint of how American health care might work better.“这件事”是指如何在世界上最昂贵的医疗系统下照顾诊费最高的病人。ChenMed致力于照看那些全身都是慢性疾病的贫困老年人。只有把人照顾得好且所用医疗费用低时公司才能获利。像ChenMed这样的诊所是一个特殊的例子,不是普遍地规律。然而这家公司和其他众多的公司一样,可以为美国医疗体制更好地运行提供一些建议。ChenMed is led by Christopher Chen, a doctor and the son of the companys founder, a Taiwanese immigrant. Other members of the Chen family hold senior positions, but they have been joined by high-flying executives and management consultants, lured by ChenMeds model and the promise of profits as the company grows.ChenMed是由台湾移民克里斯托弗·陈领导的。他是公司创始人的儿子,同时也是一名医生。陈家族的其他职员都持有高级职位,ChenMed向他们展示了公司未来的发展模型,并保随着公司的发展,利润会不断增加。他们被此吸引,加入了该公司,成为了雄心勃勃的公司高管和管理顾问。The idea is simple. Medicare, the public health programme for the elderly, has a growing share of patients who use government money to buy private insurance. ChenMed contracts with those insurers, most of which pay a capped rate for each patient, and then plies patients with primary care to keep them out of hospital. ChenMed has vans to take patients to and from its clinics—lack of transport often keeps elderly patients from seeing their doctors. Once at the clinic, patients wave a card at the front desk and are automatically checked in. Staff perform a tightly choreographed routine, with data fed back to Ms Thomas and others to find further improvements.这个想法很简单。由于针对老年人的医疗保险和公共卫生计划的不断发展,越来越多的患者拿政府的钱来购买私人保险。ChenMed和那些保险公司签订合同,其中大部分为每位患者付一个最高金额,然后为患者配备初级的护理,让他们出院。ChenMed还有专用的货车带患者往返于患者的住处和诊所,因为缺乏交通工具是阻碍老年患者就医的一个常见问题。到了诊所,患者在前台刷卡就能自动登记。员工遵循一个严格设计过的步骤,然后把数据反馈给托马斯女士和其他人,以便寻求进一步改善。Examination rooms circle a central hub so that doctors can confer easily with assistants and specialists. A mobile app lets doctors see patients medical records and refer to clinical protocols. The clinic has a pharmacy, so doctors give patients pills directly and answer any questions; failing to take medicine often sends patients to hospital. Most administration is centralised elsewhere, so staff at the clinic devote their attention to treatment.监察室环绕着一个中心呈圆形排列,这样医生可以方便地和助手和专家探讨问题。一个移动应用程序能让医生看到患者的医疗记录并参考临床方案。不按时吃药是患者在医院反复折腾的重要原因之一,所以,诊所配有自己的药房,医生可以直接给患者开药并回答患者提出的所有问题。大部分政府部门的精力都集中在其他地方,所以诊所的员工专注于治疗。This seems to work. Medicare patients at ChenMed spent nearly 40% fewer days in hospital than the national average. Thanks to a venture with Humana, a big insurer, it has expanded to three dozen clinics. Dr Chen is bullish. “We dont see why we cant grow by 300% to 400% over the next five years,” he says.这样做似乎很有效果。在ChenMed就医的医疗保险患者相比全国水平而言,在医院少呆了40%的时间。由于一个大保险公司胡玛纳的加入,ChenMed名下已经有两36家诊所,陈士很乐观,他说“我们不明白我们为什么不能在未来的五年内增长300%到400%。” /201409/331815

Authorities say a Virginia Tech freshman was charged with murder Saturday night after the remains of a 13-year-old girl who disappeared from her home were found in North Carolina. 当局称,一名弗吉尼亚理工学院的大一新生周六晚上被指控谋杀罪,一名13岁女孩在家失踪,尸体在北卡罗来纳州发现。Police said Nicole Madison Lovell was last seen between 7 p.m. and midnight Wednesday at her home in Blacksburg, Virginia. 警方表示,妮科尔·麦迪逊·洛弗尔最后一次出现时间在下午七点到半夜,地点位于她弗吉尼亚黑堡的家中,David E. Eisenhauer, of Columbia, Maryland, is in custody. 马里兰州哥伦比的戴维·艾森豪尔被拘留。He was arrested Saturday morning at his residence on campus and charged with felony abduction. 周六早上他在校园的居住处被逮捕,因严重绑架罪被指控。Police said they acted on tips and social media to identify him.警方表示,他们通过指导和社会媒体确认了犯罪嫌疑人。译文属。201602/425087Lets talk about it.Cause obviously things have changed a lot since we were kids.我们来谈谈这事 显然现在和我们小时候大不一样了No cell phones.Do you think its harder to discipline kids these days?那时没手机 你觉得现在更难管教小孩了吗Oh,Definitely.I mean you know,I came up in one of those neighborhoods where everybody could beat the kid,you know.当然了 在我成长的那个区域 所有人都可以打小孩If you got in any kind of trouble,anybody in the neighborhood could give you a whooping.I mean,要是你惹上什么麻烦 那个社区的任何人都能打你一顿 我的意思是It was allowed.It was customary.I mean,I got,we moved into a neighborhood.那是允许的 那很正常 我们搬到了某个社区I got a beating for taking the for sale sign out of our own yard.我因为搬走了自家院子里的出售标志牌而被打了一顿You know,From a stranger?From a lady.What are you doing?You dont know these people.I am these people.Pop,Pop!你知道吗 陌生人打的 一个女士打的 她说你在干嘛 你又不认识屋主 我说我就是屋主 啪啪 她就打我Was she hitting you with the sign?No,I was holding the sign away from her,so she wouldnt beat me with sign.She was spanking with her hand.她在用牌子打你吗 不 我把牌子举得远远的 这样她就不能用牌子打我了 他在用手打我屁股Those were different times.she was older.I was like maam,youre killing me.时代不同 她年龄比较大 我假装说 女士 疼死了Totally different times.Now my kids,my son,you know,our parents used to have a look,conan.时代完全不同 现在我的孩子 我的儿子 我们的父母以前会瞪眼 柯南Like if you were cutting up,my mother could give me a look and I would know to shut it down.如果你在插科打诨 我妈妈会瞪我一眼 我就知道该收敛了Now its nothing.I tried to do my son like that the other day.Im giving him the look.但现在没用了 我有天也想这样对付我儿子 我瞪着他Hes not looking at me.I had to text him,hey,look at me.他没看我 我必须给他发短信 喂 看着我Look up.Look up,Im trying to give you the look,son.come on.抬头 抬头 我在瞪你呢 儿子 拜托201609/464374

I wrote in because first of all I love you我写信首先因为我喜欢你I love watching the show it just brings life you know when you watch the show you just我喜欢看这个节目 给我活着的感觉No matter youre having a happy day or a sad day不管你今天是开心或不开心Youre sitting in the couch like I dont wanna do anything today你就坐在沙发上 感觉今天什么都不想做And you just sitting there you watch your show,and you just like I wanna get up坐在那里看你的节目 我就能坐正了 I wanna dancing while doing the dishes,Run for popcorn during the commercial一边跳舞一边洗洗盘子 在广告时间跑去做个爆米花If it takes longer just let it burn,its ok.如果花时间太长就让它糊吧Just come back and watch the Ellen show,theres more bags of popcorn,I just,you know赶紧回来看节目 反正爆米花还有 我只是 你知道I wrote in because I needed to share something with somebody that related to me我写信还因为我想和人 和我有联系的人分享I need to tell you,you know what is going on我想诉说发生的事情I knew youre listening and I knew youre understanding,you know youre really a good person我知道你在听 你理解 因为你真是个好人Im glad that you feel all those things,and its what I hope to do every single day我很高兴你有这样的想法 我的确每一天都希望I hope I make people feel better,I hope I take people out of there situation,a little bit and make them happier能让人更开心 我希望帮人解决困难 哪怕只是微薄之力 让他们开心Thats really why I do that I do,it makes me happy that I did that for you这正是我工作的目的 很高兴我也能帮助你I know that you have,let me start by saying I dont have a car for you我知道你 我先说我没有车子送给你Youre having a horrible time with your car你的车子很让你头疼It broke down and theres a lot of things它坏了 还有别的事情But I do have something for you,that I think will help,ok.我是有东西送给你 我觉得会有帮助Cause youre going through a hard time,I have ten thousand dollars.Oh My God.你的生活那么困难 这有一万美元 哦 天呐 /201607/456115

Yeah, I mean, I dont know if you saw the movie ;Selma;.没错 我不知道你们有没有看过电影;塞尔玛游行;And if you havent, you should see it.Its so important, and I thought...如果你们没有看过 真得需要去看一下 这部电影很有意义 而且我认为Oprah did a beautiful job of the movie. - Yeah, absolutely.奥普拉这部电影制作得太好了 -对 绝对的And... And it reminds us that we cannot take our right to vote for granted.而且 它告诉我们 我们不能认为我们享有 投票权是件理所当然的事情No. Cause too many people...No.Sacrified for that right, so...That ah...Yeah...是的 -因为太多人 是的 为了争取这项权利而做出了牺牲 所以 那是 对That scene in the movie of them marching,its heartbreaking.电影里他们游行的那一幕 看得人心碎Its really heartbreaking.And...But to be there,真的看得人心碎 但是 看到电影里面The President of the ed States standing there...美利坚合众国的总统站在那里Thats... thats a powerful, powerful day.那真是 有深远意义的一天We have to take a break.I think we have an another challenge.我们要稍作休息 我想我们要完成另外一个挑战Last time it was push-ups,we have a different challenge this time.上次我们做了俯卧撑 这次来点不一样的So well see what it is. We will be back.等下看到底是什么 稍后回来A push-up competition again? No.No. The ;Gimme Five; Dance.No, no.又是俯卧撑比赛 不是 不是 是;击掌;舞 不 不Dont make me take off my jacket.You just took a selfie with the real First Lady.不要逼我脱掉外套 你刚刚跟第一夫人合拍了张自拍照How cool was that?So real. How crazy the show.How crazy the show it is.是不是很酷 好真实 这个节目太不可思议了 真是不可思议 /201602/425827But youre still smacking your foot directly on the ground, without any padding.但是光脚跑步仍然是在没有任何衬垫的情况下脚部直接猛烈接触地面。Wouldnt this lead to more foot injuries? Possibly.这会不会导致脚部受伤?很有可能。And, of course, it takes time to develop calluses on your feet thick enough to make barefoot running comfortable.而且要花上一段时间脚才能长出足够厚的老茧让你舒地跑步。And I suppose running in cold weather could be a problem.而且我猜在寒冷的天气中跑步也是个难题。So like most things in science, theres more than one side to this story.像大多数科学中的问题一样,这个说法不只有一种结论。Running barefoot may have certain advantages, but there are some pitfalls, too.光脚跑步有一定的优势,但也存在隐患。201503/363065The entire life of living,you know.As the first family,in the White House你们全家的生活 作为第一家庭 入住白宫的这种生活They were,how old,7 and 10? 7 and 10 when we moved into the white house两个女儿那时多大 7岁 10岁 是 刚进白宫的时候她们一个7岁一个10岁And now they are 10 and 13? 10 and 13,wow,yes,they came big现在10岁 13岁,10岁 13岁 长大了So what is,I konw the worst part,youve said before,what is the best part for them你之前说过糟糕的方面 好的方面是什么You know,there are so many wonderful parts.I mean,we are really blessed精的事情很多 我们真的很幸运You know,they get to travel,they get to see the world in ways that most kids dont get to see他们四处旅行 以其他孩子看不到的方式看世界I mean,life in our house is normal.I mean,once they get up in that elevator,the我们的生活很普通 一旦进到电梯里You know,the rules and the values of who we are and who we always have been take over我到底是谁 这种理念就会占上风So you know the fact that weve been able to maintain that in the White House is just been所以我们住在白宫也可以继续过那种普通的生活You know,just a wonderful surprise.But you know,they,every day they are blessed and we remind them you are some lucky kids这让人惊喜 但她们真的很幸运 我们也每天提醒她们是多么幸运的孩子Yeah,yeah,they really are.And to see different things in the world.Do they like,do they make their own bed?确实很幸运 见世上不同的东西 她们喜欢 她们自己铺床吗Yeah,they have rules,they have to make their own bed.but they have to clean their rooms,clean their bathrooms是 她们有自己的规矩 得自己铺床 打扫房间 打扫浴室They have to take Ball out.So,they have to take him out when theyre home from school带Ball出去玩 她们放学后得带Ball出去Sasha is doing laundry,which she is into now.well see how long that lastsSasha刚开始洗衣 她现在非常喜欢洗衣 我们看着她能坚持多久She washes her jeans.Washing and dry and folding,is she a good folder.Yeah,she folds她自己洗牛仔裤 清洗 晒干 折叠 她会叠衣吗 会的Thats the most important thing,you can do laundry,but if you are not a good folder,you might as well wash it again.Its over,its over,yeah这才是最重要的 或许会洗衣 但如果叠不好 可能还要重洗 前功尽弃But she,she and her grandma,they do their laundry together她和她祖母一起洗衣 /201609/466399

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