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崇义县治疗宫颈肥大哪家医院好的大余县荡坪钨矿职工医院贵吗Can ;luxury; cage homes fix Hong Kong housing crisis?“奢华”笼屋能解决香港的住房危机吗?Hong Kong is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, with the median property price 19 times the median annual household income. some, the only option is to live in one of the city notorious cage homes, which consist of a bunk bed surrounded by a metal cage, often located in a sub-divided flat—a tiny apartment split into even smaller spaces.香港是世界上房价最高的的地区之一,其中等房地产价位是中等家庭年收入的19倍对于有些家庭来说,面对如此高的房价,也别无选择,只好住在“臭名昭著”的笼屋,他们是由一套公寓分隔出来的一张张由铁丝网团团围住的床——也就是将一套小型公寓分隔成一些更小的空间Sandy Wong is a Chinese entrepreneur who has recently produced an alternative option— ;luxury; cage homes. Inspired by Japanese capsule hotels, he claims the pods offer a luxury experience in a tiny space. Wong has decked out six properties around Hong Kong with 1 ;luxury; cage homes -- that about 18 capsules per flat. As well as a bed, each capsule contains modern amenities such as a TV, air-conditioning, a mirror and purple LED lighting, which lends them a futuristic feel. ;These (capsule homes) provide personal space. That the selling point,; Wong tells CNN. Wong began renting out capsule homes six months ago, and says most of his tenants are aged between and 0 years old, and single.中国企业家Sandy Wang最近提供了另一种住宿可选——“奢华”笼屋这一灵感源自日本胶囊旅馆,他声称这样的住宿小舱可以为小空间提供“奢侈”体验王动用了香港的6处房产打造了1套“奢华”笼屋——大约每套公寓有18个这样的“胶囊”房每个笼屋里面除了包括一张床以外,还有一些现代生活设施例如床、空调、镜子、紫色LED照明灯等,让租户们体验一种超现代感觉王告诉CNN:“这些胶囊房给租户提供私人空间,这正是最大的卖点”六个月前,王开始出租这些房子,他还说到,他的租户都是二十到四十岁的人,而且都是单身The pods cost between 1 and 0 per month to rent, with rates determined by where a pod is located within the flat (capsules inside the more private bedrooms are costlier than those in the living room, example), and how centrally located in Hong Kong the apartment is.租这样一个房子每月的房租大概是361美元至580美元,价格是看笼屋位于公寓的位置来定的(比如,越位于公寓卧室里头的,租金相对来说比在客厅里的更高),同时也得看这套公寓距离香港在中心城区的位置 87宁都县医院网上预约挂号 80  As Kids Say It  Tell a Story with a Moral  A primary school class was asked to tell a story with a moral. Kathy went first. ;Once, we were driving a basket of ten eggs to market and we it a big bump in the road. The eggs broke. The moral is dont put all your eggs in one basket.;  Tammy was next. ;Once, we had a dozen chicken eggs, but when hatched, we got only ten chicks. The moral is dont count your chicks bee they are hatched.;  Then it was Johnny turn. ;When my Aunt Karen was in Desert Storm, her plane was hit. She bailed out over enemy territory with only a bottle of whisky and a machine gun.;  ;She drank the liquor on the way down so it wouldnt break, and landed in the middle of 0 enemy soldiers. She killed 70 with the machine gun. When she ran out of bullets, she killed the rest with her bare hands.;  ;What the moral of that terrible story?; the teacher asked, horrified.  ;Stay away from Aunt Karen when she been drinking.;  Looking Dad  A young boy was lost in the mall. He ran ut over to a police office. ;Ive lost my dad!;  ;What he like?; he asked.  ;Soccer and beer.;  ;Cheese!;  The camera is always in use when our three-year-old grandson, Tyler, comes by. I didnt realize how much until the night of a large thunderstorm. Our son called to tell us that when a bolt of lightning lit up their flat, Tyler turned to the window and said, ;Cheese!;  Turning ty  I recently turned 0, and on that day I took my nine-year-old daughter, Kelsey, shopping. As we crossed the car-park, she exclaimed, ;Happy 0th birthday, Mum!;  ;Thank you, honey,; I said, ;but dont broadcast the 0 part, please.; I went on to explain that I wasnt upset about turning 0, but if people thought I was younger, that was fine with me.  ;Why dont you tell people youre 50 then?; Kelsey asked. ;Then youll look really good!;  Worry  The night bee I was scheduled to have major surgery, Jeremy, our nine-year-old son, became worried. ;Im scared, Mum. What if the doctor makes a mistake?;  I calmly explained that the doctor had years of experience and mistakes were unlikely.  ;But what if he does?; Jeremy persisted.  ;Then hed be in a lot of trouble,; I teased.  ;You mean we could sue him,; Jeremy brightened, ;and I could get a new bike?; 18693南康区妇幼保健院价目表

南康市红十字会医院人流医院八一垦殖场职工医院引产 是的,此时此刻,我们正在迎向,而的余温并未散去又该做新一年的计划了,那些拳擦掌出发的时刻又将重新到来Wait! 当新年的钟声敲响时,我们打开记忆的收音机,将时刻调回一年前的今天,那时的你,对未来自己许下的承诺,都实现了吗?翻译练习:(一)小高:嗯,我想我要存钱买辆新车,我都受够了每天骑车到处走京晶:那我可真佩你!小高,这主意不错!(二)京晶:我要当一个早起的人,然后开始早起了小高:那我就算了吧!我喜欢睡懒觉中译英翻译练习敬请期待下一期内容! 387上犹县医院无痛人流好吗

赣州寻乌人工流产哪家医院好的5 The boy who was almost gotten第5单元 几乎遭人遗忘的男孩It was a Tuesday afternoon when Kevin arrived at the city local group home children without parents. He had been living in an old rundown house with his four other siblings and their mother, who was badly addicted to drugs.星期二下午,凯文来到当地一间收留孤儿的市立团体之家他一直和有严重毒瘾的母亲,以及四个兄弟住在一间失修的旧房子The house was in terrible condition and pased dangers the children. Their mother was also in a bad state and did little to care her children, so child protection services stepped in and placed in foster care.由于房子的状况很糟,对孩童很危险,而他们的母亲情况同样糟,根本对自己的孩子不闻不问,儿童保护务介入,并将这些孩子安置在寄养机构When Kevin first came to the home, he had many problems that prevented him from making friends easily. He would often throw a fit attention or sit in a cornor crying. He fought with other children and didnt know how to control his emotions.当凯文刚来到团体之家时,他有很多问题,而没办法轻易交到朋友他常会大发雷霆吸引注意力,或坐在角落哭泣,他和其他孩子打架,不知道要怎样控制情绪Finally, after a year of hard work from the staff at the foster home Kevin had softened up a bit and learned to trust again. A family adopted Kevin. They were determined to love and give Kevin what he needed to be a healthy and happy child.过了一年,经过寄养机构员工的努力,凯文终于有些软化,学会再次相信别人,一个家庭收养凯文,他们决定要好好爱凯文,给他所需的一切,并让他成为健康快乐的孩子 19 赣州章贡人民医院人流多钱赣县医院有学生套餐



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