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赣州市妇幼保健医院开展无痛人流吗崇义医院有失败的案例吗安远县妇幼保健院四维彩超预约 The torrent of mergers in the health-care industry kept flowing. IMS Health and Quintiles agreed to combine in a 9 billion transaction that will integrate the wide range of data services they provide to drug companies, from tracking medical claims to advice on clinical trials. Another big deal was Abbott Laboratories 25 billion takeover of St Jude Medical, which brings together two of Americas biggest makers of medical devices for hearts.卫生保健行业的合并计划接连不断。艾美仕(IMS Health)与昆泰(Quintiles)决定进行合并,此次交易价值90亿美元。他们向药物公司所提供的大量数据务将在此次合并过程中得到整合,这当中包括医疗索赔的追踪确定和临床试验的务建议等。另一大交易则涉及到雅培制药(Abbott Laboratories)以250亿美元价格收购圣犹达医疗(St Jude Medical),美国两大心脏医疗设备制造商就此合并。A civil lawsuit in Brazil was filed against Vale and BHP Billiton seeking 44 billion in damages for the collapse of a dam last November that was run jointly by the two mining companies. The disaster killed 19 people and polluted hundreds of miles of rivers. Said to be Brazils worst environmental disaster, lawyers say the claim for damages has been calculated by comparing the costs from BPs oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.去年11月,由淡水河谷公司(Vale)以及必和必拓集团(BHP Billiton)这两家矿业巨擘共同经营的一座矿山发生堤坝崩塌事故,造成19人死亡,数百英里河水受到污染。据称这是巴西史上最严重的环境污染事件。现今巴西针对此事提起民事诉讼,要求两公司赔偿440亿美元。律师称事故造成的总损失是参考2010年墨西哥湾英国石油公司原油泄漏事件的成本来计算的。Despite a brewing political crisis Brazilians have not been crying into their beer as much as AB InBev would like. The beer maker, which counts Budweiser among its labels, posted a steep fall in profit for the first quarter, to 844m, partly because sales in Brazil drooped.尽管政治危机正在酝酿当中,但巴西人民对此的担忧却远比不上百威英(AB InBev)对其啤酒的担忧来得强烈。百威英公司旗下有百威啤酒等品牌,该公司宣布第一季度利润骤降至8.44亿美元,原因部分在于其巴西市场萎靡不振。Comcast announced that it would buy DreamWorks Animation, which includes the “Shrek” films in its stable of hits, for 3.8 billion.康卡斯特(Comcast)宣布将以38亿美元收购出品了包括“怪物史瑞克”在内一系列著名作品的梦工厂动画公司(DreamWorks Animation)。Little problems in big China大中国小问题不断The worlds most valuable company, Apple, lost an unusual trademark case in China when a court in Beijing found in favour of Xintong Tiandi, a seller of leather goods with the name “IPHONE” emblazoned on them. The court ruled that Apple had failed to prove that the iPhone was well-known in China before Xintong Tiandi filed its trademark application in 2007.世界上最具经济价值的苹果公司在中国一起不同寻常的商标权诉讼案件中败诉。北京一法院裁决持皮革制品销售商新通天地公司在其商品上使用IPHONE商标,因为苹果公司不能明2007年新通天地申请注册该商标时,苹果产品已经在中国热销。Craig Steven Wright, an Australian computer scientist, claimed that he was “Satoshi Nakamoto”, the reclusive creator of bitcoin. Mr. Wright released what he claimed was cryptographic proof that he is Mr. Nakamoto, five months after he was outed in an investigation by two tech publications. But his initial proof was swiftly debunked and doubts remain if he is the right man.澳大利亚计算机科学家克雷格·史蒂文·赖特(Craig Steven Wright)声称他就是一直隐匿的比特币之父“中本聪(Satoshi Nakamoto)”。去年12月份,两份科技出版物在一次调查中披露了赖特的身份,五个月后赖特公布了他所谓的密码据来明他自己就是中本聪。但他最初提供的据很快就被否定,中本聪的真实身份依然是个谜。Being and nothingness存在与虚无In France an executive sued his former employer for making his job too boring. The man claims he suffered from “bore out” when his superiors downsized his role as general service director and asked him to perform non-work-related tasks, such as picking up their children from lessons. The existential strain of doing nothing led to months of sick leave, after which the man was let go. He wants 360,000(415,000) in damages.法国一高管因为工作太无聊起诉前雇主,要求公司赔偿36万欧元(约合41.5万美元)。此人声称他被任命为总务处主任后主要负责一些无关紧要的事情比如接送孩子上学等,对此他感到“无聊至极”。由于每天都像是不存在一样,他饱受身心健康的折磨,最终不得不请了数月的病假。休假回来之后遭解职。翻译amp;校对:刘蕊 殷美玲 译文属译生译世201605/444291You have this habit.of letting everyone into the house.你有个习惯 随便是谁都让他们进屋But hes a friend, uh?Um, I think you got angry about it. - Why? What?但他也算个朋友 对吧 我觉得你要为这事生气了 -为什么 什么事Umm, I invited him and his boy for lunch, the day after tomorrow.我邀请了他和他的儿子后天来吃午饭What? - Ill make tamales. You love my tamales, uh?啥 -我会做辣味肉饼 你喜欢我做的辣味肉饼 对吧I dont care. I dont give a shit. Thats not the point.我不在乎 我完全不在乎 这不是重点oh Jesus Christ.Wh..what did he say?He said ;yes;.我的天呐 他 他答应了吗 他答应了呀Good.That was a clip that we can watch.There are so many in the movie that are so hard,真好 这是我们目前能看的一段剪辑 这部电影里有很多揪心的情节because youre in chronic pain.Tell me what the movie is about.因为你有慢性病 跟我说说这部电影是讲什么的吧The movie is about a woman choosing to live in the nutshell.这部电影讲的是一个离群索居的女人She basically goes through an imaginable trauma,正在经历难以想象的心灵创伤and its in a terrible car accident,and has a great loss,在一场车祸中 遭受了巨大的损失personal loss and also is physically just mangled.个人损失 身体也严重受创 /201512/416724赣州男性医院可以做引产吗

赣州妇幼保健医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗Lets talk about Cedrics barber battle.What is that about?让我们聊聊《理发师之战》 讲的是什么This is cool.This is a reality competition show,you know everywhere I go,babers always claim theyre the best barber in the world.这很酷 这是竞赛类真人秀 不管我去哪里 理发师总是自称自己是世界上最棒的理发师Yes,very pround of what they,very pround of what they do.very competitive.是啊 对自己做的事很 对自己做的事很骄傲 喜欢竞争We created a show where each week three barbers compete,they do really high challenges they can design,sculptures,landscapes.所以我们制作了一档节目 每周三个理发师比赛 他们进行高难度挑战 设计打理发型We come up with all kinds of stuff and they win prizes,you know,I give them prizes,我们想出了各种挑战 他们会获得奖品 我会给他们奖品article in the big bargershop website,and 15,000 dollars cash every week we do this,man.大型理发店网站上的文章 每周一万五美金的奖金So its been a lot of fun.you want to see it,really challenge it.这很好玩 你们会想看的 很有挑战性We did some,I had barbers do you guys.I heard about this.我让理发师做出了你们的模样的发型 我听说过I heard you got barbers really good to do a little something sepcial for me.Can we see that?Oh,my god,wow.听说你让很棒的理发师做出我的模样的发型 能看看吗 天啊 瞧瞧I dont know how to feel about that.Thats scary.What are your eyes doing on that,Conan?我不知道该作何感受 很吓人 你的眼睛怎么了 柯南Thats mean,I dont know,thats you on sarsaparilla.You had too many sarsaparillas.and you guys did another one.这是你喝了沙示之后的样子 你喝了太多沙示 你们还做了一个Lets see Andy.I think Andy,oh my God.That looks like his little bean thing from New York.我们来看看安迪吧 我觉得安迪 天啊他看起来像是纽约的憨豆先生Something weird about your forehead,Andy.I think thats more the shape of the guys head.Blame the guy.Weird.你的前额有点奇怪啊 安迪 我觉得是因为那个人的头型 怪那个人吧 真奇怪;Cedrics barber battle;airs friday at 8:00 on the CW and ;The soul Man;airs 10:30 on TV Land and you can see Cedric perform live across the country on the black and brown comedy get down tour.《理发师大战》周五晚八点在CW台播出 《灵魂人物》周三十点半在TV Land台播出 你们可以在全国各地的黑棕喜剧俱乐部 看到塞德里克的巡演现场表演Why have I not been invited on that one?我为什么没被邀请啊201609/465441赣州仁济医院妇产科医院 会昌县治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱

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