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赣州市赣南片区妇幼保健院医术信得过赣州兴国人民医院看妇科好不好龙南私密整形哪家医院好的 Voice 1: Vampires are imaginary creatures. They exist in films and books. They have human-like bodies. And they usually have some kind of supernatural power. They survive by drinking blood - at night! Vampires bite their victim neck with their sharp pointed teeth. Vampires are not real. They do not exist. But the vampire bat still takes its English name from them. This is because the vampire bat survives by drinking blood!声音1:吸血鬼是人们幻想出来的生物它们只存在在电影和书籍中它们的身体和人类的身体很像一般来说,吸血鬼都拥有某种超能力它们通过在晚上吸血来生存下去!吸血鬼会用它们的尖牙去咬受害者的脖子吸血鬼并不是真实存在的它们并不存在但是吸血蝙蝠的英文名字却而来因为吸血蝙蝠通过吸血而生存Voice : The vampire bat is the only kind of bat that drinks blood. It makes a small bite in the skin of a sleeping animal. The bat has a way of helping the blood to flow. Without this, the blood would grow thick quickly, and the bat could not drink.声音:吸血蝙蝠是唯一一种吸血的蝙蝠它们会在睡着的动物身上咬一小口这种蝙蝠有种方法可以让血流动起来如果不这样,那血液很快会变稠,这样蝙蝠就不能喝到血了Voice 1: The secret is in the liquid inside a bat mouth, the saliva. The saliva contains a chemical that stops the victim blood from becoming thick. This chemical is very interesting to scientists. In fact, they are now researching the use of this chemical. They are perming tests using the chemical to treat strokes.声音1:秘密就在蝙蝠嘴里的液体中,也就是它们的唾液吸血蝙蝠的唾液里含有一种化学物质,可以阻止其吸血目标的血液变稠科学家对这种化学物质很感兴趣实际上,他们现在正在研究如何使用这种化学物质他们正在对利用这种化学物质治疗中风进行测试 译文属 5376Part . Astronomers discover solar system.Keywords. another solar system, planets, challenge.Vocabulary. constellation, astronomy, full-fledged, Jupiter.A. Listen to a science report, write down the inmation about the new solar system.What science fiction once told of other worlds far far away, is now fact.Astronomers confirmed another solar system like ours with multiple planets in the constellation Andromeda.What weve found now the first time ever, is indeed a full-fledged system of plants around the star Upsilon Andromeda.It appears to have three planets, one close in, one at a middle distance and one farther out.The star is slightly larger than our Sun. The planet are huge like our Jupiter.;Here is the inner planet that goes around .6 days.The middle planet that goes around every days.And then the outer planet which goes around every 3.5 to years.;Astronomically it not far away, light years.The Sun of that solar system, Upsilon Andromeda, is so near and bright, is can be seen by the naked eye during summer and fall. years, astronomers searched the skies in the belief that if our Sun has planets arround it, surely others do, too.And then starting 3.5 years ago, we began finding the first time planets singly, one planet here around one star...It was a wobble in the star that led Jeff Marcy to the planets.The star wobbles around due to the gravity of the planet, much like a dog owner gets yanked around by a little poodle.Can the planets support life? Dont know.Because present technology is not advanced enough to determine what the planets are made of.That, Mercy says, is astronomy next challenge.B. Listen again, decide whether the statements you hear are true or false. Write ;T; or ;F; in the brackets.Statements.1. The Sun of the new solar system, though very bright, is far away from our solar system.So it cant be seen by our naked eyes.. The middle planet of Upsilon Andromeda goes around every three and a half years.3. According to scientists, it possible that the stars we see in the sky all have planets around them.. Scientists will soon find out whether the planet support life or not. 35363赣州人民医院女子妇科医院怎么样

石城县中医院不孕不育多少钱Voice 1: The Marathon Des Sables is a seven day race. The race is separated into six different parts. The first three parts involve running about thirty-two kilometres each day. In the fourth part people run about eighty kilometres. The people get ty hours to run these eighty kilometres. The fifth part is a full marathon. The people must complete just over ty-two kilometres. And finally, in the sixth part, runners must run fourteen to nineteen kilometres to the finish line. In all, runners complete a total of five marathons.声音1:撒哈拉沙漠马拉松是一项为期7天的赛事这项赛事包括6个阶段前3个阶段要求每天奔跑3公里在第阶段,参赛者每天要跑8公里左右参赛者要在0个小时内完成80公里第5阶段是全程马拉松参赛者必须完成公里最后,参赛者必须在第6阶段奔跑至19公里,直至终点线这相当于参赛者一共要完成5个马拉松的距离Voice : People competing in the race must run across all kinds of land. They must run up sand dunes, or hills. They must run over salt flats and dried up river beds. They must run through rocky, flat desert fields and ancient dried up lakes. Sometimes the runners may even pass through a small desert village.声音:参与这项赛事的人必须在各种土地上奔跑他们必须在沙丘和山上奔跑他们必须在盐滩和干涸的河床上奔跑他们必须在布满岩石的平坦沙漠区域和古老的干涸河流中奔跑有时参赛者甚至要穿过小型的沙漠村庄译文属 89598赣州妇幼保健院治疗妇科怎么样 赣南医院做人流好吗

章贡区引产多少钱The Crab and His Mother "My child," said a Crab to her son, "why do you walk so awkward? If you wish to make a good appearance, you should go straight ward, and not to one side as you do so constantly.""I do wish to make a good appearance, Mamma" said the young Crab; “and if you will show me how, I will try to walk straight ward.""Why, this is the way, of course," said the mother, as she started off to the right, "No, this is the way," said she, as she made another attempt, to the left. The little Crab smiled. "When you learn to do it yourself, you can teach me," he said, and he went back to his play.“我的孩子,”螃蟹妈妈对儿子说,“你怎么走起路来这么难看呢?要想看起来像模像样,你就应该径直朝前走,而不是像你一样总是朝一边走”“我真希望能像模像样,妈妈.”小螃蟹说,”如果你能教我怎么做,我就会努力之朝前走.”“哎呀,当然了,就是这样!”妈妈说着,一边就开始朝右边走“不,是这样的啦!”她说,一边又朝左边来 螃蟹笑了,说:“等你自己学会了再来教我吧!”然后,他就回去玩了 81 Ask an American-Beards and facial hair; sin versus transgression; totally versus definitely; “I ever go there”Words:to be geared more towardsfashionbeardtattooalternativeto spill overmasculinitysexual vitalityGreek mythologyfacial hairgoateemustachemanlinesssintransgressiontotallydefinitely 59赣州市蓉江区妇幼保健院妇科挂号江西省赣州保胎多少钱



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