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宜昌市看泌尿科怎么样宜昌夷陵区男科专家宜昌市男健医院男性专科 May 1 was a glorious spring day in Pskov. Young people roller-skated or lounged on the banks of the Velikaya river. But 14-year-old Vladimir instead chose to spend the day standing vigil at a war memorial.5月1日的普斯科夫(Pskov)沐浴在春日的明媚阳光下。年轻人或是滑旱冰,或是躺卧在韦利卡亚河(Velikaya)岸边。但14岁的弗拉基米尔(Vladimir)选择在这一天值守一座战争纪念碑。Every 10 minutes, he and eight fellow camouflage-clad members of a local patriotic club took turns goose-stepping in front of an eternal flame and an anti-aircraft gun battery used in 1941, when the town in northwestern Russia defended itself against attack by Nazi Germany.每隔10分钟,他与当地爱国俱乐部另外8名身着迷的成员轮流在一团永恒火焰和一门多管高射炮前走正步。1941年,这门高射炮曾被这座俄罗斯西北小城用来抵抗纳粹德国的进攻。“We must remember,” said Maria Semyonova, a teacher who oversaw the youngsters’ changing of the guard. “A nation must know its heroes.”“我们必须铭记,”负责监督这些年轻人换岗的教师玛丽娅#8226;谢苗诺夫(Maria Semyonova)说,“一个民族必须了解自己的英雄。”Seventy years after Nazi Germany’s capitulation, Moscow is gearing up for the biggest commemoration in decades of what it calls the Great Patriotic War, with a huge military parade on Red Square on May 9.纳粹德国投降70年后,俄政府正在为其所称的伟大卫国战争(Great Patriotic War)筹备一场几十年来最大规模的纪念活动,包括5月9日在红场(Red Square)举行的盛大阅兵仪式。Outside Russia, many are watching the elaborate anniversary celebrations with mixed feelings and fear that Vladimir Putin’s government is exploiting the event to underpin its narrative of a Russia under attack from a hostile west.在俄罗斯以外,许多人怀着复杂的心情观察这场精心准备的周年庆典,他们担心弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)领导的政府正在利用这场活动强化自己的叙述,即俄罗斯遭到了怀有敌意的西方的攻击。But for Moscow, Victory Day helps unite a Russian nation that has been struggling to define its national identity since the collapse of the Soviet Union in a way that other anniversaries do not. More than 25m Soviet citizens died in the war, and there is barely a family without direct and personal links to the conflict.但对莫斯科而言,胜利日周年庆典有助于把自苏联解体后一直在艰难寻找国家认同的俄罗斯民族团结起来,这是其它周年纪念活动做不到的。逾2500万苏联公民死于二战期间,几乎每个家庭都与这场战争有着直接和个人的关联。“That victory is the only thing everyone can relate to and agree upon,” said Elena Chernenko, foreign affairs columnist at the Kommersant newspaper.俄罗斯《生意人报》(Kommersant)撰写外交事务的专栏作家叶连娜#8226;契尔年科(Elena Chernenko)称:“那场胜利是唯一大家都能感同身受且意见相同的事。”Memories of the conflict are most vivid in western Russia, location of Germany’s eastern front. Large parts of the area stretching several hundred kilometres east of the border were under German occupation between 1941 and 1944 and saw some of the country’s bloodiest fighting.俄罗斯西部的人民对这场战争的记忆最为刻骨铭心,当年这里是德国的东部战线。1941年至1944年期间,这里的大片地区——自边界向东绵延数百公里——曾被德国占领,见了多场苏联境内最血腥的战役。In Litovo, a tiny village some 100km southeast of Pskov, a group of middle-aged men and women last week were cleaning a war monument while swapping wartime stories heard from their parents and grandparents.在普斯科夫东南方向约100公里处的小村Litovo,上周一群中年男女一边打扫一座战争纪念碑,一边分享自己从父母和祖父母那里听来的战时故事。“This was a scary place because the Germans were right here,” said a woman named Anastasia, as she gave a stele with the names of fallen Soviet soldiers a fresh coat of white paint. She recounted how German military police had set up their local headquarters at Altun, an estate abandoned by its aristocratic owners in the 1917 revolution.“这是一个可怕的地方,因为德国人当时就驻扎在这里,”一位名叫阿纳斯塔西娅(Anastasia)的妇女说。她边说,边给刻有阵亡苏联士兵名字的石碑刷上一层新的白漆。她讲述了德国宪兵如何在Altun——1917年革命期间被贵族主人抛弃的庄园——设立他们的地方总部。“They were always hunting for partisans in the woods, and they would randomly arrest villagers and accuse them of helping people from the underground,” she said.“他们总是在丛林里追捕游击队员,还随意地抓捕村民,指控他们暗中帮助地下组织,”她说。Today the region is slowly losing its population. Deserted wooden farm cottages are collapsing and fallow farmland is transforming back into bog. But the countless war monuments dotting the landscape are immaculate.如今,这一地区的人口正在缓慢流失。废弃的木质农舍摇摇欲坠,无人耕种的农田正在变回沼泽。但镶嵌在这片大地上的无数战争纪念碑得到精心守护。One of them, on a remote moor, commemorates the shooting of more than 300 civilians by German forces — just one sign of the many killings and deportations that took place in this area, according to Wehrmacht diaries and Nuremberg trial records.其中一座立于偏僻荒野的纪念碑纪念的是被德军射杀的300多名平民。根据德意志国防军(Wehrmacht)日记以及纽伦堡审判(Nuremberg trial)记录,这只是发生在这一地区的诸多屠杀和驱逐事件的标记之一。A group of men 50km away were busy expanding an old memorial to more than 2,500 Soviet soldiers who died on a ridge here during fighting when the German military invaded in 1941 and again when it retreated.在50公里外的另一个地方,一群男人正忙着扩建一座旧纪念碑,使其包括2500多名阵亡的苏联士兵。德军1941年入侵以及后来撤退时,他们在这里的一个山脊上战死。The men have built a miniature Kremlin wall around the few graves and a simple white obelisk. “Earlier, only the Latvian soldiers were commemorated, but now we have added everyone else,” said Kamzin Zhumabek Zhekenuly, a Kazakh official who was touring the region’s memorials in a van embellished with Russia’s official Victory Day logo — a war medal and a St George’s ribbon. “We built seven new monuments around here this week,” he said.这些男子围绕寥寥几个坟墓建造了微型的克里姆林宫式的围墙,还有一座简单的白色方尖碑。“早些时候,只有拉脱维亚士兵被纪念,但现在我们把其他所有人都加了进来,”哈萨克族官员Kamzin Zhumabek Zhekenuly说。他乘坐一辆装饰有俄罗斯官方胜利日标志——一枚战争勋章和一条“圣乔治丝带”——的面包车,巡视着这一地区的纪念碑。“本周我们在这个地区建造了七座新纪念碑,”他说。The lack of international recognition for the high price the Red Army paid in its role as a liberator of Europe rankles with Russians.对于当年苏联红军付出高昂代价解放欧洲却没有得到相应的国际认可,令俄罗斯人耿耿于怀。A poll by British company ICM Research for Sputnik, the Russian state media outlet, last month found that only 13 per cent of British, French and Germans believe that the Red Army liberated Europe from fascism, while 43 per cent named the US Army.英国ICM Research公司上月为俄罗斯官方媒体Sputnik所做的民意调查显示,只有13%的英国人、法国人以及德国人认为是苏联红军将欧洲从法西斯主义的魔爪下解放出来,而43%的受访者认为这是美军的功劳。While this partly reflects the fact that liberation from the Nazis was quickly followed by the imposition of Soviet control over central and eastern Europe, it angers many in Moscow. Sergei Ivanov, Mr Putin’s chief of staff, said last week he was concerned that western politicians “purposely try to rewrite history”.尽管这在一定程度上反映了苏联在击败纳粹后很快对中欧和东欧实施铁腕控制的事实,但这一点仍激怒莫斯科的许多人。普京的幕僚长谢尔盖#8226;伊万诺夫(Sergei Ivanov)上周表示,他担心西方政界人士“试图故意改写历史”。It is a view that is popular among ordinary Russians. Ms Semyonova tells her students how her grandfather witnessed a German officer shooting a Russian girl to end a quarrel between two of his soldiers over who should have her.这种观点在普通俄罗斯人中相当普遍。教师谢苗诺夫告诉她的学生,她的祖父亲曾目睹一名德国军官杀一位俄罗斯姑娘,只是为了让他手下的两名士兵停止为了谁该拥有那个女孩而争吵。“My grandfather said that to make sure this kind of thing would stop,he was y to fight to the last,” she said. “Enabling all of us to live freely.“我祖父说,为了确保此类事情不再发生,他准备战斗到最后,”她说。“让我们所有人能过上自由、和平的生活是他这一代人最伟大的贡献,这值得纪念。” /201505/374174五峰县医院预约

湖北宜昌医院看男科好吗;The secret for keeping my bright-eyed enthusiasm after 20 years at the same job? LED contact lenses!;想知道我是怎让让我的女儿在一个岗位工作20年之后,眼睛仍然闪亮的秘密吗?那就是隐形眼镜! /201506/379835宜昌男健医院男科医生 Two of the most powerful wizards in fiction, Dumbledore from Harry Potter and Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, have got hitched。虚构世界中最强大的两位巫师:《哈利波特》中的邓布利多还有《指环王》三部曲中的甘道夫一直没有勾搭上。Obviously, they’re not real so two actors dressed up as the characters did the deed today in Kansas in a stunt staged by LGBTQ rights activist group Planting Peace。然而在今天,显而易见并不是由两位真正的演员穿着戏完成的,而是由LGBTQ维权行动组织“播种和平”在堪萨斯州举办这场效果爆好的“勾搭”婚礼,可谓是赚足了风头。A posted by the organisation shows the happy couple in front of the wedding officiant saying: ‘In the end we became united in the deep solidarity to create a piece only known in fiction and bring it into reality in our time。从该组织上传的一视频中我们可以看到,这对快乐的新人站在婚礼司仪前宣誓道,“我们最终深深地结合在一起,这在小说中才有的,我们把它变成现实。”Aaron Jackson, Planting Peace’s president, told the Huffington Post: ‘We are delighted to be hosting the Dumbledore and Gandalf wedding and stand with them in the face of bigotry and celebrate equality for all.’“播种和平”组织的主席艾伦·杰克逊告诉《赫芬顿邮报》: “我们很高兴能够主持邓布利多和甘道夫的婚礼,与他们一同面对他人的不解并欢庆人人平等。”The wedding was hosted in their rainbow-coloured headquarters opposite the Westboro Baptist Church, which had threatened to picket the nuptials after it was originally suggested by Harry Potter author JK Rowling。婚礼在他们五缤纷的总部,即韦斯特罗浸礼会教堂的对面举行。先前《哈利·波特》作者J.K。罗琳建议举行这个婚礼时,韦斯特罗浸礼会教堂曾威胁称要阻止婚礼的举行。Just before gay marriage was legalised in Ireland, JK Rowling tweeted that she hoped the two wizards would be able to get married。同性恋婚姻在冰岛合法化之前,J.K。罗琳就发过推文称,她希望邓布利多和甘道夫他们俩能够结婚。Rowling has previously revealed that Dumbledore is gay。罗琳此前曾透露,邓布利多是同性恋。 /201506/379817宜昌猇亭区治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好

宜昌市男科医生DIY treats: make your own chocolate bars and bourbon biscuits自己动手制作巧克力和夹心饼干You’ve got a craving for your favorite big-name biscuit. Do you a) grab your wallet and head to the corner shop, or b)fire up the oven and make your own? If it is the latter, then welcome to the growing DIY treats movement. Homemade versions of famous biccies, cakes and chocolates have become more popular than ever in the past year. The internet is awash with homespun jaffa cakes and make-your-own Kit Kats. On a time and cost comparison, homemade versions of famous treats can’t compete with the megabrands, so why do people bother making them?如果你渴望吃到你最喜欢的牌子的饼干。 你会a)拿出钱包去街角的商店,还是b)打开烤箱自己制作?如果你选择b,那欢迎加入到自己动手制作产品的活动中。自制蛋糕以及巧克力这种方式比去年更受欢迎。互联网上随处可见家制的甜橙蛋糕和制作你自己的奇巧威化巧克力(这些信息)。在一段时间内,从成本的角度考虑,自制型的食物不能与大牌相匹敌,那么为什么人们还要不辞辛劳的选择自制呢?Food blogger Kate is leading the latest wave of sweetie DIY. Her new cookbook,Homemade Memories, is a beautiful nostalgia fest of caterpillar cake, bourbon biscuits and marshmallow teacakes. “My mum tried to get us to make our own versions of everything because she was quite anti additives and preservatives in shop-bought treats,” says Doran. She points out that home cooks have been sharing their recreations of branded treats since the early days of the internet. Hands up who remembers the glorious Pimp That Snack? The website that encouraged users to make giant versions of everything from Jammy Dodgers to Jelly Babies went viral in the 00s; its archive is still online.美食达人凯特正是最近流行的自己动手中的领军人物。她的新烹饪书《自制的记忆》绝对是一场毛虫蛋糕的盛宴。多兰谈到“因为我的母亲一向反对商店购得的食品内含的添加剂和防腐剂,所以她尝试让我们自制所有的东西。”她指出前些天在互联网,自制厨师们分享了他们制作产品的乐趣。还有人还记着那个有名的“改造你的零食”的网站吗?该网站鼓励使用者使用杰米道奇(一种英国的饼干内含果酱和覆盆子)到果冻宝宝(一种软糖果)这些来制作,其产品在二十一世纪的现在竞争;这些竞争档案记录在线。Chefs love a bit of DIY action, too. Think Heston and his attempt to make the perfect version of a Viennetta. Dan Doherty of Londan restaurant Duckamp;Waffle has been tinkering with his version of Maltesers to top a new dessert. “ We pipe them into little domes like macaroons, then stick them together with chocolate and Microplane the edges,” he explains. The sense of challenge is one key to the DIY treat’s success. 大厨也非常喜欢自己动手这个活动。想想赫斯顿和他为改善千层雪(一种冰激凌)做出的努力。为了使其甜品做到极致,伦敦餐馆鸭和华夫饼(Duckamp;Waffle)的丹多尔蒂一直改进麦提莎。他解释说道,“我们把它们变成像杏仁饼一样小圆顶,然后用巧克力和微平面边缘把它们粘在一起。”挑战感是自制品成功的关键。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/380405 宜昌市治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好西陵区男科电话



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