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Part , Educational systems.A. Keywords. primary school, secondary school, high school, higher education, college, university.Vocabulary. comprehensive school, GCSE examination, A level,sophomore, provincial,school board, diploma,certificate.A1, you are going to hear some people talking about the educational system in their country.Bee listening, discuss the prelistening questions below.1, how old are children when they begin school in our country?, how are the levels of schooling divided?3, what do school children have to take bee they enter the university?A, now listen to the material.while listening, focus on the points in the chart.Supply the missing inmation in the chart.Well, in Britain, the ages of 5 to about , you start off at primary school.And then to , you are go on to a secondary school or a comprehensive school.And at , you take GCSE examinations.After this, some children take vocational courses or even start work.Others stay on at the school another two years to take A levels.And at the age of 18, after A levels, they might finish their education or go on to a course of higher education to a college or university, and that usually 3 years.Well, it depends what state you are in, but most kids in ed States start school at about 6.When they go to elementary school and that goes from first grade up to sixth grade.Some kids go to a kindergarten a year bee that.Then they go on to a junior high school, that about , and that the seventh, eighth and ninth grades.Then they go on to senior high school around age , er, starting in the tenth grade and finish in the twelfth grade, usually.Some students ,er, will leave school at and theyll start work,But, er, most of them stay on to graduate, er, from high school at age 18.In the first year of high school or college, students are called ;freshmen;.In the second, they are called ;sophomores;.In the third year, we call them ;juniors;, and in the fourth year, they are called ;seniors;.Now, a lot of high school graduates er, then go to college or university, and they do a four-year first degree course.Some of them might go to junior college, er, which is two-year course.Well, in Austria, what in the most states anyway, children start their primary education at 5 after perhaps a brief time in the kindergarten.They will stay at primary school until they are about .Then theyll either stay there or go to an intermediate school a couple of years.Then they start high school usually or , which you start in the third m.Now after three years in the high school, you sit a general exam, some states call it School Certificate, and that is sort of a general qualification.After that, you can leave school at or you can go on and sit your University Entrance Examination, which then gives you entree into a university or it another useful qualification.And from then on you go to various sorts of high education.Education in Canada is a provincial responsibility, but school are administered by local school boards.Kindergarten is children who are or 5 years old.Children begin mal full-day schooling in grade one.When they are about 6 years old, they must stay in school at least until they are .However, most students continue to finish high school,Some go on to college or university.Each year of schooling represents one grade.The school year extends from the beginning of September to the end of June.Elementary school, includes kindergarten, to about grade eight.Secondary school or high school may start in grade eight, nine or ten, and usually continues until grade twelve.In Canada, students may go to university or to a commy college.If they want to learn skills a specific job, they attend college 1 to years to get the diploma or certificate. example, lab technicians, child-care workers, and hotel managers go to college.Universites offer degree programs as well as training in certain professions such as law, medicine and teaching.Universities offer three main levels of degrees.Students earn a bachelor degree after three or four years of study.A master degree can take another year or two.A doctoral may take a further three to seven years to complete.A3. Now listen again, answer the following questions brieflyB. Keywords. widely used, difficult,hodgepodge, irregularity, largest vocabulary, idioms, varietiesVocabulary, linguistics, spring up, aviation, hodgepodge, stem from, baffle,prestige, evolve,pose, slangB1. listen to an interview talking on some facts about English.Focus on the things make English difficult to learn.Supply the missing inmation.And now, we have an interview with a professor J.T Lingo, Professor of Linguistics at Chimo university, who is here to talk to us about the growing business of teaching English.Good morning, professor lingo.Good morning.Professor, I understand that teaching English is becoming ;big business; all around the world.It seems that language schools are springing up everywhere.Why is that?With the move toward of global economy, English has became the most widely used language in the world.It the language of business, aviation,science and international affairs, and people find that they must learn English to compete in those fields.And do people find English an easy language to learn?Well, every language has something about it that other people find difficult to learn.English is such a hodgepodge of different languages.It essentially Germanic but a lot of its vocabulary comes from French.And technical words stem from Latin and Greek.This feature makes English fairly adaptable, which is a good thing a world language, but it causes irregularity in spelling and pronunciation.English spelling baffles me, too.Yes, well, anyway, English also has the largest vocabulary.Often there are words the same thing.One that is Anglo-Saxon and one from the French like;buy; which is Anglo-Saxon, and;purchase; which is from the French.The French word often has more prestige.Anglo-Saxon?That the word old English.The Norman Conquest in brought the French language to Britain and help English evolved into the language it today.I see, is there anything else particularly different about English?Well, the idioms in the inmal English pose a problem some students.Inmal English?As with any language, there are different varieties. slang, colloquial, mal,written, as well as the different dialects, British, American and Canadian English.And how is Canadian English different from American and British?Well, Canadian English is close to American pronunciation and idiom.Some of our words and spellings do reflect British usage.However, we wouldnt use British term ;lorry; a truck.But we have kept the ;o-u-r; spellings in words such as ;honour;, and ;colour;.This has been very interesting, professor.I am afraid were out of time.It has been a pleasure talking to you.Thank you.We have been talking to Professor Lingo of Chimo University.B. Now listen again.Decide whether the statements are true or false, put T true or F false in the blankets.Then discuss the following questions.Questions discussion.1, Do you agree that English will eventually be the world language?If not, which language do you think will be?, From your experience, what is particularly difficult to learn about English.Voice 1: Rose Longwa knows about these difficulties. But she claims that it is possible people to overcome such problems. Rose knows that the water system developed in Ndolela works. Since using the system fewer people than ever bee suffer from sickness. Rose encourages other villages to consider trying this system. Rose says that people often reject a good idea because they are afraid. They are afraid of things they do not understand. But education, knowledge, and understanding can help remove and ease those fears.声音1:罗丝·朗瓦知道这些困难但是她认为,人们可以克这类问题罗丝知道Ndolela村应用的这个水系统有作用自从使用这个系统以来,感染疾病的人越来越少罗丝鼓励其他村民尝试这个系统罗丝说,人们经常会因为害怕而拒绝一个好主意他们对他们不理解的事情感到害怕但是教育、知识和理解可以帮助人们消除和减轻恐惧Voice : The villagers of Ndolela have worked together on this water project. They have become stronger as a commy. New relationships between different families have med. Helping each other and co-operating with each other builds trust. And, with trust, people have hope.声音:Ndolela村村民在这个水项目上团结合作他们已经成为强大的社群不同家庭之间建立了新关系他们互相帮助,互相合作,构建信任因为有信任,人们就会有希望译文属 5951

Ann is orderingAnn: Barista, pull me a ristretto.Jess:What? Youre suddenly some kind of coffee snob now? What a ristretto anyway?Ann: It basically a very strong espresso. Half the water pulled through the same amount of beans. Pure coffee essence.Jess:Sounds like it must be just full of caffeine. I want one of those instead!Ann: You fiend. It about the flavor, not the fix. Why dont you just crush some caffeine pills and start doing lines?参考译文:小安在点咖啡小安:吧台,给我来杯芮思崔朵洁丝:怎么,你现在突然变成咖啡专家啦?芮思崔朵是啥东东?小安:基本上它是非常浓的浓缩咖啡相同份量的咖啡豆,只加入一半的水纯正咖啡精华洁丝:听起来一定充满咖啡因我要换喝这种!小安:你这个咖啡鬼这是为了香味,不是在追求快感你何不干脆把咖啡因片弄碎,开始用鼻子吸算了?重点词汇:ristretto (n.)(咖啡名)芮思崔朵,这种咖啡是浓缩咖啡的再浓缩hammerhead (n.)(咖啡名)榔头咖啡drip cofffe (n.)(口语)一般加滤纸的咖啡壶煮出来的咖啡而hammerhead是指「榔头用来敲打的那端」,所以文末James才会故意说他想拿「榔头」 hammer捶客户脑袋Can you tell the difference between ristretto and espresso?你能分辨出芮丝崔朵和义式浓缩的不同吗?caffeine (n.)咖啡因caffeine pills是将咖啡因制成的药锭,用后可提神I like caffeine in the morning.我喜欢早上的咖啡因滋味pull (v.)(从义式咖啡机中)汲取(咖啡)Can you pull me a double shot of espresso, please?可否麻烦你倒杯双份浓缩的义式浓缩咖啡给我?strong (a.)(味道)浓的weak (a.)(味道)淡的This coffee is really strong.这杯咖啡好浓fiend (n.)(口)嗜好成癖者,…迷John is such a chocolate fiend. He eats it all the time!约翰真是一个巧克力鬼他老是吃巧克力吃个不停!fix (n.)(俚)毒品注射I cant wait to get my fix.我等不急来个一针了do lines(把毒品的粉末)排列成线用鼻子吸入这里Ann是在开玩笑,说Jess对咖啡因上瘾的程度,就好象是在吸毒Doing lines of anything is bad your nose.不管是什么东西,只要排成线状吸进鼻子里,都对鼻子不好snob (n.)假内行的人,自以为了不起的人A: She never talks to anyone.她从不和任何人说话B: Yes, either she shy or a real snob!对啊,她不是害羞,就是装高贵!essence (n.)本质,精华A: How do you like the author, James Joyce?你喜欢这个作家,詹姆斯乔依斯吗?B: He amazing. He captured the essence of human thought.他太神奇了他抓住人类思维的本质 357887

A designer in Russia has created a vehicle that can travel on land, water, and even in the skyWhat is it? Well, it's a flying pod, and it goes by the name of Evolution. It certainly looks a lot different from the first automobiles, and like all good evolution stories, it's way ahead of its predecessors. Inventor and chief designer Alexander Begak says it can travel on land, slide through water and snow, and even fly, thanks to a gliding parachute that acts as a portable wing. " It's great fishing or hunting, especially the two-seater. Its flying speed can be very slow. It can be set at kilometers per hour, so it'll practically stay still, that's good hunting. " With its 30-horsepower motor, Evolution can reach speeds of 0 kilometers an hour in the air, and 80 on land. But Begak says a new machine he and his team are working on can go even faster than this on land, and reach speeds of 50 kilometers an hour in the air. As well as being an inventor and designer, Begak also sounds like he's putting his creative energy into a novel marketing campaign. He plans to give his first Evolution to Russia's outgoing President Vladimir Putin, hoping the gift will inspire him to back the country's evolving light aircraft industry. Michelle Carlile-Alkhouri, Reuters. WORDS IN THE NEWS 1. -seater : comb in adj-seater combines with numbers to m adjectives and nouns which indicate how many people something such as a car has seats .eg: a three-seater sofa 6691

  Sabrina:Wait! Dont deposit that money into our regular bank .塞布丽娜:等等!别把钱存到我们的普通账户下Ill take care of it.我来处理Luis:Okay, but why?路易斯:好吧,但为什么呢?Sabrina:Ive come up with a way us to avoid paying so much in taxes each year.塞布丽娜:我想到了一个每年不交这么多的税的方法Ive opened an offshore in the Crook Islands.我开通了一个克鲁克群岛的海外帐户We can funnel our money into that and itll be untraceable.我们可以将钱汇到这个账户,而且无迹可寻Luis:But that tax evasion.路易斯:但这是逃税行为Sabrina:The banks in the Crook Islands have ways of covering up the paper trail so no one will be the wiser.塞布丽娜:克鲁克群岛的各大都会掩盖书面记录,所以没人会知道Luis:That doesnt make it legal.路易斯:这并不合法Sabrina:They havent caught us yet.塞布丽娜:目前我们还没被发现Luis:You mean youve aly started putting money into that ?路易斯:你的意思是你已经开始把钱放到这个账户里了?Sabrina:Ive been depositing money into it nearly a year.塞布丽娜:我这样做已经快1年了Luis:And when were you going to tell me?路易斯:那你打算什么时候告诉我?Sabrina:Im telling you now. Trust me.塞布丽娜:我现在正跟你讲啊相信我These tax havens are very popular with the rich.这样的避税天堂很受富人欢迎Were just taking a page from their book on how to save money.我们只是学习他们如何省钱Luis:Were going to get caught. We should come clean now.路易斯:我们会被抓的趁现在赶紧坦白去吧Sabrina:That why I didnt tell you bee!塞布丽娜:所以我才一直没告诉你!I knew youd make a fuss about it.我就知道你会大惊小怪Luis:And you were right.路易斯:你是对的We need to quietly close the and bring the money back.我们需要安静地关了这个账户,然后把钱弄回来Sabrina:Then well have to pay taxes on it and maybe even a penalty, more than we wouldve had to pay in taxes originally.塞布丽娜:然后我们要去缴税,甚至接受惩罚,肯定比我们最初缴纳的要多Luis:Right and that called poetic justice.路易斯:没错,这就是应得的惩罚 389383

  30 Years Late30年前She found a book in her basement. It was an old book. She opened the book. It was a library book. It was an old library book. The library card was inside the front cover. The due date was on the library card. She looked at the due date. The due date was 30 years ago! Oh my goodness, she thought. I wonder how much money that is, she thought. I wonder how much money I owe. She didn’t know what to do. She thought about it. I can just throw the book out, she thought. No one will know. No one will know if I just throw the book out. She threw the book out. She threw the book into the trash can. She thought about it. She felt bad. I shouldn’t throw a book into the trash can, she thought. She took it out of the trash can.她在地下室发现了一本书这是一本旧书她打开了这本书这是一本图书馆的书这是一本老旧的图书馆图书借阅卡放在了封皮里面卡上写着截止日期她看了看截止日期截止日期竟然是30年前!她想我的天啊她想这本书应该值多少钱呢我不知道我欠了多少钱她不知道该怎么做她想了想我可以把它扔了没人会知道没人会知道我把书扔了她把书扔了书被扔进了垃圾箱她想了想她感觉不太好我不应该把书仍垃圾箱她又把书拿了回来译文属原创,,不得转载 83。

  On the subject of vast distances, we come now to our series--the state of our unions about marriage in this country. Tonight couples who keep it together across the miles in what sometimes are called "commuter marriages" often necessary, when work is in one place and family is in another as we see tonight from N's Rehema Ellis.One two threeThe typical weekend Florida couple Darren and Lucinda Lesser--playing with two-year old son Bryce. But once Tuesday morning rolls around.Hi, Baby, love you.Love youDarren goes back to his contracting job, a thousand miles away in Philadelphia. It's an arrangement becoming more common among married couples, the so-called "commuter marriage".The US Census Bureau estimates 3.6 million married Americans, including military families, live apart. That's a 0 percent increase since 1999. many couples, like the Lessers, it's about economics and child care.She's a wonderful mother and so I just can't think of someone else raising our son.So how do they make it work? Communication is key.(How was your flying?)We do a lot of rituals, if you would call it that, you know, we speak first thing in the morning, we speak last thing in the evening.Still the Lessers are planning ahead. Lucinda has started her own Mary Kay business and is studying her real estate license to help build up their savings so when the time comes Darren to stop traveling, they can afd it.Leading to the next challenge, living together again full-time. Dr. Bill Pinsof is president of the Family Institute at Northwestern University. "The most important thing is to have patience and to realize that you are not just gonna be able to come back and everything's gonna fall back into place.""I give it maybe or 3 weeks. She'll probably be y to send me back out on the road."But they are willing to risk it, because like most couples, the reason they got married in the first place was to be together.Rehema Ellis, N news, New York. 1

  Voice 1: Well, that is nearly all we have time - Oh! I’m very sorry!声音1:我们的节目到这里差不多要结束了……哦!非常抱歉!Voice : What is the matter with you? Are you tired?声音:你怎么了?你很累吗?Voice 1: Yes, a bit. I did not sleep very well last night. And I cannot survive without much sleep. I must be getting old.声音1:对,有点儿累我昨晚睡得不太好睡眠不足导致我很难坚持下去我一定是老了Voice : Well, listen to today’s hodgepodge. You may hear some good advice about how to stay young!声音:那就来听听今天的《大杂烩版块吧你会听到一些有助于保持年轻的好建议!Everybody gets older. It is a fact. Over the years, some people wrote down their thoughts about the time when we are young - youth - and about old age. Is being older - and wiser - to do with time or experience? Here are some sayings. Do you agree with them?所有人都会变老这是事实多年来,一些人写下了他们对年轻时光和年老时期的想法年老和越来越明智与时间或经历有关吗?下面有一些格言你同意这些格言吗? 译文属 56Voice 1: The Marathon Des Sables is a seven day race. The race is separated into six different parts. The first three parts involve running about thirty-two kilometres each day. In the fourth part people run about eighty kilometres. The people get ty hours to run these eighty kilometres. The fifth part is a full marathon. The people must complete just over ty-two kilometres. And finally, in the sixth part, runners must run fourteen to nineteen kilometres to the finish line. In all, runners complete a total of five marathons.声音1:撒哈拉沙漠马拉松是一项为期7天的赛事这项赛事包括6个阶段前3个阶段要求每天奔跑3公里在第阶段,参赛者每天要跑8公里左右参赛者要在0个小时内完成80公里第5阶段是全程马拉松参赛者必须完成公里最后,参赛者必须在第6阶段奔跑至19公里,直至终点线这相当于参赛者一共要完成5个马拉松的距离Voice : People competing in the race must run across all kinds of land. They must run up sand dunes, or hills. They must run over salt flats and dried up river beds. They must run through rocky, flat desert fields and ancient dried up lakes. Sometimes the runners may even pass through a small desert village.声音:参与这项赛事的人必须在各种土地上奔跑他们必须在沙丘和山上奔跑他们必须在盐滩和干涸的河床上奔跑他们必须在布满岩石的平坦沙漠区域和古老的干涸河流中奔跑有时参赛者甚至要穿过小型的沙漠村庄译文属 89598

  After the mealRich: Are you going to watch the Indy Five Hundred on TV this weekend?Taylor:Im not really into racecar driving.Rich: You were when we were in high school. That, and baseball.Taylor:Yeah, well, times change. Look at you-youre a father now. You cant say that you havent changed.Rich: True, but I still have to watch my baseball. The season in full swing now.Taylor:I mean, I know spring training over, but Im just not into all that.Rich: Hello? Is the real Taylor in there?参考译文:餐后李奇:你这周末要看印地安拿波里五百大赛车的电视转播吗?泰勒:我其实对赛车兴趣不大李奇:我们高中时,你倒挺有兴趣的除了那个外,还有棒球泰勒:对呀,时空背景变了看看你——你现在是个爸爸了你可别说你都没变李奇:的确,但是我还是非看棒球不可现在球季正打得火热呢泰勒:我是说,我知道春季训练已经结束了,但我就是对那些不感兴趣李奇:哈啰,真正的泰勒在里面吗重点词汇:Indy Five Hundred印地安拿波里五百大赛车Indy是美国印地安那州首Indianapolis 的简称,这个「印地安拿波里五百大赛车」是全球最知名的年度赛车盛事racecar 则是指赛车场上的「赛车」Ive never seen the Indy Five Hundred race.我从未看过印地安纳波里五百大赛车That and....除了(刚刚说的)那个,还有…My wife6 is here. That, and my job, will keep me in Taiwan.我老婆在这除了这之外,还有我的工作,都会将我留在台湾 36566

  Step by Step 3000. Book . 5. Creative Minds.Part 1. Warming up.A. Keywords. invented.Vocabulary. internal-combustion engine, barometer, atmosphere pressure, polaroid, pendulum, diesel,fuel oil, dynamite, kaleidoscope, harpsichord, gunsmith.Youre going to hear some inmation about inventions.Listen carefully, write down the names of the inventions, the nationality and occupation of each inventor and the year when the invention was made.The gasoline automobile was invented by Gottieb Daimler, the German engineer in 1885.His construction of the first high-speed internal-combustion engine led to development of the automobile industry.The barometer, the instrument measuring atmosphere pressure, was invented by inventor, Evangelista Torriceli ,the Italian physicist and mathematician in 3.The polaroid camera, which takes and prints photos in one step, was invented in 197, by the American inventor and industrialist Edwin Herbert Land.The pendulum clock was invented by the Dutch mathematician and physicist, Christiaan Huygens in 57.The diesel engine which is heavier and more powerful than gasoline engine, and which burns fuel oil instead of gasoline, was named after its inventor, Rudolph Diesel, the German engineer, in 189.Dynamite, the improved explosives was great safety, was invented in 1866, by the Swedish chemist, Alfred Bernhard Nobel.He established a fund to provide annual awards called Nobel Prizes in science, literature and promotion of international peace.The Kaleidoscope was invented in 18, by Sir David Brewster, the Scottish physicist and natural philosopher.The piano, a keyboard musical instrument, was invented in , by the Italian harpsichord maker, Bartolomeo Cristoi.The sewing machine, which greatly revolutionized clothes making, was invented by Elias Howe, an American inventor in 186.The typewriter, its first practical commerical model, was invented in 1867, by the American inventor, Christopher Sholes,and was manufactured by the American gunsmith, Philo Remington in 187.B. Keywords. invent.Vocabulary. fax, calendar, puppet, Mercedes-Benz.The following passage will tell you about some inventions made by people in different countries.Listen carefully and match the inventions with places where these things first came from.People in England made the first computer. It was built in 193.It was made to help England understand secret messages during World War Two.Someone in Australia invented the fax machine.After the fax machine was invented, it first became popular in East Asia.Folding fans came from Japan.They were invented in Japan almost 800 years ago.The first car came from Germany. It was invented by Karl Benz in 1885.Benz is still famous. His name is one the Mercedes-Benz car.A man in Canada invented the chocolate bar.He lived in Nova Scotia, in the eastern part of Canada.He invented the chocolate bar in the 1800.The first really accurate calendar was invented in Mexico.This calendar was made about 00 years ago.That when people learned that the year was 365 days long.The first mechanical clock was invented in China.It was invented in the year 75, over 50 years ago.People think Africans created the first puppets.Actually no one is sure. But puppets were probably created to help tell stories.C. Keywords. design, patent, introduce, develop, appear, born, invent, create.Vocabulary. paper clip, patent, adhesive, primer, cellular phone, commission, authorize,subscribe, credit with, wringer, ad, disposable, diaper, zipper, immigrant, galosh,accident-prone, strip, merit, Band-Aid, Norwegian, Pennsylvania, Czech.In the past century, when the consumer became king, product innovation reached unprecedented heights.Now listen to some of the great things invented in the past 0 years.Fill in the missing inmation.Pay special attention to the name of the inventions and the time when they appeared.The design of paper clips is perfect.There been little improvements since Norwegian Johan Vaaler got his American patent in 1901.Only about % actually used to clip papers.Post-it is one of the top 5 best selling office suppliers.To make post-its, introduced in 1980, 3M had to develop the adhesive, primer, back-side coating and new manufacturing equipment.The first cellular phone was developed in 1973, by Martin Cooper at Motorola.And a test of 00 such phones followed in Chicago.The Federal Communications Commission authorized cellular service in 198, and we havent shut up since.More than a third of all households in the U.S subscribe.Among those credited with making electric washing machines was Alva J. Fisher.The machines used wringers to remove water from clothes.Truly automatic machines appeared in the 1930s.An early ad a GE washer , ;If every father did family washing next Monday, there would be an electric washing machine in evert home by Saturday night.;Oh, baby, what a convenience. Procter amp; Gamble pampers, born in 1961, were first used only special occasions.Now the 95% of American parents who buy disposable diapers will spend up to dollars a child to avoid washing diapers.Zippers were invented in 19 by Swedish immigrant Gideon Sunback at Universal Fastener Co, in Pennsylvania.B.F. Goodrich first used the word to refer to a fastener on a pair of its galoshes.It was not used in clothes until the 1930s.By 191, zippers beat pants off buttons in the Battle of the Fly.Johnson amp; Johnson sold 3000 dollars worth of handmade Band-Aids in 191, the year it introduced them.A company cotton buyer, Earle Dickson, had created them at home his accident-prone wife.He then convinced his boss that the strips had merit.Onto Wichterle, a Czech scientist, created the first soft contact lens in 1961.Bausch amp; Lomb brought the rights to his process a reported 3 billion dollars in 1966. 353576

  Chinatown; famous songs: “Home on the Range”; that way versus in that way versus in such a way; neither here nor there; suffer versus suffer fromWords:to be inspired by (something)conspiracycorruptionto revealto fleewarrant (someone) arrestrangeantelopeseldomdiscouragingto idealizestate songthat wayin that wayin such a wayneither here nor thereto sufferto suffer from 3563。

  Daddy Likes Beer爸爸喜欢喝啤酒The little girl was thirsty. She wanted something to drink. She opened the refrigerator. She looked inside. She saw milk. She saw soda. She saw orange juice. She saw beer. She wondered what beer tasted like. Her daddy drank beer every day. Beer must be good. If Daddy likes it, it must taste good. She grabbed a can of beer. She opened the beer. She smelled it. She couldnt smell anything. She swallowed some. ;Yuck!; she said. The beer was horrible. How could Daddy drink that stuff? She put the can back into the refrigerator. Daddy could finish it when he got home. She grabbed the milk. She poured some into a glass. She added chocolate syrup to the milk. She stirred the milk. Now she had chocolate milk. She loved chocolate milk. Poor Daddy, she thought. He likes beer more than chocolate milk.小女孩很渴她想喝点东西她打开了冰箱她往里面看了看她看到了牛奶她看到了苏打水她看到了橙汁她看到了啤酒她想知道啤酒是什么味道她爸爸每天都喝啤酒啤酒一定很好喝如果爸爸喜欢喝,那它肯定很好喝她拿起一罐啤酒她把啤酒打开了她闻了闻她什么也闻不到她喝了一口“呸!”她说啤酒太难喝了爸爸怎么会喝这种东西呢?她把啤酒罐放回冰箱里了爸爸回家以后可以把它喝完她拿起了牛奶她倒了一些牛奶在杯子里她往牛奶里加了一些巧克力糖浆她搅了搅牛奶现在她有了巧克力牛奶她喜欢巧克力牛奶爸爸真可怜,她这样想着他喜欢啤酒超过巧克力牛奶译文属原创,,不得转载 68585

    A Beautiful Dress  My neighbor eight-year-old daughter used to stay in the countryside, her native place. Recently her parents brought her to town to live with them. Wild and uneducated, she would swear or use dirty words when she was displeased. Sometimes she went so far as to roll on the ground, to the shock of all people around. Her parents tried to tame her by beating and kicking, only to result in more violent outbursts. Finally they became thoroughly disappointed with her.  One day their next-door neighbor, a retired woman teacher, gave the girl a snow-white dress, which was very beautiful. It immediately caught the girl eyes and made them shine brightly.  The girl put on the dress and became quite another person. She no longer abused or hit others, even less rolled on the floor. She knew running wild was beneath her in such a beautiful dress. Since then the girl had been gentle, neat, and lovely.  The story set me thinking a lot. Perhaps everyone has a beautiful dress hidden somewhere in his or her heart. Only some people are not aware of it, get it or abandon it. Beauty is a power ce or weapon -- that something unrealized by many of us. it can arouse fine qualities that humans are born with but have so far hidden somewhere. It has a soul-shaking influence that is indeed unmatched. 18


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