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2019年10月23日 16:54:41 | 作者:康泰报 | 来源:新华社
【中文这样说】--不要努力工作!--是的,我不会努力工作的。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style Don’t work too hard.Yes, I won’tAmerican Style Don’t work too hard.All right, I won’t /200604/6455Thank you. Thank you so much for the kind introduction. Its a tremendous honor to be here. Like, like most graduation speakers, my main qualification would seem to be that I am one of the few people who are even more clueless about what is going on in your lives than your parents and your professors.Most of you are about 21 or 22 years old. You are about to begin working. I havent worked for anybody for 21 years. But if I try to make, give a reason for why it makes sense for me to speak here today, I would say its because thinking about the future is what I do for a living. And this is a commencement. Its a new beginning. As a technology investor, I invest in new beginnings. I believe in what hasnt yet been seen or been done.This is not what I set out to do when I began my career. When I was sitting where you are, back in 1989, I would have told you that I wanted to be a lawyer. I didnt really know what lawyers do all day, but I knew they had to first go to law school, and school was familiar to me. I had been competitively tracked from middle school to high school to college. And by going straight to law school, I knew I would be competing at the same kinds of tests Id been taking ever since I was a kid, but I could tell everyone that I was now doing it for the sake of becoming a professional adult.I did well enough in law school to be hired by a big New York law firm, but it turned out to be a very strange place: from the outside, everybody wanted to get in; and from the inside, everybody wanted to get out. When I left the firm – after 7 months and 3 days – my co-workers were surprised. One of them told me that he hadnt known it was possible to escape from Alcatraz. Now, that might sound odd, because all you had to do to escape was walk through the front door, and not come back. But people really did find it very hard to leave, because so much of their identity was wrapped up in having won the competitions to get there in the first place.Just as I was leaving the law firm, I got an interview for a Supreme Court clerkship. And this is sort of the top prize you can get as a young lawyer. It was the absolute last stage of competition, but I lost. And at the time, I was totally devastated – It seemed just like the end of the world.About a decade later, I ran into an old friend – someone who had helped me prepare for the Supreme Court interview, but whom I hadnt seen in years. His first words to me were not, you know, ;Hi, Peter; or ;How are you doing?; but rather, ;So, arent you glad you didnt get that clerkship?; Because if I hadnt lost that last competition, we both knew that I never would have left the track laid down since middle school. I wouldnt have moved to California and co-founded a startup. I wouldnt have done anything new.Looking back at my ambition to become a lawyer, it looks less like a plan for the future and more like an alibi for the present. It was a way to explain to anyone who would ask – to my parents, to my peers, and most of all, to myself – that there was no need to worry, I was perfectly on track. But it turned out, in retrospect, that my biggest problem was taking a track without thinking really hard about where it was going.When I co-founded a technology startup, we took the opposite approach. We consciously set out to change the direction of the world with very definite, very big plans. Our goal was nothing less than to replace the U.S. dollar by creating a new digital currency.We had a young team. When we started, I was the only person over 23 years old. When we released our first product, the first users were simply the 24 people who worked at our company. Outside, there were millions of people working in the global financial industry. And when we told some of them about our plans, we noticed a clear pattern: the more experience someone had in banking, the more certain they were that our venture could never succeed.201606/449535

My fellow Americans,As Black History Month 2017 comes to a close,我的美国同胞们,在2017年黑人历史月结束之际,I am very grateful for the many wonderful opportunities to honor African American heroes, faith leaders,我非常感激有很多很棒的机会,向非裔美国英雄们,领袖,entrepreneurs and the many others who changed the course of our Nation.企业家和众多其他改变我们国家进程的人们致敬。We are blessed by the lives and examples of those who have made this Nation a beacon of freedom, talent, and unbreakable American spirit.我们是有福的,被那些让这个国家成为自由,有才和牢不可破美国精神灯塔的生命和榜样所祝福着。This week, I had the privilege of visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture right here in Washington, D.C.本周,我有幸参观华盛顿的非裔美国人国家历史文化物馆。这是新建的漂亮的国立物馆。Its a new, beautiful Smithsonian museum that serves as a shining example of African Americans incredible contributions to our culture, our society, and our history.这是非裔美国人对我们文化,社会和历史做出杰出贡献的闪亮榜样。It also tells of the great struggle for freedom and equality that prevailed against the sins of slavery and the injustice of discrimination.它也诉说着为了自由平等努力的伟大奋斗进程。这是已经在反对奴隶定罪和歧视的不公平上被广泛接受了的。The work and love of the people who helped create such a masterpiece is a testament to the legacy of so many leaders it honors.创造如此伟大杰作人们的工作和爱,是对众多领袖致敬的遗产的确切明。I left that museum confident that together, America can overcome any challenge.我带着自信离开这样的物馆,在一起,美国可以战胜任何的挑战。201703/498744

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My fellow Americans, this weekend I begin my first trip overseas as president – a trip with historic significance for the American people.我的美国同胞们,本周我将以总统的身份首次开启出国访问之旅,这次出访对美国民众有历史性意义。I will be visiting with the leaders in many different countries to strengthen our old friendships, build new partnerships,我将探访许多不同国家的首脑,巩固传统友谊,建立新的伙伴关系,and unite the civilized world in a fight against terrorism.联合文明国家共同打击恐怖主义。In that spirit of unity, I will travel to lands associated with three of the worlds great religions.本着这种团结的精神,我将前往与世界三大宗教紧密相连的地方。My first stop will be Saudi Arabia – the heart of the Muslim World.我出访的首站是穆斯林世界的核心——沙特阿拉伯。There, I will address a historic gathering of the leaders of more than 50 Muslim nations.在那里,50多个穆斯林国家首脑将历史性地齐聚一堂,而我会面对大家发表演说。I will represent the views of the American people frankly and clearly.我将坦诚而清晰地反映美国民众的观点。Many of these leaders have expressed growing concern about terrorism, the sp of radicalization, and Irans role in funding both.对于恐怖主义、激进主义的扩张以及伊朗对前两者的资助问题,这些穆斯林国家的许多首脑已表示出日益增长的担忧。Now it appears Muslim leaders are y to take more responsibility and a much bigger role in fighting terrorism in their region.现在看来,在对抗国内恐怖主义问题上,穆斯林国家的领导准备好承担更多的责任,扮演更重要的角色。Its about time we do it, well do it together, but it has to be done.是时候做这件事了,我们要齐心合力,此事必须要做到。America cannot solve all of the worlds problems,美国一国无法解决全世界的问题,but we can – and we must – help any nation willing to join in the common cause of eradicating terrorism from the face of the earth.但各国联合起来能够、也必须帮助那些国家——有意加入根除全球恐怖主义共同事业的任何国家。201706/515055

Every four years, our nations attention turns to a competition thats as heated as it is historic. People pack arenas and wave flags. Journalists judge every move and overanalyze every misstep. Sometimes were let down, but more often were lifted up. And just when we think weve seen it all, we see something happen in a race that weve never seen before. Im talking, of course, about the Summer Olympics. This month, Rio is hosting the first-ever Games held in South America – and were y to root on Team USA. Were excited to see who will inspire us this time; whose speed will remind us of Jesse Owens; whose feats will remind us of Bob Beamons amazing jump. Which young American will leave us awestruck, the way a teenager named Kerri Strug did when she stuck that landing, and when another kid named Cassius Clay gave the world its first glimpse of greatness? Who will match Mary Lou Rettons perfection; or pull off an upset like Rulon Gardners; or dominate like the Dream Team? Thats why we watch. And we have a lot to look forward to this year. Team USA reminds the world why America always sets the gold standard: Were a nation of immigrants that finds strength in our diversity and unity in our national pride. Our athletes hail from 46 states, D.C., and the Virgin Islands. Our team boasts the most women who have ever competed for any nation at any Olympic Games. It includes active-duty members of our military and our veterans. Weve got basketball players who stand nearly seven feet tall and a gymnast whos 4-foot-8. And Team USA spans generations: a few athletes who are almost as old as I am, and one born just a year before my younger daughter. Our roster includes a gymnast from Texas whos so trailblazing, they named a flip after her. A young woman who persevered through a tough childhood in Flint, Michigan, to become the first American woman to win gold in the boxing ring. And a fencing champion from suburban Jersey wholl become the first American Olympian to wear a hijab while competing. And on our Paralympic team, were honored to be represented by a Navy veteran who lost his sight while serving in Afghanistan and continues to show us what courage looks like every time he jumps in the pool. When you watch these Games, remember that its about so much more than the moments going by in a flash. Think about the countless hours these athletes put in, knowing it could mean the difference in a split-second victory that earns them a lifetime of pride, and gives us enduring memories. Its about the character it takes to train your heart out, even when no ones watching. Just hard work, focus, and a dream. Thats the Olympic spirit – and its the American spirit, too. In our Olympians, we recognize that no one accomplishes greatness alone. Even solo athletes have a coach beside them and a country behind them. In a season of intense politics, lets cherish this opportunity to come together around one flag. In a time of challenge around the world, lets appreciate the peaceful competition and sportsmanship well see, the hugs and high-fives and the empathy and understanding between rivals who know we share a common humanity. Lets honor the courage it takes, not only to cross the finish line first, but merely to stand in the starting blocks. And lets see in ourselves the example they set – proving that no matter where youre from, with determination and discipline, theres nothing you cant achieve. That idea – that you can succeed no matter where youre from – is especially true this year. Well cheer on athletes on the first-ever Olympic Refugee Team: Ten competitors from the Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Syria who personify endurance. To all of our Olympic and Paralympic athletes wearing the red, white, and blue – know that your country couldnt be prouder of you. We admire all the work youve done to get to Rio and everything youll do there. Thank you for showing the world the best of America. And know that when you get up on that podium, well be singing the National Anthem – and maybe even shedding a tear – right alongside you. Now go bring home the gold!201608/460445

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