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The new California data center marks the Chinese company’s latest measured expansion onto American soil, and into a hotly contested U.S. market now dominated by Amazon.com Inc , Microsoft Corp and Google Inc.该数据中心是阿里巴巴在美国谨慎扩张的最新举措,该公司也借此进入了竞争激烈的美国云务市场。在这里,占据主导地位的是亚马逊、微软和谷歌。Alibaba’s Aliyun cloud division intends the new data center to cater initially to Chinese companies with operations in the U.S., including retail, Internet and gaming firms. It will later target U.S. businesses seeking a presence in both countries, Ethan Yu, a vice president at Alibaba who runs the international cloud business, told Reuters.阿里巴巴负责国际云业务的副总裁喻思成告诉路透社记者,该公司旗下的阿里云打算首先通过该中心为在美国从事经营活动的中国公司提供务,后者包括零售商、网络和游戏公司;随后,该中心将把目光投向希望同时在中美两国开展业务的美国企业。“This is a very strategic move for us,” Yu said, declining to say how much Alibaba invested in the data center or disclose its location for security reasons. “International expansion is actually a company strategy in the coming few years.”喻思成没有透露该中心的投资规模;出于安全考虑,他也没有透露该中心的位置。但喻思成说:“这对我们来说是具有重要战略意义的行动。国际扩张实际上是我们整个公司今后几年的策略。”“Eventually we may expand to other regions, for example the East Coast or middle part of the U.S., if our customers have the demand for that.”“如果客户有这样的需求,我们的业务最终有可能发展到美国的其他地区,比如东海岸或中部。”Aliyun, which has been likened to a budding version of Amazon Web Services, began as part of the company’s in-house technical infrastructure but has since expanded to lease processing and storage space for small and medium Internet businesses in China.人们一直把阿里云比喻为初级版的亚马逊网络务。这项业务最初是阿里巴巴内部技术基础设施的一部分,随后不断发展壮大,目前主要为国内中小型互联网企业提供数据处理务和存储空间。While Alibaba dominates e-commerce in China, Aliyun, also known as AlibabaCloud Computing, holds about a 23% market share in its home market. It faces both Chinese and foreign competitors, from carriers like China Telecom to Microsoft and Amazon. Its existing data centers span the Chinese cities of Hangzhou, Qingdao, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.阿里巴巴是中国电商行业主导者,阿里云在国内市场的份额约为23%,但它面对的是来自国内外的竞争对手,其中有中国电信这样的电信运营商,也有微软和亚马逊这样的海外企业。阿里云目前在杭州、青岛、北京、深圳和香港设有数据中心。Alibaba is kicking off its U.S. cloud business as American corporations and politicians are protesting what they see as Beijing’s efforts to curb foreign technology at home.就在阿里巴巴启动美国云业务之际,美国企业和政界人士正在对中国政府表达不满,原因是他们认为后者限制了外国技术在中国的发展。Chinese government controls have limited foreign competition and disrupted many online services, including Google’s and Amazon Web Services’, according to censorship watchdogs.审查制度观察组织认为,中国政府的管制限制了来自国外的竞争,影响了多家公司的在线务业务,包括谷歌的相关务和亚马逊网络务。This week, U.S. President Barack Obama sharply criticized new Chinese counter-terrorism regulationsthat subject overseas companies to arduous measures regarding data management. The official Chinese news agency Xinhua responded Wednesday by calling Obama’s criticisms “utterly groundless and another piece of evidence of arrogance and hypocrisy of the U.S. foreign policy.”本周,美国总统奥巴马对中国的反恐新规提出强烈批评,称这些规定给外国公司的数据管理带来了极大困难。新华社周三对此做出回应,称奥巴马的批评“毫无根据,再次体现了美国外交政策的傲慢和伪善。”A more immediate concern may be how Alibaba intends to vie with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google, which are slashing prices on cloud services to try and sustain double-digit growth. They’re battling over a public cloud services market that could grow into an 0 billion industry by 2017, according to researcher IDC.另一个问题也许更为紧要,那就是阿里巴巴打算怎样跟亚马逊、微软和谷歌等公司抗衡。为了维持双位数增长,这些公司已经下调了云务价格。研究机构IDC预计,到2017年,这些企业所争夺的公共云务市场的规模有望增长到1000亿美元。U.S. customers are not expected to be bothered by the service’s Chinese ownership if pricing is competitive.如果价格具有竞争力,预计美国消费者不会介意这项业务由一家中国公司来提供。Alibaba has big plans for Aliyun, which now accounts for about 1% of its revenue but supports its core e-commerce operation and will also play a pivotal role in the long run. Alibaba sees cloud computing as key to its plans to aggregate and analyze the vast quantities of data it collects, including on consumer behavior.阿里巴巴为阿里云制定了远大计划。目前阿里云约占该公司收入的1%,但它为阿里巴巴的核心电商业务提供持,而且长期来看将发挥关键作用。阿里巴巴计划进行大量数据汇集和分析工作,其中包括消费者行为数据,公司认为云计算是实现这一计划的关键。The company also needs to find ways to sustain so-far stunning growth. Shares in the company fell to their lowest levels since their debut on Tuesday, after rival JD.com’s JD 0.69% better-than-expected quarterly results revived concerns that Alibaba’s expansion is slowing.阿里巴巴需要寻找方式,来维持一直以来的飞速增长。周二,该公司股价创上市以来新低,原因是竞争对手京东的季度业务好于预期,这让人们再次开始担心阿里巴巴的扩张速度正在放慢。 /201503/362741Water trickles down gullies and crater walls on the surface of Mars, raising intriguing questions about whether life could exist on the red planet。水流沿着火星表面的火山口壁和山壑流淌而留下的痕迹,又一次将“火星上是不是有生命存在”这一问题抛了出来。The findings are the strongest evidence yet that liquid water darkens the Martian surface today; we#39;ve known for years that water flowed on Mars long ago。如今,这一发现是明液态水使火星表面变得暗沉的最有利据。其实,多年前我们就知道,很久以前火星上是有水存在的。Described Monday in Nature Geoscience, the observations suggest that this water appears seasonally, forming dark lines as it tumbles down steep Martian slopes. But scientists still don’t know where the water is coming from, or if the chemistry is even right for supporting life。《自然地球科学》星期一发布的文章中称,这一发现表明这些水迹的出现是季节性的,水沿着陡峭的火星山壁一泻而下,形成了许多深色的水流线条。但是科学家还是不知道水源在哪,或这一化学物是否能够维持生命。For now, the find solves the mystery of dark streaks that appear and disappear seasonally, called recurring slope lineae。目前,这一发现解释了为什么火星表面总会季节性出现或消失深色线纹,这种线段的学名叫做“季节性斜坡纹线”。The streaks were first spotted in 2010 by Lujendra Ojha, then an undergraduate at the University of Arizona. Ojha was studying images returned to Earth from the HiRISE camera, aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. At the time, he says, he had no clue how important his observation would be。2010年,一位亚利桑那大学的学生——卢金德拉·欧嘉首次发现了这种深色线纹。他一直在研究从装在美国国家航空暨太空总署火星侦察卫星上的照相机发回地球的照片。欧嘉说,那时候的他一点都不知道这个发现有这么重要。Is Mars Sweating?火星是流汗了吗?A big question swirls around the origin of that water: Where is it coming from? One possibility is that the seeps are fueled by an aquifer or melting subsurface ice. These scenarios would have Mars essentially sweating, with saltwater seeping from its pores and trickling down slopes as the planet warms。问题在于水源:这些水从哪里来?一种可能是由含水层渗透、或地下冰融化造成的。这些现象导致火星“流汗”——由于星球变暖,地下的盐水从地表空隙渗透出来,并沿着表面斜坡流淌下来。The water might also be atmospheric in origin, which is the hypothesis the team seems to favor. In this scenario, surface salts absorb water vapor in the Martian atmosphere。水也有可能是来源于大气,这一说法也有人认可。这种假设是说,火星表面盐分吸取了大气中的水蒸气。But until now, evidence has been scarce for flowing water at the surface today. What it means, in the bigger picture of planetary exploration and the search for life beyond Earth, is still a mystery。目前为止,能明火星表面有流动的水存在的据还是微不足道的。也就是说,在星球探索中,地球外的生命研究还仍只是一个谜。 /201509/401565

Beijing National Stadium( Bird’s Nest)北京国家体育场(鸟巢)Beijing National Stadium ( the “Bird#39;s Nest”) ,is the centerpiece of the Olympic Green in Beijing, China. The stadium was designed for use throughout the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.The “ Bird#39;s Nest”,with the building area of 258,000 nf , has room for 91,000 spectators, but the capacity will be reduced t0 80,000 after the Olympics.In 2001, after Beijing had been awarded the right to host the 2008 Summer Olympics, the city held a bidding process to select the best arena design. The “nest scheme” design, joint venture by architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron of Herzog de Meuron and Li Xing- gang of China Architecture Design and Research ( CADG) , was approved by as the top design and became official in 2003.国家体育场的外形是以众多钢铁不规则地“编织”而成,外形如一个鸟巢般,因此又称为“鸟巢”体育场。国家体育场位于北京奥林匹克公园中心区,为2008年第29届奥林匹克运动会和残疾人奥运会的主体育场。工程建筑面积258,000平方米,场内观众坐席约为91000个,其中临时坐席约11000个。在2002年,北京市规划委员会举办了2008年北京市奥运会主场馆的全球方案征集活动。由瑞士建筑事务所赫尔佐格和德梅隆与中国建筑设计研究院合作设计的“鸟巢”在众多作品中脱颖而出,成为2008年北京奥运会的主场馆。Ground was broken in December 2003 and the stadium officially opened in June 2008.Beijing National Stadium hosted the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, athletic events, and football final of the 2008 Summer Olympics and the 2008 Summer Paralympics. Though designed for track amp;field events of the Olympics, the stadium will continue to host sporting events, such as football, afterwards.It is one of the most important public space in Beijing and the landmark sports architecture.国家体育场于2003年12月开工建设,2008年6月投入使用,举行过2008年夏季奥运会和2008年残奥会的开幕式、闭幕式、田径及足球比赛决赛。奥运会后将成为北京市民广泛参与体育活动及享受体育的大型专业场所,并成为具有地标性的体育建筑和奥运遗产。 /201603/430101

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