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“谁说人是理性的”一书的作者,行为经济学家Dan Ariely,利用经典视差图象和他那些跟直觉相反(甚至令人震惊)的研究结果,说明我们做决定时,并非自以为那么理性。 Article/201508/395323

  Clack returned to Cambridge with dozens of tetrapod fossils.Clack带着许多四足动物化石回到了剑桥It meant that at last someone else would be able to do original work in the field of how we got our legs,这意味着其他人终于可以对我们长出腿的事件进行初步研究but the true importance of the trip did not emerge until 1990但是这趟旅程的重要性直到1990年才显露出来when a colleague, Mike Coats, started work on the specimen she#39;d almost thrown away, the acanthostega.当时她的同事Mike Coats正开始研究这件几乎被她丢弃的标本,棘螈He started to dig its hand out of the rock and he expected, of course, to find just five fingers.他开始清除前爪周围的石头,当然,他希望看到5根趾The first thing he found on this block was a finger. This digit here.他在这块区域找到的第一样东西是一根足趾,就是这根趾So we#39;ve got a number of finger bones aligned along the edge of this block.我们可以看到这个地方排列着好几根趾Then he continued with the preparation. He found the next finger which is here with its end curled over后来他继续清理,他在这里发现了第二根趾,趾尖是弯曲的and then a third similarly with this crooked finger end and a fourth, again with that,接着是第三根,同样也有类似弯曲的趾尖,第四根,也是如此and then there#39;s a gap and then he went on to find another finger. Individual finger bones are really quite clear接下来是一段空隙,他又找出了另一根趾头,每段趾骨都清晰可见and that makes a total of five, but he still had all this area here to prepare so instead of stopping这样他就找全了5根趾,但他还需要剖析这片区域,所以他没有停下来he went on to clean up the rest of this area and lo and behold here is another digit, so that makes six他继续清理剩下的部分,瞧,这看起来又是一根趾头,这样就是6根了and he expected to finish there and then to his amazement here#39;s a seventh and finally an eighth.他以为这样就结束了,但是让他吃惊的是,这里还有第七根趾,最后是第八根What? But it was true. Acanthostega had eight fingers on one hand.怎么会这样?但这却是事实,棘螈的一个爪子上有8根趾 Article/201702/494475

  Local media reports suggest more than 200 people have died as a result of a magnitude 7.5 earthquake, which has rocked Afghanistan and Pakistan.阿富汗和巴基斯坦发生7.5级强震,当地媒体报道称已造成200多人死亡。In Afghanistan’s Takhar province, a frenzied evacuation at a girls’school ended in tragedy for at least twelve students, who were reportedly trampled under the feet of others trying to escape the building.在阿富汗塔哈尔省,一所女子学校发生了悲剧,据称在慌乱的撤离中至少有十二人被其他逃离房屋的人踩踏。The quake struck near the mountainous Hindu Kush region of northern Afghanistan, shortly after 2pm local time.地震发生在阿富汗北部兴都库什山脉山区,当地时间下午2点后。Communications were brought down in some regions, meaning the death toll is likely to continue rising.一些地区通讯被中断,这意味着死亡人数可能会继续上升。In Pakistan’s provincial capital Peshawar, at least a hundred people were taken to hospital.在巴基斯坦省会白沙瓦,至少有一百人被送往医院。The country’s army chief ordered troops to the areas affected by the quake, which reportedly had the biggest impact in the north, but could be felt across the nation.国家军队总司令下令部队前往地震灾区,据称北部地区影响最大,但整个国家都有震感。In the capital Islamabad buildings shook and people poured into the streets in a panic.首都伊斯兰堡的建筑发生摇晃,人们恐慌的涌上街头。Noor Mohammad’s granddaughter was injured.努尔穆罕默德的孙女受了伤。I was saying my afternoon prayers when the earthquake happened and the roof and walls of the house collapsed, he says. Two children from my family were wounded.地震发生时我在做下午祷告,屋顶和墙壁倒塌了,他说道,我家的2个孩子受伤了。Shockwaves were felt as far away as northern India and Tajikistan, officials say, although there are no reported fatalities.官员表示,远在印度北部和塔吉克斯坦都有震感,尽管没有伤亡报告。India’s prime minister has ordered an urgent assessment of any damage.印度总理已下令对任何损害进行紧急评估。译文属。 /201510/406016。

  House Of Commons To Debate Scotland#39;s Future MPs in Westminster will discuss which extra powers should go to Holyrood and whether Scottish MPs can vote on laws in England. Two parliaments one country and as yet no deal, Scotland may have voted NO to independence, but it did so on a promise.We said that we will bring forward and command people that will summarise the views of the three parties that want to remain in the ed Kingdom, the liberal democrats, the labour party and the conservatives, that#39;s what we are doing today, that will then inform the process that we have charged lord Smith to undertake and building consensus and bring forward an agreement between those three parties and indeed also the Scottish nationals agree as well.Amongst those keeping an eye today#39;s debate will be the three who came to Scotland at the bitterly contested better end of the campaign, as the polls narrowed, they vote to get Holyrood more powers, although they still can#39;t agree what those powers should be. The Torries want Scotland to have complete control over income tax plus a share of VAT, labour says the Scottish parliament should be given powers to raise 40% of its overall budget, but differs on control of value added tax, D said Holyrood should be allowed to raise the majority of the money it spends, cross party discussions are to be facilitated by commission chaired by lord Smith Kelvin, with a blueprint for a former agreed by the end of November.The people of Scotland have spoken.Yet those discussions are now linked by the prime minister to resolving the issue of Scottish MPs voting on issues not affecting Scotland, some will be surprised that Scotland now has provided an answer to more than one question.The vote was no more than a device to try to persuade a number of people went to the NO camp, and these votes quickly made are look like on the process of being reneged upon.High up at V and looking down on its parliament sits the national monument of Scotland, originally intended to commemorate those who fell in the Napoleonic wars, almost 200 years on from the start of its construction, it remains unfinished, thanks to a lack of funds but also enthusiasm, Edinburgh#39;s folly as it#39;s become known Westminster politicians will be accused of far worse than folly if their plans don#39;t come to fruition.Otherwise the monument to their efforts will be a reinvigorated campaign for Scottish independence.Noel P, Sky News, Edinburgh. /201410/336690

  I think it#39;s beautiful,it#39;s like a ritual.我觉得很美妙.像是一种仪式We#39;re spending our first week in Yunnan province我们在云南度过了第一个星期in southwest China,云南位于中国西南on the border with Vietnam, Laos and Burma.接壤越南,老挝和缅甸Ah, we#39;re here! Yeah, it#39;s beautiful!啊,我们到啦! 是的,非常美丽This is Yuanping village, home to the Dai minority,这里是元坪村,是七世纪时定居于云南的少数民族who settled in Yunnan in the seventh century.傣族的故乡Is this the village chief?这个就是村长么Tribal chiefs like Bo Wangjian have been head of Dai villages for centuries.像柏王建这样的部族首领已经统治了傣族村落几个世纪Once an hereditary post, today chiefs are elected by villagers如今部落首领的选举已由曾经的世袭制,变为村民直选and report to their district Communist Party government.并上报当地政府These families live in homes with few modern conveniences.这些村民的生活远离现代化便利设施This is the house?这是房子吗With no electricity, cooking takes place over a simple open fire.没有电,做饭就是简单的生个火Wow, it#39;s a limited kitchen, huh?I#39;d like to cook here.哇,很简陋的厨房,不是么 我想在这里烹饪That#39;s wonderful.好棒啊Tell him we#39;d like to cook请告诉他,我们想在这儿烧菜and share with him our love of cooking,和他共享我们对烹饪and especially the ingredients that you find here.特别是对当地的一些食材的喜爱We#39;ll be cooking for the chief later, but first we#39;re heading out一会儿我们将为村长下厨,但在此之前,我们先去了into the local farmland to learn more about the Dai way of life.当地的农田,了解傣族的风土人情What I like is how they take the creek, how they irrigate the field.我喜欢他们用溪流灌溉田地的方式I like that very much.我太喜欢这种方式了The Dai people were one of the first cultivators of rice in China.傣族人是中国最早耕种水稻的人之一Today, like 128 million of China#39;s rural poor,今天,如同中国一亿两千八百万的赤贫农民一样the villagers of Yuanping live on less than a pound a day.元坪村的村民一天生活费不足一英镑To survive, they must utilise everything in their environment.为了生存,他们必须得善用身边一切可用之物These local foresters prove just how resourceful they must be.当地的林木工人明了他们的足智多谋How do they know how to, you know, harvest bamboo?你知道他们是怎么砍竹子的吗Cos it is a skill, cos their knife skills are incredible.因为这看起来很技术流,他们的刀工太赞了This is as strong as steel. And it#39;s flexible, too.竹,坚韧如钢,有时却又那么灵活And it can be reused again and again. Yeah, absolutely.而且它们可以被重复利用-是的,绝对的Yunnan has 250 types of bamboo云南有二百五十多种不同种类的竹and the Dai villagers have found ingenious uses for it傣族人对竹子的利用也很独特from building houses, bridges and farm tools用竹造房,搭桥,做农具to making food and medicine.还可做食材和药材 Article/201509/400061栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201511/406851

  Kiev:Seven soldiers killed in past 24 hours基辅方面称过去一天已造成7名士兵死亡A spokesman from the Kiev military has confirmed that seven Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and 23 others wounded in fighting in Ukraine#39;s eastern regions during the past 24 hours.基辅军方的一名发言人实乌克兰东部地区过去24小时内的战事已造成7名乌克兰士兵死亡、23人受伤。Anatoly Stelmakh said in a televised briefing that there was an increase in rebel attacks on Ukrainian positions on Monday night.安托列斯泰尔马克在一场电视报告中称,周一晚间乌克兰方面的叛军袭击事件有所增加。Another spokesman said government forces had come under rebel attack on 87 separate occasions since Monday, with fighting particularly intense around the town of Debaltseve-a major rail and road junction northeast of the city of Donetsk.另一位发言人表示自周一以来政府军的87个不同地区受到叛军袭击,其中战况尤为激烈的地区是位于顿涅斯克市东北地区铁路及公路重要交汇的杰巴利采沃镇周边地区。 Article/201502/359532

  TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201505/373019

  This is the more recent human ancestor.这是出现得晚一点的人类祖先Its teeth are smaller, they#39;re crustier,它的牙齿小一些 却更坚硬and the enamel is thinner.釉质也变薄了Professor Ungar wants to find out恩戈教授想探究how these very different sets of teeth have adapted to different diets.各式各样的牙齿是如何适应不同饮食结构的Enter the BITE Master II.咀嚼模拟器II出场This unique machine simulates chewing.唯一能够模拟咀嚼的机器It will put these ancient jaws to the test.我们将用它检测这些古老的颌骨We#39;re going to set it chewing on different sorts of foods我们会让它们咀嚼不同的食物and try and see how the different teeth努力观察不同的牙齿affect the way the food#39;s broken down during the chewing.咀嚼时食物破碎的方式This is the first time in three million years这是这些南方古猿的牙齿that these australopithecus teeth have seen action.三百万年以来第一次运动So how will they fare against a raw carrot?它们进食生胡萝卜时效果如何呢OK, give it a shot.好了 试一下吧 Article/201504/372068。

  President Xi talked with Chinese Antarctic researchers习近平主席考察“雪龙”号,慰问中国南极科考队Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott went to the Hobart port and visited the Australia Antarctic exhibition there.在澳大利亚塔斯马尼亚州首府霍巴特访问的中国国家主席习近平在澳大利亚总理阿特陪同下,参观了那里的澳大利亚南极展。Xi Jinping and Abbott talked with the two nations#39;antarctic stations#39; researchers via phones.习近平主席和阿特总理通过视频电话慰问了两国两国南极科学考察队。The two leaders expect the two nations#39;researchers to join efforts in future.领导人们希望两国的研究人员今后能够共同努力。President Xi also visited China#39;s ;Snow Dragon; expedition ship which stationed there and watched the Chinese polar expedition 30 anniversary photo exhibition there.习近平主席也考察了正在当地补给的“雪龙”号并观看了中国极地考察30周年的图片展览。He talked with the crew memebrs and expedition staff and expected them complete the mission well.习主席还亲切地同科考人员们进行交谈,并期待他们能够很好地完成任务。 Article/201411/343411

  They#39;re thin, wispy clouds that can only be seen in the summer at high latitudes.它们是稀薄的纤细的云只有在高纬度地区的夏天才能看见Beginning at nearly 50 miles high,从50英里(85公里)处开始there#39;s the fourth layer, the thermosphere.是第四个气层:热气层Here, the atmosphere is so thin that beyond 50 miles这里的大气如此稀薄以至于50英里以外we approach the beginnings of space.就可以肯定地认为是宇宙的开始The space shuttle orbits the Earth in the thermosphere.正是在这个气层,航天飞机绕着地球飞行It#39;s also where nitrogen and oxygen也是在这里,氮气和氧气interact with the Sun#39;s lethal solar wind,被太阳风辐射creating the aurora around the Earth#39;s poles.创造了环绕地球磁极的极光There#39;s another way of looking at the atmosphere.但是这有另一种看待大气层的方式If you could unwrap the atmosphere from the surface of the Earth如果你把地球表面的大气层展开and put it all into a ball, this is what it would look like.并把它变成一个球,就像我们所看到的这样Its weight is equal to a layer of water 34 feet deep, covering the Earth.其重量只相当于覆盖地球34英尺深的水The layer that we spend our lives in, the troposphere, is just a narrow band.我们生命所依赖的平流层只是一个窄带It#39;s a finely balanced mixture of different gases essential for life它由生命必须的不同气体平衡混合而来but it also has a physical presence.但它也有实体存在 Article/201509/398182

  With events now spiralling out of control,随着事件不断升级趋向失控Pym saw this was the moment to try and strip the king of virtually all his authority.皮姆认为时机已到 是时候剥夺国王的所有权力了Charles#39;s response was to try to arrest him.查理的应对之策是企图逮捕皮姆But Pym and four other parliamentary leaders had been tipped off that the king was marching on parliament with an armed guard.但皮姆和另外四个议会领袖收到了风声 得知国王正带领全副武装的卫队前往议会They waited till the last moment and slipped out of the back.他们等到最后关头从后门溜走Charles was left empty-handed.It was an unmitigated fiasco.让查理扑了个空 那全然是一场失败The gamble had only been worthwhile so long as Charles was sure of total success.除非有一网打尽的把握 否则这场豪赌查理必输无疑Exposed now, just as Pym had wanted,as a naked, abject failure,阴谋暴露了 正如皮姆希望的 在这次惨重的失败之后Charles appeared to be something worse than a despot,a blundering despot.查理的形象已不仅是残暴不仁 更是愚蠢冒失Both sides were moving fast beyond any point of reconciliation.双方均无意和谈Pym made it clear that parliament now needed to protect itself and England from the king.皮姆明言议会现在需要保护自身和国家 不受国王迫害It set about raising an army.他们开始着手组建军队In July 1642,Bulstrode Whitelocke thought out loud about the abyss facing the country.1642年7月 布斯托得·怀特洛克不禁说出了 国家正面临的劫难It is strange to note how insensibly we have slipped into this beginning of a civil war by one unexpected accident after another,我们不知不觉中竟卷入了 一场内战 预料之外的打击接连来袭as waves of the sea would have brought us this far and which we scarce know how.就如一波波的暗潮将我们推到这里 而我们竟不知缘何落入这等境地What the issue shall be, no man alive can tell.没人能说出未来将会如何Probably few of us here may live to see the end of it.也许我们之中没几个人能活着看到结局 /201703/498288

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