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Health and longevity健康与寿命Long live the fat American长命百岁 美国胖子!Obesity may threaten life expectancy. Or maybe not 肥胖症不知是否会威胁人们的预期寿命Jun 30th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print editionAMERICA’S obesity epidemic is so called for a reason. Roughly one in three adults is obese. In 2008 close to 25m Americans were diabetic, according to a study published on June 25th. Nevertheless, Americans are living longer than ever. In 2007 the average life expectancy at birth was 78 years. This follows decades of progress. The question is whether obesity might change that. 在美国,说肥胖症流行有理有据:大约每三个成年人中就有一个是胖子。6月25日出版的一项研究结果表明,2008年,美国有近2500万糖尿病患者。然而,美国人正生活在史上最长寿的时期。2007年,初生婴儿平均预期寿命为78岁,这种进步已经持续数十年。如今的问题是肥胖症也许会改变这种进步的趋势。National progress in life expectancy masks wide local disparities, according to a study published on June 15th and written by researchers at the University of Washington and Imperial College London. Men in Holmes County, Mississippi, for example, have a life expectancy of 65.9 years, the same as men in Pakistan and 15.2 years behind men in Fairfax, Virginia. Gaps between America’s counties have widened since the early 1980s. Most alarming, 702 counties, or 30% of those studied, saw a statistically significant decline in life expectancy for women from 2000 to 2007; 251 counties saw a statistically significant decline for men.一项由华盛顿大学和伦敦皇家学院的研究人员共同执笔,并于6月15日出版的一项研究结果显示,预期寿命所取得的全国性进步掩盖了广泛的地方性差异。例如,密西西比州Holmes县男性预期寿命为65.9岁,与巴基斯坦男性相同,但要比佛吉尼亚州Fairfax 县男性少15.2岁。美国各县之间的差距从1980年代早期开始扩大。最令人担忧的是,有702个县(占研究总数的30%)的女性预期寿命在2000年至2007年间出现了大幅下降,有251个县的男性预期寿命出现大幅下降。201107/143225。

  • 美国硅谷一家公司将推出一种革命性绿色新能源,诸如Ebay,谷歌的大公司已经在使用这种Bloom Energy燃料电池,而且效果不错。Reporter: EBay's headquarters in California are powered by revolutionary new boxy fuel cells that look just like big refrigerators. The innovative green technology stems from Silicon Valley startup Bloom Energy. The company says its fuel cells produce more power with less environmental damage than others on the market because they aren't reliant on just hydrogen to trigger the chemical reactions that create power.Rather, it can use wind, solar power and whatever else is available depending on the community, although Bloom Energy doesn't offer more details about how that works.KR Sridhar, principal co-founder and CEO of Bloom Energy, says the power is produced when you use it."Bloom Energy server is the equivalent of your mobile phone without a wire, compared to the landline telephone that had copper wires. What this is, is producing power at the point that you use it, outside your building - that's called distributor generation and Bloom Energy server does that for you using a fuel cell technology."The technology is aly being used at major companies such as Google and eBay, but analysts warn that the technology has yet to be widely proven.201003/97668。
  • Australian Mining Companies Optimistic as Demand from China Bounces Back中国铁矿石需求强劲 澳公司眉开眼笑The Anglo-Australian mining giant, BHP Billiton, has given its most optimistic assessment of the commodities markets since the global economic downturn. The company says surging demand from China for iron ore shipments will lift the mining industry, but it warns markets could remain volatile. From Sydney, Phil Mercer reports.英国和澳大利亚的合资大型矿业公司必和必拓对世界商品市场做出全球经济滑坡以来最乐观的评估。必和必拓公司说,中国对铁矿石需求的大幅度上涨将提升世界矿业,但是同时警告说,市场仍然可能出现动荡。Industrial analysts say iron ore prices could rise 10 to 20 percent this year because of increasing demand as the global economy recovers.工业分析人士说,随世界经济复苏而来的需求上涨可能会导致铁矿石价格上涨10%到20%。BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining company, also is optimistic in its latest assessment of key commodity markets.世界最大矿业公司必和必拓在对世界主要商品市场的最新评估中也表示了乐观。The company's output of iron ore, as well as copper, zinc and nickel, surged in the last three months of because of strong demand from Chinese carmakers and construction companies. 由于来自中国汽车制造商和建筑公司的强劲需求,必和必拓公司年最后三个月的铁、铜、锌和镍矿石产出大幅上扬。Iron ore production in the three months hit 32.45 million metric tons, up from 29.4 million tons a year earlier.年最后三个月的铁矿石产量从2008年同期的2940万吨增加到3245万吨。201001/95368。
  • We know the fact is of a 8,000,000 deficit this year and the rest is sort of speculative, but, but can you see the US getting into a trillion dollar market and if so, how? Well, we’re, we’re obviously heading into a very difficult time for the US economically. You are gonna see a drop in tax receipts, you are gonna see, uh, pressure on the government to use money that’s aly been used to bailout Wall Street to help other, other constituencies in the US who’re also gonna be facing troubles. So if possible that we could see these numbers in fact…uh... Get to those sort of level Get to those levels I mean is the US of the opinion like most of the rest of the world, the best way to tackle a recession now is to spend very freely, the so called Keynesian Economic Theory. I think they are gonna have their hands tied, I mean you can spend a certain amount but on the other hand, aly we’ve got a massive budget deficit, we’ve got a huge amount of money that the US owes the rest of the world. So they can only go so far in trying to spend their way out of this recession. Ok. So as you point out, the US aly owes the rest of the world a huge amount of money. There’s a ten-trillion-dollar national debt. Perhaps up to a trillion dollars coming up. The government will finance that by selling basically treasuries to other countries. Why should those other countries buy them? Well, of course, the US is gonna be turning to the same usual suspects who have been buying US debt in the past. That’s gonna be China, Japan, investors in the Middle East. And the problem for them is that they are aly on the hook for a lot of US debt they have purchased in the past. And so they face, what some people have called “the financial balance of terror”. If you decide that you are not gonna buy, US debt going forward, you risk shooting yourself in the foot by devaluing the securities that you aly own. So in a sense you need to keep buying in order to keep your portfolio valuable for the future. On the other hand, the question may be at what price, what yield does the US government have to offer in order to attract these investors to continue financing the US deficit. Do you think there is a growing concern though in the international community, a government level, that after they’ve heard the president say I will half the national debt by the time I leave office and in fact it’s going completely the other way, it’s now a record deficit and ballooning, that the rest of the world loses their faith in the US government’s ability to manage its own finances. So therefore they are gonna be saying we don’t wanna go near this. Sure there is a, there is a real question of confidence that the government is gonna be facing, the new administration is gonna be facing when it comes into office and that will be a matter for the administration to address in terms of trying to bolster the confidence of investors, and in fact you have a new attitude, you have a resolution to try and address this. Nobody expects that the deficit is gonna to be balanced or addressed short-term because of the recession, but longer term, if people see and or at least have faith that the US is taking the right steps to address this longer term then that may that may do something to address some of these concerns. You talk about that sort of balance of year, that balance of fear, that if they stop buying it, the value of the US dollar will come down. But all the same countries like China and Japan have the bulk of their overseas foreign reserves in these US treasuries, 90% maybe, maybe a bit less. But isn’t it removed to bounce , why don’t they buy euros, why don’t they buy yen, why do they keep wanting to buy the US dollar if there are so many problems associated with US dollar. There have been discussions about this in the past and every once in a while you see a comment that suggests that China or Japan might be looking to diversify their exposure and opt to buying of euros or other currencies, and I doubt that you will see that go away. However on the other hand, what you’ve seen now with the financial crisis reaching Europe and the problems there and the need for governments to go in and bail out the banking system there with Europe now in a recession and possibly getting into a very serious one in the next year. What that says is that Europe may not necessarily be as much of a safer bet than the dollar Bet them at what you know Right. 11/89412。
  • An egg tumbled from the nest is fair game for Johnny Rook. Hell soon have his own brood to look after.一枚蛋从窝里滚落,这对约翰鸦来说再公平不过。他很快就可以照看自己的幼鸟。On another stretch of beach, the shoreline quakes with desperate battles to dominate. The stakes are unimaginably high. Only a privileged few elephant seal bulls will become beach masters, controlling dozens of females and reproducing abundantly.另一片海滩,在海岸线正在上演一场绝望的战斗。赌注令人难以想象的高。只有少数享有特权的海象最终将成为海滩的主人,控制数十只母海象并且可以尽情繁衍自己的后代。This is no place for a young male to stick his nose in. Usually trembling warnings make challengers back off, but not all.这个地方根本不适合年轻的一代。通常颤抖的警告让挑战者们纷纷退后,但并不是全部。词语解释:1. tumble v. 跌倒;滚下;坠落2. brood n. 一窝孵出的雏鸡(或雏鸟)3. privilege n. 特权201111/161636。
  • 知道了早期落基山脉下降的原因,会带给我们怎么样的启示?落基山脉经过了侵蚀后,接下来的火山作用又带给了这座山什么样的变化呢?经历了侵蚀和火山作用,落基山脉还会经历什么呢?值得期待!This fine-grained ash suggests huge volcanic eruptions nearby. They spewed out(喷射) thick clouds of hot air, ash and volcanic rock which settled on the ground. Radiocarbon( [核] 放射性碳)dating the rock revealed that it happened 25 million years ago.;Ash was deposited as it came out of the sky as plumes(羽毛). Most of it came from the West and was deposited in the basins across Wyoming.;After the lower Rockies were buried by their own rock, volcanic ash settled on top and covered the area with a thick white sheet.;At the time of the deepest basin filled with this volcanic material, all you would see in this area was the very tops of the peaks exposed, the rest would be large extensive lateral ash sheets.;Erosion and volcanism(n. [地质] 火山作用) completely transformed the terrain and buried the Rockies. But then, over millions of years, rivers flushed out the eroded rock.Most of it is thought to have ended up in the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, from where it was transported into the sea. Whats left are the mountains we see today. This also confirmed the theory geologists had about the formation of Wind River Canyon, the incredible amount of infield (耕地)buried the Owl Creek Mountains. Wind River flowed on top and began carving into the mountains, creating the canyon we see today.The investigation into what happened to the early Rocky Mountains reveals two major clues. Granite, found on the Pumpkin Buttes, is evidence that the early Rockies dumped their eroded rock into the basins. Wind River Canyon, cutting straight through the Owl Creek Mountains is evidence that the Rockies were buried by their own debris. The once mighty Rockies had now been cut down to nearly half their original size, but the story was far from over. Before they became the mountains we know today, they would have to endure an even greater assault.小编有约:早期落基山脉的变迁史让人着迷,就如同一位沧桑的老人,它的故事给Daisy的感觉就是你不探索则以,如果开始听了,就会坚持听下去,然后悟出自己的道理,一切事物都有自己的衰荣史,最开始从海底升起来,到慢慢的经历毁灭性的打击,一直保存到我们现在看到的山,虽然高度已减少一半,但是它依然在这个世界存在着,好多人遭受到了打击,选择一条不归路。当然这只是小编的意见,欢迎大家各抒己见。课后题目:这次Daisy想要问问大家有仔细听吗?对于早期落基山脉历史变迁的调查,结果揭示出了两个主要线索。能告诉Daisy是哪两个主要线索吗? 可以用自己的话来表述,只要意思差不多就行哦。201111/161957。
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