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Subject: Don’t be so hard on yourself. 迷你对话A: I shouldn’t have quarreled with my professor on such a great occasion. I was terrible.我不应该在那么盛大的场合和教授吵架。我太糟糕了。B: Don’t be so hard on yourself.别太自责了。 地道表达be hard on sb. 1. 解词释义Hard有“严厉的,严格的”之意,be hard on someone是指“严厉苛刻地对待他人”。要某人不要对自己太苛刻严厉就可以说“Don’t be hard on yourself.”以此来安慰对方。你想帮某人说情时,也可以将这句话套用成“Don’t be so hard on sb.”,意思是“别对他人太苛刻”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Dont be too hard on him; he didnt mean to do it.不要对他太严厉,他并不是故意这么做的。e.g. Wang Bins parents are hard on him, demanding that he should only do the ing instead of surfing the Internet even in summer holidays.王斌的父母对他非常严厉,不允许他在暑假上网,要求他看书。 Ps:quarrel with的意思是“和......吵架,争辩”。例如:I would rather be laughed at than quarrel with him. 我宁愿被嘲笑,也不愿和他吵架。Its very sad when husbands and wives quarrel with each other. 夫妻间起口角是很不幸的事。I have no quarrel with what you say. 我对你的话没有反对意见。 Ps:on a +adj. +occasion的意思是在......场合。例如:I remember you mentioned the same thing on a previous occasion. 我记得你在以前某个时候提及过同一件事情。 /201311/265400Subject:We are y to go. 迷你对话 A: I have made full preparation for the argument. What about you?这次谈判,我们已经做好了充分的准备。你呢?B: We are y to go.一切都就绪。 地道表达 be y to go 1. 解词释义 Ready的意思是“准备好的,乐意的,情愿的”,用作y to do something,也可以说get y to do something。We are y to go!的意思是“我们做好准备了。”也就是“一切就绪。”的意思。 2. 拓展例句 The speech competition is coming. Are you y to go?演讲比赛就要来临。一切就绪了吗? /201407/314398

She cant follow me?I love her on twitter.她不能关注我吗 我喜欢推特上的她Ok,youre bitter she unfollowed you.你很难过她取消了关注Im a little bitter,because I like following her twitter,so I like to be followed back.有点难过 因为我喜欢关注她的推特 所以我很想要被再次关注She tweets all kind of,by the way,no one more than theyre talking about her than Lisa Rinna,by the way.她会发推特说 我要说一句 没有人比丽萨更能聊自己的事情了This will get back to her.yeah.she will probably tweet this.I hope she follows me.什么都会和她有关系 是的 她的推文可能是这样 我希望她能关注我She tweets great things like when the Malysian plane went down.她会发许多很棒的事情 比如马航飞机失联Two months later out of nowhere she tweeted,I think something weird happened with that plane.两个月后 莫名其妙她发了推文 我觉得那飞机有点不正常Shes on the case.Shes on it.Lisa Rinna is on the case.她在研究那案子 她在调查 丽萨·瑞那在调查那事You are a huge Taylor swift fan.Yes.Dont you guys love Taylor swift?你超级喜欢泰勒·斯威夫特 是的 你们难道不喜欢泰勒·斯威夫特吗I like Taylor swift.I love her,shes brilliant and shes the most popular singer in the world now.我喜欢泰勒·斯威夫特 我爱她 她很有才 她是世界上最受欢迎的流行歌手Heres why I like her.There are so many distrubing,upsetting things,happening in our world,our country,internationally.我喜欢她的原因是 我们的世界上 我们国家 其他国家 发生了那么多烦人扰人的事情But Taylor Swift is writing about the most important topic,what happens when your boyfriend doesnt text you back.但是泰勒·斯威夫特写的歌都是有关最重要的话题 那就是如果你的男朋友不回你短信会怎样And I think thats so essential,Conan.我觉得这是至关重要的 柯南You think shes getting to the heart of the matter?Really,I love her.你觉得他说到了事情的实质 真的 我爱她I actually wrote a song I wanted her to record which I think sounds a lot like a Taylor Swift song.实际上我写了一首歌 我想让她能录制出来 我觉得很像她的风格Its called ;Clitter and Ribs;.and I made a for it thats online.叫做《闪光和肋骨》 我为此做了视频放在网上201705/508748


  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):The Next IdeaMichiganders might be using electricity the wrong way. A new report indicates Michigan might be able to meet projected energy shortfalls if residents change how they use power. That would save having to build new, expensive power plants.Liesl Clark is president of the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council, a business trade association representing companies in the state’s advanced energy sector. Clark said Michigan needs to change its energy habits in order to save money in the long run.;The Michigan Public Service Commission takes a close look at what we refer to as capacity – what energy is available out there,; Clark said. ;However, in the Lower Peninsula, we are certainly going through an energy transition and many people are excited about this energy transition as we are taking older, coal-fired plants offline basically because they are uneconomical to run. So as were taking those plants offline, one of the things that were looking at for the future is, what does our diverse energy portfolio mix look like?;According to Clark, if the state reduces its peak-hours energy usage by 1%, Michigan could save as much as 0 million. Citizens could make the decision to reduce their energy usage themselves, but there are also efforts by energy companies in the works to install smart meters, which could help people accomplish that.Listen to the full interview above to hear why ;peaker plants,; power plants built to run only during high-demand energy hours, arent the solution. Youll also learn why turning off your air conditioner for just 5 or 10 minutes during the summer could make a big difference if everyone got on board.The Next Idea is Michigan Radio’s project devoted to new innovations and ideas that will change our state.201703/494801。

  今天来学习下各类火车的说法吧。询问是那趟火车,可以用: Date and the number of the train, please? 中国的火车分为: local train(慢车) direct train(直快) special express(特快)bullet train(动车)high-speed rail (高铁) 乘客可以根据自己的具体情况选择: hard seat(硬坐) soft seat(软坐) semi cushioned berth(硬卧)berth:使……停泊;为……提供铺位vi. 停泊; cushioned berth(软卧)car attendant; train attendant   列车员guard, conductor   列车长dispatcher   调度员 /201110/156654

  网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:大吃一顿Lets go out to pig out!我们出去大吃一顿吧!【讲解】pig out (on sth.) : 大吃一顿,大吃特吃【情景一】很多在校的学生朋友们都有这么一个习惯,大考之后,一定出去大吃一顿,犒劳一下自己。All the exams are finished, lets go out to pig out!所有的考试都考完了,我们出去大吃一顿吧!【情景二】大病痊愈,此刻我真的很想出去大吃一顿,吃从来没吃过的比萨,但是我不喝啤酒,哈哈!We pig out on pizza and beer.我们大吃比萨饼,大喝啤酒。 /201204/177920一、边听边学Listen and Learn gift certificate 礼品券bookworm 书虫be on the case 已经着手做run-of-the-mill 普通的;非精选的mill run 普通产品二、边听边说Listen and Speak A: Okay, how about a gift certificate to a bookstore? Dad loves to .Hersquo;s a real bookworm.送书店的礼品券怎么样?爸爸喜欢读书,他是个不折不扣的书虫。B: Yeah,we aly thought of that, and Aunt Linda is on the case.嗯,我们想到过,Linda阿姨已经在准备。A: Fine.Neckties?好吧,那领带呢?B: Can you get anymore run-of-the-mill?你还能再普通些吗?! 可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt; http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201204/176444We modern humans tend to look down on our ancient Neanderthal cousins. In our imagination, Neanderthals were brutish, cave dwelling lunks who couldn’t hack it once we left Africa and set up shop in Neanderthal territory in Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East.现代人常常看不起古代的尼安得特人兄弟。我们想象中的尼安得特人是粗野的、身居洞穴里的笨蛋,如果我们离开非洲到欧洲、中亚和中东的尼安得特人领地内开设商铺,他们一定难以应付。But Neanderthals were more sophisticated than we tend to give them credit for. They had sophisticated tools and almost certainly had some form of spoken language. And, according to new research, Neanderthals likely took to the seas long before modern humans.但是,尼安得特人并非我们想象中的那么简单。他们有复杂的工具,几乎可以肯定他们会说某种语言。此外,新的研究显示,尼安得特人可能比现代人更早地掌握航海技术。译文为翻译,未经授权!201706/513506

  Business: The sharing economy-2: Airbnb for canines商业:分享型经济-二:犬类的空中食宿Putting a wolf over their heads.把狼放在他们头顶。The majority of Americans see their pets as family members, surveys show.研究表明,大多数的美国人把他们的宠物看作自己的家庭成员。Those with dogs are more likely to call themselves pet “parents” than canine “owners”.养的人更愿意把自己称为的父母,而并非的主人。There are more of these parents than ever.现在比以前有更多的“父母”。In big cities such as San Francisco and Seattle, (owned) dogs outnumber children.在圣弗朗西斯科和西雅图这些大城市,被饲养的数量比人们的孩子还要多。The ways in which companies are profiting from the trend are also multiplying.公司从这一趋势中获利的方式也越来越多。Not only is there organic dog food on offer, but packaged, raw food for dogs so they can follow a “paleo” diet reminiscent of what their ancestors ate in the wild.不仅仅销售有机粮,而且还为提供生机包装食品,从而让能够回归原始饮食方式,回忆起它们祖先以前在野外所吃的东西。A different sort of indulgence is orthopaedic pet mattresses.一种不同的溺爱方式就是符合宠物身体构造床垫的诞生。This year Americans spent more than 0m on Halloween costumes for pets.今年,美国人为宠物的万圣节装扮花费超过4亿美元。Overall, annual spending on pet food and products in America has risen by around 40% over the past ten years, to bn—a remarkable rate of growth for an aly large industry, says Jared Koerten of Euromonitor, a research firm.总的说来,美国人每年在宠物食品和有关产品上的开销在过去10年间已经上涨了约40%,达到430亿美元。一家名为Euromonitor研究公司的Jared Koerten表示,这个增长率对于体量已然极其庞大的行业来说是惊人的。Now a pack of startups has sniffed a fresh opportunity.现在,一群创业公司已经嗅到了商机。Much as Airbnb has offered travellers an alternative to staying in a hotel, two firms, Rover and DogVacay, want to give pet owners an alternative to kennels when away from home.就像Airbnb已经为旅行者提供了另外一种入住酒店的方式,Rover和DogVacay这两家公司打算为宠物饲主出远门时提供一种全新的寄养方式。Customers search for a nearby sitter and pay for their dog to stay in that person’s home.顾客可以搜寻就近的“宠物保姆”,然后为他们的宠物付“住宿费”。The cost is around a night, with the majority of that going to the sitter and around a fifth to the company—much less than you would spend to check your dog into a kennel.寄养宠物一晚上的花费是大约30美金,“宠物保姆”会收到其中大部分的钱,只有约五分之一的佣金归属这个公司。这比你花钱给宠物店照看要便宜得多。The other big selling-point is that pets by and large receive better treatment.另外一个大的卖点就是,总体上宠物会得到更好的照顾。There are ways, apparently, to vet dog hosts to find the real pet lovers: only around 15% of those who apply to serve as sitters are approved.很明显,这些公司有很多方式去审核“保姆”来找到真正的喜欢宠物的人:只有约15%申请当“宠物保姆”的人通过认。Besides offering pooches more attention and room to roam, the platforms try to offer extra add-ons that appeal to helicopter parents.此外,为了给提供更多的关心和散步空间,这些平台尝试提供额外的附加软件来吸引“直升机式的”父母。Rover has launched a feature that enables customers to see how far their dog has been walked via the GPS in the host’s phone.Rover已经开发出一项新的功能,这能够让顾客通过“宠物保姆”手机上的GPS查看他们的散步路程。Like Airbnb, both DogVacay and Rover insure stays against accidents.和Airbnb一样,Rover和DogVacay都为“入住期间”投保意外险。Another advantage of the model is that, unlike other platforms that match consumers with workers, like handymen or masseuses, for one-off visits, consumers often use dog-sitting services many times a year, and they tend to be loyal.这种模式的另一个优点就是,不像其他平台为了一次性访问量,会把顾客和诸如打零工的人或女师这些工作人员匹配在一起,而这些平台的顾客们可以一年多次使用“宠物保姆”务,他们都会成为这些平台的忠实拥趸。That has helped DogVacay and Rover attract a lot of venture-capital money—around 0m between them.这已经帮助Rover和DogVacay吸引了大量风险投资金,约1400万美元。But firms that connect pets with hosts will face daunting competition as they try to go global.但是,这些使宠物和“宠物保姆”联系起来的公司在打开国际市场时会遇到巨大竞争。Companies offering home-stays for dogs are now cropping up in many different countries, including Australia, Brazil and Britain.为提供寄养务的公司在许多国家如雨后春笋般出现,包括澳大利亚、巴西和英国。And unlike Airbnb, which pulls in customers thanks to its presence in lots of markets that people want to travel to, the network effect for services like DogVacay is local.和Airbnb不一样的是,Airbnb能吸引顾客是因为人们想要去旅行的地方就有Airbnb,而Dogvacay这样的务其网络效应仅限于当地。Despite having anticipated the trend early, such firms may never achieve the same scale as an Airbnb.虽然现在去预测这种趋势的走向为时尚早,但是这些公司可能永远不会像Airbnb一样遍及全球。But then no one ever said it was easy to be top dog.不过,没有人说过做到业内顶尖是很容易的。译文属译者说外刊 /201701/486683

  迷你对话:A:My two children often fight with each other. Ive criticized them, but they never listen to me.我的两个孩子经常打架,我批评他们,他们也不听。B:Dont criticize them to much. Sometimes you can leave them alone to settle the problem. You are only there to seefair play.别批评得太多,有的时候你可以让他们自己处理这些问题,你只用在一旁看看是否公平。A:Is is all right to be just like this?这样还能行吗?B:Of course.当然行。地道表达:fair play:公正无私解词释义:这是一条名词性的习语。Fair有“公正的,公平的”等意思,play的意思是“比赛,竞争”。从字面上看,改习语是“公正的比赛”,由此引申为“公正无私”。持范例:Eg. There must be fair play whatever the competition is.不管是什么样的竞赛都必须公平合理。Eg. I merely wish fair play from you.我只希望你办事公平。Eg. The Olympic Spirit is the spirit of mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play.奥林匹克精神是互相了解、友谊、团结和公平竞争的精神。Eg. Her sense of fair play made her a favourite with her classmates.她公平待人,这使得她的同学都喜欢她。词海拾贝:1.fight with:和......打架Eg. The boy was to blame for fight with his brother.和弟弟打架是那个男孩的过错。Eg. Henry could not have had a fight with Bill, because he had never even met him.因为亨利甚至没有见过比尔,他不可能与比尔有什么冲突。Eg. After the game was over, Harry got mixed up in a fight with another player.比赛结束之后,哈利被卷进了与另一位球员斗殴的事件中。Eg. Don t get into a fight with him : he can really dish it out.别跟他动手, 他揍起人来可凶了。2. listen to:听Eg. It is boring to listen to the same story.听相同的故事是令人厌烦的。Eg. Tell me the reason why he refused to listen to my advice.告诉我为何他拒绝听从我的劝告。Eg. Watch your mouth!I will not listen to any more of this slime!闭上嘴!在我面前不许再说这种脏话。Eg. The President was in no mood to listen to prolonged debate.总统没有心思去倾听冗长的辩论。3.leave alone:别理会Eg. He will leave alone things that might cause trouble.他从来不干招惹是非的事。Eg. He hasnt enough money for food, leave alone amusements.他连伙食钱都不够,更不必说了。Eg. The principal is busy at his desk. Youd better leave him alone.校长正忙于桌上的工作,你最好别打扰他。Eg. I should leave that question alone if I were you.我要是你,这问题我就不管。4.settle the problem:解决问题Eg. If you really want to settle the problem, we are y to meet you half - way.如果你们真想解决问题,我们愿意作一定的妥协。 /201208/194953

  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):A group called Redneck Revolt was in Kalkaska last Friday protesting the posts on Village President Jeff Sieting’s Facebook page.Redneck Revolt is an organization whose goal is “to provide community defense for areas around this country at this time that are experiencing any kind of racial-based, misogynist-based, LGBTQ-based aggression and hate actions,” said Timothy Grey with Redneck Revolt.“We offer armed defense against these people that are trying to continue this horrible American history of oppression,; he said.Members of Redneck Revolt were armed last Friday night in Kalkaska to protect other protestors, Grey said. He said Sietings supporters, there for an ;open carry; rally, were armed as well.Grey also said members of his group heard “a lot of fear-fueled, weaponized ignorance about the issues.”For instance, he said his group brought a sign that , “We stand with you” in Arabic, which he said Sietings supporters didnt like.“We were told that we had a banner that was written in ISIS or a banner that was written in Hebrew. And that the official language of the ed States is ‘American,’” Grey said. “And we asked about the Muslim threat in this area, and none of them had any good answers. There was little to no reasoning with the people that were taking such a physical stance on that subject.”“That to me is one of the largest problems with what we are facing with the social divide in our country right now is that people are taking stances based on fear and a lack of knowledge and a lack of understanding of these things,” Grey added.For the full conversation, listen above.201706/515777。

  The Most Commonly Used Phrases When Traveling:旅行时最常用的三句英语:Do You Speak English?(Mandarin 普通话)你说英语吗?Whrer Is The Bathroom?(toilet 厕所)哪里有洗手间?Where Is The Bus Station?(Metro/subway station)哪里有公交车站? /201603/433992

  Subject: I have got a problem that’s been bugging me. 迷你对话A: What happened, Jane. Tell me!Jane,发生什么事情呢?告诉我。B: I’ve got a problem that’s been bugging me. I really don’t know what to do.有一个问题一直困扰着我,我不知道该怎么办。 地道表达 bug 1. 解词释义Bug一词作为名词时,它的意思是“虫子”。作为动词时,它的意思是“打搅”“放置窃听器”等。本例中的bug someone中的bug作为及物动词,意思是“使人心烦,令人讨厌”的意思。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Whats bugging you?你有什么别扭事儿?e.g. That man really bugs me.那个人真把我惹火了。e.g. I only did it to bug my parents.我那样做只不过是为了烦扰我父母。 /201411/342482


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