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年(TOEFL)词汇分类辅导:地质 --30 19:: 来源:qnr  vein  pit  borehole  pit  quartz  marble  gem  fieldstone  emerald  weskit  granite  lead  limestone  lava  ruby  bonanza  mineral  ore  fossil  petrify  geology  aluminum  core  crater  diamond  glacial  glacier  iceberg  plate  tremor  earthquake  seism  seismic  seismology  magnitude  cataclysm  stratum  mantle  nitrogenous  lithosphere  layer  crust  fault  crust  fault  magma  squirt  erupt  outburst  eruption  volcanic 词汇 地质 词汇 TOEFL英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 一封感谢信(A Letter of Thanks) -- :56:7 来源: Dear Mr. John,How are things going with you in Beijing?I am writing to show my thanks to you. You tutored me in my spoken English bee you went to Beijing. With your help I made such rapid progress that I won the first place in the Spoken English Competition of the city. My achievement is owed to your help. Thank you very much.I have heard that you and your wife will pay a visit to my school. I am very glad at the news. In that case we can see each other again. I am looking ward to your coming. I am sending you a telescope as a small gift. I hope you will like it.All the best.Yours, Liu Jie 亲爱的约翰先生: 您在北京过得怎么样?我写信向您表达我的谢意去北京前您辅导我的英语口语在您的帮助下我很快取得进步,所以能在市里举办的英语口语比赛中取得第一名我的成绩应该归功于您的帮助非常感谢我听说您和您的夫人要来我们学校访问听到这个消息我非常高兴那样的话我们就又可以见面了期盼着您的到来我给您寄去一件小礼物“望远镜”希望您喜欢万事如意您的朋友 刘杰 一封 感谢信 Letter年6月四级作文范文:互联网 -- ::50 来源: 年6月四级作文范文:互联网  Directions: this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Internet. You should write at least 0 words and base your composition on the outline below:  互联网使用的现状,  大学生是否应该使用互联网,人们的看法不同,  我的看法  In recent years, people are developing an inseparable relationship with Internet. As is known to all, it is convenient us to click the mouse when surfing on line, either to entertain ourselves or to meet the work’s needs.  On the one hand, no one denies that Internet is currently one of the most useful media in our daily life. As a college student, I get on line every day to exchange inmation through e-mails with my net friends. But on the other hand, a good many people admit that they are too much addicted to Internet to maintain a regular and wholesome lifestyle.  Thus, it is necessary us to use Internet in a reasonable way and restrain from overindulgence. After all,Internet is invented to enrich our life, and to improve the efficiency of our work rather than shackle us with a chain.

预测:话题预测 -- :7:0 来源: 离英语四级考试越来越近啦,作文该肿么办呢,不要紧脏,沪江教研带着最新的作文话题预测来啦,多看看与以下话题相关的文章吧,当然,沪江教研也会继续出四级作文押题的,还请关注哦!根据今年的热点新闻,今年可能考查的是:莎士比亚诞生00周年1)文学阅读在学习过程中发挥的作用(ing literature))阅读经典的重要性(classic);当代社会,还需要阅读经典吗?各市面向本市招生减少,面向外省招生人数增加1)文凭(diploma)、考热(certificate craze)等相关话题)勤奋在学习过程中的重要性(diligence)3)勤奋、努力(eft)能带来成功(success)互联网热点相关1) 互联网信息如何正确传播?(misinmation:错误信息; sp: 传播)) 错误的互联网信息,带来的后果?(misleading:误导)3) 互联网科技方便了人们,但人们却变懒了(convenience:方便;dont intend to do sth:不再打算做某事;no longer feel like to do sth:不再愿意做某事)) 人们对互联网、手机等过分依赖(smartphone:智能手机;overdependence:过分依赖)

英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 你是一名学生,有一段打工的经历 -- :: 来源: 设想你是一名学生,有一段打工的经历开学初在英语课上你用英语向同学们讲述你的体会,请根据所给短语,写一个 0 词左右的讲话稿  1. keep on asking parents money   . learn the value of money   3. get along with others  . find its good preparation get prepared   5. get a little bit working and social experience   Nowadays it is not unusual many students to find part-time jobs. During the past winter holiday, I worked as a waiter at a McDonald.  I used to keep on asking my parents money. It is the first time that I've earned money, so I was quite excited. Now I can buy whatever I need without asking others money. From my working experience, I found it's a great preparation the world outside schools. I understood not only the value of money but also the way of getting along with others. What's more, I have got some working and social experience. It's good my future work. In a word, I've had a wonderful vacation. 你是 一名 学生英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 历年高考英语满分作文点评:卷给英国笔友的信 -- :: 来源: 历年高考英语满分作文点评:卷给英国笔友的信同样是考试,为什么有的人能拿满分,为什么有的人总是拿第一名?除了勤奋用功之外,多借鉴别人的满分作文也可以提高自身哦!小编在这里整理收集了一些高考英语满分作文供大家学习参考高考英语作文提纲假设你是李华,你的英国笔友Bob将于九月到你所在城市的建新华文学校学中文,来信请你在学校附近为他找一套住房请根据图画提供的信息,写信介绍住房的情况,并告知住房面积为5平方米,月租500元注意:1.词数:0左右: .参考词汇:房租—Tent(n.).  I’m very happy to receive your letter, and I’m glad to hear that you will go to China to learn Chinese here. I have aly found a fiat you. It is on Fangcao Street, which is not far from Jianxin Chinese School. Bus No. can take you there, and it is one stop bee the Chinese School. The flat is on the third floor with 3 rooms, one of which is bedroom, the other two are bathroom and kitchen. There are a bed, a sofa, a desk and some chairs in this 5 square-metres small fiat, and the rent is 500 yuan per month. Maybe this fiat is not as good as your wish, but I’ll try my best to meet your needs. If it is not suitable enough, write to me and I will look another better place.   Hope you will come here soon!   All the best!                            Yours,                            Li Hua名师点评:  本文格式正确,意思表述完整,行文流畅自然作者在写作过程中注意长短句并用,还使用了以‘which,’引导的非限定性定语从句,从而使文章层次分明,富于变化,不愧为考场佳作 历年 高考英语 满分作文This Contract is made by and between the Buyer and the Seller, whereby the Buyer agrees to buy and the Seller agrees to sell the undermentioned commodity subject to the terms and conditions stipulated below.

英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 高考英语作文模板参考 -- 19:50:6 来源: 高考英语作文模板参考之阐述主题题型要求从一句话或一个主题出发,照提纲的要求进行论述.1. 阐述名言或主题所蕴涵的意义.2. 分析并举例使其更充实.The good old proverb ----------------(名言或谚语)reminds us that ----------------(释义) Indeed, we can learn many things m it.First of all,-----------------(理由一) example, -------------------(举例说明) Secondly,----------------(理由二) Another case is that ---------------(举例说明) Furthermore , ------------------(理由三).In my opinion, ----------------(我的观点) In short, whatever you do, please remember the say------A. If you understand it and apply it to your study or work, you’ll necessarily benefit a lot from it. 高考英语作文模板参考、

“One day, Bran, you will be Robb’s bannerman, holding a keep of your own for your brother and your king, and justice will fall to you. When that day comes, you must take no pleasure in the task, but neither must you look away. A ruler who hides behind paid executioners soon forgets what death is.”;布兰,有朝一日你会成为罗柏的家臣,为你哥哥和国王治理属於你自己的领地,届时你也必须执掌律法。当那天来临的时候,你绝不可以杀戮为乐,亦不可逃避责任。统治者若是躲在幕後,付钱给刽子手执行,很快就会忘记死亡为何物。;That was when Jon reappeared on the crest of the hill before them. He waved and shouted down at them. “Father, Bran, come quickly, see what Robb has found!” Then he was gone again.这时琼恩出现在他们面前的坡值,他挥手朝下大喊?父亲大人,布兰,快来看看罗柏找到了什麽!;随即又消失在丘陵的彼方。Jory rode up beside them. “Trouble, my lord?”乔里赶上前来,;大人,出事了麽?;“Beyond a doubt,” his lord father said. “Come, let us see what mischief my sons have rooted out now.” He sent his horse into a trot. Jory and Bran and the rest came after.;那还用说,;他的领主父亲说道:;来罢,我们去看看我那调皮的儿子又闯了什麽祸。;他策马狂奔,乔里和布兰以及其他人也跟了上去。They found Robb on the riverbank north of the bridge, with Jon still mounted beside him. The late summer snows had been heavy this moonturn. Robb stood knee-deep in white, his hood pulled back so the sun shone in his hair. He was cradling something in his arm, while the boys talked in hushed, excited voices.他们在桥北河畔找到罗柏,琼恩仍在马上。这个月来晚夏的积雪沉厚,罗柏站在及膝深雪里,披风後敞,阳光在他发际闪耀。他怀里抱著不知什麽东西,正和琼恩两人兴奋地窃语交谈。The riders picked their way carefully through the drifts, groping for solid footing on the hidden, uneven ground. Jory Cassel and Theon Greyjoy were the first to reach the boys. Greyjoy was laughing and joking as he rode. Bran heard the breath go out of him. “Gods!” he exclaimed, struggling to keep control of his horse as he reached for his sword.队伍骑著马小心地穿过河面的诸多漂浮物,寻找隐藏於雪地下崎岖地面的立足点。乔里·凯索和席恩·葛雷乔伊最先赶到男孩身边。葛雷乔伊原本还有说有笑,紧接著布兰却听见他倒抽一口气?诸神保佑!;他惊叫著伸手拔剑,一边还挣扎著要稳住坐骑。Jory’s sword was aly out. “Robb, get away from it!” he called as his horse reared under him.乔里的配剑已然出鞘,;罗柏,离那东西远点!;他才叫出声,坐骑便已前脚高举跳了起来。读物介绍:《权力的游戏》是一部中世纪史诗奇幻题材的电视连续剧。该剧以美国作家乔治·R·R·马丁的奇幻巨作《冰与火之歌》七部曲为基础改编创作,由大卫·贝尼奥夫和丹尼尔·威斯编剧、HBO电视网推出。本剧第一季于2011年4月17日开播,第二季于2012年4月1日回归,第三季于2013年3月31日开始播出,第四季已获得预定,将在2014年春季回归。 Article/201307/250336英语专业四级 英语专业四级完形填空练习之阅读(附) --3 :: 来源: many people today, ing is no longer relaxation. To keep up their work they must letters, reports, trade publications, interoffice communications, not to mention newspapers and magazine: a never-ending flood of words. In _31_ a job or advancing in one, the ability to and comprehend _3_ can mean the difference between success and failure. Yet the untunate fact is that most of us are_33_ ers. Most of us develop poor ing __ at an early age, and never get over them. The main deficiency _35_ in the actual stuff of language itself-words. Taken individually, words have _36_ meaning until they are strung to gather into phrase, sentences and paragraphs. _37_, however, the untrained er does not groups of words. He laboriously s one word at a time, often regressing to _38_ words or passages, Regression, the tendency to look back over _39_ you have just , is a common bad habit in ing. Another habit which _0_ down the speed of ing is vocalization — sounding each word either orally or mentally as _1_ s.To overcome these bad habits, some ing clinics use a device called an __, which moves a bar (or curtain) down the page at a predetermined speed. The bar is set at a slightly faster rate _3_ the er finds comtable, in order to “stretch” him. The accelerator ces the er to fast, __ word-by-word ing, regression and subvocalization, practically impossible. At fist _5_ is sacrificed speed. But when you learn to ideas and concepts, you will not only faster, _6_ your comprehension will improve. Many people have found _7_ ing skill drastically improved after some training. _8_ Charlce Au, a business manager, instance, his ing rate was a reasonably good words a minute _9_ the training, now it is an excellent 1,378 words a minute. He is delighter that how he can _50_ a lot more ing material in a short period of time.31A. applying B. doing C. offering D. getting3A. quickly B. easily C. roughly D. decidedly33A. good B. curious C. poor D. urgentA. training B. habits C. situlations D. custom35A. lies B. combines C. touches D. involves36A. some B. a lot C. little D. dull37A. tunately B. In fact C. Logically D. Untunately38A. reuse B. reward C. rewrite D. recite39A. what B. which C. that D. if0A. scales B. cuts C.slows D. measures1A. some one B. one C. he D. erA. accelerator B. actor C. amplifier D. observer3A. then B. as C. beyond D. thanA. enabling B. leading C. making D. indicating5A. meaning B. comprehension C. gist D. regression6A. but B. nor C. or D. 7A. our B. your C. their D. such a8A. Look at B. Take C. Make D. Consider9A. B. in C. after D. bee50A. master B. go over C. present D. get through:31-35 dacba 36-0 cdbac 1-5 badcb 6-50 acbdd英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 I Like ring -- 18::58 来源: i like spring mr chen had a house bee,but it is old and small.now he has a new house,it is bigger and more beautiful than the old one. mr wang's new house is in nanjing street.it is 0m⒉ and it has a big batcony.it is on the 30th floor,so it is quiet.in mr wang's new house,you can see beautiful sea view and it is close to the shpping centre. how beautiful is mr wang's new house!

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