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TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201505/373011TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201510/4001097th episode of Nanjing Massacre Archives released《南京大屠杀档案选萃》发布第七集China#39;s State Archives Administration has published the transcript of a court verdict against a Japanese Major General who was involved in the Nanjing Massacre.国家档案馆最近发布了涉嫌参与南京大屠杀一位日本少将法庭判决的供述。Major-General Sasaki Toichi is widely recognized as having overseen some of the worst atrocities that took place under his command.原日本少将佐佐木到一因率部进行并监督多起最惨无人道的暴行而广为人知。According to the verdict, his unit committed atrocities of unparalleled brutality and violence.根据法庭判决,他所在的部队是南京大屠杀中罪恶最大、最凶残的部队之一。They included mass murder, gang rapes, beheadings, burning and burying people alive, looting and wanton destruction.其中包括大屠杀、轮奸、斩首刑、焚烧及掩埋活人以及抢劫和肆意破坏等残暴罪行等。His unit alone killed over 100,000 victims, one third of the total.仅他自己的部队就残忍杀害10万多名受害者,占总人数的三分之一。Today#39;s publication is the latest in a series of releases by the archive, aimed at heightening awareness of the massacre, in the run-up to today#39;s memorial events.而今天国家档案馆公布的最新系列旨在提高今天的纪念活动中民众对于南京大屠杀的认识。 Article/201501/351757

Paradoxes are fun to think about.悖论很有意思The most famous one is usually called其中最为著名的便是the grandfather paradox.;祖父悖论;I have a new, simpler version我提出了一个全新而简洁的版本I call the mad-scientist paradox.我称之为;疯狂科学家悖论;I don#39;t like the way scientists in movies are often尽管我不喜欢影片常把科学家described as mad,刻画为异想天开的狂人形象but in this case, it#39;s true.但此情此景下的确如此This Jap is determined to create a paradox.这个日本小子决计营造一个悖论情景Even if it costs him his life.即便要豁上自己的性命Imagine somehow he#39;s built a wormhole.试想他以某种方法造出一个虫洞A time tunnel that stretches just one minute into the past.一个返回一分钟前的时间隧道It may not sound like much,这听上去没什么意义but even one minute of time travel can cause real trouble.但哪怕一分钟的时间旅行也会引起大麻烦Through the wormhole,通过这个虫洞the scientist can see himself as he was one minute ago.这位科学家得以看到一分钟之前的自己But what if our scientist uses the但假如我们这位主人公利用虫洞wormhole to shoot his earlier self?向一分钟之前的自己开呢He#39;s now dead,此时他已一命呜呼killed before he#39;d even finished assembling the pistol.还未装好就已被射杀So, who fired the shot?那么,开者又是谁呢It#39;s a paradox.这便是一个悖论It just doesn#39;t make sense.这完全说不通It#39;s the sort of situation that gives cosmologists nightmares.这种情形是宇宙学家的恶梦This kind of time machine would violate这样的时间机器会违背a fundamental rule that governs the entire universe主宰全宇宙的基本法则- that causes happen before effects使因果关系颠倒and never the other way around.并始终与我们的常理相悖I believe things can#39;t make themselves impossible.我相信不可能的事就不会发生If they could,倘若可以then there#39;d be nothing to stop the whole universe from descending into chaos.整个宇宙将不可避免地陷于混乱So I think something will always因此我认为终究会有状况发生happen that prevents the paradox.从而避免悖论的出现Somehow there must be a reason why our scientist will never也总会有某种原因避免find himself in the situation where he could shoot himself.那位科学家处在射杀自己的困境中And in this case, I#39;m sorry to say,既然如此,我只好遗憾地说the wormhole itself is the problem.虫洞本身就是问题所在In the end, I think a wormhole like this one can#39;t exist.至此,我认为这样的虫洞根本不会存在And the reason for that is feedback.其原因就是;反馈; Article/201507/385581

And sure as day by the time evening comes然后白天都很坚定 而一旦晚上来临they#39;ll have another drink.他们又会去喝Once it#39;s got its hooks into you you really do know.只有你自己上钩了 才会真正明白It#39;s become my mate.酒已经变成了我的伙伴So the answer to ;How much should I really drink?;对于;我应该喝多少酒;这个问题来说is in some ways very simple.非常简单21 units for a man 14 for a woman.男士21个药剂单位 女士14个单位But what I#39;ve learnt in making this film is但我做了这个影片后对此的理解是that the answer is complicated.其实很复杂Each of us has a particular relationship with alcohol from childhood我们每个人从小就和酒精有特殊的联系and the important thing I think is to try and look at我认为重要的是要试图注意这种联系that relationship and ask some simple questions.并质疑一些简单的问题What its for? Why do I do it?喝酒为了什么 我为什么要喝Could I do without it?我能不能不喝Because only then can you really answer the question for yourself.因为只有回答了这些 才能真正决定喝多少So where does that leave me?那我自己是什么呢Well I like alcohol. I can#39;t deny it.好吧 我喜欢喝酒 没法拒绝酒精I dont want to deny it.我也不想拒绝But what I realise is that I have an uneasy relationship with this drug但我明白 我跟酒精这种毒品 关系危险because in order to not get into difficulty with it为了不陷入饮酒造成的麻烦重点解释:1.by the time 到…时候例句:By the time I came on the scene, it was all over.我来到时,一切都结束了。2.in order to 为了例句:He lit a cigarette in order to calm his mind.他点燃一香烟,镇定一下情绪。3.look at (仔细地)看;着眼,考虑例句:That#39;s the way I look at it, too.我也是这么想。 Article/201508/394943

Wolves. Packs of them, eight to ten strong, shadow the migration. And they are hungry.狼。8~10只狼组成的小股部队,悄悄地尾随着迁徙的大军。它们已是饥肠辘辘It#39;s the newly born calves that they are after.它们的目标就是新生的小鹿Running directly at the herd is a ploy to generate panic.直冲向鹿群是一种制造恐慌的战术The herd breaks up and now it#39;s easier to target an individual.鹿群奔散开来,狼群便更容易锁定单个目标In the chaos a calf is separated from its mother.混乱中一只小鹿与它的母亲失散了The calf is young, but it can outrun the wolf if only it manages to keep its footing.小鹿虽然很小,但如果全速奔跑起来,它仍可以比狼跑得更快At this stage the odds are even -这种情况下一般有两种可能either the caribou will make a mistake or after a mile the wolf will give up.一是驯鹿自己犯下错误,否则就是狼追出1英里之后选择放弃 Article/201612/485610

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