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Today in History: Sunday, November 11, 2012历史上的今天:2012年11月11日,周日On Nov. 11, 1918, fighting in World War I came to an end with the signing of an armistice between the Allies and Germany.1918年11月11日,同盟国与德国签署停战协议,第一次世界大战结束。1620 Forty-one Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower, anchored off Massachusetts, signed a compact calling for a ;body politick.;1620年,四十一清教徒乘坐“五月花”号船停泊在了马萨诸塞州,签署一项协议呼吁“团体政治活动。”1831 Former slave Nat Turner, who had led a violent insurrection, was executed in Jerusalem, Va.1831年,前奴隶Nat Turnere因领导一场暴乱在弗吉尼亚州耶路撒冷被处决,。1889 Washington became the 42nd state.1889年,华盛顿成为美国第42州。1921 President Warren G. Harding dedicated the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.1921年,总统沃伦·哈定在阿灵顿国家公墓为五名勇士墓举办落成典礼。1965 Rhodesia proclaimed its independence from Britain.1965年,罗得西亚(津巴布韦的旧称)从英国独立。1972 The U.S. Army turned over its base at Long Binh to the South Vietnamese army, symbolizing the end of direct U.S. military involvement in the Vietnam War.1972年,美国军队将其Long Binh的基地移交给南越军队,标志着美国军方直接卷入越战的结束。1992 The Church of England voted to ordain women as priests.1992年,英格兰教堂投票任命女性牧师。1998 Israels Cabinet narrowly ratified a land-for-peace agreement with the Palestinians.1998年,以色列内阁以微弱优势批准了与巴勒斯坦间土地换取和平的协议。2000 Republicans went to court seeking an order to block manual recounts from continuing in Floridas presidential election.2000年,共和党人告上法院,试图阻止在佛罗里达州的总统选举使用人工重记票数。2000 A cable car crammed with skiers and snowboarders caught fire while being pulled through an Alpine tunnel in Austria, killing 155 people.2000年,在奥地利,一辆装满滑雪者和滑雪板运动员的缆车在经一高山隧道时燃起大火,155人丧失。2004 Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat died in Paris at age 75.2004年,巴勒斯坦领袖阿拉法特在巴黎去世,享年75岁。2008 Country singer Taylor Swifts album ;Fearless; was released.2008年,乡村歌手泰勒·斯威夫特的专辑《无所畏惧》发布。 /201211/208576

Steps步骤Step 1 See how it hangs选好礼Look for a strapless dress that retains an hourglass shape even when its on the hanger. This ensures an hourglass shape for your figure, too.选择沙漏形的礼,即使是礼还挂在衣架上,还没穿上身。这样的礼才能保你穿上后是沙漏型的迷人身材。Step 2 Look for boning带骨紧身衣Make sure the bodice has boning — stiffening material that helps support the bust.带骨架紧身胸衣,硬挺的材质可以撑你的胸部。Step 3 Find the right bra选好罩杯Find the right bra. Options include a strapless push-up or a longline — one whose material extends to the waist, helping prevent slippage.选择合适的胸衣。选择有胸部塑形作用或是延伸到腰际的长款可防止裙子下滑。Tip: With a strapless push-up, try on both your regular size and one cup bigger.小贴士:选择有塑形作用的胸衣的时候,试试自己平时的尺寸和再大一号的尺寸。Step 4 Put the dress to the test检验礼Try on the dress with different bras and put the combinations through lots of gyrations, especially if you plan to dance in the dress. Make sure it doesnt slip, pinch, or create unattractive lumps anywhere when you sit, bend, or move your arms.换不同的胸衣来检验礼是否牢固,特别是你要穿着礼跳舞的话。确保不管你是坐下还是弯腰,或是活动手臂,礼不会滑脱,夹疼你,或是在身上形成不好看的隆起。Step 5 Wear the right accessories配搭饰品Wear either chandelier earrings or a necklace that complements a bare neck and decolletage, like a choker or Y-drop design. Donning both will overwhelm the dress. Carry a clutch or small evening bag.佩带大吊灯形耳环或项链来遮掩光裸的脖子,用它们来搭配袒胸露背的衣最佳,如宽项链或Y字型项链。项链和耳环都戴则会过犹不及,再拿上小手包或是晚宴包就齐全了。Step 6 Top it off披上披肩Top with a shawl or cardigan if youll need more coverage. Now go knock some socks off with your sexy dress!如果你想肌肤暴露得再少点儿,就披上披肩或开衫。现在就穿着你的性感礼让众生为你神魂颠倒吧!Fact: In 2001, there was still a law on the books in the city of Miami that made it illegal for men to appear publicly in a strapless gown.小常识:2001年,迈阿密明文规定男人在公共场合穿着裸肩晚礼是违法的。You Will Need你需要Well-constructed garment优质礼Bodice with boning紧身胸衣The right bra合适的内衣Right accessories精选配饰201209/198212

当地时间1月2日晚,哥伦比亚东南部的加莱拉斯火山爆发。当地时间1月2日晚,哥伦比亚东南部的加莱拉斯火山爆发。当地时间1月2日晚,哥伦比亚东南部的加莱拉斯火山爆发。红十字会援助人员称,因火山爆发可能需要转移8000民众。The Galeras volcano in southern Colombia erupted Saturday, prompting authorities to order the evacuation of about 8,000 people.There were no reports of any injuries. Galeras, located in the Andes mountains near Colombia's border with Ecuador, erupted 10 times in . Most people living in the vicinity are used to the alerts and often refuse to evacuate when ordered to by local authorities. Thousands of revelers celebrating the annual Black and White Carnival in the nearby city of Pasto were startled by the eruption but continued with their festivities. 201001/93713

Fit合适Wear slim leg or boot cut jeans if youre slim. 如果你很苗条,选择纤细型或者靴型牛仔裤。Wear straight leg or boot cut jeans if youre well built. 如果你很壮实,选择直腿型或者靴型牛仔裤。 Wash 清洗 Stone wash is suitable for everyday jeans. 每种牛仔裤都适合石磨洗涤。 Indigo wash for a smarter look 靛蓝色剥落感水洗适合穿着很舒适的牛仔裤。Worn wash suits boot cut jeans. 分开清洗洗涤适合靴型牛仔裤。 Types of denim 面料类型The thickness of denim varies with the wash. 牛仔裤的面料也有多种洗涤方式。 Skinny jeans are usually made of stretch denim.紧身牛仔裤通常是弹性面料。 Indigo jeans are usually made with thick, salvage denim.靛蓝牛仔裤通常是厚的,粗斜纹棉布面料。201201/168910All-star blockbuster to celebrate China's 60th anniversaryThe all-star blockbuster 'Jian Guo Da Ye' is a tribute film for the upcoming60th anniversary of the country. Featuring a tremendous cast, the film isslated for public screening on September 17th. 07/76469

Want to know how to be creative? There are several techniques you can use to unleash your inner creativity. In this film brain guru Tony Buzan talks about how to develop your creative thinking, and apply it in many different ways.想知道如果富有创造力吗?这里有几个技巧可以让你释放出自己内在的创造力。短片中的大脑专家Tony Buzan谈论了如何发展并多方面应用你自己的创造力。 Step 1: Everyone is CreativeIt's a misconception that some people are not creative. The brain has a million brain cells, and has huge powers of creativity. Many people are just not trained to tap into their brain's creative potential.Step 1:每个人都有富有创造力 认为并不是每个人都富有创造力的想法是错误的。大脑有一百万个脑细胞,极富有创造力。很多人只是没有把它们开发出来罢了。Step 2: The Left amp; Right BrainThe left brain tends to deal with words, logic, numbers etc, and the right brain tends to deal with colour, shapes, rhythm etc. However, it's another misconception that creativity is purely right-brained. Real creativity involves both sides of the brain.Step 2:左脑与右脑 左脑趋向于解决逻辑,语言,数字之类的问题;而右脑则擅长颜色,形状和音韵等。但是,另一个误区是创造力全是右脑的事。真正的创造力是左右脑双方的问题。Step 3: Speed of ThoughtTraining the brain think faster can help improve creative thinking. Exercise the brain with things like sudoku, crosswords, puzzles and chess, and try to do them as fast as possible.Step 3:思维的敏捷度 让大脑转得更快的训练有利于提高创造力。快做做像数独、添词游戏、拼图和国际象棋吧。Step 4: Originality of thoughtTry to think about things in as many different ways as possible. Think 'outside the box.'Step 4: 创新思维 尽量用不同的方式思考,跳出固有的束缚。Step 5: Flexibility of ThoughtMost people tend to focus on one way of perceiving the world around, to improve your creativity try to discover and explore as many perspectives as possible.Step 5:灵活思考 大多数人总是用一种方式来感知世界。想要提升创造力的话,就要试着去发现,去探索尽可能多的其他方面。Step 6: Imagination amp; AssociationGreat creative thinkers use their imagination, and then try to make links and associations between things. Find new connections between things is a way of creating something new.Step 6:想象与联想 了不起的创新思想家会利用他们的想象力,进行联想。发觉事物之间的新联系能够创造新事物。201003/98054

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