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  • Warm weather is here across Michigan, and with it brings fresh food out of our gardens. One of those delicious, fresh dishes you can make is morel mushroom conserva. The Stateside Test Kitchen was lucky enough to have Chef James Rigato come into the studio to share his recipe.Chef Rigato is one of the up-and-coming stars in the culinary world and he made a name for himself when he opened The Root Restaurant amp; Bar in White Lake. He competed on Season 12 of the TV show Top Chef. And, he expanded his culinary talents and opened Mabel Gray restaurant in Hazel Park.Morel mushroom conserva is easy to make. So much so that Chef Rigato trusted the Stateside Test Kitchen to make it themselves. You can check out the evidence below, as well as the recipe. Morel Mushroom Conserva1/2 cup olive oil1-2 lbs cleaned mushrooms2 large shallots, minced6 minced garlic cloves1 teaspoon chopped thyme2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes1 lemon1 tablespoon red wine vinegar1 tablespoon sherry vinegar1 lemon, juice and zestSweat aromatics in oil. Add mushrooms. Low heat until softened hitting at least a simmer.Turn heat off. Add remaining ingredients. Adjust seasoning as desired. Salt to taste.Usually served chilled but can be warmed for pasta, bruschetta, pizza, etc.Try the recipe out yourself and show us some of your results on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #MichiganRadio.201606/447353。
  • Lets start by reviewing the ways in which the surface of ourlips is different from the surface of the skin on the rest of ourbodies.首先,我们需要知道嘴唇的表皮有别于身体其他部位的。Basically, our lips are made of the same mucusmembrane that coats the inside of our mouths.基本而言,嘴唇有相同的粘液膜组成,保护我们的嘴巴。This means two things.这就说明了两件事。First, our lips dont have the same protective outer layer as theskin elsewhere on our bodies.第一,我们身体其他部位的肌肤有一层“保护层”,这是嘴唇所没有的。This layer is part of the barrier to evaporation, and its absencemeans our lip skin retains less fluid.“保护层”能有效保湿,嘴唇因为没有而不易保湿。Second, our lips dont have the same glands and pigmentsas ordinary skin.第二,嘴唇不像其他肌肤有腺体和色素。For example, lips dont have oil glands, which also help keep moisture from evaporating, and they contain less melanin, the pigment that helps protect our skin from sunburn.比如,嘴唇不能分泌油脂,不易保湿。此外,嘴唇缺少黑色素等色素保护皮肤免受太阳灼伤。Whats more, unlike much of the rest of our body, our lips are almost always on display, and rarely covered by clothing.别于身体其他部位的皮肤,嘴唇经常暴露在外面。As a result,the moisture on our lips is continually evaporating.这样一来,嘴唇的水分一直在蒸发,And thats before we take into accountexposure to sun, wind, cold, and air-conditioning.这还不算阳光、大风、天冷、空调的“摧残”。Plus, if youre sick or have allergies, and your nose is congested, your lips end up drying more quickly because you tend to breathe throughyour mouth.此外,嘴唇有此外,如果你生病了或者过敏而鼻塞,不得不用嘴巴呼吸,嘴唇会干得更快! 201409/328791。
  • Jennife Aniston and Abraham Lincoln who is here with us today.今天Jennifer Aniston和Abraham Lincoln在这里All righ,So here we go,talking aobut what happened this morning.好 现在 让我们谈谈今天早上发生的事Hey,this is your call.We are gonna talk about if you really feel,I mean.嘿 这是你的决定 如果你真的觉得有必要我们可以谈谈What do you have to say about it?Lets just show them.Lets not talk about it.你对这个该怎么解释? 先给他们看 我们先不说Lets just show it.Jen?Hi.Hi.What are you doing here?Its 8 a.m. in the morning.先让他们看 詹妮弗? 你好 你好 你在这里干嘛?现在可是早上八点呐oh,Yeah.Here is your paper?Oh,thanks.对的 给 你的报纸 谢谢Listen.So Im co-hosting Ellen today And I know you did it.听着 是这样的 我今天要和艾伦一起主持 我知道你和她一起主持过And you were so good and I just,just need a lot of advice.Some advice?你做的那么棒 我来向你请教些经验 经验?Maybe you should show up at somebodys house at 8 oclock in the morning.如果你要早上八点出现在别人家门口And you should call first.W...What are you talking about?我想你应该先打电话通知一下的 什...你在说什么?We used to work into each others apartment all the time.I mean we are friends.我们以前经常相互串门啊 我们可是老友呐I know.That was just a TV show,you know.我知道 可那毕竟是个电视剧呀We havent actually seen each other in a pretty long time like 8 years.你知道我们大概有八年那么长的时间没见了吧What?No.David.Thats not true.Its Matthew Whatever,listen.不 不 大卫 这不是真的 我叫做马修 不管啦 嘿 听着I just dont know as many dumb jokes as you我不知道无聊低级的笑话Oh,you really?you thought those were dumb jokes?Sweetie...真的吗?你真的认为我说的那些是低级的笑话? 亲爱的Ellen is really nice.Shes really funny.Youre gonna do great.I know.I know.艾伦人很好 很幽默 你们会合作的很好的 这我知道I just wanna know it is scripted or is it improvised?我只想知道节目是有稿子的还是需要即兴发挥?Yes!Y..To what? Yes to what?Come on,you gotta give me something to go on.对呀 对?是哪个?那个对呀? 嘿 你总得把话说完Oh dont say GO ON.Oh Im sorry.Yeah Youre gonna be great.别跟我提生活向前冲 哦 不好意思 你会很出色的You are really smart.You are beautiful.You are sexy.你这么聪明 这么漂亮 又这么性感I konw.I know.But,it just Whats happening down here.我懂的 但是只是...发生什么事了? /201604/437309。
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