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VOA流行美语 96: PICK-ME-UP / LAY OFF今天Larry和Li Hua一起去医院看望一个生病的朋友Laura。Li Hua会学到两个常用语:pick-me-up和lay off。(street noise)LH: 哎,Larry, 我觉得Laura生病以后一直情绪不好 - 我真的很替她担心。LL: Well, this visit should be a nice pick-me-up for her. I'm sure she'll like the flowers you bought her.LH: 我也希望她会喜欢我买的这些花。可是,Larry, 你说我们去医院看她,对她是个 "pick-me-up", 什么是"pick-me-up" 啊?LL: A pick-me-up as one word is something that makes someone feel better or gives them energy.LH: 噢,原来"pick-me-up" 合起来是一个词,表示"能让人振作起来、让人心情好起来的东西"。所以你说我们去医院看Laura会让她心情好起来啊!LL: That's right. Here is another example - If you receive a birthday card from your best friend, you must feel good. So, the card for you is a "pick-me-up".LH: 对呀,好朋友送我生日卡片,那肯定会让我很高兴。只可惜生日一年只有一次。Larry, 我如果情绪低落,你猜我会怎么办?我吃巧克力。Chocolate is a good pick-me-up.LL: I don't really like chocolate, so when I need a pick-me-up, I usually eat ice cream.LH: 我也喜欢吃冰淇淋,不过,和冰淇淋比起来,我还是觉得"逛街买东西"更容易帮我调节心情。LL: Well, that's a good pick-me-up for girls, but most guys don't enjoy shopping that much.LH: 你说得太对了。"逛街买东西"常常能让女孩子一下子心情就好起来,可是对男生来说恐怕就不那么灵了。唉,真可惜Laura现在在医院里,要不然我可以约她出来逛街呢!LL: Well, I'm sure that seeing her friends and getting such pretty flowers will be a great pick-me-up for her.LH: 就是啊,见到我们还有这些好看的花她一定会高兴起来的。前面就是医院了。哎,Larry, 走了一路,我有点儿累了。我们先到这家咖啡馆喝杯咖啡怎么样?LL: Yeah, I'm kind of tired, too. I could use a little pick-me-up.******LL: Laura seemed so spacey. I think that maybe the doctors should lay off the painkillers.LH: 就是啊,Laura好像显得昏昏沉沉的,所以你觉得医生应该给她开止疼药 - painkiller 啊?LL: No, I meant they should STOP giving her painkillers. To lay off something is to stop using it or to stop doing it, and to lay off someone is to stop bothering him or her...LH: 噢,原来Lay off something的意思就是"停止用某种东西"或者"停止做某件事"。那lay off someone的意思就是"别再烦某个人"。原来你说的是医生应该给Laura停用止疼药吗?LL: You got it! You see - Painkillers tend to make the person spacey. That's why I think the doctors should lay off the painkillers for Laura.LH: 说得也是,止疼药是会让人晕晕乎乎的。哎,Larry, 我们能不能再到那个咖啡馆买杯咖啡呀?我看了Laura那么难受的样子,我也得提提神了- I need another pick-me-up.LL: Hey, Li Hua, you ought to lay off the caffeine. You're going to become addicted!LH: 你要我别喝那么多咖啡,不然会上瘾?嗨,Larry, 别管我的事, lay off me, 我啊,就是想喝这杯咖啡!LL: Alright, alright. Don't be mad at me.LH: 哎哟,我也不是真的和你急嘛。我只不过是想用"lay off someone" 来举个例子, 哎,你说我用得对吗?LL: Yes, you sure used it correctly. Now, shall we lay off the English lessons for a while? I think I will have some ice cream as a pick-ME-up.LH: 好啊,我们俩这个"英语课"要先告一段落,你吃冰淇淋。我呢,还是喝我的咖啡!今天李华从Larry那儿学到两个常用语,一个是pick-me-up, 意思是"给人提神、让人心情一下子好起来的东西";李华学到的另外一个常用语是lay off, lay off something意思是"停止做某件事", lay off someone意思是"别烦某个人"。 /200602/3171。

Why? Because we cannot ignore the metaphorical meaning of words either.这是为什么?因为我们同样也不能忽视这些词暗喻的意义。One of the sentences was, ;Some jobs are jails.;其中一句话是:“有些工作是监狱”Now, unless youre a prison guard, the sentence ;Some jobs are jails; is literally false.当然,除非你是监狱看守,“有些工作是监狱”这句话字面上是错的。Sadly, its metaphorically true.不幸却在暗喻上是对的And the metaphorical truth interferes with our ability to identify it as literally false.而暗喻上的真实干扰了我们的辨识能力,以至于难于区分字面上的真假。Metaphor matters because its around us every day, all the time.暗喻很重要,因它随时随地,无处不在。Metaphor matters because it creates expectations.暗喻很重要,因它带来期待Pay careful attention the next time you the financial news.下次你看财经新闻可要注意,Agent metaphors describe price movements as the deliberate action of a living thing, as in, ;The NASDAQ climbed higher.;拟人化的暗喻用来描述价格运动,就像是有人有意那么做。比如:“NASDAQ指数攀至新高”Object metaphors describe price movements as non-living things, as in, ;The Dow fell like a brick.;拟物化的暗喻用物体来描述价格运动,比如:道琼斯指数象砖头一样下跌。Researchers asked a group of people to a clutch of market commentaries, and then predict the next days price trend.研究人员请一群人在读了一些股评之后,来预测第二天的股价走势。Those exposed to agent metaphors had higher expectations that price trends would continue.那些读过拟人化暗喻的人更多地期待股价走势会持续。And they had those expectations because agent metaphors imply the deliberate action of a living thing pursuing a goal.而他们这样期待是由于拟人化的隐喻暗示了有人在刻意追逐一个目标。If, for example, house prices are routinely described as climbing and climbing,如果房价总是被说成是不断攀升,higher and higher, people might naturally assume that that rise is unstoppable.越走越高,人们自然会以为房价上升势不可挡。They may feel confident, say, in taking out mortgages they really cant afford.他们会感觉良好,以至于背负超过付能力的按揭。Thats a hypothetical example of course. But this is how metaphor misleads.当然这只是个虚构的例子。但是暗喻确实会这样误导人。Metaphor also matters because it influences decisions by activating analogies.暗喻很重要,因为它通过激活类比机制来影响决策。201704/506189。

即学即用英语会话词典C部分:责备 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200707/15212。

Every day, in the smallest towns and biggest cities across this country, about one in three Americans gets up and goes to work at a small business. Maybe they have coworkers, or maybe, for now, its just them. Maybe its their first job, or maybe theyve been lucky enough to build a lifelong career in the very place they started. Thats why, when we talk about supporting our small businesses, we arent talking about buildings on Main Street or bottom lines on spsheets. Were talking about millions of people, families, and futures. Today wraps up National Small Business Week. Since 1963, Democrats and Republicans alike have recognized this week as a time to celebrate the contributions of small businesses to every community in America. Times have changed, business models have changed, but the enduring spirit of American innovation continues to breathe life into our economy and create the jobs no government program can. Theres a lot in Washington that divides us, but in my time in Congress, Ive not met one person who believes our small businesses should carry the burden of excessive regulations and complicated taxes. Still, thats what happens. On average, small businesses have to pay more than ,000 for each employee in federal regulatory costs alone. Thats before the tax bill comes in, and thats before these new, higher healthcare premiums are due. These are hard realities for small businesses that we want to change. Republicans know theres no effort too big or too small when it comes to encouraging small businesses. Thats why weve done things like making the research and development tax credit permanent. Getting rid of the oil export ban. Waiving upfront loan fees for veterans who want to be entrepreneurs. Strengthening and empowering local small business development organizations. And were just getting started. We know that every business, product, and job – big or small – started with an idea. Thats why small business owners, employees, and entrepreneurs everywhere should be energized by our reform agenda for the future. Were bringing bold new ideas to the table – and that will challenge the way Washington does business, not just today, but for years to come. We know the biggest obstacles we face wont just go away overnight. Instead of accepting that these are challenges well have to live with, were building long-term solutions to fix them. In a way, Congress is learning to do what American entrepreneurs do best: take care of today, and plan for tomorrow. If we want a confident America, we need confident Americans. Top-down regulations and higher taxes dont inspire confidence. Job creation, innovation, and the courage to try and fail until you succeed – those are the building blocks of a future we can all get excited about. As Chairman of the House Small Business Committee, I get to hear small business stories from all over the country every day. If were looking for bold ideas for building the future, look no further than Americas small businesses.201605/444213。

And eat some Mac and Cheese wedges I actually hear the atmosphere is very, whats the right word, colorful?. 然后吃一些通心粉和楔形奶酪我听说这里的气候非常 怎么说来着 多吗I wanted to go to Sunset Point and sit on a bench then go over to Beta Rock over in South Quad. 我本想到日落景点 坐在长凳上然后到南面的Beta岩去Although my health commissioner back at home advised me not to sit on that Most of all -- and can you blame me? -- I was hoping to see Gourdzilla. 只是我在纽约的健康专员建议我别坐在那个上最重要地 别说我 我想看看GourdzillaI wanted to do all of that incidentally before coming here but instead I must admit, I spent the entire morning looking for parking. 来之前 我本已计划好做所有这些事情结果整个早上却被花在找停车位上I just had no idea how hard it is to park on this campus I think Im way out in South Lot 2. 我没想到在这个学校停车会如此之难我想我一直停到了南部2号停车场The only reason I made it here on time was that I sent out an ;All-Stu; to get a lift from here to there. 我现在能够按时到达完全是因为我发了一份All-Stu 才搭车到了这Anyways, Im not quite as prepared for today as you graduates are but thats okay because life is really looking forward. 不管怎样 我今天没有你们这些毕业生准备得充分不过这没关系 因为生活总是向前看的As you commence a new phase in your life And as you do, whats most important. 你们即将毕业 开始人生的新阶段在这个过程中 最重要的Is not what you are able to remember from your classes because after all, over time, you will forget most of the books you . 不是你能从课上记住些什么因为时间长了以后 你会忘掉大部分书本知识The equations you memorized, the studies you analyzed the papers you wrote, the tests you took. 各种背过的公式 分析过的研究内容你写的论文 及你参加过的考试内容Believe it or not, I forgot all of my seventh grade Latin when I was listing to the conferring of degrees. 不管你们信不信 我把我七年级学过的拉丁语忘干净了拉丁语是当时我为了获得学位而修的Its inevitable -- it happens to all of us but whats important is not remembering what youve learned. 这是不可避免的 每个人都会如此不过重要的不是记住你们学了什么知识Its realizing how much more there still is to learn Some of you will continue your formal education. 而是意识到还有很多东西仍需学习你们有些人会继续接受正式教育You may go back to school down the road And some of you never want to sit in a classroom again for the rest of your lives. 有些人以后还会回学校深造还有些人可能再也不想坐在教室里了Regardless, my advice to you is dont let your education end here. 不管怎样 我给你们的建议是不要让学习终止于此201607/455118。

「美国习惯用语」第八讲to be led by the nose under your nose今天我们要讲的习惯用语是和鼻子,也就是和nose这个字有关系的。鼻子是我们的嗅觉工具,也是我们的呼吸器官,是人体的一个重要组成部份。英语里有不少成语和俗语等习惯用语都和鼻子有联系的。比如to follow your nose是一直走的意思,或者是随着你闻到的味道去找什么东西,或什么地方。又比如to pay through the nose是指付出很高价钱。 在这次节目里,我们要介绍另外两个和鼻子有关的习惯用语。第一个是 to be led by the nose。To be led by the nose是一种很不愉快的经历。它的意思就是一个人全部在别人的控制之下,就像一头牲口被人用绳子牵着鼻子走一样。那末to be led by the nose在一般情况下的用法是怎么样的呢?下面这句话就是一个例子: 例句-1:"Ed's wife is a strong-minded woman and leads him around by the nose."这句话的意思是:“埃德的太太是一个个性很强的人,埃德简直就是被她牵着鼻子走。” 下面我们再来举一个例子。这是一个爸爸在给他的儿子提供一些忠告: 例句-2:"Remember, Son, don`t let other people lead you around by the nose. You'll get along a lot better in life if you use your own judgment and do what you yourself think is the right thing."这位爸爸说:“儿子,你可千万要记住不要让别人牵着你的鼻子走。要是你能用你自己的判断力,做你认为是对的事,那你的日子会过得好得多。”下面我们要讲的一个词汇是 under your nose。举个例子来说吧:有一个人突然发现自己的眼镜找不着了,他到处找,楼上、楼下,找遍了家里每个角落还是找不到。最后,他的太太给他找到了。那眼镜就在他坐着看书的椅子旁边。他太太就会说: 例句-3:"See, they were right under your nose the entire time."她说:“瞧,你的眼镜一直在你的鼻子底下。” Under your nose的意思也就是一样东西离你很近,但是,你就是没有看到。 我们再举个例子来说明under your nose的用法: 例句-4:"Did you in the paper how bold that robber was at the art museum? He cut three paintings from their frames and walked out with them right under the guards' noses."这个人说:“你有没有在报上看到关于那个去物馆偷东西的贼有多么大胆的消息吗?他把三幅画从镜框里割了下来,然后就竟然在警卫的鼻子底下带出了物馆。”以上我们讲了两个和鼻子,也就是nose这个字有关系的习惯用语。第一个是 to be led by the nose,这是被别人牵着鼻子走的意思。今天讲的另一个词汇是 under your nose,意思是没有看到就在自己身边的东西。 好,「美国习惯用语」第八讲就到里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200601/2963。

美国习惯用语-第26讲:A horse laughThe last laugh笑是最好的药品。不管这句话对不对,美国大众读物「读者文摘」的一个笑话拦就是用这句话来做标题的。但是,笑并不一定总是显示高兴或快乐。笑这个字,也就是英文里的laugh,在一般情况下都含有褒意,可有的时候却包含一种贬意,类似耻笑、讥笑、冷笑等,这些当然不会是好的药品。今天我们要讲两个由laugh这个字组成的习惯用语,一个是 a horse laugh,另一个是 the last laugh。从这两个词汇中,我们就可以看到laugh这个字在英文里和中文一样具有正反两面的含义。现在,我们先来讲 a horse laugh。Horse就是一头马。A horse laugh在英文里并不是指马在笑。作为一个俗语,a horse laugh是一种表示不信任的嘲笑。下面这个例子是说一些人对某个竞选议员的候选人表示不信任: 例句-1: "When this guy running for Congres told us how much money he'd save us taxpayers, we all gave him the horse laugh. We knew when he was in the state legislature he always voted for higher taxes." 这句话翻成中文就是说:“当这个竞选国会议员席位的人对我们说,他会为我们这些缴税的人省多少钱的时候,我们大家都哄堂大笑。我们知道,在他担任州议员的期间,他老是投票赞成提高税收的。” 我们再来举个例子,看看 a horse laugh 在句子里是怎么用的: 例句-2: "Harry thinks he's God's gift to women: that none of them can resist his charm. So we all gave him the horse laugh when he asked the new girl in class to go to a movie and she told him to get lost." 这句话是说:“哈里总是以为自己具有莫大的魅力,女人们都被他倾倒,他就像上帝恩赐给女人的礼物一样。所以,当他请班里新来的那个女孩去看电影,而被那女孩毫不客气地拒绝了以后,我们都禁不住地嘲笑他。 下面我们要讲的一个和 laugh 这个字有关的俗语是 the last laugh。The last laugh的意思就是,在某人开始做一件事情的时候,许多人都说他不会成功。但是最后他还是成功了。这时候,他的心里很高兴,也许还很得意,这就是the last laugh。发明飞行的赖特兄弟两人就是一个例子。当他们在1903年十二月宣布他们将实现人类飞行的梦想的时候,有的报纸写文章讥笑他们。可正是那一天,他们开创了人类进入飞行的新时代。The last laugh可以说是最令人满意的笑了。我们来举个例子吧: 例句-3: "I used to laugh at my roommate in college -- he'd stay in and study on weekends while I went out for a good time. But I guess he has the last laugh on me. He's a famous brain surgeon and me, I'm selling used cars and barely make enough to live on." 这个人说:“我过去在大学的时候总是笑话我同宿舍的同学,因为他周末老是呆在学校念书,而我总是出去玩。现在,我猜想他一定很得意地在笑我。他已经成为一个脑外科专家,而我则以卖旧汽车为生,只能勉强糊口。” 以上我们向大家介绍了两个和laugh这个字有关的词汇。它们是a horse laugh和the last laugh。「美国习惯用语」第二十六讲就到里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200601/2981。