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2017年12月11日 23:25:52

The Chinese property market rebounded in June, complicating the government’s efforts to support the slowing economy without fuelling a real estate bubble. 中国房地产市月份出现反弹,这使政府的努力复杂化,中国政府正试图在不助长房地产泡沫的情况下,持不断放缓的经济增长House prices in many big Chinese cities rose for the first time in a year, coming on the heels of measures to boost growth in the world’s second-largest economy. A sluggish real estate sector has been the biggest drag on Chinese growth, which slowed to 7.6 per cent in the first half, its weakest performance in three years. 中国多个大城市的住房价格出现一年来首次上涨,此前中国政府刚采取措施刺激经济增长。房地产市场疲软是导致中国经济增速放缓的最主要因素,今年上半年中国GDP增速降.6%,为三年来最低水平The increase in housing prices is seen as a strong signal that the second half of the year will generate a recovery. But analysts said the fact that they were rising so soon after the recent monetary easing was worrying for the government, which has spent the past two years trying to calm the frothy real estate sector. 住房价格上涨被认为是下半年将出现复苏的强烈信号。但分析师指出,房价在近期宽松货币政策出台后这么快就上涨,将让政府忧虑,过去两年来,中国政府一直试图为房地产市场泡沫降温“The central government is concerned. They may even be embarrassed. They have promised to improve housing affordability for some time and it seems they are failing again,said Wei Yao, an economist with Société Générale. 法国兴业(Société Générale)经济学家姚伟表示:“中央政府感到担忧。他们甚至可能感到难堪。他们承诺让更多人买得起住房已有一段时间了,但现在看来他们将再次失败。China’s statistics bureau released a statement with the housing data saying that “the curbing of speculative property demand must be a long-term policy 中国国家统计局在伴随房地产数据的公告中称:“必须把抑制房地产投机投资性需求作为一项长期政策。Of the 70 leading cities tracked by the Chinese statistics bureau, 25 registered month-on-month housing price increases in June, while prices fell in 21. That was an abrupt reversal from May, when prices fell in 43 and rose in six. 国家统计局跟踪0个主要城市中5个城月份住房价格环比上涨1个城市则出现下跌。相对于5月份来说这是一个大幅度的转折,5月份43个城市的房价环比下滑,仅6个出现上涨Strikingly, most of the country’s biggest cities recorded gains in June. Beijing housing prices were up 0.3 per cent, Shanghai up 0.2 per cent and Guangzhou up 0.2 per cent. For the latter two, that was their first price increase in a year. 引人关注的是,中国一线城市房屋价月份普遍出现上涨,北京、上海、广州的住房价格环比分别上涨0.3%.2%.2%。其中上海和广州是一年来房价首次环比上涨The government tried to calm the property market as early as 2007, but prices took off again when it launched a large economic stimulus programme in late 2008 after the global financial crisis erupted. Officials insist they will not make the same mistake this time. 中国政府早在2007年就试图为房地产市场降温。但008年末政府为应对全球金融危机出台大规模经济刺激方案后,房价再度飙升。政府官员坚称,这一次他们不会重犯同样的错误。来 /201207/190983宣城人民医院有做包皮切割手术吗宣城比较好的泌尿专科医院NAHA, Japan--U.S. and Japanese officials are putting a new focus on Okinawa, the hub of the American military presence in East Asia, pressuring reluctant local residents to approve by years a long-stalled plan to move a base for U.S. Marines.美国和日本的官员将注意力再度投向冲绳这一美国在东亚军事力量的核心地区,施加压力要求冲绳居民在年底前批准当地一个美国海军陆战队基地的搬迁计划。该计划长期以来一直被搁置。It is a risky tactic for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as he tries to tighten the security alliance with the U.S. to counter Beijings growing assertiveness in the waters around Japans southern island. Even as national support grows for U.S. troops, grass-roots resentment on Okinawa toward the foreign military presence has strengthened in recent years.这对日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)来说是一项具有风险性的策略。安倍晋三正试图增进与美国的军事安全同盟以对抗中国在冲绳周边海域咄咄逼人的姿态。虽然从全国范围看,日本对美军的持度上升,但最近几年冲绳民众对美国在当地派驻军队的不满加剧。Local politicians now routinely call Tokyos policy of keeping a majority of U.S. bases on their overcrowded island discrimination against the Okinawans, who have a unique cultural heritage, and have ramped up calls to reduce the American footprint. They predict an outburst of protests if the government ignores the opposition.冲绳的官员们目前经常表示,日本政府在当地保留大部分美军基地的政策是对冲绳人民的歧视,并一直在加大力度要求减少美国在当地的军事部署。这些官员预计,如果日本政府忽视他们的反对意见,当地民众可能举行大规模抗议活动。冲绳拥有不同于日本其他地区的历史文化People from the mainland arrogantly tell us to think about the broad national security, but we are the ones who must live with the risks, said Takeshi Onaga, mayor of Naha, the prefectural seat, who is widely seen as the front-runner in a gubernatorial race scheduled for November 2014. When we fear war could break out any time, our honest feeling is Please dont aggravate China too much.冲绳县首府那霸市市长翁长雄志(Takeshi Onaga)称,日本其他地区的人傲慢地要求冲绳考虑国家安全的大局,但必须面对风险的是冲绳人;他们担心战争可能随时爆发,心里真实的想法是不要过度刺激中国。翁长雄志被普遍认为将在20141月份的冲绳县知事选举中获胜。Tensions between Tokyo and Okinawa have escalated over the past few months since Mr. Abe started applying intense pressure on officials to accept a long-standing plan to build a new runway for the U.S. Marine Corps.过去几个月中,东京与冲绳之间的紧张关系升级,因为安倍晋三向冲绳官员大举施压,要求他们接受一项长期搁置的计划,内容是在冲绳为美国海军陆战队建造一条新的飞机跑道。The plan--which has stalled for 17 years due to local opposition--calls for closing an unpopular base called Futenma in densely populated central Okinawa and building a replacement facility in a coastal area in the islands rural north. Opponents want Futenma shut without any replacement on their island.由于受到冲绳民众的反对,该计划已搁置17年。计划提议关闭建在冲绳人口密集的中心地区的普天间美军基地,在冲绳北部农村沿海地区重建一个基地。反对者要求关闭普天间基地后不在冲绳其他地区重建。The face-off is coming to a head as the governor faces a self-imposed year-end deadline on whether he should grant a landfill permit, a prerequisite for the construction itself. The seemingly minor bureaucratic decision has taken on significance as the key step needed to move forward with the new base.目前这一僵局即将迎来关键时刻,因为冲绳县知事仲井真弘Hirokazu Nakaima)此前给出的是否批准美军新基地选址地区填埋的最后期限是在年底,而这个期限即将到来。获得这项批准是新基地建造的先决条件。Permit approval would be the first advance for the plan since 2006, and would demonstrate Mr. Abes ability to break a logjam that has foiled numerous predecessors. Failure to win the permit would be an embarrassment for the prime minister and a setback for his campaign to bolster the U.S.-Japan alliance, showing the base issue as intractable even for Japans most powerful and popular leader in years.如果填埋获得批准,将是美军基地搬迁计006年来首次取得进展,并明安倍晋三有能力打破这一已困扰多位前任的僵局。若填埋未获批准,将令安倍晋三难堪并对其增进美日同盟的计划带来拖累,同时表明冲绳美军基地事宜是一个即使像安倍晋三这样近年来最有影响、最受拥护的日本领导人也难以解决的问题。Hirokazu Nakaima, Okinawas governor who belongs to Mr. Abes conservative ruling party, has in the past said he opposed construction of a new base on Okinawa to replace Futenma, as community sentiment deteriorated due to crimes involving U.S. soldiers and the introduction of the Ospreys, a tilt-rotor aircraft criticized in Okinawa as noisy.与安倍晋三同在执政党自民党的仲井真弘多此前曾表示,他反对在冲绳新建一个美军基地替代普天间基地,因驻冲绳美军士兵的犯罪案件以及所部署鱼鹰运输机的噪音问题引发民众不满。The 74-year-old governor has hinted at more flexibility as he enters the last year of his term in office, with expectations that he wont seek re-election. Some close Nakaima aides point to the merit of accepting the U.S. base plan in some form.进入任期最后一年的仲井真弘多已暗示将增加在美军基地问题上的灵活性。仲井真弘多现年74岁。人们预计他不会寻求连任We remain stuck if we just keep saying no, Susumu Matayoshi, head of the governors office, said in an interview last week. We have to acknowledge Tokyo has the power of the state and we are subject to the hierarchy of power. Mr. Matayoshi said he didnt know how the governor would decide.冲绳县知事办公室主任又吉Susumu Matayoshi)上周接受采访时说:如果我们坚持说不,事情就无法解决;我们必须承认政府代表的国家权威,接受权力等级的制约。又吉进说,他不知道知事会作何决定。Mr. Abe is fighting an all-out battle to gain Okinawas support. In an annual national budget likely to show a 2%-3% increase in overall spending, Tokyo on Tuesday approved .4 billion for Okinawas economic development, up 14% from a year ago, to fund expensive infrastructure projects, such as the construction of a new runway at Nahas main airport, and the expansion of a graduate school of science and technology in a rural town near the planned location for the new base.安倍晋三正在竭尽全力争取冲绳的持。日本政府周二在全国年度预算中批准向冲绳拨款34亿美元用于发展经济,较上一年增4%,而全国总体出预计仅增%-3%,这些资金将用于昂贵的基础设施项目,例如在那霸机场修建一条新跑道,以及在基地新址附近的乡镇扩建一所科研院。Making his final effort to persuade the governor, Mr. Abe on Wednesday offered additional steps to reduce the military footprint in Okinawa, such as setting up task forces to study shifting some training operations elsewhere and giving back some of the U.S. bases to the local community earlier than under previous plans. After meeting the prime minister, Mr. Nakaima described his proposal as surprisingly generous, an expression some interpreted to mean he will grant the landfill permit.为了最终说冲绳县知事,安倍周三还提出进一步的方案,试图减轻美军基地给冲绳带来的负担,例如成立工作组负责研究将部分训练活动改到其他地方进行,以及将部分美军基地提前归还当地社区。在与安倍晋三会面后,仲井真弘多形容首相的提议“出乎意料的慷慨”;一些人猜测,这意味着他将批准填海造陆计划。Also on Wednesday, the U.S. and Japan agreed to negotiate a new framework to address environmental concerns related to U.S. military activities at bases across Japan. This is yet another step we are taking together in order to update and modernize our alliance, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in a statement.美国和日本周三还同意商讨一个新的框架,以应对美国驻军引发的环境问题。美国国防部长哈格尔(Chuck Hagel)在声明中称,这是加强美日同盟并使这一同盟现代化的又一举措。The main island of Okinawa, with an area one-third of Rhode Islands and home to 1.3 million people, hosts 34 U.S. military facilities, accounting for three-quarters of the area of all U.S. bases in Japan. Some 28,000 member members of the U.S. military are stationed in Okinawa, roughly 70% of those assigned to Japan, according to data from Okinawa prefecture.冲绳县主岛面积是美国罗德岛的三分之一,人30万,岛上4处美军设施,占驻日美军基地总面积的四分之三。冲绳县的数据显示,美国军队有大.8万人驻扎在冲绳,约占驻日美军总数0%。The U.S. has long considered Okinawa strategically important, having used it as a staging base during the Vietnam War. Its significance has grown further as China flexes its military muscle. Progress on Futenma is essential also because it is tied to a broader U.S. plan to reorganize its troops in the Asia-Pacific as part of its efforts to pivot to Asia.美国长期以来一直重视冲绳具的战略意义,越战期间,美军曾将冲绳作为补给基地。在中国加强军事实力之际,冲绳的重要性变得更加突出。普天间基地的进展之所以至关重要,也因为它与美国在亚太地区的军事重组有关,这也是美国重返亚洲的整体战略的一部分。Polls show a majority of people in Okinawa oppose the new base, but promises of generous subsidies and expensive construction contracts appear to have helped lift support. Base supporters also cite Chinas recent saber-rattling.调查显示,多数冲绳人反对新建军事基地,但慷慨的补贴和高额的建筑合同似乎使持率有所提高。军事基地的持者还提到中国的武力威胁We have a neighbor that has an eye on the Senkaku Islands and Okinawa, said Shohei Nakachi, a local business leader who heads a citizens group pushing for the new base, referring to the group of islands that China calls Diaoyu in the Okinawa prefecture at the heart of the Japan-China dispute. The Marines are our deterrence. Its extremely dangerous to make them leave in an environment like this.持建设新基地的公民组织负责人、当地商界领袖Shohei Nakachi表示:我们的一个邻国正在觊觎尖阁诸Senkaku Islands, 中国称钓鱼岛)和冲绳;海军陆战队是我们的威慑力量,在当前形势下让他们离开是极其危险的。尖阁诸岛位于冲绳县的一组岛屿,是中日争端的核心。Mr. Nakachis group recently gathered signatures from 80,000 people for a petition to move forward on the new base, a large number that even surprised its organizers, and a rare show of mass support for the bases.Nakachi领导的组织最近征集到8万人的签名,持新基地的建设。签名人数之多甚至令组织者也感到意外,这种大规模的持军事基地的现象也比较罕见。Still, many worry that the Futenma relocation saga will continue for many years even if the governor grants a landfill permit. The city designated as the host of the new base has a mayoral election scheduled for Jan. 19. A compromise from the governor could fuel support for the antibase incumbent whom Mr. Abes government is trying to defeat. Antibase activists pledge they will block the project by putting up barricades and sending in fishing boats to interfere with construction work. Such protests may force Tokyo to dispatch riot police or the coast guard, a politically delicate act in Japans pacifist culture.但很多人仍然担心,即使知事批准填海造陆,普天间基地重新选址的过程也将持续数年。被选作基地新址的城市明9日将举行市长选举,如果知事做出妥协,可能会使反对美军基地的候选人得到更多的持,而安倍晋三政府希望在这次市长选举中获胜。反对军事基地的活动人士承诺,他们将设置路障并派遣渔船干扰建筑工程,以阻止项目实斀?这种抗议可能迫使日本政府派出防暴警察或海岸警卫队,在日本和平主义原则下,这将是一个政治上非常微妙的举动Weve tried with various democratic steps. If that cant stop this, well have no choice but to resort to force, said Satoru Oshiro, a top official of Okinawas largest antibase group with some 20,000 members. We wont hesitate to fight even if we risk getting arrested.Satoru Oshiro是冲绳县反抗美军基地的最大组织的高层负责人,该组织拥有大万名成员。他说:我们尝试了各种各样的民主途径,如果阻止不了,我们别无选择,只有诉诸武力;即使冒着被逮捕的危险,我们也会义无返顾地去战斗。来 /201312/271041Part Useful Expressions第四部分 旅游实用句1.Excuse me, could you show me where seat 18A is?1.请问18A座位在哪里?.It over there next to the window..就在那里,靠窗的那一个3.Do you mind changing seats with me?3.我可以跟你换位子吗?.Can I change seats with you?.我可以跟你换位子吗?5.Excuse me. You have my seat.5.不好意思,你坐到我的位子了6.Excuse me. Is this seat vacant?6.对不起,请问这个位子有人坐吗?7.Could you please help me put my baggage up there?7.可以帮我把行李放上去吗?8.Could you please help me get my baggage up there?8.可以帮我把行李拿下来吗?9.The overhead compartments are all full. Where can I put my baggage?9.上面的置物箱都满了,我的行李放哪里?.You can place the baggage under the seat in front of you..您可以将行李放在前面的座位下面.Do you have Chinese newspapers?.你们有没有中文报纸?.Can you tell me how to fasten the seat belt?.麻烦教我怎么系安全带好吗?.Can you tell me how to unfasten the seat belt?.请问安全带要怎么解开?.How do I recline my seat?.我要怎么把椅背放下来?.Could you put your seat up, please?.请竖直椅背好吗?.This headphone is not working. Can I have a new one?.这副耳机是坏的,麻烦给我一副新的.How do I turn on the light?.请问怎样开阅读灯?18.Could you give me one more blanket?18.请再给我一条毯子好吗?19.One extra pillow, please.19.请再给我一个枕头.What time does the inflight movie start?.机上电影什么时候开始播放?1.Which is the movie channel?1.电影频道是多少?.When can I use my electronic devices?.什么时候可以使用电子产品?3.Where is the lavatory?3.请问洗手间在哪里?.I dont feel well..我觉得不舒5.I feel like vomiting.5.我想吐6.Do you have anything airsickness?6.你们有晕机药吗?7.Do you have anything a headache?7.你们有头痛药吗?.When do you start to serve dinner?.请问晚餐几点开始供应?9.Beef or pork?9.请问您要吃牛肉还是猪肉?30.Omelet or quiche?30.请问您要吃蛋卷还是乳蛋饼?31.Some more rolls?31.还要再吃一点面包吗?3.May I have some more b?3.可以再给我一些面包吗?33.Would you care something to drink?33.需要喝点什么饮料吗?.Orange juice, please..我要橙汁35.Care some wine?35.需要喝点酒吗?36.Some more coffee?36.还要再喝一点咖啡吗?37.Can I have a soda with lemon chips?37.可以给我一杯汽水加柠檬片吗?38.Are you finished?38.请问您吃完了吗?39.Yes, Ive finished.39.我吃完了0.Not yet.0.我还没吃完1.Do you have any instant noodles?1.你们有泡面吗?.Do you sell duty-free items on this flight?.这个班次上有卖免税商品吗?3.Which currencies do you accept, Euros or US dollars?3.你们收欧元还是美金?.We accept US dollars only?.我们只收美金5.Can I pay by credit cards?5.我可以刷卡吗?6.How do I fill out this m?6.请问如何填写这份表格?7.What is the local time now?7.现在当地时间是几点?8.Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching an area of turbulence.8.各位旅客请注意,本班机即将行经乱流区 your own safety, please go back to your seat and fasten the seat belts. Thank you.请您回到您的座位,并系好安全带,以求安全谢谢您的合作9.Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Captain speaking.9.各位旅客,您好,这是机长报告We will be landing at Bangkok international Airport in minutes.本班机即将降落曼谷国际机场Our flying altitude is 7000 feet.我们的飞行高度是7000英尺The local time is 9:5 p. m. and the ground temperature is 5 degrees Centigrade, or 77 degrees Fahrenheit.当地时间为晚上9点5分,地面温度摄氏5度,华氏77度Captain Tony and all the members of his crew thank you flying with us.机长汤尼与所有组员感谢各位旅客搭乘本班机We hope you enjoyed your flight.希望各位旅客满意这次的飞行 386宣城人民医院皮肤科需要预约吗

芜湖市第五人民医院有治疗前列腺炎吗宣城市第一人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱Riot police cleared Taiwan’s Cabinet offices of scores of protesters opposed to a trade pact with China on Monday after a last-minute plea from President Ma Ying-jeou failed to defuse a five-day stand-off.台湾防暴警察周一驱散了滞留在行政院办公室的数十名反对与中国大陆签订贸易协定的抗议者。在此之前,台湾总统马英九曾试图与抗议者达成和解,结束长达5天的对峙,但没有成功。At least 58 protesters were arrested and dozens injured in the clashes which represent a sharp escalation in tensions over the island’s developing ties with mainland China. The police had been ordered to evict the protesters after the executive compound was occupied late on Sunday night.在这次冲突中,至少有58名抗议者被捕,数十人受伤。近年来,围绕是否要与中国大陆加深经贸往来,台湾内部存在着紧张对立,而最新冲突表明这种紧张关系正在加剧。周日晚,在抗议者占领行政院大楼后,台湾警方接到了驱逐这些抗议者的命令。Demonstrators had staged a sit-in at the Taiwanese legislature since Tuesday to protest the fast-tracking of an accord to lower the barriers on trade in services, making it easier for mainland Chinese companies to invest in Taiwan and vice versa. The sit-in had drawn crowds of supporters to the surrounding streets and demonstrations of support from Taiwanese living overseas.自上周二以来,示威者一直在台湾立法院静坐,抗议台湾当局匆忙签订一份降低务业贸易壁垒的协定。这一协定会让中国大陆企业更易于投资台湾,同时台湾企业对大陆的投资门槛也会相应降低。这一静坐活动吸引了成群结队的持者,他们聚集在立法院周边的街道上。与此同时,一些居住在海外的台湾人也表达了对抗议者的声援。Beijing claims sovereignty over Taipei and does not maintain diplomatic relations with nations that recognise Taiwan. Opponents of the trade deal fear it would give mainland China too much control over the economy of independently-governed Taiwan.中国政府宣称对台湾拥有主权;对于承认台湾有独立主权的国家,北京方面会终止两国间的外交关系。这一贸易协定的反对者担心,它可能会赋予中国大陆对台湾经济的过多控制权,令原本独立自主的台湾经济上受制于人。The protests come after several years of warming relations and growing economic integration between China and Taiwan, whose unresolved conflicts are one of the biggest potential flashpoints in Asia.在这次抗议活动爆发之前的几年里,中国大陆和台湾的关系不断升温,经济整合日益加强。然而,两者间仍未从根源上解决的矛盾却是亚洲最大的潜在导火索之一。Taiwan’s ruling Kuomingtang party, which fled mainland China after losing a civil war to the Communists in 1949, supports the pact, as do many Taiwanese industrialists with extensive investments in the mainland.台湾目前当政的国民党(Kuomingtang)949年内战失败后逃至台湾。国民党对这一贸易协定持持态度。同样持该协定的,还包括许多在大陆有大量投资的台湾实业家。President Ma, whose administration has signed a number of trade and economic agreements with mainland China, defended the pact and called for crowds to go home in a press conference on Sunday. “I tell you once again, with a responsible attitude, that this is completely for the sake of Taiwan’s economic future,he said.周日,台湾总统马英九曾在记者招待会上为该协定辩护,呼吁人们回到家中。他说:“我要再次以负责任的态度向各位报告,这完全是为了台湾经济的未来。”马英九政府自当政以来,已和大陆签下一系列经贸协定。The opposition Democratic Progressive party warned that opening the services sector to Chinese ownership would tighten Beijing’s grip on the much smaller island of Taiwan. The DPP lacks the votes to block the pact when it comes up for final parliamentary review on April 8.反对党民进党(Democratic Progressive)则警告说,将务业企业的所有权向中国大陆人开放,可能会令中国政府加强对台湾的控制。这一协定将于4日提交立法院终审,民进党届时将缺乏足够选票阻止该协定通过。The Taiwanese economy is aly heavily dependent on China. Local banks had the equivalent of .92bn in exposure to Chinese loans, investments and interbank deposits at the end of December, or one-quarter of total, according to central bank data, leaving them more exposed to China than any other country.台湾经济已严重依赖中国大陆。根据台湾央行的数据,去2月底,台湾当地对大陆贷款、投资及间存款的风险敞口49.2亿美元,占台湾当地对外总风险敞口的四分之一。这一数字令这些对中国大陆的依赖程度超过了对其他任何国家的依赖。来 /201403/281825宣城宁国市前列腺炎多少钱美国的MPAA,它的全称为;The Motion Picture Association of America ;;美国电影协会;,总部设在加利福利(Encino,California )。这个组织成立于1922年,最初是作为电影工业的一个交易组织而出现的。如今它涉足的领域不仅有在影院上映的电影,还有电视、家庭摄影(home )以及未来有可能会出现的其他传送系统领域。G级(GENERAL AUDIENCES All ages admitted.)大众级,所有年龄均可观看大众级,适合所有年龄段的人观看;;该级别的电影内容可以被父母接受,影片没有裸体、性爱场面,吸毒和暴力场面非常少。对话也是日常生活中可以经常接触到的;PG级(PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED Some material may not be suitable for children.)普通级建议在父母的陪伴下观看,有些镜头可能让儿童产生不适感.辅导级,一些内容可能不适合儿童观看;;该级别的电影基本没有性爱、吸毒和裸体场面,即使有时间也很短,此外,恐怖和暴力场面不会超出适度的范围;PG-13级(PARENTS STRONGLY CAUTIONED Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. )普通级,但不适于13岁以下儿特别辅导级,13岁以下儿童尤其要有父母陪同观看,一些内容对儿童很不适宜;;该级别的电影没有粗野的持续暴力镜头,一般没有裸体镜头,有时会有吸毒镜头和脏话;R级(RESTRICTED Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.限制级,17岁以下必须由父母或者监护陪伴才能观看.限制级,17岁以下观众要求有父母或成人陪同观;;该级别的影片包含成人内容,里面有较多的性爱、暴力、吸毒等场面和脏话;NC-17级(NO ONE 17 AND UNDER ADMITTED 7岁或者以下不可观7岁以下观众禁止观;;该级别的影片被定为成人影片,未成年人坚决被禁止观看。影片中有清楚的性爱场面,大量的吸毒或暴力镜头以及脏话等。其实,我国部分院线也有相应的电影分级制度,只是还没有普及。The Bona International Film Group will implement a self-rating system for films shown at its cinemas, most likely to be launched in mid-February, Beijing Daily reported.据《北京日报》报道,纳影业集团表示,下属院线将自行推行电影分级制度,或许从2月中旬开始实行。The lack of a nationwide film rating system has been a centerpiece of criticism for many years in China. There is also consensus that certain adult content in films may be unsuitable for children.我国缺少全国性的电影分级体系,多年以来一直是批评的焦点。此前有共识认为,电影中的一些成人内容不适合儿童观看。Bona said its rating system is not necessarily intended to bar minors from partial nudity or violence in the films, but provide guidance, adding that the elderly also benefit from the system.纳说自己的分级制度不是刻意在让未成年人远离电影中的裸露或暴力场景,而是提供一种指导,并表示老年人其实也会从分级制度中获益。(部分内容来自china.org.cn)来 /201202/169871安徽省宣城中心医院男科大夫

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