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2018年09月25日 03:55:29

郴州早泄症的治疗医院桂阳县人民中妇幼保健医院男科大夫去邮局情境单词1.mail 邮政,邮件 n.mailman 邮差 n.package 包裹 n.express 快递 n.postage 邮资 n.mailbox 邮筒,私人信箱 n.postbox 邮箱 n.2.letter 信件 n.address 地址 n.zip code 邮政编码stamp 邮票 n.envelope 信封 n.return address 寄件人地址recipients address 收件人地址postmark 邮戳 n.commemorative stamp 纪念邮票3.postal 邮政的 adj.postal clerk 邮政办事员postal money order (邮)汇票insurance 保险 n.post office box 邮政专用信箱4.deliver 投递 v.spam 广告邮件 n.personal mail 私人信件airmail 航空邮件 n.seamail 海运 n.postcard 明细片 n.registered letter 挂号信printed material 印刷品 /201309/257908Todd: OK, were going to talk about apples.我们来聊一聊苹果。Kentaro: OK.好的。Todd: OK, do you like apples?你喜欢苹果吗?Kentaro: Yeah. So-so.只是一般。Todd: OK, how often do you eat apples?你多久吃一次苹果?Kentaro: Once a week, I would say.大概一周一次。Todd: Once a week. How much is an apple in Japan?一周一次。在日本,一个苹果卖多少钱?Kentaro: In Japan, it depends on the season.这要看日本是什么季节了。Todd: Uh-huh.嗯。Kentaro: If its like summer seasons gonna be very expensive.如果是夏天,苹果会非常贵。Todd: Uh-huh.嗯。Kentaro: Uh-huh. But you mean..are you talking about now?嗯,你是问,现在的苹果多少钱吗?Todd: Yeah, like right now..how much does an apple cost?是的,比如现在,一个苹果多少钱?Kentaro: I would say maybe about a 100..15..450 yen per an apple.一个苹果大概要450日元。Todd: Really! Yeah..thats thats kind of expensive.真的!真是挺贵的。Kentaro: Yeah.是的。Todd: Where do apples come from?那些苹果都从哪来?Kentaro: Aomori Prefecture.青森县。Todd: Aomori! Really!青森县!Kentaro: Which is in the northern part of Japan.在日本的东部。Todd: OK. Oh..alright. And what colors are apples?好的。那些苹果都有什么颜色的?Kentaro: Red or green or yellow.有红色的,绿色的和黄色的。Todd: OK. Which color is your favorite?你最喜欢哪种苹果?Kentaro: Red.我最喜欢红苹果。Todd: Red. Yeah. Yeah. Actually I like the green apples.红苹果。实际上,我喜欢绿苹果。Kentaro: Really! Why?真的!为什么?Todd: I dont know. I just..in America we have sour green apples.不知道。在美国我们吃有点儿酸的绿苹果。Kentaro: Does it taste different than the red apples?绿苹果吃起来和红苹果很不同吧?Todd: Yeah, like the red apples are sweet..and the green apples in America..theyre very sour.是的,红苹果更甜,美国的绿苹果很酸。Kentaro: Oh.哦。Todd: Yeah..so..theyre very nice. Um, one last thing! What can you make with apples?但很好吃。最后一个问题!用苹果能做什么食物?Kentaro: Apple Juice, apple pie, and apple tea.能做苹果汁,苹果派,苹果茶。Todd: Apple tea.苹果茶。Kentaro: Yeah.是的。Todd: OK. And can you make apple pie?你会做苹果派吗?Kentaro: No, not really.不会。Todd: Yeah. Man, me neither.我也不会。Kentaro: OK. Thanks.好的,谢谢。Todd: Thanks.谢谢。注:译文属原创,,。 /201302/225674郴州治疗早泄去哪个医院好

郴州市中医医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱郴州哪个男科好嘉宾:Debbie Mason话题:Barbecuing夏日美味烧烤 单词拼写: 1、Charcoal:炭 black coal used for barbecuing 2、Pastrami:五香味five flavours 3、Kebabs:烤肉串Greek Kebabs 4、Marinades:腌泡汁to soak the meat before you barbecue 重点俚语: 1、Veggie option:素食选择vegetarian 2、Pestle and mortar:a tool used for grinding stuffs ( ingredients ) 3、Dedicated to barbecuing:酷爱烧烤devote to barbecuing 4、Pastrami rub:五香酱five flavour sauces 5、Citrus fruits、dried fruits 问题: 1、What was the weather like that day? 2、What was being cooked for the barbecue? 3、What two ingredients to rubs usually have in them? 4、What about marinades? : 1、The weather like today is stiff windy 2、Lam kebabs and pickled stuffed mushrooms with meat being cooked for the barbecue 3、Salt and a bit of sugar ingredients to rubs usually have in them 4、Marinades is about is soy or oil and citrus fruits /201311/263922郴州桂阳县人民医院妇幼保健男科咨询Yang Li: Hello, Im Yang Li and this is The English We Speak.杨莉:大家好,我是杨莉,这里是地道英语节目。William: Im William Kremer. Welcome to the programme.威廉:我是威廉·克莱默。欢迎收听节目。Yang Li: Ah William, I am so excited!杨莉:啊,威廉,我真是太兴奋了!William: Really? Whats brought this on, then?威廉:是吗?那是什么让你这么兴奋?Yang Li: This weekend something really really really great is happening! Do you know what it is?杨莉:这周末会有非常非常非常棒的事情发生!你知道是什么吗?William: No...威廉:不知道。Yang Li: It has to do with music...杨莉:和音乐有关……William: Hmm. Is it a big opera?威廉:嗯。是大型歌剧吗?Yang Li: No, it takes place outdoors...杨莉:不是,是在户外进行的……William: Ah, is it opera in the park?威廉:啊,是在公园里上演的歌剧吗?Yang Li: No, no, its not opera. Its Glastonbury!杨莉:不,不是,不是歌剧。是格拉斯顿伯里音乐节!William: Oh wow, the huge music festival! Ive never been. Whats the line-up this year?威廉:哦,哇,那个盛大的音乐节!我从来没去看过。今年的演出阵容都有谁?Yang Li: Oh no, you dont need to queue. You can just get tickets online. But of course, they are sold out now.杨莉:哦,不,你不需要排队。你可以在网上订票。不过当然,现在票已经售完了。William: No, no, the line-up, Li. Whos playing?威廉:哦,不,李,我说的是演出阵容。都有谁出演?Yang Li: Oh, I see. Theres U2 and the Chemical Brothers and Fleet Foxes and Elbow... and loads and loads of bands of course. But William, Im confused about this phrase line-up...杨莉:哦,我明白了。有U2乐队、化学兄弟乐队、舰队狐狸乐队和大腕乐队……当然还有很多乐队。不过威廉,我对line-up这个词有些困惑……William: Well, in America to wait in line means to queue. But a line-up refers to all the bands that are playing in a festival.威廉:好,在美国,wait in line的意思是排队。但是line-up指的是所有出演音乐节的乐队。Yang Li: Oh right. So, is this phrase only used for music festivals?杨莉:哦,好。那这个短语只用在音乐节中吗?William: No, it isnt. Listen to this:威廉:不,不是的。来听这个例子:Man: Is Jones playing this weekend?男1:琼斯这周末会参加比赛吗?Man 2: No, hes still injured so hes not in the line-up.男2:不,他的伤还没好,所以他并不在球员阵容中。William: So in that example the line-up meant the members of a sports team playing in a match. The line-up.威廉:所以,在这个例子中,line-up指的是参加比赛的运动队成员。球员阵容。Yang Li: Well anyway, its a pretty good line-up at Glastonbury this weekend. I cant wait.杨莉:好,不管怎么样说,本周末的格拉斯顿伯里音乐节阵容非常强大。我都等不及了。William: Whos headlining on Sunday?威廉:那周日的主角是谁?Yang Li: Eh, what?杨莉:啊,什么?William: Headlining. Whos headlining? Ah, I think I know why youre confused. To headline doesnt mean to be in the newspapers. It means to be the main act in a festival. The main act is the headline act.威廉:主角。谁是主角?哦,我知道你为什么会困惑了。To headline并不是说报纸的头条。而是指音乐节中的主角。主角也可以说headline act。Yang Li: Oh right. I think Beyoncé Knowles is headlining on Sunday. She is the headline act.杨莉:哦,好的。我想周日的主角是碧昂丝·诺尔斯。她是主角。William: Ah yes, Beyoncé. Ive heard of her. Is she the one that does that dance, like this...威廉:好的,碧昂斯。我听说过她。这是不是她的舞蹈,就像这样……Yang Li: Oh William, stop it! Stop it! You are not Beyoncé Knowles! It looks wrong!杨莉:哦,威廉,停下,停下!你可不是碧昂丝·诺尔斯!太难看了!William: (laughing) OK, OK. So, what time do you leave?威廉:(笑声)好吧,好吧。那你什么时候走?Yang Li: Eh?杨莉:什么?William: What time are you going to Glastonbury? Its quite a long way, you know Li. You should probably be getting on a train about now.威廉:你什么时候去格拉斯顿伯里音乐节?莉,你知道,那里离这里很远。你现在就应该上火车了。Yang Li: Oh no, Im not going! It costs an absolute fortune, you know, and it can be so muddy! And I dont like the idea of those festival toilets. Oh, no, no, no, its not for me. Im just going to watch it on telly.杨莉:哦,不,我不去!你知道,那花费太大了,而且音乐节会非常泥泞!而且我也不喜欢音乐节的卫生间。哦,不,不,不,那不适合我。我就在电视上看就好了。William: Oh OK, right! Well, for everyone who is going to a music festival this year, we hope you have a fantastic time. I hope that the line-up is great and that the headline act doesnt disappoint. Bye!威廉:哦,好吧,好的!去看音乐节的观众们,我们希望你们度过美好的时光。我希望演出阵容很棒,主角不会让人失望。再见!Yang Li: Bye.杨莉:再见。 /201407/310478郴州男科不孕不育症

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