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Hello, everyone. Nine months ago, I announced the Reach Higher Career App Challenge. We called on app developers, educators, entrepreneurs, and others to put their heads together and design new mobile apps to help students realize their career dreams. We did this because we know that theres so many excellent programs that teach cutting-edge skills, including career and technical education programs. But sometimes its hard for students to navigate all of those opportunities and find the right fit. So we called on all of you for help. And you truly answered the call. People from across the country submitted ideas for new apps to help students plan their futures. Our esteemed judges reviewed each entry and narrowed the field down to five finalists who presented their solutions at demo day right here at the White House. And today, I am thrilled to announce that Think Zone Games is the grand prize winner of the Reach Higher Career App Challenge. Their game-based app, Hats and Ladders, helps middle and high school students explore a variety of careers through self-assessments, fun activities, and many challenges. Its a cool, exciting app that will open up a whole new world for our young people. So, congratulations to our winners and our finalists. Thanks so much for everyone who participated, and I look forward to working with all of you to keep empowering our young people to reach higher. Thanks so much, and God bless.201608/463352。

英语会话800句 77 /200609/9387。

So we grew up believing no one would ever fall in love with us, that wed be lonely forever,所以我们长大后觉得没有人会爱上我们,我们注定孤独一辈子,that wed never meet someone to make us feel like the sun而我们遇到的那些把我们当作太阳的人,was something they built for us in their toolshed.不过是把我们当作是一种备选的工具。So broken heartstrings bled the blues, and we tried to empty ourselves so wed feel nothing.我们破碎的心里流淌着忧伤,想要麻木自己感不到疼痛。Dont tell me that hurt less than a broken bone,不要跟我说内心的伤痛比不上骨折的痛苦,that an ingrown life is something surgeons can cut away,不要跟我说内在的痛苦可以通过外科手术切掉,that theres no way for it to metastasize; it does.不要跟我说没有办法转移;它可以。She was eight years old, our first day of grade three when she got called ugly.我认识一个女孩,9岁,升到三年级的第一天便有人唤她丑。We both got moved to the back of class so we would stop getting bombarded by spitballs.我俩都搬到了教室后排,这样就不会老是被人丢纸团了。But the school halls were a battleground. We found ourselves outnumbered day after wretched day.但是学校的走廊还是跟战场一样。我们寡不敌众,每天都被人欺负。We used to stay inside for recess, because outside was worse.我们常常躲在学校,因为外面的环境更糟。Outside, wed have to rehearse running away,在外面,我们需要时刻准备做着逃跑的准备,or learn to stay still like statues, giving no clues that we were there.或者像雕塑一样一动不动,不让人注意到。In grade five, they taped a sign to the front of her desk that , ;Beware of dog.;五年级的时候,他们在她的课桌前贴了一张纸,上面写着,“注意,出没。”To this day, despite a loving husband, she doesnt think shes beautiful时至今日,她都无法发现自己的美,即使她有深爱她的丈夫because of a birthmark that takes up a little less than half her face.因为她的脸上有一块小小的胎记。Kids used to say, ;She looks like a wrong answer that someone tried to erase, but couldnt quite get the job done.;小伙伴们总说,“她的脸就像是写了错误的纸,被人用橡皮擦来擦去,却总是擦不干净。”And theyll never understand that shes raising two kids whose definition of beauty begins with the word ;Mom,;他们永远的无法理解,她抚养的两个孩子将身为母亲的她视为美的化身。because they see her heart before they see her skin, because shes only ever always been amazing.因为她的孩子先看到了她的内心,然后才是她的皮肤,只有她的内心一直保持着如此的迷人。201611/480663。

VOA流行美语 131: to be hard up/to pick on someoneLarry和李华准备到去,李华要开一个帐户,而Larry需要取一些现金。今天李华会学到两个常用语:to be hard up和to pick on someone.LH: Larry,我要去开个户头,你去做什么?LL: Well, my friend is a little hard up for cash right now, so I'm going to withdraw some money and let him borrow it.LH: 原来你是要提现金借给朋友啊!你的朋友怎么啦?你说他hard up for cash。Cash是现金。这个我懂,但hard up是什么意思?LL: To be "hard up" for something means that you don't have enough of it.LH: Hard up for something就是什么东西不够,所以你那朋友hard up for cash, 就是钱不够啦!对不对?LL: Exactly. He's helped me when I was hard up before, so I feel that I should help him out now.LH: 嗯,你朋友以前也借钱给你,帮过你,所以现在你帮他。这也是应该的。对了,Larry, 这个hard up除了指缺钱,还可以用在什么地方?LL: Well, one is usually hard up for money. However, you can be hard up for time or for work, too.LH: 如果我说I am hard up for time, 那就表示我很忙,时间不够,对不对?LL: Right. I'm usually hard up for time during exams. I have so much studying to do that I hardly even sleep.LH: 我也是,只要到了期中考,期末考的季节,我就觉得时间不够用,书都念不完。那hard up for work不能说工作不够,只能说找不到工作喽?LL: I'm hard up for work means that I really need a job, but I'm having a hard time finding one.LH: 嗯,那种需要工作却找不到工作的滋味一定很不好受。希望我毕业后不会经历hard up for work.LL: So do I. I don't think anyone enjoys being hard up for time, money, or work.LH:对,缺钱,缺时间,没工作都不好受。******LL: Did you see those two children in the bank? The little boy was awful; he kept picking on his sister.LH: 就是,那个小男孩真不听话,吵吵闹闹的。你说他picking on his sister,那是什么意思?LL: Oh, to pick on someone is to annoy or to be mean to that person. The little boy kept picking on his sister by calling her ugly and pulling her hair.LH: Pick on someone就是欺负,招惹别人,或者老是批评别人的意思。那个小男孩不断拉他的头发,还说她丑,真是很让人讨厌。我小时候我哥哥也喜欢捉弄我。他总是踩我的脚,却说是我踩他!LL: Well, at least your brother stopped doing that when he got older. My parents still pick on each other.LH: 你说什么,你的爸妈也老是互相指责?LL: They just criticize each other over stupid things. For example, my dad likes to pick on my mom about her cooking. He thinks she's a terrible cook.LH: 你妈妈帮全家人做饭已经够辛苦了,你爸爸居然还批评她做饭做得不好。你爸爸也真是的!LL: I know, but they have been picking on each other for thirty years and old habits are hard to break. To be honest, I think they enjoy it.LH: 那倒是,30多年都是这样,要改恐怕也难。可是,你说他们喜欢这样做,这不太可能吧!LL: Sometimes, they are joking. When my mom picks on my dad about the kind of music he listens to, I know she's just joking. Other times, I think they are just being grouchy.LH: 我想他们有时是开玩笑。你爸听什么音乐,你妈还要管呐?肯定是开玩笑。当然,有的时候互相闹别扭也是可能的。人都有情绪不好的时候嘛!今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是to be hard up for something, 就是缺乏某样东西,通常用来指缺钱或没时间。另一个常用语是pick on someone, 意思是批评别人,或者是欺负别人。 /200602/3351。

Honest error in the face of complex and possibly intractable problems is a far more important source of bad results than are bad motives 糟糕政策结果更主要的原因是 碰到复杂难解问题时所犯下的诚实错误 而不是出于恶劣动机For these reasons, the greatest forces in Washington are ideas and people prepared to act on those ideas Public service, as I discovered, is not easy 因此 华盛顿最大的力量来自于观念 以及准备将这些观念付诸行动的人 根据我的观察 公共务并不容易But, in the end if you are inclined in that direction it is a worthy and challenging pursuit Number 6 但最终 如果你选择了这个方向 这绝对是值得干且有挑战性的追求 六Having taken a stab at sociology and political science let me wrap up economics while Im at it Economics is a highly sophisticated field of thought 之前我讲了社会学和政治学 下面不妨再讲讲我总在打交道的经济学 经济学是一个高度复杂精密的思维领域That is superb at explaining to policymakers precisely why the choices they made in the past were wrong About the future, not so much 它精于向政策制定者们准确解释 他们在过去所制定的决策为何是错的 但关于未来 它所能做的并不多However, careful economic analysis does have one important benefit which is that it can help kill ideas that are completely logically inconsistent or wildly at variance with the data 不过 谨慎的经济学分析有一个重要的好处 就是帮助剔除 那些完全不合逻辑或与数据不符的想法This insight covers at least 90 percent of proposed economic policies Number 7 Im not going to tell you that money doesnt matter 这对至少90%的经济政策提案都有作用 七 我不会告诉你们钱无所谓Because you wouldnt believe me anyway In fact, for too many people around the world money is literally a life-or-death proposition 因为肯定没人会信我 实际上 对于世界上很多人 毫不夸张 钱是涉及到生死存亡的议题But if you are part of the lucky minority with the ability to choose remember that money is a means, not an end A career decision based only on money 但如果你有幸成为具有选择能力的那少数人 请一定记得 钱只是手段 而不是目的 只基于钱201606/448080。

The program has been great, weekday veg我很喜欢周间素食这个点子My footprints smaller, Im lessening pollution,我的碳足迹小了,我减低了污染I feel better about the animals, Im even saving money.我对动物感觉好些了,甚至还存了一点钱Best of all, Im healthier, I know that Im going to live longer,最棒的是,我更健康了,我知道我会更长命and Ive even lost a little weight.甚至还瘦了一些So, please ask yourselves, for your health, for your pocketbook, for the environment, for the animals:于是,请大家今天自问,为了你的健康,你的财富,为了环境和动物,Whats stopping you from giving weekday veg a shot?为什么不试试做个周间的素食者呢?After all, if all of us ate half as much meat,如果我们所有人都少吃一半的肉it would be like half of us were vegetarians. Thank you.那就像我们之中有一半人是素食者一样。谢谢大家。201706/512088。

My most recent book -- my previous book was called ;The Know-It-All,;我最新的书--我前一本书叫做《无所不知》,and it was about the year I spent ing the Encyclopedia Britannica from A to Z in my quest to learn everything in the world,它是关于那年我花在阅读大英百科全书,从A到Z在我探寻学习世界万物中or more precisely from Aak, which is a type of East Asian music,或更精确的说,从;雅乐;--一种东亚的音乐,all the way to Zwyiec, which is -- well, I dont want to ruin the ending.到最后一条;日维茨;,这是--我不想搞砸了演讲的结尾。Its a very exciting twist ending, like an O. Henry novel, so I wont ruin it.能够在结尾做转折是令人兴奋的,像是欧亨利的小说,所以我不想搞砸它。But I love that one, because that was an experiment about how much information one human brain could absorb.但我喜欢这想法,因为那是一个关于人脑能吸收多少信息的实验。Although, listening to Kevin Kelly, you dont have to remember anything.虽然,根据凯文凯丽的说法,你不需要记得这件事。You can just Google it. So, I wasted some time there.你只要能谷歌就可以了。所以我浪费了点时间在这上面。I love those experiments, but I think that the most profound and life-changing experiment that Ive done is my most recent experiment,我喜欢那些实验,但是我觉得最奥妙且改变生命的实验是我最近刚完成的实验,where I spent a year trying to follow all of the rules of the Bible, ;The Year of Living Biblically.;我花了一年的时间尝试按照圣经上指导的原则生活--;依照圣经指导原则生活的一年;And I undertook this for two reasons. The first was that I grew up with no religion at all.并且我想这样做有两个原因。第一,我成长在一个完全没有宗教的环境。As I say in my book, Im Jewish in the same way the Olive Garden is Italian.并且如同我书上所说,说我是个犹太人,就像;橄榄花园;被当成意大利餐厅一样离谱。So, not very. But Ive become increasingly interested in religion.所以,当然不是这样。但是我已经对宗教越来越有兴趣。I do think its the defining issue of our time, or one of the main ones. And I have a son.我认为,在我们的生活中,这是一个明确的议题,或者说是主要的议题之一。而且我有一个儿子。I want to know what to teach him. So, I decided to dive in head first, and try to live the Bible.我想要知道拿什么去教他。所以我决定投入其中,并且尝试依照圣经而活。201706/515873。

So our positive interdependence, which is a fact, will prepare us to meet these challenges. But they can no longer be seen just as government-to-government. There is a time and an opportunity, and with the new technologies available, for us to be citizen diplomats, citizen activists, to solve problems one by one that will give in to hard work, patience, and persistence, and will then aggregate to the solutions we seek.因此,我们之间积极的相互依赖 --这是一个事实--将使我们为应对这些挑战做好准备。但这不能再被仅仅视作政府与政府之间的事情。随着新技术的不断涌现,我们有时间和机会成为公民外交家、公民活动家,通过辛勤工作、耐心和毅力一个一个地解决问题,逐步积累成我们所寻求的解决方案。Now, I know we cannot send a special envoy to negotiate with a pandemic, or call a summit with carbon dioxide, or sever relations with the global financial crisis. To confront these threats and to seize the opportunities that they also present, we need to build new partnerships from the bottom up, and to use every tool at our disposal. That is the heart of smart power. But smart power requires smart people, people who have gone the distance for their education, who have opened themselves up to this increasingly complex and interconnected world, and this changing global landscape requires us to expand our concept of diplomacy.我知道我们不能派特使与大规模流行的疾病进行谈判,不能与二氧化碳召开高峰会,也不能与全球金融危机断绝关系。要抗击这些威胁并抓住这些威胁提供的机遇,我们需要自下而上地建立新的伙伴关系,利用手中可以利用的一切手段。这就是巧实力的实质。但巧实力来自精明的人,接受过良好教育的人,向日益复杂、相互关联的世界开放的人,而不断变化的全球场景要求我们必须扩大我们的外交概念。201703/496213。