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郴州那家不孕不育医院比较好郴州治疗前列腺囊肿最好的男科医院郴州前列腺常规检查多少钱 Providing their colonies are protected,介于他们的栖息地是受保护的wading birds like egrets are among the few wild creatures, which benefit directly from intensive rice cultivation.像白鹭这样的候鸟是少数直接从发达的水稻种植中获益的鸟类Growing rice needs lots of water,水稻生长需要大量的水but even in the rainy south,但即便是在多雨的南方 there are landscapes where water is surprisingly scarce,有些土地也面临缺水的危机This vast area ofsouthwest China,相当于法国和西班牙国土加起来那么大the size of France and Spain combined的中国西南的广阔土地is famous forits clusters of conical hills因为宛如燥中空的谷地隔离开来的巨大蛋盒般like giant upturned egg carton连绵的锥形山脉seperated by dry empty valleys.而闻名于世This is the karst这就是喀斯特地貌a limestone terrain which has becomethe defining image ofsouthern China.石灰石地貌俨然成为南部中国的标志性特征Karst landscapes are often studded with rocky outcrops,喀斯特地貌通常以突起的裸岩状态分布forcing local farmers to cultivate tiny fields.这迫使当地农民只得在破碎的小块土地上耕作The people who live here are among the poorest in China.当地人是中国最贫穷的居民之一In neighboring Yunnan province limestone rocks have taken over entirely.在毗邻的云南省遍布着石灰石 /201207/190619郴州湘南学院附属医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

郴州宜章县有泌尿科吗郴州中医男科医院割包皮手术价格 Although China's economy has been developing at a rapid pace, the income levels of China's ordinary residents, are still lagging behind. Our reporter Guan Xin takes a look at the life of Beijing's ordinary residents to find out if their income levels are on a par with the rising living costs.China, a country with fast-growing fortunes and wealth.But prosperity in the cities isn't the whole story on the real life of ordinary people.Li Shanshan is a typical wage earner. Li graduated from a good university in Beijing, and is now working for IBM. Her income is around the city's average, but she can only afford a simple life. She's forced to calculate every expenditure, including small daily necessities. "I have a tight budget, and I make every single record of my expenditure in the notebook. Even that, sometimes there are still some expenditures that I expensed that I could not afford. Therefore I applied for a credit card, and pay it back next month."She lives in this old apartment, but the rental fees are still a big expenditure for her. To save on costs, she splits the rent with a room mate. Her salary, at several thousand yuan, means living alone in a rented apartment is unrealistic, and buying a home is far beyond reach.This is the way most Chinese fresh graduates are living, usually they share apartment with friends, and manage every single expenditure carefully. Obviously their consumption ability is restricted.Economists say the low income levels of ordinary Chinese workers, is a big hurdle to stimulate consumption.Increasing ordinary people's income is not only meant to balance the country's economic growth structure. More importantly, experts say it allows ordinary Chinese people to enjoy a larger share of the fruit of the country's amazing economic growth.Vocabulary:be on a par with: 与...相等同;与...相媲美lag behind: 落后,落后于例如:If your payments of rent lag behind, you will be asked to leave.你要是不能按时付房租,就要请你搬家。daily necessities: 生活必须品例如:I'm going shopping because I need to buy some daily necessities.我要去购物,因为我需要买些日用品。201007/107924郴州哪里治疗前列腺增生好

郴州治疗支原体感染哪里最好 UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today ;Shoutout; goes out to Ms. Pappadackis social studies classes at Kerkhoven Junior/Senior High School in Kerkhoven, Minnesota.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了Pappadackis女士的社会学习课堂。Which of these awards include categories for medicine and physics?以下哪个奖项包含了医学和物理学奖?Here we go, is it the Newberry Medal, Nobel Prize, Emmy Awards or Pulitzer Prize? Youve got three seconds, go!现在开始吧!它是纽伯里奖,诺贝尔奖,艾美奖还是普利策奖?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!There are Nobel awards for medicine and physics and also for chemistry, literature, economics and peace. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.诺贝尔奖包括医学奖和物理奖,也包括化学奖,文学奖,经济奖和和平奖。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: The prizes are actually awarded in December, but the Nobel Committee is announcing this years winners in all six categories over the next week or so.这个奖项实际上是在十二月颁发,但诺贝尔奖评审委员会将在下个星期左右宣布今年的获奖者。It start on Monday with Nobel Prize for medicine.它从周一公布诺贝尔医学奖开始。This year, the award is being shared by scientists from England and Japan for their work with human cells.今年,这一奖项由来自英国和日本的科学家共同获得,因为他们在人体细胞方面的成就。What they discovered, is that mature specialized cells can be reprogrammed to develop a new completely different types of cells.他们所发现的是能让已经分化的细胞再分化成为全新的完全不同种类的细胞。Scientists think this could be a major breakthrough for medical treatments.科学家认为这可能是治疗上的一项重大突破。 /201210/203669郴州第四医院泌尿外科郴州安仁县包皮手术多少钱



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