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Syphilis Makes A ComebackIn 2008, at least one syphilis-infected baby was born in China every hour--nearly 9,500 new infant cases in one year--according to a new report published last week. This represents a 12-fold increase over a five-year period.The number of infants born with syphilis is a worrying sign of the resurgence of the disease in China. The report, in the New England Journal of Medicine, says that 'no other country has seen such a precipitous increase in syphilis cases in the penicillin era.' (Penicillin began to be widely used as an effective treatment against syphilis, a bacterial infection, in the 1940s). In Shanghai, syphilis is now the most commonly reported communicable disease.China's syphilis epidemic is described as 'a major scourge' and a consequence of China's rapid economic development. Fifty years ago, the sexually transmitted infection was nearly eliminated, thanks to a massive Communist-led crackdown on prostitution and a major treatment campaign. But since China began its opening and reform thirty years ago, the world's oldest profession has made a comeback, and so has syphilis.In addition to female sex workers, men who have sex with men are also at a higher risk for syphilis. The report says that these two groups 'disproportionately bear the burden of the Chinese syphilis epidemic, in part because unsafe sexual practices in these populations are driving the rate of infection and in part because the stigma attached to their sexual behaviors discourages them from obtaining needed care.'Meanwhile, the social stigma associated with sexually transmitted disease creates an obstacle to wider screening and treatment for syphilis. Left untreated, syphilis can damage the brain, heart and other organs and lead to death. And although health authorities in China have taken some measures to improve screening and treatment for the illness, the report's authors conclude that there is still greater need for public recognition of the growing public health problem and more government funding to tackle it. /201005/103367Measuring量身Can you make a suit me to measure?能为我定做套西装吗?Sure. What about the cloth over there? It in fashion.当然,那边的布料怎么样呢?都是最近流行的That fine.不错Come here and I will measure you.到这来,我给您量下尺寸OK.好的 56775Put the nix on frying. 拒绝油炸品Meats and poultry release fat and then cook in it when you fry them. Even foods that start out relatively fat-free end up greasy when you throw them into an oil-coated frying pan,Boil,broil,poach,steam or roast your foods.Youll cut fat while learning to enjoy the textures and flavors that emerge with these cooking methods.当你油炸鸡鸭和其他肉类时,它们的脂肪会留在锅子里和肉一起煮.即使是原本脂肪不高的食物在你把它们丢进都是油的锅里炸后也会变得很油腻.你可以水煮、烘焙、煎煮、蒸或烤你的食物.当你试着享受用上述的烹调法所产生的口感及风味的同时.也会减少脂肪的摄取量健身短语1.put the nix on. . .拒绝(say no to...,nix即no之意) 7

Well have the contract y signature.我们应准备好合同待签字We signed a contract medicines.我们签订了一份药品合同Mr. Zhang sings the contract on behalf of the China National Silk Import amp; Export Corporation.张先生代表中国丝绸进出口总公司在合同上签了字A Japanese company and SINOCHEM have entered into a new contract.中国化工进出口总公司已经和日本一家公司签订了一份新合同It was because of you that we landed the contract.因为有了你,我们才签了那份合同We offered a much lower price, so they got the contract.由于我们报价低,他们和我们签了合同Are we anywhere near a contract yet?我们可以(接近于)签合同了吗?We sign a contract when we are acting as principals.(;principals; refers to the ;seller; and the ;buyer;)当我们作为货主时都要签订合同(这里的“货主”指合同中的卖方和买方)I know we (the seller) should draw up a contract and the buyer has to sign it.我们知道我们(卖方)应该拟出一份合同,买方必须签署合同We should simultaneously sign two contracts, one sales contract beef and mutton, and the other contract of equal value the purchase of cotton.我们同时签两个合同,一是牛羊肉的销售(出口)合同,另一个是等额的棉花购买(进口)合同We both want to sign a contract, and we have to make some concessions to do it.我们都想签合同,双方都要做些让步We are here to discuss a new contract with you.我们来这里和您谈谈订一份新合同的问题Our current contract is about to expire, and well need to discuss a new one.欧文们现有合同快要期满了,需要再谈一个新合同We can repeat the contract on the same terms.我们可以同样条件再订一个合同A few problems with supply under the old contract must be quickly resolved.老合同中的一些供货问题必须尽快解决We ought to clear up problems arising from the old contract.我们应该清理一下老合同中出现的问题Do you always make out a contract every deal?每笔交易都需要订一份合同吗?As per the contract, the construction of factory is now under way.根据合同规定,工厂的建设正在进行中Words and Phrases外贸口语词汇contract合同,订立合同contractor订约人,承包人contractual合同的,契约的to make a contract签订合同to place a contract订合同to enter into a contract订合同to sign a contract签合同to draw up a contract拟订合同to draft a contract起草合同to get a contract得到合同to land a contract得到(拥有)合同to countersign a contract会签合同to repeat a contract重复合同an executory contract尚待执行的合同a nice fat contract一个很有利的合同originals of the contract合同正本copies of the contract合同副本a written contract书面合同to make some concession做某些让步 36955

Hollywood is giving thanks this holiday season.According to early estimates, Summit Entertainment's 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' finished first at the box office, pulling in a solid five-day holiday total of million dollars (.5 million over the three-day weekend). The Warner Bros. drama 'The Blind Side' starring Sandra Bullock finished in second with an impressive five-day total of .5 million (.1 over three days).The five-day box office total (Wednesday through Sunday) of an estimated 8 million breaks the previous five-day Thanksgiving record of 4 million set in 2000 when 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' and 'Unbreakable' were tops at the box office.Sony/Columbia's apocalyptic thriller '2012'; finished in third over the weekend, with million over the three-day weekend.Paul Dergarabedian, president of the box-office division of Hollywood.com, said via email that with .5 billion and a month to go in the year, the strong Thanksgiving numbers ensure that the film industry will in pull in billion at the box office for the first time. Added Dergarabedian: 'This weekend proves that in , despite the onslaught of competing entertainment technologies, that going to the movies in a theatre is a viable and essential part of the consumer's entertainment diet.' /11/90637

The connection flight is late联乘航班晚点Excuse me.ls flight KL638 late?打扰一下,KL638是不是晚点了?Yes,l think so.Flight KL638 is still at the airport due to the hurricane.是的,受台风的影响,恐怕KL638还在机场呢Oh.my god.lf this flight is late.I will miss my connection Sydney.What can I do now?哦,天呐如果这趟航班晚点了,我将错过去悉尼的联程航班我该怎么办呢?Well if so.you should contact with the office over there.Maybe they will do you some help.这样的话,您应该和那里的工作人员联系一下,或许他仉能帮得上忙OK.thank you.好的,非常感谢 001

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