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Nature --19 ::1 来源: Living in the concrete jungle, we have to admit that our busy. extravagant lives are corroding our souls little by little. Only by being close to nature can we recover our vitality and go back our true selves. Breathing in fresh air, smelling the fragrance of flowers and listening to the sounds of birds and streams, we can release our tensions and listening to the sounds of birds and streams, we can our tensions and cleanse our minds of the tiresome things around us. m the journey of water, we can understand the circle of life. Also, we can learn to be kind people from the peace of mountains. We can learn a lot as we enjoy the cozy atmosphere of nature. We may consider nature as a great book, and noting in the can delight us as much as it!。

  • 我喜欢跑步 我喜欢的运动 --5 ::57 来源: 我喜欢跑步 我喜欢的运动I like sports, such as swimming, table-tennis and badminton.,but I like running more.我喜欢运动,比如游泳,乒乓球和羽毛球,但是,我更喜欢游泳Running is a good activity keep healthy and relieve pressures. Besides, it’s very easy to run,it don't spend me any money. I can run in the morning or after class,and i can run at any place,not like swimming or badminton.Also I can run alone. I don’tneed to find a partner to run with me. After running, I always feel good and relaxed. Running has become a part of my life.跑步是保持身体健康和释放压力的运动此外,我觉得跑步很容易,不需要花什么钱我可以在早上或课后进行跑步,不想游泳或羽毛球,我可以在任何场所跑步我也可以一个人跑,不需要找伴一起跑跑步过后,我总是感觉很好很放松跑步已经成为我生活中的一部分。
  • 二年级英语作文:Our house --1 01:8:39 来源: This is our house.It`s nice and big!It`s a warm world. All family are live in it. Ha!This is my parents`room.It`s big.My father is sit on the this chair.My mother is sleep on this bed. This is my room.It`s big,too.It`s name`s "A park" beacause it`s very lovely and interisting.This is my desk.Everyday I do homework here.This is my bed.It`s pink beacause pink is my favourite couler. This is our sitting room.It`s tidy.It has a table,four chairs,a TV,a mat and a flower.We often sing songs here and watch TV here. This is our book room.It`s big but small than the sitting room.It has many many wonderful books.We are books and newapers here. This is our bathroom .It`s big.We take baths,wash faces and brush teeth here.Our house!Our warm world!I love U!。
  • :貂蝉 -01- :5:53 来源: CHARACTERS OF THE PLAYDiao-chan貂婵 Adopted daughter of Wang-yun, a very beautiful lady.Wang-yun王允 Prime Minister of Han Dynasty, a mercy official.Lyu-bu吕布 Adopted son of Dong-zhou, one of the greatest fighters during the time.Dong-zhou董卓 A cruel, brutal, and powerful courtier controlling the royal government.Soldier IntroducerStoryteller(In front of the Curtain)PreparingIntroducer[五位演员一起登场,一位讲解员进行介绍.]Hello, everybody here. This is a story about Diao-chan. Now I want to introduce all the characters you. The first role is Diao-chan, the female hero in this play. This is Wang-yun, Diao-chan’s father. And our lovely soldier.A brutish man, Dong-zhuo. The last is the greatest fighter in our story, Lyu-bu, General Lyu.Now let’s begin our story.[演员、讲解员回到幕后](Curtain up)[幕拉开,灯光不开,同时我们的Storyteller 开始道来]Storyteller: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,now come along and enjoy my show. Today I’m going to tell you a story-- A story about Diao-chan, a marvelous beauty; a story about love; a story about hate, and a story about loyalty and betrayal.[说到这里,幕已全开然后后灯打开,从观众角度来看可以看到黑色的人影]Some 00 years ago, it was the last regime of the Han Dynasty. At a quiet late midnight, Wang-yun, the Prime Minister of the time, was worrying about the future of his country.Act 1地点:王允家人物:王允,貂禅SCENE 前灯打开,观众角度可以看到舞台上的一切音乐响起,伴随着《三国演义的主题歌,王允在来回踱着步哀叹Wang-yun: 心理独白 Now those ambitious courtiers started to scramble power, profit and influence.Wang-yun: But there’s nothing I can do because of Dong-zhou’s adopted son, Lyu-bu. He is the greatest fighter ever since and will protect his father! Oh my lord, what am I going to do? (说完王很心痛得走,貂禅出现,双手合十,默默祈祷)Diao-chan: (Sigh) [My lord, please help my father out.[王允听到了声音,循声而去. ]Diao-chan: since I was three my father Wang-yun had treated me just like his own daughter! It’s time me to repay his kindness. And, and…Wang-yun: (王允走了一圈,发现貂)What are you doing ,my dear?Diao-chan: Well… I have an idea about how to kill Dong-zhou. Wang-yun: Oh, That’s great! But…… Diao-chan: But Daddy, that is the only way!Wang-yun: But……Diao-chan: [Diao-chan nods her head, with a firm and determined expression on her face.] Don't worry! Just trust me. Dad. Let’s get the whole thing started. Wang-yun:[深深吐了一口气,缓缓地道出]O---K(灯光暗后复亮,表示场景的转换)Act 地点:王允家人物:王允,貂蝉,吕布,董卓,士兵Storyteller: And according to Diao-chan’s plan, Wang-yun has invited both Lyu-bu and Dong-zhou separately to his house. SCENE 灯光亮起At Wang-yun’s home. A wooden Chinese table is set in the middle of the stage; some Chinese wine pots and small wine cups are on it. Also, two wooden chairs are placed next to it. Wang-yun talking to the servant with anxiousWang-yun: What time is it?Servant: It's eight.Wang-yun: It 's time his coming. Have a look!Servant: Yes sir. Oh, Sir, General Lyu is at the door.Wang-yun: Hurry, my dear. Lyu-bu is aly here.Diao-chan: Don’t worry about me. Let me go inside and prepare myself, OK? [She walks in.][她进去了同时,响起butterfly乐曲,貂跳起了跳舞毯,作为热身准备的交代]Wang-yun: [To the servant] Let him in. servant: Yes, sir. [The servant goes out and leads Lyu-bu in]Wang-yun : [觉得BUTTERFLY的声音太响,不堪忍受回头说了句]Oh, My dear, turn down a bit.[音乐转轻至停止]Lyu-bu: [Walk towards Wang-yun and hug him] Long time no see, Mr. Wang. How have you been these days?Wang-yun: Fine, thank you. Please take a seat. In fact, the main reason why I invited you today is that my daughter, Diao-chan, has been an admirer of you long time ago. She would really love to see her hero. I was wondering weather you would like to meet her?Lyu-bu: Definitely! I’m delighted to do so.Wang-yun: Diao-chan, Diao-chan… 3。
  • 关于安乐死-- :6:9 A:Marco,what do you wanna talk today?Marco,今天你想谈点儿什么?  B:Drew,I was ing a book about euthanasia last night.And I am a bit confused.Drew,我昨晚看了一本儿关于安乐死的书我有点儿困惑了  A:What did the book say?书里写了什么?  B:What is in the book is not important,I ws wondering what you think of it.写了什么不重要我想知道你是怎么想的  A:Me?You know. I’ve never thought about it,This is like such a big question.我?你知道我可从来没想过这个问题这问题可够大的  B:No,no.Drew. I’m serious,Think about it. I know death is just part of life, I mean should a doctor leave patients lying there in beds,watching them suffer from throes,or give them some medicines to let them die?不Drew.我是认真的,想一下我知道死亡是生存的一部分,我是说医生是应该把病人留在床上,看他们受苦,还是应该给他们点儿药,让他们死呢?  A:I don’t know. I’m not a doctor.我不知道我又不是医生  B:What would you do if you were a doctor?如果你是医生的话你会怎么办?  A:Well. I guess one of a doctor’s duties is to prevent suffering and sometimes killing is the only way to do it.我想医生的职责之一就是不让病人受苦,有些时候让他们反而对病人来说是种解脱  B;killing?让他们死?  A:I mean there should be kinds of euthanasia ,passive and active.我是说应该有主动和被动两种安乐死  B:What’s the distinction between them?这两者有什么分别吗?  A:Active is like killing,which sounds a little controversial.And passive is like letting die.If a patient has some kind of living-will,on which it says he does not want his life prolonged.Then the doctor could practice mercy-killing.主动安乐死有点儿象谋杀,存在很大的争议被动安乐死就是让病人自己选择死,如果病人生前立了遗嘱,不想延续生命的话那么医生们就可以执行安乐死  B:You’ve got a point there.有道理  A:Marco,Can we just not talk about this?My girl friend is coming here in hours. I don’t wanna give her a mercy-killing face.Marco,咱们能不能不谈这个我女朋友两个钟头以后来我可不想给她看安乐死的脸  B:Sorry,buddy. I’ll let you go.你去约会吧Have a good date.抱歉  A:Ok.Bye bye.再见  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]euthansia安乐死它的另一种说法是mercy-killing安乐死历来就是一个容易引起争议的问题[cojtroersial question]你不妨用英语跟老外们聊聊这个问题  []是遗嘱的意思是病人的一种书面说明生命日后在无望康复是要求不采取医疗手段延续生命  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问老外它们的意思  [ie:What does“***”mean?“***”是什么意思?]  legalize condemned syringe taboo。
  • How I Learn English? 我是如何学习英语的? -- 19:55: 来源: How I Learn English? 我是如何学习英语的?  Learning English is really difficult me.  When I began to study English two years ago, I couldn't understand the teacher when she talked to the class in English. Then I started to watch English-language TV. It helped me a lot. Later on, I found that it doesn't matter if you don't understand every word. Also I was afraid to speak in class, and I couldn't make complete sentences. So I decided to do more writing and speaking. I took lots of grammar notes in class. I spoke English to anyon who knew English. Now I'm enjoying learning English and I got an A this term.  学英语对我来说真是很难  两年前,当我开始学习英语时,我听不懂老师用英语说的话然后我就看电视上的英语节目,这对我帮助很大后来我发现,听不懂老师说的每一个词也没关系还有,我上课不敢开口讲,而且我还造不成完整的句子于是我决定做更多的说和写的训练我上课记了好多语法笔记我跟任何懂英语的人讲英语现在我享受到了学英语的乐趣,这学期我得了A。
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