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2019年07月22日 05:06:33 | 作者:安心口碑 | 来源:新华社
Obama to Visit Middle East, Europe Next Week奥巴马将访以巴期望增加外交经验 Reports from the Middle East say US Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama will visit both Israel and the West Bank next week as part of a major foreign trip. Other stops include Iraq, Afghanistan, and several European locations. 来自中东的报导说,竞选美国总统的民主党候选人奥巴马将在下星期访问以色列和约旦河西岸,这是奥巴马一次重要外交访问的一部分。奥巴马此行还将访问伊拉克、阿富汗和几个欧洲国家。The Obama campaign has released few details about the senator's forthcoming itinerary, but Israeli and Palestinian officials say Obama will meet separately with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. 奥巴马竞选班子没有公布这位参议员出访的细节安排。但是以色列和巴勒斯坦官员说,奥巴马将分别会见以色列总理奥尔默特和巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯。His Republican rival, Senator John McCain, took a similar trip to the Middle East and Europe in March, and has regularly visited Iraq since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion to oust Saddam Hussein. 奥巴马的共和党竞选对手麦凯恩参议员3月也曾访问中东和欧洲。自从美国2003年领导进攻伊拉克、推翻萨达姆以来,麦凯恩经常访问伊拉克。Obama has been a fierce critic of the Bush administration's handling of foreign affairs, especially the Iraq war. Political analyst Larry Sabato, who heads the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, says the upcoming trip is critical for a presidential aspirant with limited foreign policy credentials. 奥巴马一直猛烈批评布什政府处理外交事务的方式,特别是批评伊拉克战争。政治分析家萨巴托是美国维吉尼亚大学政治研究中心的负责人。他说,奥巴马即将进行的访问对这位外交政策经验不多的总统竞选人来说至关重要。"He is criticizing our [US] policy in Iraq. He needs to see it on the ground, and he has not been there [to Iraq] in years," he said. "It is important that he talk to the world leaders with whom he may very well be dealing come January [if elected president]." 他说:“奥巴马批评美国的伊拉克政策。他需要到伊拉克去实地考察。他已经很多年没有去伊拉克了。重要的是,他要同世界领导人交谈。如果他当选总统,他在明年1月以后很可能要跟这些人打交道。”Sabato describes the trip as a high-risk, high-reward opportunity for Obama, who could either quell voters' doubts about his command of foreign policy issues with a strong performance or amplify them with any miscues. 萨巴托说,对奥巴马来说,这次出访的风险很大,但是可能得到的回报也很大。如果表现好,他可以消除美国选民对他掌控外交问题的能力的疑问。如果犯什么错误,则会扩大人们的疑虑。International public opinion polls show Obama with high approval ratings in many countries. Sabato says he expects Obama will get a warm reception at most stops on the trip, particularly in Europe. Foreign leaders will have their own agendas, knowing that they could be meeting with the next president of the ed States, according to Sabato. 国际民意调查显示,奥巴马在很多国家都拥有很高的公众持率。萨巴托预计奥巴马在这次出访的多数国家都会受到热烈欢迎,特别是在欧洲。外国领导人有他们自己的日程,他们知道这次会晤的很可能是下届美国总统。"They will want to get off on the right foot with him [Obama]," said Sabato. "They will want to impress him. They will want to educate him about bilateral relations, multilateral relations, and some of the issues with which he will have to deal if indeed he does become president." 萨巴托说:“各国领导人希望从一开始就跟奥巴马搞好关系,给他留下好印象。他们希望让奥巴马了解双边关系、多边关系,了解那些他一旦当选总统就必须处理的问题。”Monday, Obama reiterated his determination to gradually withdraw US forces from Iraq should he win the election, and refocus US military efforts to target al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan. In a column in the New York Times newspaper, Obama said he remains convinced that real political progress in Iraq will be achieved only if America places a time limit on the duration of its troop commitment in the country, but admitted that "tactical adjustments" to the strategy may be needed based on advice from US commanders. 奥巴马星期一重申,如果当选总统,他决心逐步从伊拉克撤军,让美国军队集中力量打击阿富汗的基地组织和塔利班。奥巴马在纽约时报发表专栏文章说,他仍然坚信,美国必须制定在伊拉克驻军的时间限制,伊拉克才能取得真正的政治进步。但是奥巴马承认,也许需要根据美军指挥官的建议对战略问题作战术性的调整。John McCain has blasted Obama for opposing last year's US troop surge that many credit for helping bring a fragile stability to Iraq that could pave the way for future troop reductions. McCain has refused to embrace a timetable for withdrawing US forces from Iraq, saying to do so would embolden America's enemies. 麦凯恩曾抨击奥巴马去年反对美国向伊拉克增兵。很多人认为,那次增兵有助于在伊拉克实现脆弱的稳定。这种稳定可能为将来减少伊拉克驻军铺平道路。麦凯恩拒绝接受撤军时间表。他说,那样作将鼓励美国的敌人。200807/44153US, North Korea Hold Talks in Singapore希尔晤北韩代表希望打破谈判僵局  The top U.S. nuclear negotiator Christopher Hill has met with his North Korean counterpart in Singapore to end an impasse over talks aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear program.  美国首席核谈判代表希尔在新加坡会见了北韩首席核问题谈判代表,以化解目的在于结束北韩核项目的谈判僵局。 U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill says a meeting in Singapore with North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan went well and he hoped to make further announcements soon. 美国助理国务卿希尔说,在新加坡和北韩副外务相金桂冠的会谈进行得很顺利,他希望很快就宣布新的进展。South Korean media reported earlier Kim saying there had been a "considerable narrowing of differences of views." 韩国媒体稍早报道说,金桂冠表示,双方不同的观点有了可观的接近。Hill told journalists shortly before the meeting started at the U.S. embassy in Singapore he did not expect the talks to reach an agreement, but warned time is running out. 希尔在美国驻新加坡大使馆举行的会谈前不久告诉记者说,他没有期待这次会谈能达成协议,但是警告说,时间已经不多了。"We are not looking for an agreement," Hill said. "I think we are looking to have a consultation on some of the issues that have kept us apart for several months. Certainly I will be discussing the fact that we are kind of running out of time." 他说:“我们没有期待达成一个协议,我们是寻求磋商双方几个月来的分歧,但是我们警告说,时间已经不多了。”The talks have stalled since late last year, after North Korea failed to declare a full inventory of its nuclear activities and facilities as called for under a landmark deal struck in six-party talks with the ed States, China, Japan, Russia, and the two Koreas in February 2007. 六方会谈自从去年底以来一直停滞不前,当时北韩没有按照六方会谈2007年2月达成的里程碑式的协议所要求的那样,公布所有核设施的清单以及核活动。参加六方会谈的国家包括美国、中国、日本、俄罗斯、韩国和北韩。Pyongyang says it provided the list in November, but the ed States says it was incomplete. 平壤表示,它已经于去年11月提供了这个清单,但是美国说公布的项目并不完整。The ed States also wants North Korea to clear up allegations it has a secret uranium-enrichment program. 美国还希望北韩清楚解释据称它有一个秘密铀浓缩项目的事情。North Korea began disabling its main nuclear facilities last year in exchange for aid and diplomatic concessions under the six-party talks framework. 北韩去年开始实施就其核设施去功能化的行动,以此在六方会谈的框架协议中换取救援物资和外交上的让步。Hill will travel Wednesday to Beijing to meet with the heads of delegations from Japan, China, South Korea and brief the Russian ambassador to China. 星期三希尔将前往北京会见来自日本、中国、韩国代表团的首席谈判代表,向俄罗斯驻中国大使作简报。200804/34008

Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Says Zimbabweans Beyond Fear反对党:选掉穆加贝!新津巴布韦Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai held his last election rally in Harare Sunday and promised that a new Zimbabwe, driven by love and not fear, is on the horizon. Mr. Tsvangirai, enjoying a huge surge of popularity around the country, is standing against President Robert Mugabe in elections next Saturday.  津巴布韦反对党领导人茨万吉拉伊星期天在哈拉雷举行最后一次竞选集会,承诺即将出现一个由爱而不是恐惧推动的新的津巴布韦。茨万吉拉伊在全国的持率大幅度上升。他将在下星期六的选举中对抗穆加贝总统。Tsvangiriai, founding president of the Movement for Democratic Change, told about 20,000 supporters gathered on the edge of the city they should go out and vote.  创建争取民主变革运动并担任其领导人的茨万吉拉伊对聚集在哈拉雷市郊的大约两万名持者说,他们应该到投票站去投票。The rally was held in an open field because the police denied the MDC access to any of the city's stadiums, according to party officials. 这次集会是在一个露天场地举行的,这个党的官员说,这是由于警方拒绝争取民主变革运动使用哈拉雷的任何一个体育场。Nevertheless, the rally was well organized. People sang popular MDC songs, some of which mock Mr. Mugabe and his colleagues in the ruling ZANU-PF party. 然而,这次集会组织得非常好。人们唱起广受欢迎的争取民主变革运动的歌曲,其中一些歌曲嘲笑执政的津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线的穆加贝和他的同僚。Tsvangirai told the crowd that Zimbabweans are beyond fear now. He said the road for the opposition has been long and painful, but that victory is at hand. 茨万吉拉伊对集会者说,现在津巴布韦人民超越了恐惧。他说,反对党的路一直是既漫长又艰难,但是胜利就在眼前。"We will stand together, we will stand for food, we will stand for jobs, for justice," he said. "We will stand for freedom as one, for a new Zimbabwe. We will line up at those polling stations and we are going to vote in our millions." 茨万吉拉伊说:“我们将站在一起,我们要的是食物、就业和正义。我们追求的是新的津巴布韦的自由。我们将在投票站前列队,我们的数百万人将去投票。”Tsvangirai said people want jobs, food and a decent life, and that the current economic chaos was caused by bad government.  茨万吉拉伊说,人们希望有工作、有食物和体面的生活,目前的经济混乱是腐败的政府引起的。He praised President Mugabe for delivering Zimbabwe from colonial rule, but said it was now time for the 84-year-old leader to go. He said that so many people would vote for the MDC next Saturday that any rigging and cheating would be overcome. 茨万吉拉伊赞扬穆加贝总统让受到殖民统治的津巴布韦获得自由,但是他说,现在是这位84岁的总统离职的时候了。茨万吉拉伊说,下星期六,许多人将投争取民主变革运动的票,所有操纵选举和舞弊的现象将会被战胜。"We expect the enemies of justice to engage in every trick in the book. We are y for them," Tsvangirai said. "We are y for those that would like to subvert the people's victory." 茨万吉拉伊说:“我们预期正义的敌人会使用能够想到的每一种伎俩。我们已经为此做好准备。我们对于想破坏人民胜利的人做好了准备”。On Saturday, during rallies in high density suburbs in Harare, President Mugabe blamed businessmen for what he called exorbitant prices. 星期六,在哈拉雷人口稠密的郊区举行集会期间,穆加贝总统指责商人抬高物价。He also said that after the elections he would nationalize British-owned companies and ensure that new legislation giving majority ownership of all businesses to black Zimbabweans is quickly implemented. 他还说,选举后,他将把英国拥有的公司国有化,确保迅速实施新立法,新立法将把所有企业的多数股票持有权交给津巴布韦黑人,使他们成为企业的主人。Zimbabweans are, for the first time, voting in four elections simultaneously including presidential, parliamentary and local government contests.  津巴布韦首次同时举行四项选举的投票,包括总统选举、议会和地方政府的选举。On Sunday, civil rights leaders briefed a group of observers from the Southern African Development Community or SADC. 星期天,民权领导人向来自南部非洲发展共同体的选举观察员作了简短汇报。Western observers are not being allowed to monitor these elections. And the government says it will not allow any white Western journalists to cover them. 西方国家观察员没有获得许可监督这些选举。津巴布韦政府表示,将不允许任何西方国家的白人记者报导这些选举。200803/31894

Life on Earth is basically proteins and DNA, so we can wonder if there is life on Mars will also be DNA and proteins, the same type of DNA, the same type of proteins. One might think that DNA is such a complex arrangement of molecules that it's unlikely to have the same set on another planet. Equally we may find that DNA is also on Mars. It may be that our way is the only way of life. On the other hand, we might argue that DNA is the optimal way to do it and that life is gonna discover this best possible solution no matter where it starts. So we're not sure if life will be different or the same, my guess is that it’ll be different. If life started separately on Mars, it'll have a different genetic structure than life on Earth. But there will only be one way to find this out conclusively. To examine life in this detail, someone will have to get up close. We really have to go find the facts, the facts on Mars, we're gonna go find them. We can hypostasize all we want but until we actually find the facts on the ground, we won't know for sure. It means that someone will have to go to Mars. And it just so happens that there is an organization aly preparing to go. Bo Maxwell is the UK President of the Mars Society, a group dedicated to colonizing our neighboring planet. Humans by their very nature are explorers. In our time, we've traveled from the African Rift Valley, climbed mountains, crossed oceans and settled just about everywhere there is to settle on Earth. We've built our houses, our towns, our cities. And now the time has come to move beyond the Earth, and Mars offers us the very best opportunity to go to another world and settle somewhere else. The Mars Society have their very own low cost plan to get to Mars. Bo is one of the masterminds. He's working on it from his home in Milton Keynes. The aim of the Mars Society is definitely to go to Mars, we want to go there, we want to explore and colonize. The advantage of sending humans to Mars is our greater ability to explore. We are much more efficient than robots.Human beings have a tremendous advantage over robot vehicles. We have our own intuition, our own intelligence which leaves our robot vehicles standing. A human being on Mars can stand on the surface, he can look around, she can look around and instantly spot areas where life may well be possible and life may exist.The discovery of water ice on Mars has reinvigorated their plans. Water is the one thing any colonizers would need.rift valley: A deep fracture or break, about 25-50 km (15-30 miles) wide, in the earth's crust, creating an elongated valley bounded by two or more faults 这里是指东非大裂谷200809/48969

Doctor Robi Ludwig is a psychotherapist. Steve Santagati is an author, Good to see both of you. Thank you! Now there're according to a vaulting corporate career...career information website, 58% of employees say they had an office romance, that's up from 46% in 2003 . So why are more people having office romances? There are more women in the workplace. It is really the modern day dating service. You have a lot of opportunity to work. A lot of people work so much, they don't have time to socialize. So you are gonna look around at the good-looking people around you and say hey. You have a lot of possibilities. So what are the drawbacks, though? The drawbacks though, obviously if it begets complicated and everybody knows, and that's the big thing at the beginning of an office romance, you wanna really keep it quiet. When it ends people can get vicious. And so then you have a different memory about how the relationship started. That's when sexual harassment charges can take place. That's why companies get so upset. Yeah, but if you don't want to start / right away. . . the thing, the thing is, look, Start right away what? No, start right away and what(inaudible), What're you starting yet? She's getting you! (Inaudible)You wanna, you wannaYou wanna make su(re). . . Well, you don't start dating somebody at work if you think he or she is gonna set a sexual harassment case against you. But how do you know? But probably you don't know it's no because people can get vengeful and even violent in worst case scenarios. Yeah. But an office , an office roman(ce ). . yeah, they can get violent? They can get violent. Man, where are you working? (inaudible)I used to work in a psych(o)-hospital, so don't ask me. You are working on a oil rig, ok? The thing is that you want, the nice thing about an office romance is a lot of romances , a lot of relationships happen really quickly. But because of the mystery and you have to be really quiet about it, the relationship will actually take a little bit longer to begin and unfold. There's some truth that you do get a sense of who you are dating because you get(because you've aly seen them), you get to see them, you get to know them as a person, you get to see how they think and how they operate, and, and in a lot of cases, you are with people who have similar values, and similar mindsets which is why according to many surveys, a lot of these relationships end up turning into long term relationships and even marriage. In fact you're speaking from experience. That's right. I married my husband and we met at work and it worked out fine, so. It makes sense you are spending 40, 50 hours a week at work, (Yeah. Right. ) and even though office romance, or any kind of thing, even if you are dating somebody in your building, for example, it's a bad idea, in general, but if you're gonna do it, you gotta be covert about it. In my, in my view. . . (Inaudible), keep it on the down low You gonna, it's gonna happen. It's natural. There is an older woman that we had, comment, and she said it's chemistry, if you see with someone at work, and no matter where you meet them, you're gonna have to be with them. It is part of life that you are gonna be attracted to people that you know and you are sharing confidences with. It's just normal. Are there any, anything you shouldn't do like dating the boss? No paper trail. . , well, date, don't date the boss. Yeah. That's why it gets a little bit tricky, because then it's very hard to say are you saying "yes" to the person, because they are more powerful than you. Is it hard to say no, because you're afraid of retaliation(Right. ). That's when it gets a little bit tricky, and you have to be smart about it, you have to think about worst case scenario , what's gonna happen if it doesn't work out, and you have to face this person every day. It's gonna be hard to be thought of as professionals . It's gonna be hard to stay at the workplace. What's more important, love or work? So it sounds there's, there's really no hard and fast rule. Right. No one size fits all. Yet, they want. . . No paper trails, don't e-mail each other and don't touch each other in the office and make sure you hang out in areas where no one is gonna see you outside of work, and the office Christmas party is all coming up too. (That's aly another story) That's a big, big, big deal, so anybody has been looking at you all year, all of the sudden if. . . . . . . fluorescent light and set the moonlight, it might be more romantic. . . . start like . . . but, that's a, don't do it. (yeah) Be accurate. ok, and for a note that Today Show's Christmas party takes place next week, just in case you want it. Anyway. . . .200808/46187

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