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2019年06月19日 16:46:41 | 作者:乐视新闻 | 来源:新华社
栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201510/403471I don#39;t know if you#39;ve ever been hungry,我不知道你是否经历过饥饿but when you get hungry,但当你饿了的时候it takes over your mind in an incredible way.它会以一种难以置信的方式控制你的思维You start having, you know, olfactory hallucinations.你会开始产生幻嗅You start smelling things that aren#39;t there.你会闻到一些子虚乌有的味道You can#39;t think of anything else,没心去想别的事you can#39;t talk about anything else.也无法谈论别的事You#39;ll get together with your friends你会和你的朋友聚在一起and talk for four hours about the next meal.一连几个小时谈论下一顿饭吃什么Eventually you get to cannibalism.最终你们会同类相食You#39;ll eat your friends. 你会饥不择食吃了你的朋友 I mean, it will take over.饥饿感会彻底占据你的大脑It comes down to yours versus mine.这最终成为事关你我所有财产的对抗;That#39;s my land. ;I worked hard for that land.;那是我的土地; 我为这片土地辛勤劳作;I put my time, my effort my energy into that land.;;我为之付出了时间 付出了精力;;I#39;ve learned how to cultivate it;我学会了耕种;I#39;ve learned how to manage it through the seasons.;;学会如何在四季变化中经营这片土地;;If you come in here to try and steal it from me,;如果你要来将其从我手中偷走;To take it from me, especially without my consent,;尤其是在未经我允许的情况下将其夺走;I have to do something about it, or I#39;m dead!;;我就必须出来保卫它 否则只有死路一条;The birth of warfare.这就是战争的起源 Article/201508/394625

Our Global Kitchen: Chinese New Year世界厨房:中国新年篇What#39;s a celebration without food? Food brings people together and forges our cultural identities. Chinese New Year marks the beginning of the lunar year. Families gather and share a reunion dinner with foods that hold symbolic meaning.没有食物的庆典算什么?食物让人们聚在一起,并建立我们的文化认同。中国新年标记着农历年的开始。家家户户团聚在一起,并分享一顿满是含有象征意义食物的团圆晚餐。Chinese New Year...it#39;s a time for renewal, it#39;s about rejuvenation. We have a reunion dinner and usually my father cooks. My father is actually...he#39;s not a chef by trade, but he#39;s an amazing cook. He#39;ll prepare several dishes and some of them are very symbolic.中国新年...是个除旧布新的时间,是有关回春的。我们有团圆晚餐,通常我父亲掌厨。我父亲其实...他不是个专业训练的大厨,但他是个很棒的厨师。他会准备几道菜,它们之中有些是非常具象征性的。It#39;s important to have a whole fish at the dinner table. The Cantonese word for fish is ;yu.; Yu in Chinese—it sounds similar to the word for ;surplus; or ;extra.;很重要的是在晚餐桌上要有一整条鱼。鱼的广东话是“鱼”。鱼在中文--它听起来像“盈余”或是“剩余”的字。My father will make ;longevity noodles; because they#39;re uncut and they are supposed to symbolize long life. Like, they#39;re a given that we are gonna have them during Chinese New Year dinner.我的父亲会煮“长寿面”,因为它们未经剪切,且它们应该象征长寿。像是,它们是理所当然的食物,我们在中国新年晚餐的时候要吃它们。The tangerines are called ;gum; in Chinese, which sounds like ;gold; and that was to symbolize prosperity. And we would eat them, but they would also be part of the decoration in the house.橘子在中文叫做“柑”,听起来很像“金”,那是要象征繁荣。我们会吃它们,但它们也是屋中装饰的一部分。I lived in Confucius Plaza, which is right in the heart of Chinatown. So walking out and smelling the gunpowder from the firecrackers, it#39;s the one time that I would get to see all of my relatives and I would get together with my cousins. And we could probably not get together for Christmas, but we had to be home for Chinese New Year.我住在孔子广场,就在中国城的正中心。所以走出去闻闻鞭炮的火药味,那是我可以看到所有亲戚,并与我的表亲们聚一聚的时候。我们也许圣诞节无法相聚,但我们必须为了中国新年回家。Food is a huge part of our identity and it#39;s probably one of the things that continues to tie me to my culture.食物是我们认同的很大一部分,它也许是持续将我与我的文化连结起来的东西之一。 Article/201503/362972

;We know almost nothing about the court of Lothair II simply because most of our sources devoted to him are in two particular categories. One—narrative sources describing the vulnerability of his own little kingdom in the middle of the west and the east Frankish kingdoms, where his uncles, Charles the Bald on the west and Louis the German on the east, were in fact casting their greedy eyes upon his kingdom with the hope of taking it. The other category of information is much more pertinent to this crystal, in that it is concerning the attempts Lothair II made to get rid of his wife Theutberga. He appears to have married her very soon after he inherited the throne, even though he had a long-standing mistress called Waldrada, from whom he had two children, a son and a daughter. When he married Theutberga she had no children, and she continued to bear no children, and Lothair appears to have decided Waldrada would be a better bet. So he recruited his two bishops, of Cologne and Trier, to have the marriage annulled, on the grounds of incest with Theutberga#39;s brother.;原因在于现有的与他相关的资料基本只有两类。一类引用各项记录描述他那夹在东西法兰克王国之间的小国的脆弱,他的两位叔叔,西边的秃头查理和东边的日耳曼人路易,都对他的江山虎视眈眈。另一类则跟这块水晶关系更密切,着重描述了国王为摆脱妻子塞勃格而作的努力。他似乎是在继承王位不久之后便迎娶了塞勃格,但之前早巳有个名叫沃尔德华达的情妇,还为他生有一子一女。而塞勃格一直没有给他添子嗣。洛泰尔似乎断定沃尔德华达才是较好的选择。他找来科隆和特里尔的两位主教,要他们以王后与她的兄弟乱伦为由宣布解除他们的婚姻关系。Lothair#39;s bid to divorce his wife and marry his mistress was no self-indulgent whim; he needed to have a legitimate heir. It was his only chance to preserve his inheritance and his kingdom. But royal divorce, then as now, was political dynamite.洛泰尔试图废后再迎娶情妇的行为并非完全出于一己私欲:他需要一位合法继承人,这是他保留继承权与王国的唯一机会。但王室的离婚件,不论今时还是往日,都是政治上的一颗重磅炸弹。The bishops of Cologne and Trier had actually obtained confessions from the Queen—possibly through torture—that she had committed incest with her brother, but Theutberga appealed to the Pope, who investigated the case and declared her innocent. 科隆和特里尔的主教其实已经拿到了王后供认与兄弟乱伦的词,这可能是屈打成招的结果。但塞勃格又向教皇上诉,后者通过调査宣布她是清白的。 Article/201511/409981

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201511/407022

栏目简介:《造物小百科How it#39;s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201508/391056

The greenhouses of Almeria in Spain are Europe#39;s vegetable garden.西班牙的艾美利亚温室是欧洲的菜园。A city of uniformly sized vegetables waits every day for the hundreds of trucks.大批形状整齐的蔬菜每天等候数以百计的卡车。That will take them to the continent#39;s supermarkets.把它们运送到欧洲大陆的超级市场。The more a country develops,the more meat its inhabitants consume.国家越发展国民对肉类的需求就越大。How can growing worldwide demand be satisfied...不依靠集中饲养式牛场。without recourse to concentration camp-style cattle farms?如何满足全球日益增长的需求。Faster and faster.越来越快。Like the life cycle of livestock which may never see a meadow,manufacturing meat faster than the animal has become a daily routine.就像家畜一生都不会见到牧场比动物生长更快的肉类生产成为日常程序。In these vast food lots, trampled by millions of cattle,not a blade of grass grows.被数百万牛践踏的辽阔饲场,寸草不生。A fleet of trucks from every corner of the country...brings in tons of grain, soy meal and protein-rich granules that will become tons of meat.一队队卡车从全国各地运来,数以吨计的谷物,黄豆和丰富蛋白质的饲料最终变成一吨吨的肉。The result is that it takes 100 liters of water...结果是生产一公斤马铃薯。to produce one kilogram of potatoes, 4,000 for one kilo of rice and 13,000 for one kilo of beef.要一百公升水。一公斤米要四千公升水而一公斤牛肉要一万三千公升水。Not to mention the oil guzzled in the production process and transport.还不算在生产和运输过程被耗掉的石油。Our agriculture has become oil-powered.我们的农业成了石油推动型。It feeds twice as many humans on Earth but has replaced diversity with standardization.它能养活地球上双倍的人口但多元性被标准化取代。It has offered many of us comforts we could only dream of,but it makes our way of life totally dependent on oil.它让我们享受到梦中才有的舒适但却使我们的生活方式完全依赖石油。This is the new measure of time.这是新的时间观念。Our world#39;s clock now beats to the rhythm of these indefatigable machines tapping into the pocket of sunlight.我们的时钟随着那永不言倦的阳光机器的节奏一起摆动。Their regularity reassures us.它们的规律性让我们安心。The tiniest hiccup throws us into disarray.极小的间断都会引发混乱。The whole planet is attentive to these metronomes...整个地球都注意到了我们。of our hopes and illusions.寄托希望和幻想的节拍器。The same hopes and illusions that proliferate along with our needs,increasingly insatiable desires and profligacy.同样的希望和幻想随着我们的需求以及越来越难以满足的欲望和浪费而增加。We know that the end of cheap oil is imminent,but we refuse to believe it.我们知道廉价石油时代即将终结但我们拒绝相信。For many of us, the American dream is embodied by a legendary name:对大多数人来说 美国梦体现在一个传奇的名字上:Los Angeles.洛杉矶。In this city that stretches over100 kilometers,the number of cars is almost equal to the number of inhabitants.在这个方圆一百公里的城市汽车的数量几乎与人口相等。 Article/201410/333359

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