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襄樊治喉咙哪个最好襄阳宜城市治疗咽喉炎价格How mums can stay happy年轻妈妈的十大快乐秘诀Becoming a new mum can be a stressful experience for even the most patient woman. Surviving on little sleep and with little time for themselves, many find they are unfulfilled and unhappy.But now researchers have revealed a ten-point action plan to help young mums out of thedoldrums.Suggestions include saying hello to a stranger, turning off the television and spoiling themselves with atreatevery day.By following the steps, mothers should be able to lead a fulfilling and contented life.The research was carried out by Netmums, an online support group who asked 1,000 new mothers to follow the principles.After just 28 days, mothers had reported significantly higher 'happiness levels'.Netmums co-founder Sally Russell said: "Research has shown that mothers are at their least happiest stage in the first few years of bringing up children becasue they are so stressed and overworked."Social isolation is one of the main reasons for this.""These steps are about mothers taking a little bit of time to make themselves happy."How you can put a smile on your face1. Count your blessings. List ten things you like about yourself in a 'happiness diary'.2. Have a laugh every day. Laughter comes easily to children, so try to get them giggling.3.Do a good turn. Let someone have your parking space - or offer your partner a massage.4. Treat yourself everyday. Home pedicure, glass of wine or some chocolate.5. Halve your TV viewing. Instead, complete a task that you keep putting off.6. Say hello to a stranger. And smile as you do so.7. Look after something you've planted. Smell the soil as you plant seeds.8. Get physical. Do 100 skips and try to remember childhood rhymes.9. Phone or talk to a friend. Think of four things you really want to ask them.10. Talk time. Try to book an hour of quality time with your partner every week.(Agencies)即使是最有耐性的女人,在初为人母时也会感到紧张不安。许多人睡不着觉,几乎没有属于自己的时间,这让她们感到没有成就感,没有快乐。不过,研究人员最近公布了十点行动计划,以此帮助年轻妈妈走出忧郁的泥淖。他们建议年轻妈妈和陌生人打招呼、关掉电视机、每天来点美味犒劳一下自己。按照这些步骤去做,妈妈们一定会感到日子充实、心情惬意。这项研究由网上互助组织“妈妈网”负责进行,它邀请了1000位新妈妈前来尝试这些措施。研究仅仅进行了28天,就有年轻妈妈说她们感到非常“快乐”。“妈妈网”创始人之一莎莉·罗素说:“研究显示,在抚育孩子的最初几年里,妈妈们最不开心。这个时期,她们的压力和工作量都很大。”“与社会脱离是产生这一现象的一大原因。”“这些措施仅占用妈妈们一点点时间,却可以让她们开心和快乐。”怎样让自己保持微笑?1. 快乐知多少。在“开心日记”里记下十件你喜欢并且是关于你的乐事。2. 开怀大笑每一天。小孩子很容易笑,所以尽量让他们咯咯笑。3. 助人为乐。让别人借用你的停车场地,或者给伴侣发条短信。4. 自我。做做家庭足疗,来杯葡萄酒,吃点巧克力。5. 缩减一半看电视的时间。把看电视的时间用来做以前迟迟没有做的事。6. 和陌生人打招呼,对他们报以微笑。7. 照料您的植物。播种子时闻一闻泥土的气息。8. 锻炼身体。每天跳100下,背诵一些童年的歌谣。9. 给朋友打打电话聊聊天。想出四件你打心眼里想问他们的事情。10. 交流。和伴侣计划好,尽量保一周一次一个小时的高质量谈话。Vocabulary:doldrums: a period of depression or unhappy listlessness(忧郁期,没精打采的日子);例如:in the doldrums(精神沮丧)treat: 美食,源于动词treat(请客吃饭,招待)a good turn: 善良的行为 /200803/32058襄樊第一人民医院鼻中隔偏曲好吗 Husband: Did you sew the button on my shirt, darling?丈夫:你给我把扣子缝好了吗,亲爱的?Wife: No, dear. I couldn#39;t find the button, so I just sewed up the buttonhole.妻子:没有,亲爱的。我找不到扣子,所以我只把扣眼儿给缝上了。 /201309/255807襄阳哪个中医看突发性耳鸣好

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襄樊市襄阳区人民医院看慢性咽炎大概多少钱费用Sharing photographs on Facebook is a quick way to lose friends, according to a new study.Researchers found those who repeatedly post pictures risk alienating themselves from many people who view them.最新调查显示,在脸书上分享照片会让你很快失去朋友。研究者发现那些总是发布照片的人会让浏览到的人们疏离他。They may damage relationships with friends, relatives and colleagues who do not #39;relate well to those who constantly share photos of themselves.他们有可能会破坏与那些不喜欢分享照片的朋友、亲人和同事之间的关系。Partners who shared more photographs of events led to a decrease in intimacy. Similarly, a close friend who shared more photographs of friends could also expect to it to have a negative impact on the quality of that relationship.伙伴间分享的照片越多,关系就越会疏远。同样,好友之间,如果越多晒出朋友的照片,也会有可能对友情产生消极影响。A survey of more than 500 Facebook users found the quantity and subject matter of the images have an impact on the level of support and intimacy within relationships.一项对超过500名脸书用户的调查显示,晒出的照片的质量和主题对人际关系的亲疏会产生影响。Dr David Houghton, of the University of Birmingham, said: ‘Our research found those who frequently post photographs on Facebook risk damaging real life relationships.#39;伯明翰大学的大卫·霍顿士表示:“我们的研究发现那些频繁在脸书上晒照片的人也许会使现实生活中的人际关系恶化。”The researchers also suggest big brand advertising campaigns, which encourage people to post photographs of themselves with the product on Facebook, risk damaging the relationships between their ‘fans’.研究者还建议那些鼓励人们在脸书上发布自己与产品合照的大型广告活动,可能会破坏他们与“粉丝”之间的关系。 /201312/268208 襄阳哪所医院看流鼻血效果好襄州医院 看鼻中隔偏曲价格



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