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2020年01月18日 00:01:29

Two Suicide Bombers Strike AU Peacekeeper Base in Somalia索马里非盟营地遭遇自杀炸弹袭击Two suicide bombings have rocked the headquarters of the African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia, killing the second-in-command and injuring the head general. The UN says at least 30 personnel were injured and being evalcuated for treatment. An Islamist militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack.在索马里的非洲联盟维和部队司令部遭遇两个自杀炸弹袭击,部队一名副指挥官被炸死,另外还有一名主要将领受伤。联合国表示,至少有30人因为受伤被撤离营地接受治疗。一个伊斯兰激进组织宣称对这次袭击负责。Two vehicles entered and then exploded in the African Union peacekeeping force compound, sending a heavy trail of black smoke into the skyline of the capital city.两部车辆在进入非盟维和部队营地后不久爆炸,爆炸产生的黑色浓烟窜上了首都内罗毕的天空。Among the dead is the top Burundian military officer in Somalia and deputy commander of the peacekeeping force, General Juvenal Niyoyunguruza. The head military official, Ugandan General Nathan Mugisha, was injured in the attack. 被炸死的人里包括来自布隆迪的非盟维和部队副指挥官尼永央古鲁扎将军,一名来自乌干达的维和部队司令官穆革沙将军在爆炸中受伤。The peacekeeping force is composed of about 5,000 Ugandan and Burundian troops. At least nine peacekeepers were killed, and some reports have indicated that Somalis may be among the dead as well. 非盟维和部队是由5千名乌干达与布隆迪军人组成,有至少9名维和部队成员被炸死,一些报道指出,其中可能也包括索马里人。An eyewitness at the Mogadishu airport, which is situated next to the AMISOM base, says the two cars entered the compound and then exploded near the petrol station located in the base. The two cars reportedly carried the ed Nations insignia on their sides.一位在营地附近加迪沙机场的目击者说,两部车辆进入营地后,在营地里的加油站旁爆炸,两辆车上有着联合国的标志。The eyewitness says the two vehicles first attempted to enter through the airport, but were refused access by security guards. He said the cars then drove over to the AMISOM entry way.这名目击者说,这两辆车原本试图进入机场,但是被安全警卫拦阻,于是就转往非盟维和部队的营地入口。A security officer has reported that vehicles were allowed inside because the guard at the AMISOM gate assumed they were with the ed Nations.一名安全官员报告说,营地警卫以为两部车是联合国车辆,才允许他们进入营地。Heavy mortar exchanges have since erupted in the Bakara market area of Mogadishu, killing a number of civilians and wounding many more. 在首都加迪沙的巴卡拉市场地区,迫击炮猛烈交火,导致许多平民伤亡。A spokesman for the al Shabab terrorist group claimed the suicide attack was in retaliation for the killing of a wanted senior al-Qaida operative in the region. 恐怖组织青年党发言人宣称对这次自杀炸弹袭击负责,并表示这是对该地区一名基地组织高级领导人的被杀而采取的报复行动。Kenyan Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, who was hiding with the Islamic militant group in southern Somalia, was killed Monday in a U.S.-led military operation.肯尼亚出生的纳卜汉,过去一直与伊斯兰激进组织藏匿在索马里南部地区,他在星期一美军领导和发动的突击中被打死。Suicide bombings are historically an alien practice in Somali culture, but al-Shabab has begun to seriously integrate the tactic as it increasingly seeks to link its campaign with other radical Islamic movements around the world. 在索马里文化中,自杀炸弹向来是外国激进份子使用的手段,但恐怖组织青年党近来也开始利用这个手法,希望能与全球激进恐怖活动挂钩。The al-Qaida linked Kenyan killed Monday was wanted by the ed States for his alleged role in the bombing of an Israeli-owned hotel in a popular tourist destination of the coast of Mombasa. He is also believed to have been involved in a botched attempt to shoot down an Israeli charter jet leaving the Mombasa airport the same day. 星期一被打死的肯尼亚基地组织领导人,是美国追缉的目标。因为据信他涉嫌卷入热门景点蒙巴萨的一家以色列酒店爆炸事件,以及同一天发生的一架从蒙巴萨机场起飞的以色列包机遭导弹袭击事件,但导弹没有击落飞机。Meanwhile, the terrorist group released a set of demands for the release of a French hostage who was acting as a security advisor to the Mogadishu government. The terms include demands that all AMISOM forces be pulled out of Somalia.与此同时,恐怖组织青年党提出一系列的条件,如果满足条件,就可释放一名为加迪沙政府担任安全顾问的法国人质。该组织的条件还包括要求所有非盟维和部队撤出索马里。09/84673襄城区妇幼保健中医院治疗鼻子疾病哪家好Violent clashes erupt on the streets of Tehran. Supporters of moderate Mir-Hossein Mousavi became angry after incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared the winner in the country's elections. The result has been fiercely disputed by Mousavi's supporters who claim he is the real winner. In Israel where Iran's uranium enrichment is seen as a direct threat to its existence, Sheila Dale says another four years of Ahmadinejad would just further divide East and West."Well, I'm not exactly happy about it. I think that it just shows all the more so that there is a continuing division between the East and the West. And for Israel, of course, it's not a good sign. Somewhere along the way, Israel is going to have to take steps whether or not the rest of the Western world agrees with Israel."Last week, Israel said it had no plans to bomb Iran. Tehran meanwhile maintains its nuclear plant is purely to produce the country's energy. In Gaza, Iran's ally Hamas welcomed the results."The Western world should respect the democracy and the choice of the Iranian people. This is a democratic and free election. We hope that this new Iranian leadership will continue to support the Palestinian rights and its people and help us to end sanctions."And there was more support for Iran's leader from neighboring Iraq."President Ahmadinejad deserves victory, and we hope that he will help us establish security in Iraq. We also hope he will put an end to the infiltration of terrorists and deny those who intend to harm our country. We wish him all the best."Iran and Washington have had no official ties since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. But on Friday, the Obama administration said it would like to improve the countries' relations regardless of the election outcome.06/75552襄阳市四院咽喉炎怎么样The U.S. unemployment rate dipped in March to its lowest level in two years, and President Barack Obama hailed the "good news."美国3月份失业率下降到两年来的最低水平。美国总统奥巴马称赞说,这是“好消息”。The Labor Department says 8.8 percent of the U.S. work force was unemployed in March. That is one-tenth of a percent lower than in February, and a full point below its level in November.美国劳工部说,美国3月份失业率为8.8%,比2月份下降0.1个百分点,与去年11月相比,整整下降了一个百分点。President Obama said Friday the economy is making strong gains in creating jobs. "Our economy is showing signs of real strength. Today, we learned that we added 230,000 private sector jobs last month. And that is good news," he said.  奥巴马星期五说,美国经济在创造就业方面正取得强劲增长。他说:“我们的经济折正显示出真正的增长力量。今天,我们得知私营部门上个月增加了23万个就业岗位。 这是好消息。”At a parcel shipping company near Washington, Mr. Obama said the new, lower jobless numbers are an encouraging sign that an economic recovery is under way.在华盛顿一个包裹投递公司,奥巴马说,新出台的有关失业率下降的数据是令人鼓舞的信号,显示经济复苏正在进行。"That makes 1.8 million private sector jobs created in the last 13 months," he said. "And the unemployment rate has now fallen a full point in the last four months. And the last time that happened was during the recovery in 1984."他说:“过去13个月,私营部门共创造了180万个就业机会。过去四个月,失业率下降了整整一个百分点。这样的情况在1984年复苏的时候才出现过。”The president acknowledged that millions of Americans are still looking for jobs, and he pledged to work harder to restore the jobs lost in the recession.奥巴马总统承认,仍然有数百万的美国人在寻找工作。他承诺将进一步努力,恢复在衰退中失去的就业机会。Mr. Obama said his campaign to reduce America’s dependence on imported oil will help to continue the momentum of the economic recovery, partially by creating jobs in the clean-energy economy.奥巴马说,他认为减少美国对进口原油的依赖所做的努力将会有助于经济复苏势头的继续,这主要是通过创造清洁能源经济行业的工作。201104/130299Dealing with Russia a Key Challenge for Obama奥巴马面临美俄关系重大挑战  According to three former senior U.S. government officials, one of the central foreign policy questions facing the incoming Obama administration will be how to deal with a resurgent Russia. 即将上任的奥巴马政府面临的一个主要外交政策问题是如何应对重新崛起的俄罗斯。三位前美国政府高级官员讨论了美国和俄罗斯之间的关系。Most experts agree that relations between Washington and Moscow are not good. Some analysts use words such as "poor," "strained" and "at a low point" to describe the relationship.  大部分专家都同意,美国和俄罗斯之间的关系并不好。一些分析人士用“糟糕”“紧张”和“处于低谷”来形容两国间的关系。Former National Security Adviser [1974-77; 1989-93; retired Air Force] General Brent Scowcroft says the relationship is tense despite meetings over the years between President George Bush and then Russian President - now prime minister - Vladimir Putin. 曾担任美国国家安全事务顾问的空军退休将军斯考克罗夫特说,虽然布什总统和原来担任俄罗斯总统、现在担任总理的普京在过去几年中举行了多次会晤,但是两国的关系依然紧张。"Nothing really has ever resulted from it. I think we are in part talking past each other," he said. "I think we have never really sat down and developed a strategy for dealing with Russia following the end of the Cold War. The collapse of the Soviet Union has sort of liberated Russia from its history. Now I think it's struggling, in a way, to figure out who it is, what it is, where it's going. I think they feel that we have taken advantage of them in their period of weakness and confusion." 他说:“两人的这些会晤其实没有产生任何实质性的结果。我认为,从某种意义上说,我们在会谈中忽略了彼此。美国从来没有认真坐下来制定一个处理冷战后同俄罗斯关系的战略。苏联的解体把俄罗斯从自己的历史中解放出来。我认为,目前的俄罗斯在挣扎着确定自己是谁,要走向何方。俄罗斯人觉得美国在俄罗斯虚弱和迷惑的时期占了俄罗斯的便宜。”Former Secretary of Defense [1973-75] James Schlesinger agrees. 曾在1973年到1975年担任美国国防部长的施莱辛格同意这种观点。"The ed States has tended to, in the years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, ignore Russian sensitivities," he said. "But the Russians have of late demonstrated a degree of brutality that is not conducive to pleasant conversations. Whether that will change is unclear." 他说:“自从苏联解体以来,美国一直忽略了俄罗斯感到敏感的一些问题。不过,俄罗斯最近也展示了一定程度的野蛮,这不利于展开健康的对话。这种情况是否会改变目前还不清楚。”Schlesinger was referring to the August five-day war between Russia and Georgia - a conflict that cooled relations between the ed States and Russia even further. Washington strongly criticized Moscow's massive military incursion into Georgia in response to Tbilisi's abortive attempt to take over the capital of the breakaway region of South Ossetia. 施莱辛格所说的“野蛮”是去年8月俄罗斯同格鲁吉亚之间进行的5天交战。那次冲突进一步使美俄关系降温。在格鲁吉亚夺取分离省份南奥赛梯首府的企图失败后,俄罗斯大举军事入侵格鲁吉亚,遭到美国的强烈批评。Experts say there are other major disagreements between Washington and Moscow. One of those is the Bush administration's backing of Georgia and Ukraine to become members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Moscow is against that. President-elect Barack Obama has indicated he favors NATO membership - but only when those two countries are y.  有关专家说,美国和俄罗斯之间还存在其它重大分歧。其中之一是布什政府持格鲁吉亚和乌克兰加入北约,而俄罗斯对此表示反对。美国当选总统奥巴马表示,他持格鲁吉亚和乌克兰加入北约,但是只有在这两个国家具备条件后才能加入。Another point of disagreement is the U.S. plan - also strongly opposed by Moscow - to put an anti-missile defense shield in Eastern Europe - 10 missile interceptors in Poland and a radar station in the Czech Republic. Mr. Obama's advisers say he supports the missile defense system, but only when the technology is proven to be workable. 另一个分歧是美国计划在东欧部署导弹防御系统,即在波兰设置10个导弹拦截器,在捷克共和国建立一个雷达站。俄罗斯对此表示强烈反对。奥巴马的顾问们说,奥巴马持建立导弹防御系统,不过前提是要明这些防御技术能发挥作用。"From my perspective, and I know everyone will be horrified now, particularly my conservative friends - but I do think we bear some responsibility for the less friendly relationship we now have with them," said Former Secretary of State [1992] Lawrence Eagleburger. "If you are going to bring about alliances along Russia's border and you end up putting anti-ballistic missile launchers and so forth, it seems to me what the Russians have to take away from that is that we intend to isolate them. And our eastern European friends and allies, which used to be puppets to the Soviet Union - they are happy to go along with this as well because they see this as protection from the monster that governed them for so long. But the Russians have to, I think, look at that as an attempt at isolation." 曾在1992年担任美国国务卿的伊格尔伯格说:“我知道我的想法会让很多人吃惊,特别是一些保守主义者,不过,我的确认为美国要为不太友好的美俄关系负一定责任。如果你要沿俄罗斯边界建立联盟,最后还在那里放一批反弹道导弹发射器,我认为,俄罗斯一定会把这理解为美国要孤立它。而我们在东欧的朋友和盟国曾经是苏联的傀儡,他们愿意持美国的做法,因为他们觉得这样可以保护他们,使他们逃离统治他们多年的俄罗斯的魔爪。不过俄罗斯一定会觉得这是美国孤立俄罗斯的企图。”Analysts say despite the bad relations, Washington and Moscow are cooperating in such areas as fighting terrorism, energy security and nuclear arms control and nonproliferation.  分析人士说,虽然美俄关系不佳,但是在反恐、能源安全、核武器控制和核不扩散等领域双方正在进行合作。Former National Security Adviser General Brent Scowcroft says he is encouraged by President-elect Barack Obama's willingness to discuss issues with friends and foes alike. 前美国国家安全事务顾问斯考克罗夫特说,美国当选总统奥巴马愿意同朋友和敌人都进行谈判的态度让他受到鼓舞。"That's one of the reassuring aspects of his approach to foreign policy, for me, that you maximize your chances of making progress if you're talking to people," he said. "In the deepest, darkest days of our conflict with the Soviet Union - or our confrontation with the Soviet Union - we talked to them. We had talks on the most sensitive issue of all and that is nuclear arms - and I think it helped a lot." 他说:“我认为,这是奥巴马处理外交政策方法中的一个积极方面,那就是,如果你和别人谈判,你就能有最大的机会取得进展。在我们同苏联的冲突最深、最黑暗的日子里,也就是我们同苏联对峙的时期,我们还是和他们进行了谈判。我们谈判的内容是所有问题中最敏感的,那就是核武器问题。我认为,那些谈判发挥了很大作用。”Many experts are calling for a summit meeting between President Obama and Russian leader Dmitri Medvedev in the early months of the new U.S. administration. They say such a meeting would provide a solid basis for improving a relationship that needs a positive jolt. 许多专家呼吁奥巴马和俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫在美国新政府上任后不久就举行首脑会议。他们说,美俄关系需要积极的推动,而这样的首脑会议能为改善两国关系提供坚实的基础。01/61047治突发性耳鸣襄阳哪家医院好

襄阳那家治耳病更好襄阳哪里的鼻咽喉医院技术好Improved Signs on US Job Losses, Retail Sales数据显示美劳工市场恶化速度变缓 U.S. markets posted early gains after modestly encouraging signs concerning employment and retail sales.星期四公布的一些经济数据还算不错,美国金融市场受到鼓舞而止跌反弹。The U.S. Labor Department says 24,000 fewer Americans filed initial jobless claims last week than the previous week. The number of newly-idled workers, 601,000, was below most analysts' expectations. The four-week average of initial unemployment claims is also down from a month ago, although well above the levels seen in May and June of last year.美国劳动部说,上周和之前一周相比,初次申请失业补助的人数减少了2万4千人。新增失业人数为60万1千人,低于绝大多数分析人士的预期。首次申请失业补贴的4周平均人数也比上个月有所下降,尽管仍然高于去年5、6月份的同期水平。The number of Americans claiming unemployment benefits now exceeds 6.8 million, the highest number ever recorded.现在,申请失业救济金的总人数超过了680万,达到历史最高水平。PNC Financial Services Group chief-economist Stuart Hoffman says the U.S. labor market continues to deteriorate, but at a slower pace than a few months ago:PNC金融务集团的首席经济学家斯徒亚特.霍夫曼说,美国劳动力市场仍在继续恶化,只是和几个月前相比,恶化的速度变缓而已。"I do not think it means we are going to see job growth in June or July," said Stuart Hoffman. "I think it means the rate of decline in the economy, which during late last year and the first quarter of this year was like a free-fall, is definitely slowing down.他说:“我不认为这表示我们在6月和7月可以看到工作机会增加。我认为,这表示,经过去年年底和今年第一季度自由落体式的经济下滑后,现在经济衰退的速度绝对是放慢了。”Meanwhile, U.S. retail sales rose 0.5 percent in May, fueled by increasing traffic at auto dealerships and gasoline stations. It was the first retail sales boost in the last three months. The Commerce Department also reports businesses continued to cut inventories for an eighth consecutive month to match soft demand for products.同时,由于汽车和汽油的销量增加,美国5月份的零售额提高了0.5个百分点。这是过去3个月以来,零售业首次迎来增长。商业部还报告说,商业部门连续第8个月削减存货来应对疲软的市场需求。No one is predicting an immediate end to America's protracted recession, which began in late 2007. But PNC's Stuart Hoffman thinks a turnaround could occur by the end of .没人会预测美国这次从2007年底开始的漫长的经济衰退能很快结束。但是霍夫曼说,转机将出现在年底。"We are looking at the end of this recession, probably, by the fourth quarter of this year," he said. "So, to me, these [positive indicators] are the signs that say the end [of the downturn] is near."他说:“我们认为,衰退可能会在今年第4季度停止。所以,我认为,那些积极的迹象表明,转机越来越近了。”Last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told reporters an eventual economic recovery will be slow to build momentum, with the likelihood that job losses will linger after the economy begins to grow.上周,美联储主席伯南克告诉记者说,最终的经济复苏需要一段时间积蓄力量。很可能失业的情况在经济增长的初期还会存在。06/74015Arab Summit in Kuwait Ends in Discord阿拉伯峰会结束 分歧依然存在Arab leaders tried to patch over their differences as a two-day summit in Kuwait drew to a close, but the Gaza conflict appears to have exacerbated the tensions. 阿拉伯领导人在科威特举行的为期两天的首脑会谈结束,各国领导试图弥补他们的分歧,但是加沙的冲突看来已经导致紧张加剧。Arab leaders began their Kuwait summit, Monday, amid discord, and ended it, a day later, amid more discord. Attempts to find a common position on the conflict in Gaza and towards Israel seemingly failed, leaving rival Arab camps as divided as ever. 阿拉伯领导人在不协调的气氛中从星期一开始了他们在科威特的首脑会谈,一天以后又在更不协调的气氛中结束了会谈。就加沙冲突和如何对待以色列的问题找到一个共同立场的打算似乎已经失败,让持不同立场的阿拉伯阵营和以往一样抱持分歧。Arab leaders did, however, agree to a plan to rebuild the war-torn Gaza Strip, promising a total of billion to reconstruct what was damaged or demolished in the 21-day conflict between Israel and Hamas militants. 不过阿拉伯领导人的确同意重建饱受战争蹂躏的加沙地带的计划,承诺拿出20亿美元来重建经过21天以色列和哈马斯冲突中被损坏和被夷平的建筑和设施。Iraqi Foreign Minister Houshiyar Zubeiri told Kuwaiti TV that the summit's final declaration avoided a common position on Gaza because Arab leaders had "run out of time" to reconcile their differences, and because "some [leaders] remain entrenched in their positions." 伊拉克外长祖贝里对科威特电视台说,这次首脑会谈的最后宣言避开了对加沙问题的共同立场,因为阿拉伯领导人已经“没有时间”就他们的分歧进行和解了,也因为“一些领导人固守他们的立场”。Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa sounded unusually downbeat and discouraged in a press conference after the summit. 阿拉伯联盟秘书长穆萨以一种不同寻常的悲观和气馁的口气在首脑会谈以后的记者会上发表讲话,形容阿拉伯内部关系是一种麻烦的状态。He said the Arab state of affairs remains troubled and tense. He said, "we tried, Monday, to start rebuilding after the important speech by [Saudi] King Abdallah [calling for an end to discord]." But, he concludes, "things are still not back to normal, in my view, and we must make intensive efforts in order to repair the damage." 他说,阿拉伯事务的状态仍然是麻烦的、紧张的。星期一沙特国王阿卜杜拉呼吁结束纷争的重要讲话之后,我们试图开始重建,但是,他总结说,事态还没有恢复正常,以我的观点,我们必须付出巨大的努力,来修补损失。Moussa did, however, make a special point to emphasize that the 2002 Arab peace initiative towards Israel, remains on the table, despite events in Gaza, and despite calls from Syria and Iran to withdraw it. 不过穆萨确实指出了特殊的一点,就是强调2002年阿拉伯向以色列提出的和平倡议,这个问题仍然在谈判桌上,尽管出现了加沙的冲突,尽管出现了叙利亚和伊朗要求撤销倡议的呼声。The 2002 Arab peace initiative, he says, did not figure in the summit's closing statement, but he said it remains valid, and he said Arab leaders have no quarrels over the initiative, which he calls a common point of view. But, he adds, the initiative can't remain on the table much longer, if after seven years Israel still hasn't accepted it. 他说,2002年阿拉伯的和平倡议没有在首脑会谈结束的声明中提及,但倡议仍然有效,阿拉伯领导人对这一倡议没有争议,他说这是一个共同的观点。但是他补充说,如果以色列7年以后仍没有接受这一倡议,那它则不会被保留太久。Paul Salem, who heads the Beirut-based Carnegie Center for Peace in the Middle East, explained that the Arabs had papered over their profound differences which had arisen during the Gaza conflict. "Definitely, the two camps remain; papering over some of the differences was expected and is sort of the normal course of affairs in Arab affairs. The idea of conciliation and sort of moving forward and not bringing out differences too much into the open, but nobody's position has changed, but it was necessary to save face for the Arab leaders, in general, for the regimes in general, to show that they could agree, at least after the Gaza war was over," he said.  塞勒姆是设在贝鲁特的卡内基中东和平中心的主任。他解释说,加沙冲突再次让阿拉伯世界出现分歧,但是各位领导人一度掩盖处在他们之间的这一深刻分歧。他说:“肯定,这两个阵营仍然存在,搁置一些分歧也是估计到的,是阿拉伯事务中的一种正常状态。和解和向前推进的想法,不把分歧公开表现太多的想法都有,但是没有人改变立场,总体来说,这些阿拉伯国家领导人要顾及面子,总体来说这些国家要显示他们可以同意,至少是在加沙战火停止之后可以同意。”Salem was, however, more optimistic about the long term prospects for peace. "The Gaza events certainly divided people, but there is more areas of agreement as to how to move forward in terms of bringing Hamas and Fatah together, in terms of reconstructing the Gaza Strip, in terms of trying to revive negotiations with Israel, and encouraging the U.S. administration to do so," he said.As the new Obama administration takes office, it will both have to work with the camp of traditional U.S. allies, including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as to make some sort of overture to the opposing camp of foes and adversaries, which includes Iran and Syria. 目前正值美国总统奥巴马走马上任,美国新政府必将和美国传统盟友合作,包括埃及、约旦、沙特和科威特,同时也会跟对立阵营的夙敌及对手进行初步交涉,其中包括伊朗和叙利亚。01/61333襄阳较好治鼻炎Carlo and Luss like fish too, so they decide to visit the famous fish market. Monkfish on ice, both are astounded at the weird and wonderful selection of seafood not available in their country. They are surprised to see whale meat, a local delicacy. Norway still hunts whales. This marker offers a 1 in seafood that can't be found anywhere else in the country. Luxuries like crab meat are relatively cheap here,a good opportunity for seafood lovers to gorge themselves. The historic area of Burgen is a small area of the town with typical wooden houses from the 18th and 19th century. This is how the city would have looked years ago when the village was originally built in the 19th century. Several catastrophic fires have destroyed large parts of the town. This quarter has been protected as a monument. Carlo and Luss leave Burgen and continue their journey further north. Their route takes them past gorgeous lakes formed by glacier. Thousands of streams and rivers 2 the land. Here, the country is even more sparsely populated. It's hard to find anywhere else in Europe so close to nature. In the region around Stryn, they stop for a break. You are allowed to camp wherever you like in Norway. No need to book a place, you can just stop wherever the view takes your fancy. Lake Loen is ideal for Kayaking. It's part of the Northfjord region and one of the most beautiful in Norway.注释:① astound vt. 使惊骇;使震惊例句:1. His practical grasp of affairs and his energy still astound me.他对事物的实际掌握和他充沛的精力实在使我惊异。2. Does not my heat astound you.我的热度没有吓坏你吗?② quarter n. 四分之一;地区;季度;一刻钟;两角五分vi. 住宿;驻扎 vt. 将…四等分;供某人住宿 num. 四分之一例句:1. The rent is due at the end of each quarter. 缴纳租金以每季度末为期限. 2. A quarter of the area is covered with virgin forest. 四分之一的地区都是原始森林。③gorgeous adj. 华丽的,灿烂的;极好的例句:1. The sunset is gorgeous tonight. 今天晚上日落的景色美极了。 2. In the evening the rosy clouds were gorgeous. 傍晚的云霞绚丽多。课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/157115襄阳老河口市人民中心医院治疗扁桃体炎哪家医院最好

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