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pugnacious ---- 好斗的(形容词)英文释义(adjective) Belligerent; having a personality that enjoys fighting and arguing.例句The pugnacious young sales representative often insults his older colleagues, and contradicts their advice quite aggressively.这位好斗的年轻销售代表经常羞辱年长的同事,严厉反驳他们的提议。 /201609/464963。

For six seasons, Kim Cattrall played the provocative Samantha Jones on "Sex and the City, " She apparently learned a few things from the uninhibited character and she's passing it on in a new book and an HBO documentary called "Sexual Intelligence". Kim Cattrall, good morning! How are you? Good morning! I'm great! You said this is, it has been a three-year project actually, right? Yes, I mean this has been the longest gestation period in history. You think you're birthing a baby, yeah? Yes, and this is my, this is my three-year-old baby here. What is sexual intel... intelligence exactly? What do you mean by that? Well what we wanted to do, I think everyone knows what intelligence is. But sexuality can be kind of scary and mysterious. So we wanted to shed some light on the different aspects of sexuality. We wanted to start with desire from the outside, then we wanted to go to messaging. And then we wanted to try arousal,(Right.) then fantasy and the ultimate ending: release. And desire you spent a lot of time on, why, why desire that you want to spend so much time on? Well, it's very complex , desire. And we wanted to take it from a female and a male point of view. And then we wanted to go to the physicality of desire: what a man goes through ; what a woman goes through. And then we wanted to go more into the psychology of it, and the biology. And then into the fantastical. And then into hopefully the joining-together of the physical and the emotional and the spiritual. We have been talking about the fact that this is a companion to a HBO documentary. And you spent time in various cultures and various countries looking at how they look at sex. I wanna take a look at this clip of you from Pompeii. Oh, great. All right ? You're in Pompeii. Thousands of citizens were entombed in hot ash and lava, along with all the trappings of the sophisticated cosmopolitan lifestyle. People lived in open-air villas surrounding gardens of delight where sensual pleasures were pursued with relish. So, then I ask this question how do we, in this country ,compare in terms of our attitudes about sex and sexuality to some of the places that you've been (to) and visited in this. Well it was interesting to go back in time and see where nature and culture really were colliding especially with sexuality. Uhm, going to Pompeii in particular was fascinating because there I mean it was so openly celebrated and worshipped. (Yeah.) I mean from ,ur, mobiles that were hanging with phalluses and little bells, you know, you could ping.Which are on the book.. Which are in the books. To doorstops, to just there was. . . you know. . . a house of repute just down the street. They were on the sidewalls. They were absolutely everywhere. (Yeah.) And then you look about today what the phalluses are , they are hidden away. There're no. . . they're out of plain sight as they say. (yeah) So there is a tremendous, I think, amount of, excuse me, fear that's happened in, especially in the last I would say 200 and 250 years. What about this field in England that women go to, they actually think that, that the field gets some pregnant? Is that?Well, this was a fertility site. This is one of the oldest sites that we went to and it was in Dorset, England. It's the Cerne Abbas Giant. And this is a huge man on the top of a hillside, and he has a 26-foot phallus. Men or women go there. And ur you can get pregnant, it is a fertility site. Wow! In fact I'll make a party, if it's Curopinshenko, she will kill me for doing this. She was trying to get pregnant at that time. So she did the ritual and (lo and behold). She has a baby. There you go. That's irrefutable proof I guess. Um, let me ask you this, because undoubtedly there would be those out there who'll say, but she's not a sex therapist. And she is not, she played this woman who was uninhibited and sexually even aggressive on television. So what do you say if those people say she might not be qualified to be doing a book like this. I'm not a sex therapist. I've never purported to be. I would never really want to have that responsibility. But what I do have is a platform to talk about sexuality. So I can bring the experts. That was the wonderful thing about the book and the documentary. If we brought every man to the table, we brought seven people: four heterosexuals, one gay man, one gay woman, one heterose(xual), one bisexual woman. As you really speak about what sexuality is to them. Because I think everyone has questions about sexuality. But it's, it's scary to voice them. And bringing these experts and going back in time and history, and putting them all together to say "what about this? Did you ever think about this? " One of my favorite points was this chemical called oxytocin, which is released when you get attracted to someone. (Yeah) And this chemical you know you build up sort of tolerance to it after like a five-year period. Like a five-year marriage? Exactly! And this hold the old adage of, you know, the seven-year itch. Well we discover it's the five year itch which takes seven years to scratch because that's when you build up immunity to this. You literally are drugged by your lover. And all these things that people don't know. I think they are wonderful ideas to think about, sexually and otherwise. Ah, so interesting. Ok, so when can we see it? It's going to air on HBO November 15th. All right. Very good. Kim Cattrall, so good to see you! We missed you all as Samantha, but good to see you in person. I'm back, I'm back in Sexual Intelligence. Yeah, sure, thanks a lot.200807/44889。

Senator Barack Obama won the Wisconsin state Democratic presidential primary, Tuesday, the ninth win in a row for the charismatic junior senator from Illinois. On the Republican side, Senator John McCain was the winner. The two frontrunners are targeting each other in anticipation of the fight they see coming in November. 奥巴马参议员星期二赢得了威斯康辛州的民主党初选胜利。这是这位魅力十足、但资历并不深的参议员自伊利诺伊州初选以来的连续第九次获胜。在共和党这边,麦凯恩参议员再次赢得胜利。这两名领先者相互把矛头指向对方,为11月总统大选作准备。Voters in Wisconsin handed Barack Obama another big win, accelerating his momentum as he heads into the delegate-rich primaries here in Texas and Ohio on March 4.  威斯康辛州的选民给予奥巴马又一次大胜,为他向代表人数众多的德克萨斯州和俄亥俄州初选进军加添了动力。Speaking to supporters in a stadium in downtown Houston, Barack Obama hailed his victory in Wisconsin. 奥巴马在休斯敦市中心的一个体育馆向持者发表讲话,欢呼自己在威斯康辛取得的胜利:"I am grateful to the people of Wisconsin for their friendship and support and their extraordinary civic pride. You know, in Wisconsin, when you go to vote it is five degrees outside," he said. “我感谢威斯康辛人民的友情和持以及他们杰出的公民自豪感。要知道,在威斯康辛投票意味着要走向室外华氏5度的寒冷中。”Obama urged his supporters here in Texas to get out and vote before the March 4 primary. Early voting began here Tuesday and volunteers from both the Obama campaign and from Hillary Clinton's campaign were aly on the streets today urging people to get to the polls. 奥巴马敦促他在德克萨斯州的持者参加3月4号的初选投票。德克萨斯州星期二开始提前投票,奥巴马阵营和克林顿阵营的志愿工作人员已经上街敦促人们前往投票站。The other big winner on Tuesday was John McCain, whose win moved him closer to locking up the Republican nomination. Speaking in Columbus, Ohio, McCain thanked his supporters and praised his last viable challenger, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who, in spite of a string of losses, has refused to drop out of the race.  星期二的另一位是麦凯恩,他的胜利把他进一步推向接近于锁定共和党提名的地位。麦凯恩在俄亥俄州的哥伦布讲话时感谢他的持者,并且赞扬了仅存的竞争者、前阿肯色州州长哈克比。尽管哈克比经历了一连串的失败,但是他依然拒绝退出竞选。McCain looked beyond the nomination contest and directed his political fire at the presumed Democratic nominee. In a thinly veiled reference to Barack Obama, he said he would fight to make sure "Americans are not deceived by an eloquent, but empty call for change." 麦凯恩的目光已超越了提名竞争,他把火力对准假定会得到民主党提名的总统侯选人。他毫不掩饰地针对奥巴马说,要展开斗争,让美国人不被慷慨激昂却空洞无物的变革言词所蒙骗。McCain also made reference to comments Obama had made in a debate last year and suggested he would make dangerously naive decisions if he were to become president. 麦凯恩也提到奥巴马去年在辩论中所作的,说奥巴马一旦当选总统,会做出危险的决定。He said "We will risk the confused leadership of an inexperienced candidate who once suggested bombing our ally, Pakistan, and suggested sitting down without preconditions or clear purpose with enemies who support terrorists and who are intent on destabilizing the world by acquiring nuclear weapons…" 他说:“一名缺乏经验和困惑糊涂的侯选人将给我们带来风险,这个人曾提出要轰炸我们的盟友巴基斯坦,并建议在不加任何先决条件和没有任何明确目标的情况下,与持恐怖分子并努力获得核武器以扰乱世界稳定的敌人谈判。”In Houston, Obama also targeted McCain, saying that he represents failed policies of the past. Obama criticized McCain for supporting the war in Iraq, which he said has diverted attention from the real enemy, the Al Qaeda terrorists who attacked the ed States in September, 2001. 奥巴马在休斯敦也把矛头指向麦凯恩,他说麦凯恩代表过去的失败了的方针。奥巴马批评麦凯恩持伊拉克战争。他说,这场战争转移了对真正敌人的注意力,美国的真正敌人是2001年9月11号袭击美国的基地组织恐怖分子。Hillary Clinton has also questioned Obama's iness to be president. She continued in that vein speaking to supporters in Youngstown, Ohio, Tuesday night, saying Americans cannot afford someone who needs what she called "on the job training." 希拉里.克林顿也质疑奥巴马是否做好了担任总统的准备。星期二晚间,她在俄亥俄州的扬斯敦对持者的讲话中继续提出这个问题。她说,美国人不能让一个需要“在职培训”的人担任总统:"They need a president y on day one to be commander in chief, y to manage our economy and y to defeat the Republicans in November," she said. “美国人需要一名就任总统第一天就有充分准备的总指挥,这个人马上就能管理起经济,并能在11月击败共和党人。”Clinton used similar statements in her campaigning in Wisconsin, but it appears to have little effect. Obama won in almost every demographic group, cutting into her strongest blocs of support, including women voters, which split about evenly between the two candidates.  克林顿在威斯康辛的竞选中也使用了类似的声明,但是看来收效甚微。奥巴马几乎在所有族群中获胜,包括克林顿的最坚强的持阵营,包括妇女选民,克林顿和奥巴马在妇女选民中平分秋色。200802/27663。

Librarian Uses Donkey Cart to Bring Books to Rural Ethiopian Children埃塞俄比亚乡间驴背移动图书馆 Literacy is coming to some rural Ethiopian children on a donkey's back. VOA's Peter Heinlein visited the Ethiopian town of Awassa, to meet an Ethiopian-American man who returned to the land of his birth to Make a Difference with youngsters hungry for learning. 在埃塞俄比亚的乡间,一辆驴车把知识带给了这里的孩子们。记者海因莱因在埃塞俄比亚一个叫做阿瓦萨的小镇上,遇到了一名埃塞俄比亚裔的美国人。这位埃裔美国人回到自己的出生地,把读书的乐趣带给那里渴求知识的孩子们。It is school-closing time in Awassa. A donkey-drawn wagon trundles into a public square and children come. 阿瓦萨镇的学校正在放假,一辆驴车来到一个公共广场,停靠在树荫下,一群孩子围拢了过来。Donkey carts are common here. But a cart filled with tales of fantasy and faraway lands is unique. It's the Donkey Mobile Library, bringing books to children who have none.  在这个地方,驴车是很常见的,但是这辆驴车却不同。它满载著神奇和遥远的童话故事,这就是驴背移动图书馆,它让这些没有书看的孩子们能够有书读。Donkey library founder Yohannes Gebregiorgis holds his young audience captive with his ings. Yohannes emigrated to the ed States half a lifetime ago. He became an American citizen. But he came back, giving up a comfortable life as a children's librarian in San Francisco, because it bothered him that while Ethiopian kids may go to school, they have no books. 驴背图书馆的创办人加布雷基奥尔基斯的高声朗读。吸引了孩子的注意。三十年前,加布雷基奥尔基斯移民到美国,原因之一就是寻求教育机会。他后来入了美国籍,但他还是放弃了在旧金山儿童图书馆工作的舒适生活,回到他的家乡。因为有一件事一直在困扰著他:虽然埃塞俄比亚的孩子们可以到学校上学,但是他们却没有书本。"Most schools don't have libraries. Basically, that makes it very difficult for kids to get ing material," Yohannes said. 他说:“这里的学校大都没有图书馆,孩子们很难有书读。”The main reason there are no libraries is there are almost no children's books in any of Ethiopia's many languages. 没有儿童图书馆的主要原因是,埃塞俄比亚国内有八十种语言,竟没有以其中任何一种语言写出的儿童读物。"Most kids we have noticed holding a book upside down. We have taken pictures of those kids," he said. "But later on we find out that those kids learn how to use the book, how to flip the pages and how to look at the pictures and then gradually to the stories in the book." 加布雷基奥尔基斯说,即使在校学生也对书本感到陌生。“我们看到大部分孩子把书倒著拿,后来孩子们慢慢学习会如何使用图书,如何翻书页,看里面的图画,渐渐开始阅读书中的故事。”Admasu Apuye grew up in Awassa. He never had a book. Now he brings his two and a half year old son Meseker to listen, and to learn about the world inside those pages, a world Admasu never knew as a boy.With financing from American civic groups, more donkey libraries are planned. Donated English-language books are arriving. Meanwhile, Yohannes has established a publishing house to produce books in languages local kids can . 由于美国民间团体的资助,加布雷基奥尔基斯逐渐扩大了他的驴背图书馆。他还成立了一个名叫“埃塞俄比亚读书”的出版社,用当地孩子们看得懂的文字出版图书。His first effort, in three languages, was a re-creation of an old folk tale about, what else, a boy and his donkey.  他出版的第一个本书,就是改编于一个男孩和他的驴子的民间故事。"I grew up hearing this story," Yohannes recalls. "So, when I first started this organization, I wrote this story and we published it and this became really a fundraiser for us. (It is) Still sold in the ed States." “我是听着这个故事长大的,所以当我刚刚成立这个出版社时,就写下了这个故事,并将它出版。这本书竟然为我们筹集到了很多资金。”Oh, and the donkeys. Originally, they were a big part of drawing kids to the mobile library. But Yohannes discovered, much to his delight, that it wasn't the donkeys that excited the kids. It was the books."And they come really to and they sit with books even if they don't know how to they open the book and see the pictures and just enjoy the pictures," he said.Yohannes dreams about taking his donkey mobile libraries to more Ethiopian towns and villages. After all, there are millions of eager children. The donkeys may be resting now, but there's plenty of work to be done. 加布雷基奥尔基斯的梦想,是带著他的驴背图书馆到埃塞俄比亚更多的城镇和乡村去。毕竟,那里有成百上千万渴望知识的孩子,还有许多事需要他去完成。200808/46476。

Bush Wants G8 to Honor Commitments to Africa布什将敦促发达国家信守援非承诺  U.S. President George Bush says he will use next week's meeting of the world's leading industrialized nations to urge fellow leaders to honor the commitments they have made to help Africa. 美国总统布什说,他将利用下周的世界工业发达国家首脑会议的机会敦促与会国领导人信守他们帮助非洲的承诺。President Bush says the world needs more than leaders who make promises about helping Africa. He says it needs leaders who actually write the checks. 美国总统布什说,世界需要的不仅仅是承诺帮助非洲的领导人,更需要真正兑现承诺的领导人。"You know I hope that these countries understand the great promise and hope that comes when we help alleviate this suffering," the president said. "And so one of my really important agenda items is going to rally our partners to make commitments and meet commitments." 他说:“要知道我希望这些国家明白,在我们帮助解除非洲的苦难以后,光明的前程和希望才会来临。所以我的重要议题之一就是呼吁我们的伙伴国家作出承诺,兑现承诺。”Mr. Bush told reporters at the White House that he is going to next week's Group of Eight summit in Japan to press fellow leaders to deliver on a promise made two years ago to double financial assistance to Africa to billion by the year 2010. 布什在白宫对记者说,他将参加下周在日本举行的八大国首脑会议,他将敦促伙伴国领导人兑现两年前的援助承诺,在2010年前把对非洲的经济援助增加一倍,达到220亿美元。So far, the nonpartisan AIDS and poverty awareness group the One Campaign says just 14 percent of those funds have been delivered. 无党派的“全球对抗艾滋病及消除贫困组织”说,迄今为止,承诺的援助资金只兑现了14%。At last year's G8 summit, leaders agreed to back U.S.-led efforts to help cut African deaths from malaria by half in the most-affected countries. President Bush says he will push leaders to honor that commitment as well. 在去年的8国首脑会议上,各国领导人同意持美国倡导的一项努力,即在疟疾蔓延最猖獗的非洲国家里把疟疾致死的人数减少一半。布什说,他也将敦促与会领导人信守这一承诺。Mr. Bush says he will press for more G8 funding to train African health care workers and assistance for those facing rising food prices in Africa and other developing nations. 布什说,他将敦促这8个国家提供更多资金用于训练非洲医疗卫生工作人员并援非洲及其它面临食品价格上涨困境的发展中国家。"At Toyako, I will also ask leaders of the G8 to make important strategic moves to alleviate hunger, such as increasing the shipments of food, fertilizers, and seeds to countries in need. It's one thing to talk about the problem," he said. "This is a practical way to help countries deal with the lack of food. We need to help severely affected nations grow more of their own food. It's one thing to provide food. It seems like it makes sense to me to say we are going to help you become more agriculturally self-sustaining." 他说:“在日本,我也将要求8国领导人采取重大战略步骤减少饥饿,例如增加对贫困国家的食品、肥料和种子的援助。谈论这个问题是一回事。这是帮助这些国家应付食品短缺的具体方式。我们需要帮助那些饥荒严重的国家自己种植更多的粮食作物。而供应粮食却是另一回事。依我所见,告诉他们:我们将帮助你们在农业上更加自立,这是合理可行的办法。”White House officials expect President Bush will discuss the ongoing political crisis in Zimbabwe both during bilateral talks with South African President Thabo Mbeki and in a wider conversation between G8 leaders and the heads of Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tanzania. 白宫官员预计,布什将在与南非总统姆贝基的双边会谈中,以及在与8国领导人以及埃塞俄比亚、加纳、尼日利亚、塞内加尔和坦桑尼亚这些国家领导人的会谈中讨论津巴布韦目前的政治危机。Global climate change is also on this year's agenda. 此外,全球气候变暖问题也在今年的议事日程上。Summit host Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda hopes to convince his colleagues to agree on a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050. 这次首脑会议的东道主,日本首相福田康夫希望说与会国领袖同意在2050年前把温室气体排放量削减50%。President Bush blocked binding limits on greenhouse gases at last year's G8 meeting because they did not apply to other big polluters including China and India. So this year's summit will include China and India in a separate meeting of 16 major economies responsible for 80 percent of world carbon dioxide emissions. 布什在去年的八国首脑会议上阻止了通过有关限制温室气体排放的有约束力的规定,因为有关规定并不适用于其它污染大国,如中国和印度。所以今年的首脑会议将在另行举行的16个经济大国会议中包括中国和印度,这16个国家的二氧化碳废气排放量达到全球排放量的80%。Mr. Bush says efforts to combat global climate change must not restrict economic development. 布什说,制止全球气候变化的努力不该限制经济发展。"I'll be reminding people that we can have better energy security and we can be better stewards of the environment without sacrificing economic growth," he noted. "And the principle is pretty simple. It's going to be hard to have the amount of money necessary to invest in new technologies if we don't have the money to spend, and therefore we need to make sure our economies are vibrant." 他说:“我将提醒人们:我们可以有更安全的能源,也可以更好地治理环境,同时不必牺牲经济发展。这个原则相当简明。如果我们没有钱,就难以向新技术投入所需的资金,所以我们务必确保经济蓬勃发展。”The president has approved billion in U.S. loan guarantees to support private sector investments in clean energy technology. 布什已经批准提供400亿美元国家贷款担保,持私人企业投资开发清洁能源技术。200807/43293。

Rising prices could cause cheap imports from China to become more expensive and this comes as China’s commerce ministry admits that a slowdown in the US could spark a drop in Chinese exports and mark a turning point for China’s economic growth.Shoppers are rushed to a hospital in Southwestern China after fighting to get their hands on cheap cooking oil at a Carrefour supermarket in Chongqing over a week ago. The price of cooking oil in China is up over a third from last year. The Carrefour bottles had just gone on sale. The supermarket stampede was a second such incident in the country in recent weeks. A sign soaring prices or inflation are fast becoming a headache for Beijing. High inflation is always a social, a political problem. The reason is because it normally hurt the poor people more because the food prices and so on. And so it’s damaging to social stability. China’s leaders clearly understand the potential problem. High inflation in the 1980s led in part to protest at Tian’anmen square. To help avoid social issues Premier Wen Jiabao this week visited a district of Beijing promising to stabilize inflation which is now growing at its fastest pace in over a decade. Wen said record-high oil prices and the rising cost of food were largely to blame. Food prices rose eighteen percent in October. Eggs are now fifteen percent more expensive. The price of vegetables is up a third. But the biggest price jump is for pork, by a whopping fifty-five percent in part due to concerns over the meat safety and supply. Some worry the spike in the food prices could hit other areas of the economy, forcing China to export higher prices to the rest of the world.In the near term, inflationary problem might push up some of the cost of Chinese products overseas particularly if the currency continues to appreciate.So far the government has banned price hikes in some industries like energy. It’s also stopped limited time sales promotions like the one at Carrefour. Most economists expect China to take more aggressive steps to control inflation, tightening interest rates and bank lending to make sure its people feel more at peace. And some economists expect China Central Bank to raise interest rates very soon possibly as early as this weekend.Notes: Stampede: A mass impulsive action200807/43619。

South Korean Military Chief Says North Seeks Nuclear Warhead韩国称北韩希望发展导弹携带核武 South Korean military officials say they believe North Korea is hoping to develop a nuclear weapon that can be delivered by missile. The unusually frank public statement was made amid reports North Korea has conducted a routine test of its short range missiles along its western coast.韩国的军事官员表示,他们相信北韩希望发展能够用导弹携带的核武器。就在韩国官员做出这项不寻常公开声明的同时,有报导说,北韩在其西部海岸试射短程导弹。South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Kim Tae-young, says he believes North Korea is trying to produce a nuclear warhead small enough to be carried on a missile.韩国参谋长联席会议主席金泰荣表示,他相信北韩正试图发展体积小到能够用导弹携带的核弹头。Kim made the comment Wednesday in a parliamentary hearing. Such a direct statement is rare, because senior South Korean officials usually keep quiet about North Korean security matters in public. Kim added, he believes North Korea has enough plutonium to produce as many as seven nuclear weapons.金泰荣是星期三在国会作时发表这项的。这样率直的说法十分罕见,因为韩国官员通常在公开场合对北韩的安全事务保持缄默。金泰荣还补充说,他相信北韩已经有足够的金属钸能够生产多达7枚的核武器。Despite being impoverished, North Korea has invested heavily for decades in ballistic missile technology. It has hundreds of short and medium range missiles capable of reaching all of South Korea and most of Japan. North Korea test-fired a medium range missile directly over Japanese territory in 1998. In 2006 - just months before it tested a nuclear explosive underground - the North conducted a failed test of a long range missile hypothetically capable of reaching the ed States.北韩现在拥有几百枚能够打到整个韩国和大部分日本的短程和中程导弹。1998年,北韩试射了一枚中程导弹直接飞越日本领土。2006年,就在北韩试爆地下核装置前几个月,北韩还进行了一次失败的远程导弹试射。那枚远程导弹的假设目标是美国本土。South Korean media ed Seoul defense officials Wednesday as saying the North has conducted a test firing of at least two short range missiles. The missiles were apparently fired Tuesday afternoon off North Korea's western coast.韩国媒体星期三引述首尔国防官员的话说,北韩已经进行了至少两次短程导弹试射。这些导弹显然是星期二下午的时候在北韩西海岸以外发射的。South Korean Unification Ministry Spokesman Kim Ho-nyoun did not confirm the launch Wednesday, but said the test was probably not cause for alarm.韩国统一部发言人金浩庸星期三没有对导弹发射作出实,但是表示,没有必要对这样的试射赶到惊慌。He says if it was in fact short range missiles North Korea launched, it is probably part of a routine drill. He says North Korea is known to conduct two sets of routine missile tests each year.他说,如果北韩真的发射了短程导弹,那可能只是常规演习的一部分。他说,北韩据悉每年进行两次常规性的导弹试射。Even small military movements by North Korea attract attention here in the South - perhaps especially at this point in time. It remains unconfirmed whether leader Kim Jong Il, believed to be recovering from a stroke, is actually in control of the country. Pyongyang threatened earlier this month to resume reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel into material useable in weapons. And, this week marks several key anniversaries in the North - including that of the country's communist-party founding, and of its nuclear test two years ago.即便是小规模的北韩军事动作,尤其在这个时间,都会在韩国引发关注。目前还无法实据信在中风后恢复阶段的北韩领导人金正日是否在亲自掌权。平壤本月早些时候威胁说,要恢复将核废料处理成可用于武器的材料。此外,这个星期在北韩有几个重要的纪念日,其中包括北韩共产党成立纪念日和北韩进行核试验两周年等。200810/52434。

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