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Princess Diana beauty secrets. 戴安娜王妃的美丽秘诀One of Lady Diana smakeup artists is speaking out the first time, revealing the tricks that how make Diana so beautiful and timeless. 戴安娜的一位化妆师首次独家透露戴安娜如何保持美丽动人青春永驻的秘诀A Lama homson has their tips you can use right now. 请看A新闻的拉马赫森对于这位化妆师的采访She was one of the most photographed women in the world. 她是全世界出镜率最高的女性Princess Diana was a glamorous global fashion icon. 黛安娜王妃全球的时尚偶像She was an incredibly beautiful woman. 她是位令人难以置信的美丽女性She had these amazing long limbs went off the ever. 她的皮肤令人吃惊的紧致水嫩,并且永远保持年轻状态She wore clothes incredibly beautifully. 她的着装总是令人难以置信的美丽She always faced stylish and elegant. 她总是时尚和优雅相伴So just how did she do it?那么她是怎么做到的?This morning, makeup artist Mary Greenwell is opening up. 今天早上,化妆师玛丽格温威尔即将向世人公开这个秘密She has this amazing skin. 她的皮肤令人为之惊讶She was known her great skin. 她以自己的美丽皮肤而出名But because she was been photographed all time, you had to still put the foundation on it, ucanshela and eye shadows mesga in the whole kind of regime. 而且因为经常上镜的原因,你必须谨而慎之,底霜和眼影成为重中之重They will give you that polish look. 这会给你不一般的感觉But why dont I do something on you? 但没有什么特别之处吗?Yep, give me the royal treatment. 是的,我有皇家特别护肤之法And as Greenwell is giving me the royal treatments,she spilled some of Diana beauty secrets. 在格温威尔为我展现这种皇家特别护肤时,她透露了另外一些黛安娜美丽的秘诀 58Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻 Ive Just Bitten My Tongue我刚咬破自己的舌头;Are we poisonous?; the young snake asked his mother.“我们有毒吗?”一个年幼的蛇问它的母亲;Yes, dear,; she replied - ;Why do you ask?;“是的,亲爱的,”她回答说,“你问这个干什么?”;Cause Ive just bitten my tongue! ;“因为我刚刚咬破自己的舌头”Notes:1.bitten bite 的过去分词 bite v.咬 A mad dog may bite people. 疯会咬人.poisonous adj.有毒的 poison n.毒药,有害的思想 Alcoholic drinks act as a poison to child. 酒精饮料对小孩犹如毒药3.reply v.回答,答复 He failed to reply. 他未作回答. Cause 是 Because 的缩略形式 Cause Ive just bitten my tongue 因为我刚咬了自己的舌头 本节目可可原创节目, 379Page: 1 People need work and play the body and the mind. They need music... and dancing... ...rest and change. They need books and talk with others: with old friends as well as with new people. They need new knowledge to keep their old knowledge clear and living. A friend is someone you know and love and with whom you have much in common. People you know only a little are not your friends in this sense, though they may become your friends if you get to know them better. Page: People need to see beautiful things and to have beautiful things about them. Drawing goes back very far into our past. The drawings of animals copied on this Page: may have been made as early as 5,000 B.C. Page: 3 Drawing can help to make ideas easier-the pictures draw in this book, example. But the greatest drawing and painting and sculpture can make our highest powers come into play. The drawings below are of two pieces of sculpture, one from India and the other from Africa. Page: We need to hear beautiful things. Music may go back still farther in time than the other arts, but unhappily we have no records of music bee the discovery of writing. As with language the writing of music may have started with pictures. Today not only do we have ways of writing down music,but we can make copies of the sound of music as it is played. Page: 5 We need to make beautiful things. Today the great cities of the world have public art galleries and museums where anyone may see the paintings and drawings and sculpture of artists through the centuries. Page: 6 Great cities have theaters where plays of the past and the present are acted. They have music buildings where great works of music are played. They have libraries where the best that has been thought and written can be found. Art and music and poetry come out of our greatest hours with ourselves,and give others some of their greatest hours. Page: 7 We need to be alone sometimes to get to know ourselves better,though we need to be with other people too, to get to know them better and ourselves through them. The more we know one another, the better able we will be to live together in the world. The nations on the earth-the Chinese, the Indians,the British, the Russians,the Germans, the Americans, the French and the others-know very little about one another. They look in different directions and have different ideas of themselves and of the world. They live in different worlds. This is good only if they have bridges between their separate worlds and get to know enough about each other. Page: 8 A little knowledge about other nations-too little knowledge-can make them seem bad. But we cant turn the clock back to yesterday when nations could keep to themselves and live without any knowledge of or help from other countries. The thing to do now is to get more knowledge about other peoples. And knowledge of other languages is necessary this. We need many more people with a deep knowledge of other languages than their own. We have to know a language well if we are to know what people who use it mean and think. Page: 9 In English-as in any other language-we do not always say what we mean or mean what we say. This is true of some of the things we say every day. example: How do you do? How are you? This is what people say on meeting. Sometimes they stop and shake hands. ;How are you?; looks like a questions. It is written with a question mark after it. And sometimes ;How are you?; is a question. One person may want to know if another is well or ill-how their health is-and so on. Page: 0 When these are questions they are almost always said as if the person who says them means them as questions and wants an answer. But most of the time they are said in a way which does not ask any answer. When these words are said so, we do not answer: ;I am tired,; or ;I have a bad cold, ; or ;I am not well.; We say the same thing back to the other person: ;How are you?; or ;Hello!; Such words like a smile or a wave of the hand. In the same way, when we meet someone in the morning, we may say ;Good morning!; The weather may be very bad but we say ;Good morning!; and the other person will say ;Good morning!; back to us. We are not talking about the weather or about how good or bad the morning is. 1

What Are WordsBy Chris MedinaAnywhere you are I am near不管你去哪 我都陪着你Anywhere you go Ill be there不管你在哪 我都跟着你Anytime you whisper my name不管什么时候你轻声喊我名字Youll see你都会知道How every single promise Ill keep我是如何守护每一个誓言的Cause what kind of guy would I be因为我就是这样一个人If I was to leave如果我在你最需要的我时候When you need me most离去What are words你的话到底算什么If you really dont mean them当你完全不知所云when you say them当你说那些话的时候What are words说出它们的时候If theyre only good times如果这只是浮云般的美好then theyre done却瞬间破灭掉When it love当爱至情浓处Yeah you say them out loud你大声喊出自己的心声Those words they never go away那些话永远都不会褪色They live on even when were gone即使我们离去那些话还一直在直到海枯石烂And I know an angel was sent我知道你是上天Just me and I know Im meant给我派来的一个天使To be where I am来到我身边And Im gonna be今晚我将会Standing right beside her tonight守护在她身边And Im gonna be by your side守候在你身旁I would never leave我将永远不会离开When she needs me most当她最需要我的时候What are words你的话到底算什么If you really dont mean them当你完全不知所云when you say them当你说那些话的时候What are words说出它们的时候If theyre only good times如果这只是浮云般的美好then theyre done却瞬间破灭掉When it love当爱至情浓处Yeah you say them out loud你大声喊出自己的心声Those words they never go away那些话永远都不会褪色They live on even when were gone即使我们离去那些话还一直在直到海枯石烂Anywhere you are I am near不管你去哪 我都陪着你Anywhere you go Ill be there不管你在哪 我都跟着你And Im gonna be here我将永远在这里ever more永远Every single promise I keep我是如何守护每一个誓言的Cause what kind of guy would I be因为我就是这样一个人If I was to leave如果我在When you need me most你最需要我的时候离开Im ever keeping my angel close我将永远失去我的天使 更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 7185

大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Magi上期留给大家的问题为:What season is the most dangerous one?哪个季节最危险?下面给大家揭晓:Autumn. Because it is also FALL.秋天,因为它总是摔倒词汇:fall 秋天;摔倒;落下Food prices lowered during the fall.秋天食品价格下降了(秋天)I had a fall and broke my arm.我跌了一跤把胳膊摔断了(摔倒)Apples fall from the tree.苹果从树上落下(落下) 词组:curtain falls 落幕big fall 大跌价dying fall 垂暮之年try a fall 较量下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯:What person tries to make others smile most of the time?什么人总是想要别人笑?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见! 098

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