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Just seeing a lot of fins around in this shallow lagoon here.看看这么多的鳍 聚集在这片浅滩I reckon if I can get ahold of a shark thats small enough,我在估计自己能否 补到一只体型较小的鲨鱼I might well be able to get it out and onto the bank.并把它拽到岸上来Shark meat is a good source of protein,but for a lone survivor,鲨鱼肉是很好的蛋白质来源 但对于孤单一人的求生者来说catching one is a difficult and highly dangerous option.捕捉一只鲨鱼是艰难且十分危险的Put a bit of bait out for them,sea cucumber guts.用海参内脏来当诱饵Sea cucumbers are animals that feed on decaying marine matter,海参以腐败的海洋生物为食but the sharks arent going for their innards.Time for bait plan ;B.;但它的内脏还是无法引来鲨鱼 看来我们要换点别的饵料They actually say that pee attracts sharks.A bit of urine. 据说小便会把鲨鱼引过来 那就试试吧See if that works better than the guts of a cucumber.看看是不是比海参肠子更有效Urine is a sign of distress in some sea mammals and might arouse the interest of nearby sharks.海洋哺乳动物遇到危险时会排尿 也许这样可以引起附近鲨鱼的兴趣Keep an eye out.Actually, look, theres one coming in over there.提高警惕 看 那边有条鲨鱼过来了Finally, a shark is coming into the shallow water and within my range.终于有条鲨鱼来到浅水区了 还在我的攻击范围内Just hold your ground.Youd never want to try this unless there was no other choice.稳住阵脚 要不是被逼无奈的话 你最好还是别这样做Im gonna try to catch it by the tail.This guys probably 7 foot long.我要逮住它的尾巴 这条鱼虽然只有7英尺长But make one mistake,and it could deliver a potentially lethal bite.但稍有差池 就有可能招来致命的一口201704/501833。

栏目简介:The citys largest base for entrepreneurship has plans to get even bigger. Yangpu District will turn four street blocks into innovation zones over the next five years to serve start-up companies and entrepreneurs. Wu Ying has the details.201704/499892。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/477460。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470021。

British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he will step down as prime minister later this year.英国首相卡梅伦宣布今年晚些时候将卸任首相职务。I will do everything I can as prime minister to steady the ship over the coming weeks and months. But I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination.在未来的几个月里,我将继续努力稳定英国这艘大船,但我不认为我再适合担任船长,引领国家走向下一个目的地。Cameron made the announcement shortly after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union.英国投票决定离开欧盟后不久,卡梅伦发表了这一声明。The results almost immediately spelled bad news for the prime minister, who campaigned vigorously to remain. Losing his countrys spot in the EU quickly sparked calls for his resignation.对于大力持留欧的首相,脱欧几乎立即招来坏的消息。失去英国在欧盟的位置很快引发让他辞职的呼声。Cameron said he will continue to serve as prime minister for the next three months but will resign in time for the Conservative Partys conference in October.卡梅伦表示,在未来三个月将继续担任首相,但将于十月在保守党大会上辞职。译文属。201606/451067。

And in his quiet way,Charles burned to be a Christian warrior.潜移默化地 查理一世成为了基督教斗士There was also the matter of his older brother, Henry.这也与他的兄长亨利有关A champion of the joust,celebrated by the poets as a Protestant hero,亨利是马背上王者 新教徒吟诗赞颂 视他为英雄Henry was supposed to have been king,他本该加冕为王but he had died when Charles was a boy,and his armour had passed on to him.却在查理幼时英年早逝了 他的甲胄传入查理手中It was too big.All his life, Charles would try to fit the steel,这使命太厚重了 查理一世穷其一生试图配得上这副兵戈try to become the gartered Charlemagne beneath the British Oak.成为英国本土的查理曼大帝And this war against Spain would be his big chance.向西班牙开战正是他的大好时机Surely parliament would cough up the money for the great Protestant crusade.议会自然是勉强才掏了腰包 资助新教十字军出征Oh, yes, was the answer,but and it was a big but 好的 议会如是说 但是 语气急转直下you see with all due respect,we dont much care for your choice of commander,the Duke of Buckingham.恕我们直言 我们不喜欢您选中的指挥官 白金汉公爵So while were happy to fork over subsidies,we rather think well make it a short-term contract.因此尽管我们愿意付补贴 还是觉得应该订立短期协议为妙Renewable, to be sure, if he turns out all right.在明他的可靠之后 再予续期But parliament knew perfectly well it wouldnt.但议会很清楚白金汉公爵并不可靠From the start, parliament had Buckinghams number.从一开始 议会就对他心中有数To them,he was an upstart nobody,a peacock with a pretty face对他们而言 他不过是个自命不凡的小人物 虚有其表的绣花枕头whod been promoted outrageously above the great earls of the land.被提拔到如此高位着实令人吃惊 /201702/494188。

Now, I mean, can you imagine the extravagance of these pages?你能想象印制的这些页是多么奢侈么?Annie Flanders never blinked.Annie Flanders做决定的时候连眼睛都不眨一下。You cant say anything, Annie.Annie你不要有什么意见。I didnt take money, so I can do what I want.我的这些照片没有收你钱,所以我要做我想做的东西。Its a wonder she didnt say, ;That didnt mean you can bankrupt me.;很意外她居然没有说,;这不意味着你可以为所欲为,弄得我破产;。What I did from the very first issue...is I kept a list of how much Bill wouldve gotten paid.我从最开始发行的时候就列了一张单子,我们应该给Bill的照片付多少钱。Well, the first check I sent him, he came in the office and ceremoniously ripped it up.当我寄给他第一张票的时候,他跑到办公室来当着我的面把票撕掉了。The second check, he did the same thing.第二张票,他也这样撕掉了。You see, if you dont take money, they cant tell you what to do, kid.俗话说拿人手软,我不收他们的钱也就不用被他们要求怎么去做。Thats...Thats the key to the whole thing.哈哈,这是这件事的关键。Dont touch money.别碰钱。Its the worst thing you can do.除非你实在没辙了。Theres a story about the fact that Bill, when you sold Details to Condé Nast, Bill refused to cash his check. -Yes.有一些关于Bill的故事,当你把Details杂志Cond Nast的时候,Bill拒绝把他的票兑现。-是的。And Si Newhouse was calling you like every couple of months...to say, ;Bill, your check is waiting.;Si Newhouse不得不隔几天就给他打一通电话告诉你说;Bill,你的票可以兑现了。;Condé Nast bought it? -Yes, yes.Cond Nast买下了Details杂志?-是的,是的。Newhouse bought it a year ago.Newhouse大概一年前买下的。Well, Newhouse is taking the money.Newhouse赚走了那些钱。Yeah, but they dont own me, you see.但是他们不能配我。They dont own you.你不归他们管。201608/459384。