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探索世界奥秘之Life Story(生命物语) 13(Come on, let's talk about sex, baby, let's talk about you and me, let's talk about...) When it comes to growing up, 12-year-old Beatrice will ride the roller coaster of puberty. (let's talk about sex, let's talk about you and me...)When you are a teenager, apparently you go bolshy, you get your periods, you get pubic hair. You get taller, you get, er, sort of, er, you go wide at the hips, I think it is, I can't remember. It's painful to run. I wanna tell you that because what happens up above, you have to start wearing a bra, sorry. (I) have to mention that, it gets really painful to run. Month by month, Jeff and Philipper will share with us perhaps the body's greatest miracle. I just marvel at the fact that all of this is going on, there's no real intervention for me, it's just my body taking over and doing it all, and I'm not, not in control of it, at , at all really, it just all happens. In adulthood, we reach the peak of human achievement. Marsha, an astronaut, has scaled the heights. There is nothing in our experience, genetic, metaphysical, emotional, psychological experience that prepares us for being off the planet. You know, you can look at all of the pictures that come back from space, and you can look at the s and there are something about looking out of the window that is not describable. And we'll be living through the ravages of aging with 76-year-old Bud and his wife Viola. They live and work on a farm in the Midwest of America. What I remember about Bud, he had the prettiest waviest hair. Ha-ha.That's different now, isn't it?Yes, it is. Ha-ha, and his skin was smooth, no wrinkles, and didn't have any little pot here. Ha-ha. And in our last chapter, as his body slowly succumbs to cancer, Herby will take us on his final journey. I know, I'll never see this film in my lifetime.words and expressionsroller coaster :(original meaning here is 过山车)Something, such as an action, event, or experience, that is marked by abrupt, extreme changes in circumstance, quality, or behavior:急转突变的行为、事件或经历:指环境、品质或行为上发生了突忽而极端变化的东西puberty:The stage of adolescence in which an individual becomes physiologically capable of sexual reproduction.青春期:青少年阶段bolshy:lt;俚gt;反叛的, 顽强的period:An instance or occurrence of menstruation.经期pubic: of, relating to, or located in the region of the pubis or the pubes.阴部的,耻骨的ravage:Grievous damage; havoc:灾难:极大的损失;灾祸:the ravages of disease.疾病的毁减性succumb to:屈于200707/16013。

Pennsylvania Voters to Cast Key Votes in Race for White House美宾州选民将在关键的初选中投票 All eyes in the U.S. presidential election campaign are on Pennsylvania, where voters will cast ballots Tuesday in the race for the Democratic Party nomination. Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are campaigning in the state almost non-stop. 所有关注美国总统选举的目光都集中在宾夕法尼亚州。那里的选民星期二将在争夺民主党总统候选人提名的初选中投票。奥巴马和克林顿参议员正马不停蹄地在这个州竞选。 Turn on just about any radio or television anywhere in Pennsylvania and this is what you are likely to hear: 在宾夕法尼亚州任何地方,只要打开几乎任何一台收音机或者电视就能听到奥巴马和克林顿的竞选广告。Both Obama and Clinton are saturating the state with campaign ads. Governor Edward Rendell - a former mayor of Philadelphia - says he has never seen anything like it. 曾经担任过费城市长的宾夕法尼亚州州长伦德尔说,他还从没见过这样的阵式。Rendell, a top Clinton supporter, appeared on the CBS network news program Face the Nation. He says Obama is outspending Clinton in Pennsylvania by a margin of more than three to one. 伦德尔是克林顿的一名高级别持者。他在参加哥伦比亚广播公司新闻节目《面对全国》时说,在宾夕法尼亚州奥巴马跟克林顿的开比例至少是三比一。"I have always been a good money raiser and I have put a lot of money on TV in the closing weeks of my campaign," said Governor Rendell. "But I never exceeded .2 or .3 [million]. The Obama campaign: .9 million. You cannot go anywhere in the Philadelphia region, you cannot listen to TV for 10 minutes without seeing an ad!" 伦德尔说:“我的筹款能力一直很强,而且我在竞选最后几个星期里投了许多钱在电视上。但是,我投的绝没有超过120万美元或者130万。奥巴马的竞选活动投了290万。走到宾夕法尼亚州任何地区,看10分钟电视,你就不可能看不到竞选广告。”The ad campaign has helped Obama cut Clinton's lead in the state from double digits to about five or six percent. Senator Robert Casey - considered the most popular Democratic Party office holder in the state and an Obama backer - says he will not predict what will happen when voters go to the polls on Tuesday. 广告竞选帮助奥巴马将克林顿的领先优势从两位数减少到大概5、6个百分点。凯西参议员被认为是宾夕法尼亚州最受欢迎的民主党官员。凯西参议员持奥巴马。他说,他无法预料星期二选民前往投票时会出现什么情况。He also appeared on Face the Nation."I think it is going to be an interesting night on the 22nd," said Senator Casey. "I do not think anyone knows where it will end. But I do think that from Senator Obama's perspective that he has made tremendous progress in the last six or seven weeks."Both Rendell and Casey have put their prestige on the line in this election. Casey has been traveling across the state with Obama in the final days of the primary campaign, traveling by train from one town in eastern Pennsylvania to another.  伦德尔和凯西的威望和他们的选举倾向一致。凯西在初选竞选活动最后几天一直陪同奥巴马坐火车从宾夕法尼亚州东部一个镇接一个镇地走遍宾夕法尼亚。At all stops, Obama has been focusing on his message of change. 每到一站,奥巴马都强调他要变革的主张。"The choice you have right now in this Pennsylvania primary is whether to vote your hopes or your fears, whether you decide to not accept what the cynics tell you you have to settle for, but instead you decide to reach for what is possible," said Barack Obama. 他说:“在宾夕法尼亚州初选,你们现在要选的是,是投票表达你们的希望还是表达你们的担心,是否接受愤世嫉俗者要你们接受的东西,还是决定追求可能得到的东西。Pennsylvania has the second oldest population in the nation, right behind Florida. And while the Obama campaign's focus on change has resonated with young voters, it has fallen flat with many of their grandparents. 宾夕法尼亚州人口的平均年龄在全国排名第二,仅次于佛罗里达州。奥巴马以变革为竞选重点尽管引起年轻选民共鸣,却不能吸引许多老年人。Seniors remain a strong voting bloc in the state, and they are more attracted to experience and stability. At her campaign stops in the Pittsburgh area, Clinton is telling voters that they have to fill the most important job in the country, and experience counts. 老年人仍然是宾夕法尼亚州一个很强的投票群体。克林顿在匹兹堡竞选所到之处对选民说,他们要填补国家最重要的职位。而且,重要的是看经验。"Who would you hire to restore our reputation and leadership in the world," asked Hillary Clinton. "And who would you hire to end the war in Iraq and win the war in Afghanistan?" 她说:“你们将用谁来恢复我们在世界上的声望和领导力?你们将用谁来结束伊拉克战争,赢得阿富汗战争?”Pennsylvania voters originally thought their primary might be an afterthought in the campaign. It is one of the last of the big populous states to vote in the selection process, coming months after the February primaries that, at one point, were expected to decide the Democratic nominee. 宾夕法尼亚州选民原来以为自己州的初选可能是竞选活动的尾声。这个州是2月份初选几个月以来选举过程中的最后几个人口众多的大州之一。就某种意义而言,2月份的初选本来有望决出民主党的提名人。Now Pennsylvanians find they are at the center of a protracted fight for the party nomination. And there are signs this state will also be a big battle ground months from now in the general election campaign. Not only are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton running ads here, but so too is the presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain. 200804/35848。

Zimbabwe Negotiations Enter Third Day津巴布韦权力分享谈判进入第三天  The troubled Zimbabwe negotiations which have still not resolved the main issue, who will have executive power in any power sharing deal, entered its final day Tuesday. The mediator of the talks, South African President Thabo Mbeki is due back in South Africa Wednesday. 津巴布韦权力分享的谈判星期二进入最后一天,但是双方没有在由谁在权力分享协议中掌握行政权力这一主要问题上达成一致。斡旋这次谈判的南非总统姆贝基定于星期三返回南非。There is still a long list of fundamental issues to be negotiated before any deal between President Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai can be signed. 在津巴布韦总统穆加贝和反对党领导人茨万吉拉伊签署任何协议之前还有一系列基本问题需要谈判解决。Among the outstanding issues is how Tsvangirai would be appointed prime minister, by Mr. Mugabe or by parliament. 突出的问题包括,通过什么渠道任命茨万吉拉伊担任津巴布韦总理,由穆加贝任命,还是由议会任命。The talks also have not addressed how long an inclusive interim government would be in power before a new constitution is agreed upon followed by new elections.  几天的谈判没有解决的问题还包括,在新宪法获得通过并举行新的选举之前,由各方组成的临时政府将执政多长时间。In addition, it has not been decided how many of the 10 positions of powerful provincial governors would go to Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change and how many to Mr. Mugabe's ZANU-PF. 除此之外,谈判也没有确定津巴布韦掌握实权的10位省长中,有几位由茨万吉拉伊领导的“争取民主变革运动”成员来担任,几位由穆加贝领导的“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”成员担任。Many lesser but still fundamental issues have yet to be decided. For example, who would control the public sector organizations which appoints civil servants and judges. 这次谈判也没有解决一些次要的,但也属于基本的问题。比如,由谁来控制任命公务员和法官的政府机构。The number of cabinet posts has largely been agreed and they would be split evenly between the opposition allies and ZANU-PF. 双方基本上在内阁成员的人数上基本取得了共识,由反对党联盟和执政党“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”平分。The fundamental question of who will hold executive power was not addressed by the six negotiators in South Africa during two weeks of talks prior to this round in Harare. 在哈拉雷举行这轮会谈之前,有6位谈判人员在南非进行了两个星期的磋商,但他们没有解决由谁掌握行政权力这个基本问题。Mr. Tsvangirai was to be the prime minister and Mr. Mugabe the president, but the power attached to each position has not been agreed upon. 茨万吉拉伊将担任总理,穆加贝担任总统,但是没有明确总理和总统都有哪些具体的权力。ZANU-PF sources say Mr. Mugabe had hoped the deal would be signed on Sunday and that the parliament would be called on Wednesday. 来自“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”的消息说,穆加贝本来希望星期天签署权力分享协议,星期三召集议会成员开会。Mr. Mbeki was appointed by SADC to mediate the Zimbabwe crisis after Tsvangirai and scores of his officials were assaulted in police custody in March last year. 去年3月,茨万吉拉伊和他的几十名官员被警察拘禁期间受到殴打,随后“南部非洲发展共同体”任命南非总统姆贝基从中斡旋,以解决津巴布韦的危机。Tsvangirai maintains that the opposition not only won control of parliament but that he won the presidential election in the last relatively free and fair poll in March. He did not contest the presidential run-off in June because of violence against his supporters. 茨万吉拉伊坚持认为,在3月相对自由和公正的选举中,反对党不仅赢得了议会的控制权,他本人也当选了总统。由于发生了针对其持者的暴力事件,茨万吉拉伊退出了6月的总统决选。Mr. Mugabe was then sworn in for an additional five year term because he was the sole candidate in a second round on June 27. His election was not recognized by any of the African observer groups. 穆加贝在6月27号没有竞争对手的决选中赢得连任,随即宣誓就任,任期五年。穆加贝的当选没有得到任何一个非洲观察员小组的承认。There is agreement by both ZANU-PF and MDC that an inclusive government is needed to bring Zimbabwe out of its economic chaos. “非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”和“争取民主变革运动”都同意,要使津巴布韦摆脱经济困境,建立一个包括各方的政府是必要的。Whether it will come now or perhaps at a further round of negotiations is not clear. 现在还不清楚,这个联合政府是现在就会产生,还是在下一轮谈判中产生。200808/45826。

Bush Expected to Maintain US Troop Level in Iraq through 2008布什下周将宣布驻伊美军规模计划  The White House says next week President Bush will announce his plans for U.S. troop levels in Iraq for the rest of his time in office, an announcement that will also affect how many additional troops he can send to Afghanistan. Officials say senior military officers have recommended no further Iraq withdrawals this year, and only a small one early next year, which could make it difficult for commanders to address the increased attacks by insurgents in Afghanistan. 白宫表示,布什总统下星期将宣布在他任期的最后一段时间里驻伊拉克美军规模的计划。这项宣布也将影响到他能够向阿富汗增派部队的数量。有关官员说,军方高级官员已经向总统建议今年不再从伊拉克撤军,明年初再撤回少量部队。这可能会使在阿富汗的美军指挥官很难对付暴乱分子日益增加的袭击。President Bush's long-awaited announcement is expected next Monday or Tuesday, before Defense Secretary Robert Gates and the top U.S. military officer Admiral Mike Mullen testify before a congressional committee on Wednesday. Those men gave their recommendations to the president two days ago, and officials say they included the views of the top coalition commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus. They also included the views of the heads of the U.S. military services, who have been particularly concerned about the stress on the force caused by multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. 预计,布什总统会在下星期一或星期二宣布这项人们期待已久的计划。此后,美国国防部长盖茨和美军参谋长联席会议主席马伦星期三将在国会一个委员会作。两天前,这两个人向布什提出了上述建议。有官员说,他们的建议包括美军驻伊拉克最高指挥官彼德雷乌斯将军的看法,也包括美国各大军种高级指挥官的看法。这些指挥官一直对美军由于在伊拉克和阿富汗两地布防而不堪重负的情况忧心忡忡。On condition of anonymity, officials have told news reporters the recommendation is for no further reduction in the 140,000-strong U.S. contingent in Iraq this year, and for a small reduction of between 3,000 and 5,000 troops in January, just before President Bush leaves office.  不愿意透露姓名的官员告诉记者说,这两个人建议今年不再减少美国在伊拉克驻扎的14万人的部队。在明年1月布什总统离任前,撤出3000到5000人的部队。White House Press Secretary Dana Perino hinted at the go-slow approach on Friday, saying the president does not want to do anything that could reverse the security gains made in Iraq during the past year.  白宫发言人佩里诺星期五暗示白宫会放缓撤军步伐。她说,总统不希望采取任何可能让美军去年在伊拉克安全方面取得的进展发生逆转的措施。"The question in the president's mind has been, 'How do we make sure that we cement those gains and not jeopardize those gains?' and be able to continue the process of 'Return on Success.' He's obviously talking to his national security team and he'll be consulting with members of congress before we move forward," she said. 她说:“布什总统头脑中一直在想,‘我们如何确保巩固已经取得的进展,不危及到那些进展?’以及如何能够继续推进‘胜利凯旋’的进程。他显然正在与国家安全顾问们进行磋商。在采取任何行动之前,他将和国会议员磋商。”American officials have long said they would like to increase the U.S. and international troop presence in Afghanistan, but that the ed States does not have many troops to send as long as its commitment in Iraq remains high. So President Bush's expected announcement may not be good news for the U.S. commander in eastern Afghanistan, Major General Jeffrey Schloesser, who spoke to reporters at the Pentagon Friday via satellite. 美国官员很久以来一直表示希望增加在阿富汗的美国和国际部队。但是只要美国在伊拉克的驻军人数居高不下,美国就没有许多部队可以派到阿富汗去。因此,布什总统宣布的计划对驻扎在阿富汗东部的美军指挥官施勒塞尔少将来说可能不会是好消息。他星期五通过视频对在五角大楼的记者说:"I'm going to ask for more troops," said General Schloesser. "I think it's pretty commonly known that I aly have. And I'm optimistic that we'll potentially see them in the coming months." “我打算要求增派部队。我想,相当多的人已经知道我已经这样要求过了。今后几个月,我们可能会看到增援部队的到来,我对此感到乐观。”Officials have said commanders in Afghanistan want 10,000 more troops, but General Schloesser says he may only get a couple of thousand, at least in his area. But the general says it is not an emergency, in spite of the increase of insurgent attacks. He says allied forces are not losing in eastern Afghanistan, but they are not winning as quickly as he would like. 有关官员说,在阿富汗的美军指挥官希望增派1万人的部队,但是施勒塞尔少将说,他可能只会得到2、3千人的增援部队,至少在他驻防的地区会是这种情况。不过施勒塞尔少将表示,尽管暴乱袭击增加,但是现在并不是很紧急。他说,阿富汗东部地区的联军部队并没有败退,不过,他们也没有像他所希望的那样迅速取得胜利。"It's a slow win," he said. "I want to make it into a solid, strong win. It's going to take time no matter what. But I'd like to do it in a more robust way."U.S. officials have called the Afghanistan war an "economy of force" operation, because not enough troops have been available to send. General Schloesser says that needs to change. The general says U.S., NATO and Afghan forces face a complex group of between seven and 11,000 insurgents, who, he says, have increased their attacks in his sector by 20 to 30 percent this year and are trying to develop what he called "spectacular" attacks. He plans a winter offensive to try to prevent the insurgents from bringing in supplies to prepare for next spring's fighting season, and also an increase in development assistance for local Afghan communities.200809/47568。

OPEC to Boost Production Targets, Blames High Price on Speculation欧佩克计划今后四年提高石油产量  OPEC Secretary General Abdalla Salem el-Badri says the cartel plans to boost its oil production targets by five million barrels a day by 2012. He was speaking on the final day of the International Energy Forum held in Rome. 石油输出国组织欧佩克的秘书长巴德里表示,欧佩克计划在2012年之前把石油产量每天提高5百万桶。他是在罗马举行的国际能源论坛会议的最后一天说这番话的。Speaking on the sidelines of the international energy forum in Rome, Abdalla Salem el-Badri said that members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries are planning to spend 0 billion during the next four years to boost production capacity. 巴德里在罗马举行的国际能源论坛会议的会场外表示,欧佩克成员国计划在以后四年里拿出1600亿美元,提高产油能力。The OPEC Secretary General was speaking after crude oil futures rose to an all-time high, more than 8 a barrel, boosted by supply instability. He insisted that oil prices are decided by the market and implied that OPEC could do nothing to solve the current problem. 在这之前,由于供应不稳定,原油期货价格攀升到每桶118美元以上,这是有史以来的最高峰。巴德里坚持说,石油价格是由市场决定的,暗示欧佩克无法解决目前的问题。"This conference has nothing to do with oil prices; this conference is only a platform for producers and consumers to talk about many issues," el-Badri said. "But to decide on a price, I think nobody can decide the price, the market will decide the price." 他说:“这个会议跟石油价格无关,这个会议只是产油国和消费国讨论许多问题的平台。但是,要决定价格,我认为没有人能决定价格,价格将由市场来决定。”U.S. acting Deputy Secretary of Energy Jeffrey Kupfer said oil prices are clearly too high. But he added it is important to keep the market well supplied and that OPEC should ensure sufficient supply in the market.  美国能源部代理副部长库普福说,石油价格显然过高。但是他补充说,重要的是保持市场有充裕的供应,欧佩克应当确保市场有足够的供应。El-Badri has blamed a weak dollar and speculators for soaring oil prices, which are taking a heavy toll on economies worldwide. He has said OPEC members are investing to increase both production and refining capacity. 巴德里把油价飙升归咎于美元疲软和投机活动。油价飙升对世界各国的经济都造成严重影响。他曾表示,欧佩克成员国正在投资,以提高产油和炼油能力。In a separate development at the forum, Iraqi Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani said again that contracts between the autonomous northern Iraqi Kurds and foreign companies are invalid. 在这次论坛过程中的另一项发展是,伊拉克石油部长沙赫雷斯塔尼再次表明,北部自治的伊拉克库尔德地区和外国公司签订的合同是无效的。"We do not recognize them and we have informed all the oil companies that these contracts have no standing," al-Shahristani said. 他说:“我们不承认这些合同,我们已经通知了所有石油公司,这些合同不具有法律效力。”The Kurdish regional government has signed more than a dozen exploration and export contracts with 20 international companies since it passed its own oil law last August, angering the central government in Baghdad. 库尔德地区政府自从去年8月通过了自己的石油法以后,已经和二十几个国际公司签署了十几个勘探和出口合同,激怒了巴格达的中央政府。Shahristani also announced that Iraq would shortly increase production of oil. He said 35 companies from 16 countries that will be competing in the first licensing round, which will be announced in the summer. He added that with the development of the fields through this bid, another 1.5 million barrels will be added to the 2.5 million barrels being produced.  沙赫雷斯塔尼还宣布,伊拉克很快将增加石油产量。他说,准备竞争第一批执照的16个国家的35家公司谁能如愿,今年夏天将会公布竞标结果。他补充说,通过招标带动这个领域的发展,原油生产将在目前250万桶的基础上,再增加150万桶。 200804/36181。

Anchor: FEMA began issuing special debit cards worth up to 2,000 dollars to Americans who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. These cards will help their families meet their short term needs for food and clothes and travel, but what is the federal government doing for the victims of the hurricane in a long term and how will all of these people get back to work. Joining us now from Houston tonight in the Astrodome--Mrs. Secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao is with us, Mrs. Secretary, thank you for being with us; I appreciate you're being on board. (Honor! Thanks for having me!) I understand what it is some ten thousand people aly have applied for unemployment benefits, so we are hopeful that we can get these people taken care of immediately, but there maybe as many as 400,000 people displaced in terms of their jobs.Zhao: Well, we don't know quite yet. It's a little too early. But just today, I signed off on 31 million dollars to increase a capacity of the States to take in these unemployment insurance claims. But the great challenge that we have is to communicate to dislocated workers, the array of assistance programs that are available to them. So just in the last 6 days alone I've signed off on about 200 million dollars in National Emergency grants to create about 47,500 temporary jobs, now these jobs are gonna help people, and get a paycheck(Yeah.) and also aid in the recovery, and, ah, cleanup of their own community, (Sure.)They'll also be helping in the delivery of humanitarian services. But we also have 2 other programs that are very helpful as well: One is Unemployment Insurance, and then secondly is a Disaster Unemployment Assistance.Anchor: Let me ask this, (sure) 'Cause I guess the biggest concern of these people, they lost their homes, everything they have (Yeah.)and they don't have a job to go back to, so that it means by which, for example ,if you lost your job in a normal circumstance, it's hard enough. But now you don't even have a house, you may not even have a phone, you're displaced, you're not even in the same city. (Yeah.) Are we preparing to perhaps to extend benefits of necessary and really look at this as a very unique situation?Zhao: Well, our hearts just go out to these people, and I think, you know, everyone is trying to do everything they can. In terms of extension of the unemployment insurance, the states have that authority, and obviously as the time gets, uh, as we go forward, then we'll see what is really happening, I think that will be discussed. But let me also say, you know, the majority of people have left the, eva, devastated areas, and I want to make it very clear that people do not have to return to their home communities to fall for these claims. We say basically that to people, No.1, if you have access to a telephone, please call our toll free number, it's 1-866-4-USA-DOL, there you can find caring, compassionate professionals who are working, you know, who are on call 24*7 to provide the assistance. (Secretary, I'm sorry, go ahead. Please go.) And also, yes, if they are unable to get to a phone, or they can get on the internet, please visit our website--- www.dol.gov. Again we have people who are very willing to help, and so eager to help. Now we're also saying if you can not get to a phone, if you can not get to a computer, we are trying to find you. We got teams of people canvasing neighborhood after neighborhood. We're working with nonprofit, faith-based organizations, community organizations to find these people. We have picked teams of people with laptops to register people for Unemployment Insurance, or for Disaster Unemployment Assistance. Now the Disaster Unemployment Assistance is very important. Let me explain. They are people who are not usually eligible for Unemployment Insurance, and these are the self-employed, if you're taxi driver in New Orleans for example, you could no longer apply your trade. You are eligible for Income Assistance through the disaster Unemployment Assistance. If you're newly employed, you don't have a track record yet. You are not ordinarily eligible for unemployment Insurance, but under Disaster Unemployment Assistance, you are available, you are eligible. So we have a whole array of services. We also have job banks; we have mobile units outside the Reliance Center in Houston Astrodome. We have job banks all over. We had a job bank in Dallas, Texas today. We had so many employers that we were oversubscribed. We are gonna hold a job fair in Houston next week, and the employers, we're asking employers to come and register with us and tell us what the jobs they have available. We are setting up a regional job bank that will list kind of like a bulletin board, all of the jobs that are available in the devastated region.Anchor: We have...Secretary Chao,We have to run, but thank you for being with us,(Yes.) wish you ah.. all the best in that very difficult task ahead of you,(Thank you.) thank you for being with us.200807/44187。

UN Human Rights Council Holds Special Session On World Food Crisis 联合国人权理事会急议粮食危机   Nations attending a ed Nations-sponsored special session on the world food crisis say failure to address the soaring cost of food threatens to undermine gains on reducing poverty. They warn this could lead to growing instability. The 47-member U.N. Human Rights Council is calling on governments to enact measures to meet the vital food needs of their populations. 联合国星期四在日内瓦召开紧急会议,讨论世界粮食危机。与会各国代表指出,假如食品价格暴涨的问题得不到解决,全球扶贫工作势必因此而功败垂成。他们同时警告说,粮食危机有可能进一步加剧社会动乱。联合国人权理事会的47个成员国呼吁世界各国政府采取措施,满足广大民众的食品需求。The ed Nations estimates more than 850 million people worldwide are going hungry, and another two billion are suffering from malnutrition. The World Health Organization says malnutrition in children can cause life-long health problems. 联合国估计,目前全世界有8亿5千万人正在陷入饥饿,另外20亿人营养不良。世界卫生组织说,儿童营养不良给人们造成终生的健康问题。The rights to adequate food and freedom from hunger are enshrined in international law. In calling for this special session, the U.N. Human Rights Council argued that the global food crisis is a massive violation of human rights.  国际法明文规定,人民享有获得充足食品和免受饥饿的权力。联合国人权理事会在日内瓦召开这次紧急会议的时候指出,全球粮食危机是对人权的一次大规模践踏。In opening the conference, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour, told delegates the high prices and shortages of food were jeopardizing the well-being and rights of countless people. 联合国人权事务高级专员阿布尔女士在紧急会议开始时告诉与会代表,粮价高涨和食品短缺危害到无数人民的福祉和权利。"In some regions, natural disasters or misguided policies, or both, compound aly severe situations and render them catastrophic for the most discriminated and marginalized populations," said Louise Arbour. “在有些地区,自然灾害或政策失误,或二者兼而有之,给已经非常严重的形势雪上加霜,使那些最受歧视和最边缘化的民众陷入灭顶之灾。”Arbour mentioned no country by name. But, her thoughts reflect the recent catastrophic events in Burma where the government has compounded the tragedy arising from Cyclone Nargis by not allowing enough foreign aid to reach the 2.5 million affected people. 阿布尔女士并没有点任何国家的名。但是她的说法反映了缅甸最近出现的天灾人祸。在缅甸,纳尔吉斯强热带风暴给当地250多万人造成巨大灾难,可是缅甸军政府却不允许其他国家给灾民提供足够的援助。Arbour said the current food crisis stems from several factors including distortions in supply and demand and unfair trade policies. She said a failure to respond to the food crisis in a comprehensive way could trigger a domino effect by putting at risk other fundamental rights, including the right to health or to education. 阿布尔女士指出,目前的粮食危机是好几个因素引起的,其中包括供需失调和贸易政策不公平。她表示,各国如果不能对这场粮食危机做出全面的反应,势必引起多米诺效应,导致人民在卫生和教育等方面的最基本权利受到损害。"Very few issues speak as forcefully as this one about individual rights and collective action and about the intolerable inequalities that affect millions through no fault of their own,"she said. “没有多少其他问题能像粮食危机这样强有力地告诉人们个人权利和集体行动息息相关,使人们看到这场危机使数以百万计的无辜者遭受不可容忍的不平等待遇。”Prices of staple food such as rice, wheat, corn and oils have more than doubled since March. This has set off riots in some 40 of the world's poorer countries, where people spend up to 80 percent of their family incomes on food. 今年三月以来,大米、小麦、玉米和食用油等主要食品的平均价格已经上涨了两倍多。这种情况导致世界40多个比较贫穷的国家出现了社会动乱,在这些国家,人们家庭收入的80%被用来购买食品。The newly appointed Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Olivier De Schutter blames much of the food crisis on the cultivation of crops for biofuels instead of for food. 奥利维尔.德.舒特是联合国新近任命的食品权利特别报告起草人。他认为,粮食危机在很大程度上是由于原本种植粮食的农田被用来种植生物燃料作物。In his speech to the U.N. session, he renewed his call for a freeze on new investment in biofuels and called upon the ed States and Europe to rethink policies, which are bad for both the environment and food security. 舒特在联合国粮食危机紧急会议上发表讲话时,再次呼吁各国冻结在生物燃料方面的新投资,并要求美国和欧洲重新衡量他们的生物燃料政策。舒特认为,欧美的生物燃料政策不论是对环境还是食品安全来说都是有害的。"The current food crisis vividly illustrates the need for all states to adopt measures which will better shield the most vulnerable segments of the population in the future from such shocks of this magnitude, "said Olivier De Schutter.  “目前的粮食危机明确地显示出,所有的国家都需要采取措施,更好地保护那些最弱势的群体,防止他们今后再次遭受如此规模的巨大打击。”Schutter says it is important to support agriculture in developing countries, particularly by small-hold farmers. And, it is particularly urgent to provide farmers with seeds and fertilizers before the close of the planting season in June to prepare the next harvest. 舒特还说,至关重要的是必须持发展中国家的农业部门,尤其是扶持小型农场。而目前最为迫切的是向农民提供种子和化肥,以便他们在六月种植季节结束之前能够完成播种,为下一季收成做好准备。He says rural communities should invest heavily in infrastructure, particularly in irrigation and communications. He also calls for an end to trade-distorting policies, which would allow farmers from poor countries fairer market access. 他还指出,农业部门需要在基础设施方面加强投资,尤其是在灌溉和通讯领域。他还呼吁有关国家废除那些扭曲贸易的政策,以使贫穷国家的农民获得更加公平的市场准入。200805/39846。