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福州/那家医院治子宫肌瘤最好福建现代引产多少钱The idea of time travel is fascinating and interesting. And certainly, the newer ideas about how the university system constructed, raised the possibility that more dimensions than the 3-dimesions of space and one dimesion of time that we used to hear in the university exist.时光旅行既有趣又吸引人。当然,新观点指出宇宙组成有多维的可能性,人们认为在三维的基础上还有一维时间,自宇宙诞生之时就已开始的时间。The ideas that are often used in fiction where you travel faster than the speed of light in order to change the past. For example at the end of superman 1, superman whizzes around the planet earth, because he is shocked that the Louis Lanes just died. In the great earthquake caused by nuclear explosion when Lex Lothor detonates something.科幻小说中最常见的观点就是,当一个人的速度超越光速,他就能穿越时空改变过去。例如在《超人》1的结尾,超人不敢相信Louis Lane因核爆炸引发的地震而死去,他绕着地球飞行。He breaks the light barrier, travels faster than the speed of light, and then the earth starts go backwards, all of a sudden, Lois Lane rises from the dead.他打破了光的束缚,超越了光速,接着时空倒转,Louis Lane又活了过来。The fanciful ideas of travelling backwards through time by moving faster than the speed of light. Simply, mathematically dont work.超越光速穿越时空的这种奇幻的想法,从数学角度上看并不能实现。Michael J.Fox put plutonium in his lorry and he rocked back the time while plutonium does not have the enough energy to drive the time machine. To energize a time machine, to bend time into a presser, to punch a hole in the fabricated space and time would require the energy of the star. One version of a time machine uses whats called a wormhole. Think of a looking glass in Alice Wonderland. That looking glass is the wormhole. What happens if you go back in time, and kill your parents before youre born. Well, if you kill your parents before you are born, how could you be born because you just kill your parents before youre born. If you go back within time, and you saved Abram Lincon from being assasinated, you would have essentially saved somebody elses Abram Lincon, your Aram Lincon died. If you change the fabricated time, you are changing another parallel universe. These people are genetically identical to the people of your past. But theyre different.Michael J.Fox将钚元素放入车中,结果扭曲了时间,因为钚并没有足够的能量驾驭时间机器。时间机器需要能量来将时间压缩成环状,在重组的时空中创造一个时空洞,而这需要来自恒星的能量。影视作品中有一个版本的时间机器运用了虫洞的能量。《爱丽丝梦游仙境》中的镜子就是虫洞。另外,如果你回到过去,杀死还没有生孩子的你的父母。也就是说,你杀死了还没有生你时你的父母,那么你又怎么会存在呢,因为你的父母在生你前就已经死了。而如果你穿越时空,解救了被刺杀的林肯,实际上,你解救的林肯将不再是未来世界中的“林肯”,而在你未来时空中的“林肯”还是死了的。如果你改变了过去的时空,你就改变了未来的平行世界。在这个平行世界中的人们和你的过去世界中的人看似一模一样,但实际上他们是不同的。If I can go back any time in past to see any event, I think I will go back in the past about 3.5 billion years ago, to witness the creation of first molecules of life. I would like to go back to the time that the earth formed, that our sun formed and see how it was, and what exactly was the process that made it possible for our sun to collect together, and force of gravity in all that space dusts and gas coming together to form a star. When people aske: Is time travel just a philosophical structure or hypothetic or mathimatically show. The answer is its a combination of them all.如果我能回到过去的任何时间点,我想我会回到35亿年前去见第一个生命分子的诞生。我想回到地球和太阳成型的时期去看看究竟,去看看到底是什么关键步骤使我们的太阳最终聚集成型,我想去见宇宙尘埃和气体因引力和重力而聚集成星体。人们可能会问:时间旅行是属于哲学范畴,数学科学,还是一种科学假设。而就是这三者的结合。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201208/196715福州/治疗宫颈糜烂到哪个医院 Science and Technolgy科技Invasive species入侵物种Boom and bust繁衍与湮灭Invasive Argentine ants may be less persistent than once feared入侵性阿根廷蚂蚁可能没有想象的那么可怕DESPITE their name, Argentine ants are a well-travelled lot. Human commerce has allowed them to hitch rides from their homeland to every continent on the planet, with the exception of Antarctica. And when they arrive, they often thrive. At least 15 countries now host colonies, which frequently prosper at the expense of native species. This flexibility, combined with an aggressive temperament, makes them one of the worlds best-known and most-hated invasive species.如果不顾它们的恶名,阿根廷蚂蚁可以说是很好的旅行家。人类的商业活动将它们带到了世界各大洲,南极洲除外。并且当它们到达时,它们就会繁衍。目前,至少15个国家受到外来物种的入侵,这种入侵是以牺牲本土物种为代价的。这种侵略性及适应性使得它们成为世界上最著名同时也是最令人深恶痛绝的入侵物种。Yet, as any general knows, establishing a beachhead is not the same thing as conducting a successful, long-term occupation. Argentine-ant colonies sometimes collapse suddenly, and with no obvious explanation. In a paper just published in Biology Letters, a group of researchers at Victoria University of Wellington, in New Zealand, led by Meghan Cooling and Phil Lester, describe their attempts to study such disappearances systematically.但是,众所周知,建立一个滩头阵地不同于成功地进行一次长期占领。阿根廷蚂蚁的入侵有时突然毫无缘由地停止。在最近发表在《生物书简》(Biology Letters)上的一篇文章中,新西兰惠灵顿维多利亚大学(Victoria University of Wellington)的一组研究人员——由梅根?库灵(Meghan Cooling)和菲尔?莱斯特(Phil Lester)领导——描述了他们对这种系统性消失的研究。The researchers examined 150 sites across the country where Argentine-ant nests had been recorded. At 40% of them they found that the ants had vanished. At many of the other sites, ant numbers were much reduced, with areas that once sported dozens of nests over hundreds of hectares reduced to just one or two colonies covering much smaller tracts of land. And with the invaders gone, native ants seemed to be re-establishing themselves, suggesting that the Argentine ants impact on biodiversity had been transient, rather than permanent.研究者们考察了全国范围内150个已经被记录下来的阿根廷蚂蚁据点。他们发现其中的40%已经消失,而在其他的据点,蚂蚁数量减少,原来几百公顷的面积上有几十个蚁巢,而现在一片小面积土地上只有一两个聚居群。随着侵略者离开,本土蚂蚁似乎在重建自己的种群,这表明阿根廷蚂蚁对生物多样性的影响只是暂时的。A statistical analysis of the data yielded an estimate for the likely survival time of a typical colony of between 12.9 and 15.3 years, and suggested that warm and dry conditions were more favourable for survival than cold, wet ones. Exactly what caused the collapses is still not clear, although the researchers suspect that unfamiliar diseases may have played a role.数据统计分析估测了一个典型的聚居群(12.9—15.3年)可能的生存时间。该分析也表明,比起寒冷潮湿的条件,温暖干燥的环境更有利于生存。尽管研究者们怀疑不熟悉的疾病可能起到了一定作用,但导致阿根廷蚂蚁消失的确切原因尚不清楚。y is not strength团结不是力量It is a plausible theory. Because they grew from a small number of founder colonies, or possibly even a single one, New Zealands Argentine ants are genetically similar to one another (the same is true of most infestations outside the ants homeland). That may be one reason for their success: ant researchers hypothesise that, being so closely related, the individual insects are unable to distinguish their nest mates from members of other colonies, which causes ants from different nests to co-operate as if they were kin, and has led students of the field to speak not of hundreds of individual infestations, but of a single, country-spanning ;super-colony;.这种理论可信。因为它们是从很小的群体(或者可能是单一个体)发展起来的,新西兰的阿根廷蚂蚁之间的基因非常相似(蚁巢以外的侵扰也同样具有该特点)。这也许是它们成功的原因之一:蚂蚁研究者假定,关系紧密的个体昆虫不能够把同巢穴的同伴同其它聚居区的成员区分开来,这导致来自不同巢穴的蚂蚁就像亲戚一样相互合作。这使得这一领域的学者不再谈及成百的个体侵扰,而是谈及单一的、跨越全国的;超级群体;。But a shallow gene pool can be a weakness, too. If one nest proves susceptible to some environmental factor-be it disease, predation, or even a cold snap or wet spell-then it is likely that all the other colonies will share that vulnerability.但是,一个浅薄的基因库也可能是一个弱点。如果一个巢穴容易受到某些环境因素的影响——不管是疾病、掠食,亦或是寒流、潮湿期——那么极可能其他的聚居群也有着同样的弱点。Now that they have documented the extent of the collapse the next step, says Ms Cooling, is to test the hypothesis of genetic vulnerability and try to work out precisely what causes the sudden reversals of formicine fortune she has seen. And it is not just ecologists who will be waiting for the results. New Zealands government had reckoned it might have to spend NZm (m) a year keeping the newcomers under control. If Mother Nature can do the job instead, then it would represent a tidy saving for the countrys exchequer.库灵表示,他们现在已经记载了蚁群消失的范围,下一步是验基因脆弱性这一假设,并努力找出导致蚁群突然转变的确切原因。而等待这一结果的不止是生态学家。新西兰政府估计,每年可能会花掉NZm(合m)用于控制新物种的入侵。如果自然母亲能够完成这项工作,那将会为国库省下一大笔资金。 /201210/202576福建武警医院官网

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福建现代妇科剖腹产需多少钱THE flow of oil from cracks in the seabed off the coast of Rio de Janeiro has long since slowed to a mere trickle. Not so the retribution against Chevron, an American oil company that was drilling in the Frade oilfield on November 7th when a sudden rise in pressure caused a leak.原油从里约热内卢离岸海床的裂缝中流出已经是很久的事情了,不过由于溢出的原油只是缓慢的涓涓细流(而没人发现它并受到惩罚)。然而这次雪佛龙所受的惩罚就不是这样了。11月7日,这家来自美国的石油公司正在Frade油田钻探,剧升的压力引发了(明显的)原油泄漏。Brazilrsquo;s environment agency, IBAMA, has fined the company 50m reais (m) for the leak. On December 23rd it levied a further 10m reais for poor contingency planning. The National Petroleum Agency (ANP), the industry regulator, has closed one of Chevronrsquo;s Frade wells and suspended the firmrsquo;s drilling rights. The Rio de Janeiro state government is suing for 150m reais. A federal prosecutor in Campos, a city in the north of the state, is demanding 20 billion reais in punitive damages and seeking an injunction to halt all operations in Brazil by both Chevron and Transocean, the subcontractor drilling for it in Frade. Federal police, meanwhile, want to bring criminal charges against bosses of both companies.  巴西的环境部门;;巴西可再生资源与环保局已经因这次泄漏事故对雪佛龙处以5,000万雷亚尔(2,800美元)罚款。12月23日,该局又为可能性极低的规划对雪佛龙追加1,000万雷亚尔的罚款。石油管理机构;;巴西国家石油(ANP)已经关闭雪佛龙位于Frade的其中一处油井,同时取消了这家公司的钻探权。里约热内卢政府正在申诉15,000万雷亚尔的罚款。位于巴西北方的城市;;Campos的一位联邦公诉人提出200亿雷亚尔的惩罚性损失赔偿,并正在寻求禁止雪佛龙和Transocean公司在巴西的所有作业的强制令。Transocean公司承担雪佛龙在Frade 钻探任务。与此同时,联邦警察意图以刑事罪处置两家公司的主管人员。After the 4.9m-barrel spill from the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, oil regulators around the world are in no mood for leniency. But the blitz against Chevron, for a leak of no more than 3,000 barrels, makes some industry-watchers wonder whether Brazil wants foreign oil companies at all. ;The reactions are out of proportion with the size of the leak,; says Joseacute; Goldemberg, an energy and environment specialist at the University of Satilde;o Paulo. Petrobras, Brazilrsquo;s state-controlled oil giant, holds a minority stake in Frade, but none of the lawsuits or fines names it as a respondent. ;I donrsquo;t think there would have been the same enthusiasm for big fines if Petrobras had been drilling.; 自2010年墨西哥湾Macondo油井490万桶原油泄漏后,全球各国石油管理部门严厉无比。但仅因区区3,000桶而对雪佛龙铺天盖地地进行惩罚,这使得一事行业观察家怀疑巴西是否完全不想要外国石油了。;这些反应与泄漏规模是不相对称的,;一位圣保罗的大学的能源与环境专家Joseacute; Goldemberg表示。巴西政府控股的石油巨头拥有Frade的少量股份,但它却从未作为被告面临任务诉讼罚款。;假设Petrobras(也像雪佛龙一样)进行钻探,我不认为当局会同样积极处以这么大的罚款。;Brazil ended Petrobrasrsquo;s monopoly and opened up its oil industry to private and foreign investment in the 1990s. But its recent oil policy has been ;nationalist and populist;, says Adriano Pires, a Rio-based energy consultant and former ANP official. It has restricted foreign companies to secondary roles in most new projects. A law approved in 2010 requires that in the recently discovered ultra-deep preacute;-sal (;sub-salt;) fields, Petrobras must be the operator with a minimum 30% stake (existing concessions are unaffected). Mr Pires fears that Chevronrsquo;s mishandling of communications will only harden the new mood. The company was slow to make details of the accident public, he says, and arrogant when it did; press conferences in English went down particularly badly. ;It gave the authorities another chance to claim that foreign oil companies drilling in Brazil act carelessly,; he laments.上世纪90年代,巴西取消了Petrobras的垄断权,同时对私营企业和外国投资者开放该国的石油产业。但Adriano Pires表示,巴西最近的石油政策让其变成;国家主义者和平民主义者;。 Adriano Pires是扎根里约热内卢能源顾问,同时也是巴西国家石油的前官员。在大多数新项目上,巴西已经将外国公司置诸次要地位。2010年,一项经批准的法律要求最近被发现的超级深海盐田,Petrobras作为经营的一方必须至少拥有30%的股份(目前的特许权看来是不会动摇的)。Pires担忧不正确的公关举措将只会加深这种新的情绪。Pires表示,雪佛龙傲慢的态度以及缓慢公布这次泄漏事故的相关细节。用英语的记者执行使这种情况变得更糟。;这给当局另一个机会去指责在巴西钻探的外国石油公司表现漫不经心。;Pires惋惜地表示。201201/167614 福州/阴道炎的治疗福州/哪有好的妇科医院



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