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吉安胎记医院排行榜永丰县永久性脱毛多少钱Uber has struck a deal with Alipay that will allow Chinese travellers to use the online payments platform to request and pay for rides overseas, as the US ride-hailing company seeks a fresh edge in the highly competitive Chinese market.优步(Uber)与付宝(Alipay)达成一项协议,允许中国游客在海外使用付宝叫优步的车并付款。这家美国叫车务公司试图在竞争激烈的中国市场建立一项新的优势。The deal will allow Chinese users of Uber to pay in renminbi using Alipay, the online payment service run by Alibaba’s financial affiliate Ant Financial, across the 68 countries in which Uber operates.根据该协议,在优步有业务的68个国家内,优步中国用户将可使用付宝以人民币付款。付宝是阿里巴巴(Alibaba)旗下金融公司蚂蚁金(Ant Financial)运营的在线付务平台。As Uber has expanded rapidly, processing payments in each new market has been a challenge. The San Francisco-based company has struck scores of payments deals around the world and introduced cash payments in several cities.随着优步迅速扩张,在每个新市场处理付已变成了一项挑战。这家总部位于旧金山的公司在全球各地达成了大量的付协议,并在几座城市推出了现金付。Tuesday’s agreement is notable not only because of its scale — Alipay is China’s leading online and mobile payments service with 450m users — but also because Alibaba is an investor in Didi Kuaidi, Uber’s biggest competitor in China, as well as its US rival Lyft.周二达成的这项协议之所以引人注目,原因不仅在于其规模——付宝是中国头号在线与移动付务平台,用户数达4.5亿——还在于阿里巴巴是滴滴快的(DiDi Kuaidi)和Lyft的股东,而滴滴快的是优步在中国的最大竞争对手,Lyft则是优步在美国的竞争对手。Under the payments agreement, Alipay will promote Uber in its app to Chinese users outside of the mainland, who will be able to call a car via the Alipay app. Alipay will take an undisclosed cut of the transaction, as it does with other businesses promoted within its app.根据这项协议,付宝将在其海外版应用内向用户推介优步,用户将能够通过付宝应用叫优步的车。付宝将从交易额中抽成(比例未公开),正如它对自己应用内推介的其他业务采取的做法一样。In China, the Alipay app will continue directing users to Didi, as it currently does.在中国,付宝应用将像目前一样,继续把用户导引给滴滴。The tie-up could strengthen Uber’s hand as it contends with the global anti-Uber alliance — comprising Didi, Lyft, GrabTaxi and India-based Ola — to win the business of Chinese travellers.在优步与全球反优步联盟(由滴滴、Lyft、GrabTaxi和印度Ola组成)对抗之际,这次合作可加强优步的实力,以赢得中国游客的业务。Uber aly accept payments made via Alipay from passengers within China, under an agreement struck in 2014. Before Tuesday’s deal, Chinese passengers needed a foreign currency-denominated credit card in order to use Uber outside of China.根据2014年达成的一项协议,优步已接受中国境内乘客通过付宝付叫车费用。周二的协议达成之前,中国乘客在境外需要外币信用卡才能使用优步的务。 /201605/441477吉安哪里有在脱毛 吉安丰胸哪家医院好

吉安洗纹身需要多少钱Each time Kimberly Wesson sheds her customary trousers and button-front shirt to put on a flowery dress, she suspects something is off.每当金伯利·韦森(Kimberly Wesson)脱下定制长裤和系扣衬衫,换上花朵连衣裙,她都会觉得若有所失。“I feel like I’m dressing up in someone else’s clothes,” Ms. Wesson said the other day over chilled rosé at her studio in downtown Manhattan. Her frills-adverse approach to dress has tested the tolerance of well-meaning friends. “It’s gotten to the point where they’re pleading, ‘Put on a sequin skirt,’” she said. “Or ‘Dress up like Joan from ‘Mad Men.’”“我觉得自己好像穿着别人的衣,”韦森在曼哈顿下城的工作室里,边喝着冰镇桃红葡萄酒边说。她总是不喜欢穿装饰太多的衣,这让好心的朋友们有点抓狂。“最后她们得求我,‘你就穿条亮片裙吧’,‘穿成《广告狂人》(Mad Men)里的琼那样行吗?’”她说。Not likely. Ms. Wesson and Aimee Cho, her business partner, have, after all, poured their style convictions into 1.61, a year-old gender-free label built largely on loosefitting trousers, swagger coats and easy shirts — items that they wear themselves and offer in varying sizes to both women and men.根本就不行。韦森和生意伙伴艾米·周(Aimee Cho)把自己的时尚理念注入了“1.61”,这是一个不区分性别的时装品牌,只有一年历史,主要产品包括松身长裤、风衣和休闲衬衫,都是她们自己平时穿的东西,并且为男女提供了各种尺码。They are among the latest in a raft of designers to capitalize on fashion’s gender blur, that narrowing of the sexual divide that earlier this year emerged on the runways of top tier designers like Rick Owens and Alessandro Michele of Gucci, each bent on eroding the once rigid demarcation between conventionally feminine and masculine clothes.她们搭上了最新的设计潮流,这股潮流利用时尚界的性别模糊,缩小性别之间的鸿沟,今年年初便开始登上一流设计师的秀台,瑞克·欧文斯(Rick Owens)和古驰的亚历桑德罗·米歇尔(Alessandro Michele)都在其列,他们两人都喜欢一点点破坏男女装之间原本刻板分明、一丝不苟的壁垒。True, the trend today derives much of its impetus from fashion’s fixation with the late ’60s and early ’70s, as younger consumers, and those in their thrall, resurrect a moment when unisex was largely the province of rock royalty, the sequins-and-kimono-wearing likes of Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie.的确,如今的潮流很大程度上都是从时尚界对20世纪60年代末和70年代初的迷恋之中汲取力量,年轻一点的消费者和沉迷于那个时期的人致力于复兴那个时刻,在当时,中性风格饰很大程度上属于那些摇滚贵族——像吉米·亨德里克斯(Jimi Hendrix)和大卫·鲍依(David Bowie)那些人穿的亮晶晶的、和式的衣。The news is that the movement has gained traction and a measure of cool it hasn’t known since that earliest incarnation, its latter-day grooviness the outgrowth of a loosened-up cultural climate.新鲜的是,这场运动又从一种它原本自己也不知道的地方得到动力,得到一种很酷的方式;先是有了最早的雏形,后来长足的发展则是来自宽松的文化气候。“Five years ago we were weren’t y for this,” said Humberto Leon, a founder of Opening Ceremony, the vanguard shop on Howard Street, and a longtime proponent of gender-fluid fashion. “The difference today is that this trend has a label,” Mr. Leon said. “And it’s gained acceptance by a mass audience.”“五年前,我们还没最好准备,”“开幕式”(Opening Ceremony)品牌的创始人之一休伯托·里昂(Humberto Leon)说,该品牌的先锋店位于霍华德街,长期以来一直是中性风时尚的拥护者。“如今,不同的是,这股风尚有了一个标签,”里昂说。“并且开始被大众所接受。”Ken Downing, the fashion director of Neiman Marcus, was more emphatic.尼曼集团(Neiman Marcus)时尚总监肯·唐宁(Ken Downing)措辞更加强烈。“What we’re seeing now, he said, “is a seismic shift in fashion, a widening acceptance of a style with no boundaries, one that reflects the way young people dress.”“我们正在目睹时尚界的地震,”他说,“人们开始广泛接受一种没有边界的风格,它反映出年轻人的穿着方式。”It’s a concept that chimes with the thinking of designers like Rad Hourani, whose gender-free show in January featured models in gender-concealing masks; it informs Nicopanda, Nicola Formichetti’s collection of gender-neutral streetwear; it has inspired Hood by Air and Public School and, before them, Mr. Owens and Martin Margiela, whose collections made hash of a binary gender divide.这个概念与许多设计师的想法不谋而合,比如拉德·休拉尼(Rad Hourani),他一月的走秀上展示的时装完全不分性别,模特都带着隐藏性别的面具;这股潮流启发尼克拉·弗米切提(Nicola Formichetti)创立了中性街头时装系列Nicopanda;它还给Hood by Air和Public School等品牌带来了灵感;而在此之前,欧文斯和马丁·玛拉吉(Martin Margiela)的系列中都有零散的中性风设计。Recently Miuccia Prada, who has subtly put forward a neo-unisex look in the past, felt compelled to weigh in, telling Style.com this summer, “More and more, it feels instinctively right to translate the same idea for both genders.”缪西娅·普拉达(Miuccia Prada)过去就曾经巧妙地推出过新的中性造型,最近,她也迫切地感觉到应当加入这股潮流,今年夏天,她在接受Style.com采访时说,“我愈来愈感到,为两性演绎同样的理念,是一种本能的正确做法。”And now a handful of younger Americans — among them the designers of 1.61, Telfar and 69 Worldwide in Los Angeles — are advancing the cause, showing identical pieces aimed at both sexes, and striking a chord that is clearly in tune with the times.如今一些年轻的美国人正走在这一进程的前列,其中包括1.61、Telfar和洛杉矶的69 Worldwide的设计师们,他们展示为两性设计的同款饰,和时代产生清晰的共鸣。“The whole perception of sexual orientation is being challenged by the millennials,” said Lucie Greene, the worldwide director of JWT Intelligence, the trend-forecasting arm of J. Walter Thompson. “Among the cohort of 12-to-19-year-olds defining Generation Z, the lines between male and female are becoming increasing blurred.”“千禧一代正在挑战关于性取向的整个观念,”JWT智库的全球总监露西·格林尼(Lucie Greene)说,该智库是智威汤逊公司(J. Walter Thompson)的时尚预报分机构。“在12到19岁,被称为‘Z世代’的人群中,男性与女性的界限正日益模糊。”Trendwatchers describe a cohort that bridles at being boxed in and tends to shrug off conventional gender labels and other rigid classifiers. It’s a generation drawn to brands, yet skeptical of branding and prepackaged looks. Low-key and logo-chary, its members often shop at stores like Muji, Uniqlo and Everlane online for simple, self-effacing uniforms.潮流观察者称,这个人群对禁忌不屑一顾,倾向于蔑视传统的性别标签和其他死板的分类。这一代人喜爱品牌,然而又对打上标签,预先包装好的造型持有怀疑态度。他们低调,对logo小心审慎,经常去无印良品、优衣库和Everlane的网店购买简单、不出风头的衣。Some may well be drawn to Telfar, an 11-year-old company in New York. At New York Fashion Week in September, its designer, Telfar Clemens, will show his one-look-fits-all collection of off-the-shoulder tank tops, trench coats and lacelike denim tops and trousers on a cast of androgynous models. Mr. Clemens has stealthily worked the TC logo into many of those pieces, but, he said, “it’s against my nature to do anything really overt. The branding is almost subliminal.”他们当中有些人可能会喜欢Telfar,这是纽约一家拥有11年历史的公司。在9月的纽约时装周上,公司的设计师特尔法·克莱门斯(Telfar Clemens)将展示可以适合所有人的新系列,包括露肩背心、战壕风衣和带花边的丹宁牛仔上衣及长裤,走秀的是一群中性风格的模特。克莱门斯把自己的姓名缩写“TC”偷偷藏在许多装当中,不过他说,“我天生不喜欢做特别明目张胆的事情,我几乎是下意识地放了这个名字缩写进去。”Practically speaking, gender-neutrality is a boon for designers, said Justin O’Shea, the buying director for Mytheresa.com. As he told the online trade publication Business of Fashion last month, designers, by showing men’s and women’s looks in tandem, are saving time and money, and honing an identity.实际上,Mytheresa.com网站的采购主管贾斯汀·奥谢伊(Justin O’Shea)说,中性风对于设计师来说是一种恩惠。上个月他在接受在线行业出版物《时尚行业》(Business of Fashion)采访时说,设计师们可以同时展示男女装,这下就省了时间和金钱,还能打造出一种个性。Whether mingling sexes on the runway or creating a single garment intended for both sexes, they are speaking to a sympathetic public. “The modern consumer wants to be part of a bigger picture, part of a movement,” Mr. O’Shea said.不管是在秀台上混淆性别界限,抑或是设计一款男女都能穿的装,这些做法都得到了公众的认同。“现代消费者渴望参与到更大的图景中去,渴望成为某种运动的一部分,” 奥谢伊说。That sentiment also reflects a rising receptivity, if not an outright prurient fascination, with topics that were once strictly off limits. Transgender narratives are entering the mainstream via trans-models like Andreja Pejic and Lea T, who front major fashion and beauty campaigns; mega-celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner; and television fare like “Transparent,” the series on Amazon, its lead character Mort (Jeffrey Tambor) coming out to his children as Maura.对于那些一度被视为禁忌的主题,人们现在就算不是坦率地迷恋其中的性感,至少接受能力也是日益提高了,这也从另一个角度反映出这种情绪。现在有了安德烈娅·皮吉斯(Andreja Pejic)和Lea T这样的变性模特,他们为大品牌时装发布会和化妆品宣传活动走秀;还有凯特琳·詹纳(Caitlyn Jenner)这样的超级名人;以及亚马逊的《透明家庭》(Transparent)的主角莫特(Mort,杰弗里·坦波[Jeffrey Tambor]饰演,他向孩子们出柜后就改了女名“莫拉”)等电视形象,他们都进一步把跨性别叙事推向主流视野。Responding to a shift in mood, progressive merchants like Acne, Vince and Rag amp; Bone display men’s and women’s clothes in proximity, some occasionally mixing them on the racks. This year, Selfridges in London dedicated a significant swath of its selling space to Agender, a store-within-the-store where gender-fluid labels like Nicopanda, Ann Demeulemeester and Yang Li commingle.为了迎合这种情绪上的变化,Acne、Vince和Rag amp; Bone等前卫的商家开始把男女装放在一起展示,有时还会在货架上混合放置。今年,伦敦的塞尔福里奇(Selfridges)百货公司把销售空间的一个显著位置划给了“无性别”,这是一个店中店,Nicopanda、安·迪穆拉米斯特(Ann Demeulemeester)和李阳等性别模糊的品牌都混合放在这里。Ed Burstell, the general manager of Liberty of London, called the move “enlightened.”伦敦Liberty百货公司总经理艾德·伯斯戴尔(Ed Burstell)说这个举动是“开明的”。“To devote a full bank of windows and all that real estate for something that could have gone either way was a risk,” he said. “But it forced that conversation that we need to have.” While Liberty itself has no similar merchandising plans, unisex items make up some 25 percent of the store’s fall fashion purchases, he said.“把整片橱窗和地段都用来展示某种可能会消失的东西是一种冒险,”他说,“但这逼着我们进行必须进行的对话。”他说,Liberty自身虽然还没有类似的商业计划,但中性风的饰占了全店秋季时装商品的25%。Many women freely embrace the notion of gender fluidity, buying men’s wear in small sizes at stores like Odin, Cadet and Dover Street Market. At Gucci, the sales staff reports that more women than men are buying the pussy-bow blouses from Mr. Michele’s fall men’s collection, just now arriving at the stores.许多女人都自由自在地接受了性别混淆的时装概念,在奥丁(Odin)、卡德特(Cadet)和多佛街市场(Dover Street Market)购买小号的男装。在古驰店内,米歇尔设计的秋季男装系列刚刚到店,销售人员说,购买其中一款蝴蝶领结衬衫的,主要是女人,而不是男人。Men, on the other hand, “have traditionally been immune to gender-neutral fashion trends,” said Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell, a fashion historian and the author of “Fashion Victims: Dress at the Court of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette.”另一方面,时装史学家与《时装的牺牲品:路易十四与玛丽-安托内特宫廷装》(“Fashion Victims: Dress at the Court of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette)一书作者金伯利·克利斯曼-坎贝尔(Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell)说,男人们“传统上对于中性时装潮流不闻不问。”“We may think we are in a new phase, but we aren’t necessarily,” she said. “What we’re talking about is the leading edge of fashion, not what you’re going to find at J. Crew.”“我们可能会觉得我们处在一个新阶段,但不一定是这样,”她说。“我们说的是时装界的尖端潮流,而不是能在J. Crew找到的东西。”“Still”, Ms. Chrisman-Campbell said, “every time these trends come up they push the boundaries a little bit more.”“然而,”克利斯曼-坎贝尔说,“这些潮流每出现一次,都会推动一点边界。”Giving the trend a push are artists and professional outliers.推动潮流的总是艺术家与行业之外的人。“This is very feminine,” Coleman Feltes, a D.J. and music curator, said of his button-front shirt, exuberantly patterned with daisies, roses and butterflies. Mr. Feltes, who was heading home to the financial district with his children last week, had rendered his look street-worthy by combining it with camouflage shorts. “The camo,” he said, self-assured, “takes away from the floweriness.”“它非常女性化,”DJ兼音乐活动策划者科尔曼·菲尔特斯(Coleman Feltes)这样形容自己的系扣衬衫,上面大量装点着雏菊、玫瑰和蝴蝶。上星期,菲尔特斯带着孩子们回到商业区的家中时,穿这件衬衣搭配迷短裤,为自己的造型赋予一丝街头气息。他自信地说,“迷盖住了鲜花的气质。”Inevitably, some at fashion’s leading edge have aly moved on, questioning whether unisex is a trend at all or, as some have suggested, a passing illusion pulled from a stylist’s bag of tricks.不可避免的,时装潮流前沿也在发生变化,质疑中性风是不是一种真正的潮流,有人认为它只是造型师的小把戏,是昙花一现的幻觉。“Our clients have been there, done that,” said Judson Harmon, the owner of Odd, a four-year-old shop on the Lower East Side that made its name with nongender-specific offerings, its message reinforced by a mannequin, half male, half female, that greets visitors.“我们的客户特意来到这儿做那种造型,”下东区拥有四年历史的Odd美容院店主贾德森·哈蒙(Judson Harmon)说,这家店以中性造型闻名,店门口迎客的人体模型半是男性,半是女性,强调着美容院的特色。That mannequin will be coming down, Mr. Harmon said. “We’re not abandoning the versatility of unisex. We’re just not targeting it.”这个模特要被撤下来了,哈蒙说,“我们并不想放弃中性造型这个专长,但我们不再专注它了。” /201508/396142江西省吉安保仕柏丽整形医院整形美容 The Federal Aviation Administration, citing fire hazards, has warned against using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on aircraft. 美国联邦航空(Federal Aviation Administration)以火灾危险为由警告不要在飞机上使用三星盖乐世Note 7(Samsung Galaxy Note 7)智能手机。Three Australian airlines and the German carrier Lufthansa have outright banned their use onboard.三家澳大利亚航空公司和德国汉莎航空公司(Lufthansa)则明确禁止在机上使用该产品。But the threat of airliner fires is not limited to Samsung devices, which the company has offered to replace. 不过,飞机上的火灾威胁不仅限于三星的电子设备(三星已提出调换)。And the hazard is far more than theoretical.这些危险也不仅是理论上的。Qantas, one of the Australian carriers, had an onboard fire during a trans-Pacific flight this year when a passenger’s cellphone was crushed in the mechanism of a business-class seat and the phone’s lithium-ion battery ignited.今年,澳洲航空公司(Qantas)的飞机在一次跨太平洋飞行中发生火灾,一名乘客的手机被商务舱座位的机械装置压碎,锂离子电池起火。In January as a Delta Air Lines flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta arrived at the gate, crew members discovered that a carry-on bag containing two laptop computers had burst into flames, according to the FAA The smoke prompted some passengers to use the emergency exits and wait on the wings until help arrived.今年1月,美国联邦航空报告,一架从明尼阿波利斯飞往亚特兰大的达美航空公司(Delta Air Lines)客机抵达登机口时,机组成员发现一件装有两台笔记本电脑的随身行李起火。烟雾迫使一些乘客使用紧急出口离开,在机翼上等待,直至救援人员到达。The problem is lithium-ion batteries, which have become the standard for portable consumer electronics, including phones, tablets and laptops, because of the power they can pack into a small package. 问题出在锂离子电池身上,它已成为便携式电子产品的标配,包括手机、平板电脑和手提电脑,因为一块小小的锂离子电池能存储大量电能。They are also highly volatile.但它们也非常不稳定。Battery fires were considered a contributing factor in the crashes of three cargo planes in the last 10 years: an Asiana 747 in 2011, a UPS 747 in Dubai in 2010 and a UPS DC-8 in Philadelphia in 2006.电池起火被认为是过去10年中三架货运飞机坠毁的一个诱因:2011年韩亚航空公司(Asiana)的747飞机;2010年UPS的747飞机(在迪拜),以及2006年UPS的DC-8飞机(在费城)。In January, the FAA issued a warning that lithium-ion batteries in a cargo hold carried the risk of a catastrophic hull loss on an airplane.今年1月,美国联邦航空发布警告,货舱中的锂离子电池对飞机具有灾难性壳体损失风险。So far there have been no airliner disasters specifically attributed to passengers’ digital devices. 到目前为止,还没有明确因乘客的数码设备而造成的空难。But experts worry about the sheer mathematics. 但简单统计一下数字,就足以让专家担心。The Royal Aeronautical Society in Britain estimates that even a single-aisle jet with only 100 passengers might have more than 500 lithium-ion batteries aboard. 英国皇家航空协会(Royal Aeronautical Society in Britain)估计,就连一架仅能搭载100名乘客的单通道飞机也可能装有500多块锂离子电池。Those numbers, and the attendant fire risks, could eventually catch up with the air-traveling public.那些电池以及伴随的火灾风险可能最终伤害搭飞机旅行的公众。The question is: What to do about it — besides issuing advisories?问题:除了发布警告之外,我们还能怎么办?The FAA administrator, Michael P. 美国联邦航空局长迈克尔#8226;P#8226;胡尔塔(Michael P. Huerta, said in an email statement that the agency recognized that the batteries posed risks and that it was tracking all incidents in aircraft cabins to help us determine what we can do. Huerta)在电子邮件声明中称,该机构认识到电池具有风险,正在研究所有机舱事故,帮助我们确定能做些什么。Huerta urged passengers to put their devices in a carry-on bag or other safe location when not using them.胡尔塔强烈建议乘客把不用的电子设备放入随身行李或其他安全的地方。But the FAA is in a tough situation. 不过,美国联邦航空处于艰难的境地。Under the regulatory rules, it cannot ground the Galaxy Note 7 until the Consumer Product Safety Commission orders a recall. 按照管理规定,它不能禁止盖乐世Note 7上飞机,除非消费产品安全委员会(Consumer Product Safety Commission)命令召回。On Friday, the safety commission said it was working with Samsung on the terms of a recall and urged owners of the phones to stop using them. 周五,该安全委员会称,正在与三星协商召回事宜,并敦促那些手机的所有者不要使用它们。On Saturday, Samsung offered new guidance to owners: Turn off your phone and bring it in for a replacement.周六,三星给顾客们提供了新方案:关掉手机,拿来更换。Congress has limited the FAA’s ability to place restrictions on battery-powered devices on airplanes beyond the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization, according to Laura Brown, an FAA spokeswoman. 据美国联邦航空的发言人劳拉#8226;布朗(Laura Brown)称,国会限制美国联邦航空在国际民用航空组织(International Civil Aviation Organization)的建议之外,对机上电池供电设备进行更多限制。The organization, a U.N. agency, says the devices should not be transported on passenger planes as cargo or in checked baggage. 后者是联合国的下属机构,它表示,这些设备不应该在客机上作为货物运输,也不应在托运行李中运输。As for in-cabin use, the organization defers to each country’s rules.至于在机舱内的使用,该组织留给每个国家自行规定。Any attempt to seriously restrict or even ban devices powered by lithium-ion batteries would probably face an outcry from travelers, who have come to consider them an indispensable part of modern life. 旅客们已经把手机视为现代生活不可缺少的一部分,任何严格限制甚至禁止这些以锂离子电池设备的尝试都可能招致强烈抗议。There would also be the question of who would enforce such rules, and how. 另外,还有谁来执行以及如何执行这些规定的问题。Airport security check-in processes are aly long and tedious, without adding a new layer of scrutiny.机场安检托运过程已经很漫长无聊,更别提再加一层审查。Until a few years ago, before the in-cabin use of phones and other electronic devices was allowed below 10,000 feet, it was widely known that passengers surreptitiously defied the rule. 几年前,在1万英尺以下的机舱内使用手机等电子设备不再被禁止。在那之前,众所周知,乘客往往偷偷地自行其是。Flight attendants complained that it was impossible to police.乘务员抱怨说,他们无法管束。So the goal is to contain the hazard. 所以,目标是控制危险。In the event of a lithium-ion battery fire in flight, FAA standards may help minimize the damage.当飞行中遇到锂离子电池着火的情况时,美国联邦航空的标准也许可以帮助把损失降低到最小。Seat covers, carpets, curtains and dividers are made of special materials that are flame retardant, even against a lithium-ion battery fire, which burns in the neighborhood of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Isidor Buchmann, an engineer who runs the informational site BatteryUniversity.com.座套、地毯、窗帘和分割帘由特殊的阻燃材料做成,甚至能抵挡锂离子电池引发的火情。据信息网站BatteryUniversity.com的运营工程师伊西多#8226;布克曼(Isidor Buchmann)称,这种材料在周围温度达到1000华氏度(约合538摄氏度)时会燃烧。Some experts say those standards could suffice.有些专家称,这些标准已经足够。It’s damned near impossible to propagate a fire on an airplane, said George J. Ringger, an aeronautical engineer with his own consulting company who specializes in cabin interiors. 在飞机上,火势几乎不可能蔓延,航空工程师乔治#8226;J#8226;林格(George J. Ringger)说。他自己的咨询公司专门提供机舱内部设施方面的建议。Could a passenger get burned? Yes. 乘客是否有可能被烧伤?有可能。Would there be smoke that would propagate in the cabin? Do crews have protocols? Yes.烟雾是否有可能在机舱蔓延?机组成员是否有应急方案?是的。But some other fire and safety experts are not as sanguine. 但是其他一些火灾和安全专家不这么乐观。A laptop battery fire could take hours to burn itself out. 如果手提电脑的电池起火,可能要在数小时后才能烧尽。And the smoke emitted would be abundant and toxic.可能释放大量有毒烟雾。Michael Gilchrist is an engineer and co-owner of PlaneGard, a maker of a case meant to contain the fire and smoke if a battery starts to malfunction. 工程师迈克尔#8226;吉尔克里斯特(Michael Gilchrist)是PlaneGard公司的联合所有者。该公司生产一种箱子,电池功能失常时放进去,可以限制火和烟雾蔓延。Customers include Air Tahiti Nui, which carries the PlaneGard case on transoceanic flights.它的客户包括塔希提航空公司(Air Tahiti Nui),后者在跨大洋的航班上配备了PlaneGard盒。With a full-blown laptop, you see what happens, Gilchrist said. You have a 35- or 40-minute event. 对于一台完整的笔记本电脑,情况会是这样,吉尔克里斯特说,那会是一场持续35至40分钟的事故。That could cause a lot of problems.会导致很多问题。 /201609/465987吉安人民医院激光祛斑多少钱

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