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今天我们来学习一篇美文,希望你能从中受益。A punctual person is in the habit of doing a thing at the proper time and is never late in keeping an appointment. The unpunctual man,on the other hand,never does what he has to do at the proper time. He is always in a hurry and in the end loses both time and his good name. There is a proverb that says, ;Time flies never to be recalled;. This is very true. A lost thing may be found again,but lost time can never be regained. Time is more valuable than material things.In fact,time is life itself. The unpunctual man is forever wasting and mismanaging his most valuable assets as well as the assets of others#39;. The unpunctual person is always complaining that he finds no time to answer letters or return calls or keep appointments promptly. But the man who really has a great deal to do is very careful with his time and seldom complains because he lacks it. He knows that he cannot get through his huge amount of work unless he faithfully attends to every piece of work when it has to be attended to ...Failure to be punctual in keeping one#39;s appointments is a sign of disrespect towards others. If a person is invited to dinner and arrives later than the appointed time,he keeps all the other guests waiting for him. Usually this will be regarded as a great disrespect to the host and all other guests present. Unpunctuality,moreover,is very harmful when it comes to doing one#39;s duty,whether public or private. Imagine how it would be if those who are put in charge of important tasks failed to be at their proper place at the appointed time. A man who is known to be habitually unpunctual is never trusted by his friends or fellow men. And the unpunctual man is a source of annoyance both to others and to himself.一个守时的人养成了按时做事的习惯,这样的人言必信,行必果。 另一方面,不守时的人却从不按时完成他应该做的事情。他总是匆匆忙忙的,到头来却既浪费了时间、又败坏了自己的名誉。 有句谚语说道:;光阴一去不复返。; 此话千真万确。 一件东西丢了可能找回来,而弄丢了时间可就永远找不回来了。 时间较之财富更加珍贵。实际上,时间本身就是生命! 因此,那些不守时的人是在不停地浪费自己的宝贵财富,同时也是在浪费他人的珍贵财产。那些不守时的人总是在抱怨,说自己没有时间去写回信、没有时间回电话、或者没有时间按时赴约。 然而那些真正有大量事情要处理的人则会非常仔细地安排时间,很少抱怨说时间不够用。 他们知道,除非自己按时处理好应处理的每一件事情,否则他们是不可能做完这一大堆事情的…… 赴约不守时是对他人极大的不尊重。如果一个人应邀去参加晚宴,却没有按时出席,就会让其他的客人等他一个人。 这是对主人和其他客人极大的不尊重。 履行义务的时候--无论是公事还是私事--不守时是非常有害的。设想一下,如果把一件重大使命委托给一个不守时的人,结果他没有在恰当的时间和地点完成这项任务,那么结果会怎么样呢? 如果一个人以不守时而;闻名;,他怎么可能得到朋友和同事的信任! 不守时的人既惹别人生气,又弄得自己不快活。想知道卡卡老师的发音秘诀?关注微信公众号Kakaketang_Jessica /201704/502913

Do you get PBS on TV?你的电视能收到公共电视网吗?Yes, everybody gets the Public Broadcasting System.是的,每个人都能收到公共电视网。It puts me to sleep.它让我想睡觉。Tell me about it.跟我说说。A gardening show follows a knitting show.园艺表演接着编织表演。A cooking show follows a sewing show.烹饪表演跟着缝纫表演。A travel show follows another travel show.一个旅游节目又一个旅游节目。I#39;ll say! I#39;ve gone around the world a dozen times aly!当然!我已经游历世界很多次!Now they#39;re adding old TV shows to the old movies.现在他们把过去的电视节目加到了老电影里。I sure would like to see something interesting for a change.我很想看到一些有趣的改变。If more people donate money, PBS could offer new shows.如果有更多的人捐钱,公共电视网可以提供新的节目。Who wants to donate? Public TV should be free.谁想要捐钱呢?公共电视应该免费。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201510/403011

近日,北京、长沙、南京等多个城市的雅思考生,成绩都被雅思官方进行抽查,导致成绩延迟发布。部分考生在抽查结束之后,直接被告知“因违反规定”,无法获得当次考试的成绩。由于雅思方面并没有告知成绩取消的具体原因,许多考生一直在奔走投诉。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道A number of mainland students who recently took the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam have been left scratching their heads, as their results have been delayed or cancelled for unspecified reasons, the Beijing-based Mirror said.据北京镜报报道,近期参加雅思考试的多名内地考生非常疑惑,因为他们的考试成绩因不明原因被延时公布或被取消。【讲解】International English Language Testing System是国际英语语言测试系统,雅思考试的全称,简称IELTS;scratch one#39;s head是苦苦琢磨;绞尽脑汁。北京一名大学生(college student)王欣(化名)花1750元报名参加了8月初的雅思考试。正常情况下,10个工作日(working days)后她就可以拿到雅思成绩(scores)。然而考试结束后不久,王欣收到了一条教育部考试中心(the National Education Examination Authority,简称NEEA)发来的短信,称雅思考试举办方(the testing authority)正在对本次考试成绩进行例行检查(conduct a routine review),因此暂不能发布成绩(on hold)。而9月初,王欣收到了一封来自“雅思调查团队”的邮件,称由于违反雅思考试的相关规定(due to a violation of regulations),王欣本次考试的成绩将“永久不被公布(never be released)”。但是邮件中并未说明具体违反了什么规定。王欣加入了一个考生自发组建的“例行检查”微信群(WeChat group),目前该群已有近百人。他们分别参加了7月25日、8月1日、8月8日、8月13日、8月29日的考试,且均被雅思方面例行抽查。目前,8月8日及以前参加考试的考生(test takers)当中,均出现了成绩“永久不公布”(scores will not be released)的情况。后面几次考试的成绩,则还处于被调查阶段。这影响了考生申请外国大学(apply to foreign universities)的计划。一位著名雅思老师表示,雅思举办方欠这些考生一个解释(owes the students an explanation),但是也有老师认为雅思官方不会在没有据的情况下得出结论(reach a conclusion)。雅思举办方表示,抽查(random review)是雅思考试为了保公正和安全(integrity and security)所采取的措施。对于部分考生成绩被取消,英国文化协会方面表示,他们有强有力的据(solid evidence)表明考生成绩不能反映其真实水平(not reflect the test-takers#39; real English level),但不能公布(unveil)检查细节。 /201509/401180

I should watch myself.我得注意点儿。The movie was so boring that I dozed off in the middle of it.电影太无聊,我中间还打了会儿瞌睡。I dozed off during the class.我在上课的时候打了个盹儿。Out of sorts身体不适,心情不佳He has been feeling out of sorts.他这几天心情不好。I#39;m out of sorts.我心情不好。Down in the month沮丧的,忧郁的,心灰意冷的I#39;m a little down in the mouth.我有点沮丧。Cross生气的,不高兴的My mother gets cross with me if I leave my room in a mess.如果我把房间弄得一团糟,我妈妈会生气的。 /201510/404448

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