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重庆妇幼医院做去眼袋手术多少钱重庆去眼袋哪家好沙坪坝区开内眼角的费用 I have a story about following dreams.Or maybe more accurately, its a story about finding a path to make those dreams real.我给大家讲个追梦的故事,确切地说是一个将梦想变为现实的故事。 You know what its like,to wake up in the middle of the night with a vivid dream?And you know how, if you dont have a pencil and pad by the bed it will be completely gone by the next morning.I had one of those dreams when I was 23.When I suddenly woke up, I was thinking:what if we could download the whole web,and just keep the links and… I grabbed a pen and started writing!Sometimes it is important to wake up and stop dreaming.I spent the middle of that night scribbling out the details and convincing myself it would work.想想看:午夜你从美梦中醒来,然后躺下接着睡回笼觉,第二天早上准会把昨晚的美梦忘个精光。我23岁时,就做过这样的美梦。我猛然惊醒,想把所有的网络内容下载下来,通过链接的方式保存。于是,我抓起笔就开始写。还好我把握住机会,从梦里及时醒来,花了一整晚研究出实现方案,自信满满。Soon after, I told my advisor, Terry Winograd,it would take a couple of weeks for me to download the web -he nodded knowingly, fully aware it would take much longer but wise enough to not tell me.The optimism of youth is often underrated!Amazingly, at that time,I had no thought of building a search engine.The idea wasnt even on the radar.Much later we happened upon a better way of rankingand we made a really great search engine,and Google was born.When a really great dream shows up, grab it!When I was here at Michigan,I had actually been taught how to make dreams real!我对导师Terry Winograd说:下载整个网络需要几周时间。他点点头,其实心里清楚需要更久。但他很明智,没打击我。年轻人的不可小视!不过那时,创造一个搜索引擎,对我而言是天方夜谭。我从没动过这个念头。很久以后,我们偶然找到了更好的排序方式。做出了一级棒的搜索引擎,谷歌就这么诞生了。所以,当梦想闪现时,抓住它吧!我在这儿念书时,曾学过如何梦想成真。I know it sounds funny,but that is what I learned in a summer camp converted into a training program called Leadershape.Yes, weve got a few out there.Their slogan is to have a ;healthy disregard for the impossible;.That program encouraged me to pursue a crazy idea at the time.I wanted to build a personal rapid transit system on campus to replace the buses.Yeah, youre still working on that I hear.It was a futuristic way of solving our transportation problem.I still think a lot about transportation you never lose a dream, it just incubates as a hobby.Many things that people labor hard to do now,like cooking, cleaning, and driving will require much less human time in the future.That is, if we ;have a healthy disregardfor the impossible and actually build new solutions.听起来有点扯,但我确实从 ;塑造领导力;夏令营中得到了启发。看,真的有人参加过的吧。我们的口号是“世上无难事只怕有心人“!我们被要求去实现自己看似疯狂的梦想。我想建立个人快速交通系统来替代公交,我知道你们还在研究。没准是今后解决交通问题的好方法。我时不时还在考虑交通问题,梦想不会消失,会变成习惯!我们现在花费精力做的事情,比如做饭、打扫、开车,今后占用的时间会越来越少,这不是天方夜谭。世上无难事,只怕有心人!201307/248876Hi, everybody. On Tuesday, I gave my final State of the Union Address. And a focus was this: how do we make the new economy work better for everyone, not just those at the top? After the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes, were in the midst of the longest streak of private-sector job growth in our history. More than 14 million new jobs. An unemployment rate cut in half. At the same time, our economy continues to go through profound changes that began long before the Great Recession hit. Its changed to the point where even when folks have jobs; even when the economy is growing; its harder for working families to pull themselves out of poverty, harder for young people to start out on their careers, and tougher for workers to retire when they want to. Thats a big part of the reason a lot of working families are feeling anxious. And it offends our fundamentally American belief that everybody who works hard should be able to get ahead. Thats why weve been fighting so hard to give families more opportunity and more security – by working to create more good jobs, invest in our middle class, and help working people get a raise. Thats what the Affordable Care Act is all about – filling in the gaps in employer-based care so that when somebody loses a job, or goes back to school, or starts that new business, they still have health care. And its why I believe weve got to take steps to modernize our unemployment insurance system. If a hardworking American loses her job, regardless of what state she lives in, we should make sure she can get unemployment insurance and some help to retrain for her next job. If shes been unemployed for a while, we should reach out to her and connect her with career counseling. And if she finds a new job that doesnt pay as much as her old one, we should offer some wage insurance that helps her pay her bills. Under my plan, experienced workers who now make less than ,000 could replace half of their lost wages – up to ,000 over two years. Its a way to give families some stability and encourage folks to rejoin the workforce – because we shouldnt just be talking about unemployment; we should be talking about re-employment. Thats when America works best – when everyone has opportunity; when everyone has some security; and when everyone can contribute to this country we love. Thats how we make sure that hardworking families can get ahead. And thats what Ill be fighting for with every last day of my presidency. Thanks, everybody. Have a great weekend. 201601/422506资阳皮肤美白多少钱

重庆妇幼保健医院治疗痘坑多少钱And they had traveled from near, they had traveled from far,because they wanted to make their voices heard. 有些住在附近,有些远道而来,但他们都想表达自己的声音And I asked one of the voters, I said, Whom are you going to vote for?我问一个选民:你打算投谁的票?And he said, Im sorry, I cant tell you.他说:不好意思不能告诉你。He said that his vote was in his heart.他说他心中有打算。And I understood, this was their election,and they werent going to let anyone take it away from them. 我非常理解,这是他们的选举,他们不会让任何人夺走这个权利。Now the first round of the voting didnt bring forth a clear winner,so nobody had achieved the absolute majority,so voting went into a second round three weeks later. 第一轮选举没有诞生一个明晰的获选人,还没有人完全占上风,所以3周后进行第二轮选举。The candidates were back on the road; they were campaigning.候选人重新开始竞选活动。The rhetoric of the candidates, of course, changed.他们收起了文绉绉的措辞。The heat was on.气氛变得激烈。And then the cliche came to haunt us.然后就出现了意料之中的状况。There were claims of intimidation at the polling stations,of ballot boxes being stolen.投票站收到举报,声称投票箱被窃取。Inflated results started coming in and the mob was starting to get out of control.随之而来一系列的麻烦人群开始失去控制。We witnessed the eruption of violence in the streets.我们目睹了大街上大量的暴力事件。People were being beaten brutally.很多人惨遭毒打。The army started firing their guns. People were scrambling.军队开始开火。人群混乱不堪。It was complete chaos.完全一片混乱。And my heart sank,because I thought, here we are again. 我的心渐渐往下沉,因为我想,再一次。Here is another proof that the African is not capable of governing himself.非洲再一次明我们非洲人没有能力自治。And not only that, I am documenting it documenting my own cultural shortcomings.不仅如此,我正在记录,记录着我自己的文化的短处。So when the echo of the gunshots had lingered,it was soon drowned by the chanting of the mob,and I didnt believe what I was hearing.然而当声逐渐散去,人群开始呼喊,我无法相信我所听到的。They were chanting, We want peace.他们在呼喊我们渴望和平。We want peace.我们渴望和平。201508/391460遂宁激光脱毛价格 Bill and I talk about this with our own kids around the dinner table.我和比尔在餐桌上同我们自己的孩子们讨论过这个问题Bill worked incredibly hard比尔工作无比努力and he took risks and he made sacrifices for success.他冒过很多风险 做过很多牺牲 才取得了今天的成功But theres another essential ingredient of success,但成功还有另外一个很重要的成分and that is luck.那就是运气Absolute and total luck.完全纯粹的运气When were you born?你出生在什么年代Who are your parents?你的父母是谁Where did you grow up?你生长在什么地方None of us earn these things. These things were given to us.这些都不是我们自己挣得的 而是天生就有的So when we strip away all of our luck and our privilege如果没有运气和优越出身and we consider where we would be without them,想想我们现在会是怎样it becomes someone much easier to see someone who is poor and say,这样想你就能够切身体会到那些穷人的痛苦that could be me.我们也可能是那样And thats empathy.这就是同情心Empathy tears down barriers同情心能够消除障碍and it opens up whole new frontiers for optimism.为乐观开启一片全新的领域201412/347636重庆医科大学附属二院私立还是公办

重庆哪里纹眼线好多少钱A plan involves answering这个计划是能包含了回应的straightforward questions about the end you want.直接了当关于你想如何结束的问题Where do you want to be when youre no longer independent?如果你不能再独立,你希望自己在哪里?What do you want in terms of medical intervention?你希望医疗保护的干预么?And whos going to make sure your plan is followed?谁能让你的计划继续紧接着进行You will need advocates.你需要顾问Having more than one increases your chance拥有多个顾问增加了of getting the end you want.你获得想要的结果的可能性Dont assume the natural choice is your spouse or child.不要断然的说你的配偶和孩子是你最合适的选择You want someone who has the time and proximity你需要的是一个有时间和亲近感的人to do this job well, and you want someone如果你需要顺利的进行,你需要这样的人who can work with people under the pressure那些可以与有压力的人一起工作的人of an ever-changing situation.有着变化莫测的可能性Hospital iness is critical.医院随时准备就绪很重要You are likely to be headed to the emergency room,你可能随时被带入急救室and you want to get this right.而你也希望准确无误的做到这一点Prepare a one-page summary of your medical history,所以,准备一页你的医疗病史medications and physician information.药物治疗,和医生信息Put this in a really bright envelope把这些放在一个很明显的信封里with copies of your insurance cards, your power of attorney,并一同放入你的保险卡,和委托书and your do-not-resuscitate order.与你不想要恢复的命令Have advocates keep a set in their car.把这些留一份给你的顾问Tape a set to your refrigerator.并把录像放入冰箱里When you show up in the E.R. with this packet,当你出现在急诊室,带着这样的包裹your admission is streamlined in a material way.你把许可用合法的文件合理化Youre going to need caregivers.你将需要看护人Youll need to assess your personality and financial situation你需要评估你的人格和财政状况to determine whether an elder care community去决定你是否需要养老社区or staying at home is your best choice.或者呆在家里,是你最好的选择In either case, do not settle.不管哪种情况,都不要定下来We went through a number of not-quite-right caregivers我们看到过一些不太称职的看护before we found the perfect team在我们找到最好的团队之前led by Marsha,以Marcia领导的团队who wont let you win at bingo just because youre dying我们不会因为你将死去就敷衍了事but will go out and take s of your ranch for you我们会将你所拥有的录成视频when you cant get out there,当你如果不能离开疗养院and Caitlin, who wont let you skip your morning exercises而Caitlin不过让你省略每天的晨练but knows when you need to hear但是知道什么时候你想听到that your wife is in good hands.你的妻子被照顾得很好Finally, last words.最后,遗言What do you want to hear at the very end,在生命的最后,你想听到什么and from whom would you like to hear it?想听谁说这些In my experience, youll want to hear从我的经验来说,你想听到的that whatever youre worried about is going to be fine.是那些你担心的事情,都会好起来When you believe its okay to let go, you will.当你真正的相信了,你就放下了,你会的So, this is a topic that normally inspires fear and denial.所以,这是一个关于鼓励恐惧与否定的话题What Ive learned我学到的是is if we put some time into planning our end of life,如果我们有计划的规划人生的最后we have the best chance of maintaining our quality of life.我们会有最大的可能去维护我们生活的质量Here are Jim and Shirley just after deciding这是Jim和 Shirley,当他们决定了之后who would take care of their ranch.谁会照看他们的牧场Heres Jim just a few weeks before he died,这是Jim死之前的几个星期celebrating a birthday he didnt expect to see.意外的收获到了一个庆生会And heres Shirley just a few days before she died这是Shirley,她离去前的几天being an article in that days paper看到自己上了报纸about the significance of the wildlife refuge关于野生动植物避难所的重要性at the Modini ranch.在Modini牧场Jim and Shirley had a good end of life, Jim和 Shirley有了很好的结束and by sharing their story with you,在这里分享着他们的故事I hope to increase our chances of doing the same.我希望能大家也能有同样美满的结点Thank you.谢谢201507/389190 I thank Lord Mayor Woolf for her very kind words.I am deeply honoured and yet humbled. I would like to dedicate this award to the people of Singapore who have worked so hard to build our nation. Special credit must go to our Pioneer Generation, who dreamt of a far better Singa#172;pore when we became independent, and took us a long way along the journey there. This award also reflects the long and close friendship between London and Singapore and between our peoples. I am therefore happy that my colleagues and friends are here to share this occasion with me.I first visited London in 1969. I was a teenager, and London seemed marvellous. It was the Swinging Sixties, and London was the capital of cool. Yet it was also a time of upheaval: Protests against the Vietnam War, student sit-ins, hippies and flower power. I had an enjoyable but sober time attending plays and concerts, exploring museums and art galleries, and spending hours browsing in the greatest bookshop in the world – Foyles.Later I went to university not in London, but in Cambridge, then still in splendid isolation in the Fens. But I would visit London regularly, because my late first wife, Ming Yang, was then a medical student at the Middlesex Hospital. Hence London in the early 1970s held many happy memories for me.But for Londoners and for Britain, those were difficult times. The British Empire was over, and Britain was adjusting to its new place in the world. Bitter union disputes afflicted the economy and disrupted lives. I especially remember the miners’ strikes, because the consequent blackouts caused me to attend supervisions (tutorials) in Cambridge by candlelight. Global events were also affecting the British economy. One year (1973) I arrived at Heathrow Airport having spent the summer back home. I found a group of Arabs excitedly trying to find out what was happening in the Middle East. The Yom Kippur War had broken out. It led to the first OPEC Oil Shock which caused inflation and recession worldwide. This worsened England’s woes, and cast a pall over London for years.But by the end of the decade the situation and mood improved. Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister in 1979. Thatcher’s reforms were fiercely contested, but they fundamentally altered Britain’s economy and society.Britain’s victory in the Falklands War in 1982 boosted national pride and restored belief to your people. That year my father Mr Lee Kuan Yew became an Honorary Freeman. In his speech, he spoke of his experiences of London since World War II, and challenged Britain to draw on the spirit of the Falklands War to rejuvenate and transform itself.And so Britain did. In the decades that followed, Thatcher and her successors – from both parties – oversaw a steady revival in Britain’s fortunes. Britain outperformed many Continental economies, reversing the situation in 1960s and 1970s. Optimism returned, and Britain’s international standing rose.Even more than the rest of Britain, London did well, and emerged as one of the world’s great cities. It attracted talent and capital from many countries, and rejuvenated its urban and cultural landscape. London was cool again.A big factor in London’s resurgence was financial services. London had long been a financial centre. But by the 1980s banking was changing. New technology, ingenious new approaches to risk, credit, and derivatives, and freer capital flows were transforming the business. London responded faster than most centres. It progressively deregulated and liberalised the industry, culminating in the Big Bang of 1986. Financial services took off, and became a major contributor to the British economy for the next two decades. The City of London became a cosmopolitan, vibrant centre of world finance and wealth. These were decades when Singapore was developing rapidly. Asia was on the move, and we were lucky to catch the winds. We broadened our economic links beyond our old colonial connections, to attract investments from Europe, US and Japan, and develop new markets in these countries. We seized opportunities in China and India as they opened up to the world. We integrated more closely with our Southeast Asian neighbours in ASEAN. At the same time, we continued to nurture and strengthen our historical friendship with Britain and London, which is stronger now than ever. British companies like Rolls-Royce and GSK have made major investments in Singapore, while more Singaporean companies are investing in the UK. Temasek Holdings has decided to site its European office in London, and will be opening it tomorrow. ComfortDelgro is operating buses and cabs in London, so now a Singa#172;porean company has The Knowledge! Our ties are not just about business. In May, Singa#172;pore will host a stage performance of one of Britain’s most important cultural exports – “Yes, Prime Minister”. Singaporeans now form one of the biggest foreign student contingents in Britain, despite our small population. Thousands of Singaporeans study, work and live in Britain, which is why we are holding our Singapore Day in Victoria Park this Saturday.201502/359009重庆第十一人民医院要预约吗重庆星宸皮肤是不是医保定点医院



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