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重庆第三附属医院是三甲吗沙坪坝区妇幼保健院好不According to the 2015 census, Japans population dropped by nearly a million people in the last five years.根据2015年人口普查,在过去的五年里,日本人口下降了近一百万。Japans population in 2010 stood at 128 million, and has dropped to 127 million people.日本人口在2010年为1亿2800万,目前已减少到1亿2700万。Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is trying to boost birth rates in a country with a slowing economy.日本经济放缓,首相安倍晋三试图提高出生率。But experts say even his target of 1.8 children per woman may not be enough to prevent population from falling under 100 million people.但专家表示,每位妇女生育1.8个孩子的目标可能不足以防止人口下降到1亿以下。Without a substantial increase in the birthrate or looser immigration policies, the population is forecast to fall to about 108 million by 2050 and to 87 million by 2060.没有出生率的大幅增长或宽松的移民政策,人口预计在2050年大约下降至1亿800万,到2060年至8700万。译文属。201602/428366重庆拉双眼皮哪家医院好 Youre a huge fan of new kids on the block.Is that right?I am.你是新街边男孩乐队的超级粉丝 是吗 我是的Yeah,New kids on the block.ok.Settle down,everybody.I have been for a long time.是 新街边男孩乐队 好的 淡定各位 我喜欢他们很久了Absolutely.no one went with you on that.But no,its fine,fine.Youre into new kids on the block.当然了 没人和你一样 但是没事 你喜欢新街边男孩乐队That was your band when you were,that special age,like new kid on the block.当你在那个特殊年龄段时 新街边男孩是你最喜欢的乐队New kids on the block and tears for fears.Oh,okay.That was impressive.新街边男孩乐队和惊惧之泪乐队 好的 真是很有意思They like,its the same generation,but theyre not saying anything about new kids on the block.then theyre going nuts for tears for fears.它们是同时代的乐队 但是观众对新街边男孩乐队没反应 而为惊惧之泪乐队疯狂Maybe because tears for fears doesnt tour as much.Were missing them.They should tour.也许因为惊惧之泪乐队不太巡演 我们想念他们 他们应该巡演But Ive been to several new kids,theyve been touring a lot in the last five years.I try to see them as much as I can.但是我去过几场新街边男孩乐队的演唱会 他们在过去五年中巡演了很多次 所以我会尽可能去看You posted a photo.Youve seen my instagram?Yes I am,acutally.And I know where you live.你发了一张照片 你在窥视我的Instagram吗 事实上 我在窥视 而且我知道你住在哪里You posted this photo,just taken a few years ago when you were pregnant.你发了这张照片 这是几年前拍的 那时你还在怀And youre wearing your new kids on the block shirt.Is this you,by the toilet.你穿着你的新街边男孩乐队衬衫 你是不是 在马桶旁边I was going to say,nice use of the toilet,yeah.我正想说 马桶利用得很好 是啊Always good to have a toilet handy.you always look better when you post next to a toilet.有个就近的马桶总是好事 在马桶旁边摆造型 拍出来总是更好看Modeling truth.Thats why supermodels always pose near toilets,because they look so much better.模特诀窍 所以模特总是在马桶旁边摆造型 因为那样看起来漂亮多了Did you go,did you go pregnant to a new kids on the block concert?你怀时去看了新街边男孩乐队的演唱会吗I did.In that picture,I was about seven months pregnant and I was wearing a Property of Joy T-shirt.是的 在那张照片中 我已经怀胎七月了 我穿着一件 乔伊的财产衬衫201607/454734重庆市妇幼保健医院几级

綦江区人民医院做隆鼻手术多少钱And you can do that in so many different ways.所以你可以用不同的方式来实现Politics is one important form to do it,政治是一种重要方式And Im glad that people were willing to roll up their sleeves.我也很高兴 有人愿意在政治上挺身而出But I leave it to those folks and you know,I find other ways to...不过我把自己的精力放在大众身上 我找别的方式来...Yeah, theres a lot of ways to help people,and youre helping people.是的 帮助他人的方法有很多 你正在帮助他们And so 22 years of marriage, right? 22? 22 years of marriage and...Theres got to be...话说你结婚了二十二年 是吧 二十二年 二十二年的婚姻加上...肯定有一些.You cant say too much about him that would be bad or nasty.你不能爆料太多他的坏话或者糗事But there has to be something that...bug you.Like...Does he have a habit thats annoying?You know...但肯定有些事情让你困扰 比如...一些让人不愉快的习惯 你懂的...Let me say this about the two decades of marriage plus.二十多年的婚姻生活Its that what Ive come to find out is...That you dont sweat the small stuff.You know.让我领悟到 不要关注鸡毛蒜皮 你知道The journey that weve taken together.The fun weve had,The challenges that we face,我们在一起的日子 有过欢乐 也面临过挑战The two beautiful girls we were raised,I kinda...gave him a pass now when he leaves his socks on the floor.一起养育两个美丽的女儿 所以我不会计较他把袜子丢地板上Or...Tells that story for The 100th times and want us like...to laugh.或者 给我们讲 说过一百遍的老段子 想让我们At it like we first heard it...He has to have good stories though, whatever his 100th story.像第一次听到似得大笑 不管老段子是什么 他肯定还有一些精的故事100 times. You know, its good as a story,100 times, its a lot. I see.I understand.一百遍 你知道吗 再好的段子 讲一百遍也够头疼的 我知道 我理解 /201602/425746西南医院治疗痘坑多少钱 重庆妇女医院早泄治疗

重庆市合川区中医院属于正规医院吗 Sexual selection and evolution性选择与进化My pretty maid美丽的雌性A glamorous raiment sometimes helps a female bird as much as it helps a male华丽的外表有时给雌性的益处和雄性一样多HOW the peacock got his tail is one of natural historys “Just So” stories that biologists like to think they have cracked. His tail is for showing off to the ladies just how fit he and his genes are. A less-than-perfect tail means no offspring. Genes for spectacular male tails are thus preserved and promoted over the generations in a process that is called sexual selection.孔雀是如何得到它的尾巴,生物学意认为这是他们已经破解的自然界奥秘故事之一。它的尾巴是向雌性炫耀它和它的基因是多么优秀。稍有瑕疵的尾巴意味着没有后代。受世代性选择的过程的影响,雄性华丽的尾巴的基因因此得到保留并进化。There is, though, a problem with this story. Peahens, though not as showy as cocks, are by no means dowdy. Their heads have fetching crests, and their necks are a beautiful, iridescent blue. Such flummery is costly to grow and likely to attract predators. If you do not have to strut your stuff to get a mate, why do you need it?然而,这个故事有一个疑问。雌孔雀虽不如雄性那样艳丽,但也绝不俗气。它们头上有迷人的羽冠,以及光泽艳丽的蓝色脖子。这种装饰物会威胁生存,可能招致天敌。如果你不是为了求偶炫耀,那你为什么需要它?Even more confusingly, in many species both sexes are equally showy—the Gouldian finches overleaf, for example (the female is on the right). So, though no one thinks the theory is incorrect, as far as it goes, it clearly does not go far enough. To understand things better James Dale of Massey University, in Auckland, New Zealand, and his colleagues have therefore examined the plumage of both sexes of all 5,983 species of passerine bird (peafowl, not being passerines, are not among them), and compared them in exquisite detail.更不解的是,许多物种雄性和雌性都绚丽——例如上图的虹鸟(右为雌性)。虽然没人认为这个理论是错的,但就现状而言,显然不够正确。为了了解更多,新西兰奥克兰区梅西大学的詹姆斯戴尔,和同事调查了总共5,983种雀形目鸟类雌雄的羽毛,并比较了他们的细微细节(孔雀不是雀形目,不在调查之中)。First, the team had to devise a way to deal with the 11,966 types of plumage they had set out to examine. Using the “Handbook of the Birds of the World”, regarded by ornithologists as the definitive work in the field, they picked six points on a birds body (nape, crown, forehead, throat, upper breast and lower breast) and performed a spectral analysis of each to measure how red, green and blue it was. The average let them plot each plumage as a dot on a graph with three axes—red, green and blue.首先,团队设计了处理将要调查的11,966种羽毛的方法。用《全世界鸟类手册》——被鸟类学家视为该领域最为完整可靠的资料,他们在鸟身上挑了6处(颈部,羽冠,前额,喉咙,前胸和下胸),然后用光谱分析来测量红色,绿色和蓝色。在红绿蓝三维坐标系上用小点绘制了平均羽毛颜色的散点图。To translate this into a “showiness” score, the researchers started from the fact that, despite the exceptions, showiness is still more a male than a female phenomenon. They therefore calculated, as a proxy for showiness, a “maleness” score for each dot, regardless of which sex it represented, by counting the sexes of its nearest 120 neighbours in the graph (ie, the nearest 1% of dots). They then ran these scores against characteristics, such as the size of a species, its habitat and its pattern of family life.为了转化成“绚丽”分数,研究者从事实发现:除了个别例外,炫耀现象雄性多余雌性。因此他们计算出每一“雄性”点得分:无论雌性还是雄性有绚丽的装饰物,通过计算它附近120个两性点(将近1%的点)。然后将这些分数对比特征,比如物种的大小,栖息地以及生活习性。Their first observation, as they report this week in Nature, was that in species where a few males monopolise all the females, with a consequent lack of male involvement in parental care, males were more colourful than females. This is what the theory of sexual selection would predict. What it would not predict in its simple form, though, was a second finding—that females in co-operatively breeding species (those in which, for lack of other opportunities, several females collaborate to raise the young of only one of them) are more ornamented than those in which all adult females have a chance of breeding. In this case it is females who are competing for the right to reproduce, thus putting themselves in a more male-like position.他们第一次观察报告结果出版在本周《自然》上:在少量雄性配对所有雌性的物种,在亲代抚育中缺少雄性角色的缘故,雄性比雌性更艳丽。这是性选择理论做出的预测。然而,这个简单形式的理论不能预测的是第二个发现:在合作哺育的物种(缺少雄性情况下,几个雌性合作只能抚养其中一个后代),雌性比有机会和雄性一起繁殖后代的雌性更花哨。这个例子中正是雌性完成了繁殖的任务,因此他们扮演了雄性的角色。Another widesp belief Dr Dale and his colleagues confirmed is that tropical species are more colourful than those from temperate climes. But again, there was a twist—the effect was much more marked in females than in males. Something about the tropics favours colourful females. It may be that tropical birds, which face more intense competition for food and nesting sites than temperate ones do because the tropics have more species, form more stable and collaborative pair-bonds than do temperate birds. In these circumstances males also need to be choosy, and females competitive. Selection for gaudy plumage therefore works in both directions.戴尔士和同事实的另一个普遍的观点是,热带气候里的物种比温带的更鲜艳。但有一点不同——这种效果雌性比雄性表现得更明显。热带环境偏爱外表鲜艳的雌性。这可能是热带鸟类形成了更稳定更协作的一夫一妻制,因为热带有更多物种,热带鸟类比温带鸟类存在更激烈的食物竞争和巢穴竞争。这种环境下雄性挑选配偶,而雌性去竞争。因此绚丽羽毛在自然选择上往两个方向发展。The final effect the researchers found was that big species are more colourful than small ones. That is true of both sexes, and probably reflects the fact that bigger birds are more difficult prey and thus have less need to hide. When released from the threat of predation, then, females tend to be gaudier. That suggests gaudiness is always good when it can be got away with (for even in a promiscuous species, pretty females are likely to be at an advantage to ugly ones)—and probably explains the decorated necks and heads of peahens, which are among the biggest of birds.研究人员发现的最后一个结果是,体型大的物种比体型小的更鲜艳。雌性和雄性都符合这点,也反映了大型鸟不容易被捕杀故而不必隐藏的事实。一旦没有天敌的威胁,雌性就变得更花哨。这表明在没有天敌威胁下,华丽点总是好的(即使在一个滥交的物种,漂亮的雌性比丑的可能更有优势),也解释了为何雌孔雀拥有艳丽的脖子和头部,因为它是体型最大的鸟类。Putting these results together, then, suggests that what is happening in the arena of sexual selection is as much to do with females as with males. Just as females are half the world, so the conventional explanation of the peacocks tail, though not wrong, is only half the story.这些结果一起暗示了性选择过程中雌性和雄性变化一样多。就像雌性占世界的一半,孔雀尾巴的传言虽然不是错的,但只是故事的一半。译者:大故事 /201512/413646重庆去除肿眼泡手术多少钱重庆哪里可以消除纹身



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