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惠州友好医院生殖泌尿外科惠州第三人民医院男科医生Feeling regret about having bought something is a very unpleasant sort of unhappiness. Even with my under-buying ways, I sometimes come home with something I didn't really need to buy. Stores use extremely clever strategies to winkle customers into making purchases. Here are some strategies to make sure you don't make purchases you regret: 买了东西又后悔是种非常不愉快的感受即便像我这种“少买”的人,有时还是会买回一些不需要的商店采用极其聪明的手段引诱顾客消费下面这些方法能让你买了东西不至于后悔:1. Be wary of the check-out areas. 留心收银台区There are lots of enticing little items here; ask yourself if you really need something bee you add it to your pile. How many times have I picked up a jar of Balmex?那里有许多诱人的小商品在把它扔进购物车之前,问一问自己是不是确实需要这件东西有多少次我拿起了一罐Balmex尿片? 1965惠州包茎手术总共要多少钱 And so, farewell to “Mad Men.” Farewell to the blogs and fan sites that tracked the story line (and more important, the outfits) of each episode.别了,《广告狂人(Mad Men)别了,那些追踪每集情节(更重要的是,每集装)的客和粉丝网站Farewell to Don and his perfect suits, to Peggy and her plaids, to Joan and her jewel tones and sheaths.别了,唐(Don)和他完美的西;别了,佩姬(Peggy)和她的格子裙;别了,琼(Joan)和她的珠光宝气以及紧身连衣裙Since Sunday, viewers everywhere have been in mourning, at least judging by the Twitterati.从周日起,各地的观众都在叹息该剧剧终,至少从Twitter名人的帖子来看是这样的I, however, am not among them.不过,我不在叹息之列Not because I am happy to see the end of what was one of television’s smartest series, a pioneer of what is now generally accepted as the current golden age of small-screen serials.不是因为我乐意看到一部精的电视剧剧终——如今已被公认为电视剧的黄金时代,而它正是这个时代的先驱But because I can’t help but hope that with the end of “Mad Men” comes the end of a period in fashion that has seen designers become trapped in the past to an almost stifling degree. At least the past as it looked in the 1960s (which in the beginning, let us not get, looked a lot like the late 1950s) and early ’70s.我只是忍不住希望,随着《广告狂人的终结,一个时尚阶段也能终结,在这个阶段,设计师们被困于过去的时代,几乎窒息——至少是困在世纪60年代(不要忘了,60年代初与50年代末非常相似)至70年代初Even an industry that generally views history as a grab bag of potential inspiration to be dipped into and mixed and matched at will, this has been extreme.时尚界通常视历史为潜在灵感的百宝囊,可供随时汲取、混合搭配即便如此,目前这一阶段对历史的依赖也太过极端 as long as the show has been running — ever since its debut in — we have been, it seems, suffering from what Hadley Freeman in The Guardian newspaper dubbed “madmenalaria.”从该剧年首播至今,我们似乎患上了哈德利·弗里曼(Hadley Freeman)在《卫报(The Guardian)上所称的“广告狂人狂热症”(madmenalaria)She defined the term as “the desire to dress like a character from ‘Mad Men,’ ” though I would revise that and call it the mass fashion conviction that all consumers want to dress like characters from “Mad Men.” The show’s visual impact was so intense, it went viral and seemed to recode designers’ creative DNA.她对“广告狂人狂热症”的定义是“想像《广告狂人中的人物那样着装”,不过,我想把它的定义改为,大众时装公司认为所有的消费者都想穿成《广告狂人中的人物那样该剧的视觉冲击力非常强大,以病毒级传播,仿佛重组了设计师们的创意DNAIt was apparent not just in obvious brand extensions, like Banana Republic’s “Mad Men” collection (designed in collaboration with the show’s costume supremo, Janie Bryant), but in more pervasive, unspoken ways: in silhouette and print; in hemline and seam. And in the clear belief, visible on catwalks everywhere, that the 1960s were the answer to every moment of pallid inspiration, or aesthetic doubt.《广告狂人对时装的影响体现在品牌的发展当中,例如香蕉共和国(Banana Republic)就推出了《广告狂人系列(这个系列是与该剧的装主管贾妮·布赖恩特[Janie Bryant]联合设计的),而且很多心照不宣的地方在设计中更加随处可见:裁剪和印花,褶边和接缝;它的影响渗入了在秀台上普遍存在的一种鲜明理念:如果你缺乏灵感或者产生了审美怀疑,就去回顾60年代吧It was visible, example, on many of Frida Giannini’s Gucci runways, including the tablecloth shades and A-line shapes of leathers autumn-winter ; the pastel tunics and ruffled hostess dresses of spring-summer ; the bright Beatle trouser suits and caftans of spring-summer .在弗丽达·詹尼尼(Frida Giannini)为古驰(Gucci)设计的很多时装秀上都可以看到这种理念,包括年秋冬的台布渐变色和A字皮裙;年春夏的粉色长款衬衫和褶饰女主人连衣裙;年春夏的披头士风格鲜艳裤套装和宽松束腰长裙It was there in Rossella Jardini’s Moschino, from the bows and bouffants of spring-summer to the Mary Quant-inspired spring collection.它还体现在萝塞拉·亚尔迪尼(Rossella Jardini)为莫斯奇诺(Moschino)设计的年春夏系列的蝴蝶结和宽松裙子上以及以玛丽·匡特(Mary Quant)为灵感的年春季系列中It was in Giambattista Valli’s most recent autumn-winter show, full of puffed-sleeve printed tunics over matching trousers and drop-waisted schoolgirls shifts, and in MaxMara’s ode to Marilyn Monroe’s 196 photo shoot with George Barris.它还体现在詹巴蒂斯塔·瓦利(Giambattista Valli)最近的秋冬时装秀上,那场时装秀中充满泡泡袖印花长款衬衫和配套裤子,以及低腰直筒女学生连衣裙;还体现在麦丝玛拉(MaxMara)向乔治·巴里斯(George Barris)196年为玛丽莲·梦露(Marilyn Monroe)拍摄的照片致敬的系列It was visible in practically every brand that edged from the 1960s to 1970s the season currently in stores, including Alberta Ferretti, Pucci and Etro.其实,它体现在所有品牌上,它们把六七十年代的装搬到当季店铺里,包括阿尔伯特·菲尔蒂(Alberta Ferretti)、璞琪(Pucci)和艾绰(Etro)I like a miniskirt and maxi-dress as much as the next woman; they are, generally, flattering and easy to wear. And there’s no question that seeing them on Megan and Company was a potent reminder.和普通女人一样,我也喜欢超短裙和超长裙——它们通常讨人喜欢,易于穿着毫无疑问,这些裙子穿在梅根(Megan)和她的朋友们身上更是有力地提醒了我们But this has begun to feel less like a relevant statement about what women want now and more like a retreat; an assumption, which I would characterize as false, that the past is a safe place to dress.不过,这种风潮好像不是在表达如今的女人想穿什么,而是在逃避,认为最安全的着装方式是回归过去,我认为这种想法是错误的There is a natural human tendency to idealize and whitewash days of yore, to cast them in the rosy glow of the mind’s eye.理想化地描述并粉饰往昔,把往昔置于想象中的玫瑰色光环中,这是人类的天性But most of us are self-aware enough to understand that even as we do this, we are lying to ourselves. We recognize those dangers when it comes to politics (see: Bush and Clinton). Why should clothes be any different?不过,我们大部分人都有自知之明,在粉饰过去的同时就已意识到自己是在自欺欺人我们知道这种倾向在政治界的危害(看看布什和克林顿吧)可是,在时尚界又何尝不是如此呢?Granted, it is easier to remake something than to make something new. Anyone who has faced a blank page knows that. But if fashion’s ubiquitous default to the 1960s over the last seven years has exposed anything, it is its own lack of imagination, not only about clothes and consumers, but about the relationship of culture and dress.毋庸置疑,改造比创造容易任何曾经对着白纸一筹莫展的人都知道这一点但是,在过去七年里,时尚界对60年代的普遍模仿至少暴露出,这个行业缺乏想象力——不只是对于装和消费者缺乏想象力,而且对于文化与装的关系也缺乏想象力Such borrowing is predicated in part on the assumption that by decontextualizing a style you also strip it of any possible negative implications: military, dynastic, what have you. It becomes an aesthetic m that exists on its own terms, as opposed to one that symbolizes all sorts of complicated societal or political convulsions.某种程度上,这种借鉴是基于这样的假设:把一种时装风格从它自身的环境中剥离出来,就能同时去除它所有潜在的负面寓意:譬如战争和王朝它会变成一种独立存在的审美形式,不再象征任何复杂的社会和政治动荡Yet if “Mad Men” showed us anything (besides how cool a skinny suit could look, and that wide ties really were not a good men’s wear moment), it is that the decade chronicled was a complicated, often unhappy, occasionally destructive time.但是,如果《广告狂人向我们展示了什么的话(除了修身西看起来多酷,宽领带真的不是男装的点睛之笔),那么,它最主要展示的是,60年代非常复杂,往往不太愉快,偶尔具有破坏性The show was a potent reminder that the sexual revolution and women entering the work ce and the rise of consumerism and the Age of Aquarius (all that) had a dark side, and claimed their own victims. That’s part of why it was such a powerful show.它有力地提醒我们,性革命、女性进入职场、消费主义的盛行以及太空时代都有阴暗的一面,有些人在其中受到了伤害这是该剧具有强大影响力的一个原因The clothes had resonance because the characters who wore them were intricate and multidimensional, not just because Joan’s brocade sheath was really glamorous, or Megan’s psychedelic chiffons made Pucci feel cool.那些装能引起共鸣,是因为身穿那些装的剧中人物精致复杂,而不只是因为琼的织锦紧身连衣裙真的魅力四射,或者梅根的迷幻雪纺连衣裙让璞琪看起来很酷But that kind of emotional identification gets lost on the runway, and the retail floor. And then we are left with what?但是,在秀台上和零售店里,那种情感上的认同消失了那么,我们还剩下什么?m without content. Which is why devolving to such familiar ms seems like a safe bet, and why it really isn’t. It’s empty and disposable — which is in turn why the 1960s keep being identified as a “trend,” with the associated implication that at some point they will also be identified as “over.” Even though that “over” has yet to come.只剩下空洞的形式所以,借鉴这些熟悉的形式看似稳妥,实际上并非如此它是空洞的,可以被丢弃,所以,60年代的风格一直被认为是一股“潮流”——“潮流”暗含的意思是,在某一时刻它将“终结”虽然“终结”尚未到来But perhaps we are finally there. Perhaps the curtain had to fall on the show bee it could fall on that part of the y-to-wear shows. Perhaps the history hamster wheel that we seem to be on — which has seen us cycle through the 1970s as well as some of the big hair and bigger shoulder pads of the 1980s (yes, we are there again) — will finally stop turning.但是,我们也许终于走到了终点也许只有在该剧落幕之后,它对成衣秀的影响力才会终结也许我们对历史无休止的模仿(是的,我们曾模仿70年代的风格以及80年代的浪头和高垫肩)才会最终停止After all, during the last round of collections, the most striking pieces — from Louis Vuitton, Dior, Proenza Schouler, Narciso Rodriguez — had a streamlined momentum that wasn’t dragged down by any decade-related reference, or identity. They were clothes that went striding into the future, freed from the weight of the past.毕竟,在最新一批时装系列中,最引人注目的系列有流线形的趋势,没有被任何与60年代有关的元素或身份拖住——例如,路易威登(Louis Vuitton)、迪奥(Dior)、普罗恩萨·施罗(Proenza Schouler)和纳西索·罗德里格斯(Narciso Rodriguez)——这些装大踏步走向未来,没有往昔的负累Isn’t that what we all want? Don Draper would have understood.这难道不是我们所有人都想要的吗?唐·德雷珀(Don Draper)应该会理解的 3781SAN FRANCISCO — The blizzard continues: “Frozen ” is coming to theaters.旧金山——暴风雪还将继续:迪士尼公司将推出《冰雪奇缘(Frozen )The Walt Disney Company on Thursday used its annual shareholder meeting to make several movie announcements, the biggest being about a big-screen follow-up to “Frozen,” the animated musical that took in more than .3 billion globally in .周四,华特迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Company)在年度股东大会上宣布了几项电影计划,其中最大的是《冰雪奇缘续集年,这部动画音乐片在全球赚得逾亿美元Disney provided no details about the story or a release date but said the directors and producer of the first film would return the second.迪士尼公司没有提供电影情节或上映日期等细节,但它表示,第一部的导演和制作人将参与第二部的制作A sequel helps assure the long-term viability of what has become one of Disney’s most crucial franchises. Sales of “Frozen”-related merchandise now total roughly billion annually, and helped power Disney to a record .5 billion in profit last year. “Frozen” has also been fast-tracked Broadway, and a Florida theme park attraction is in the works.续集再次明,迪士尼的这部重要改编电影具有长久生命力目前,《冰雪奇缘衍生品的年销售额约为亿美元,去年帮助迪士尼公司实现了75亿美元的利润,打破了历史记录《冰雪奇缘还很快被改编成百老汇音乐剧;佛罗里达州正在修建一个《冰雪奇缘主题公园“We’re going back to Arendelle,” John Lasseter, chief creative officer Walt Disney Animation Studios, told the crowd, referring to the kingdom in “Frozen.” The film follows two Nordic princesses, one of whom has the magical power — not always controllable — to conjure snowstorms, and their goofball snowman sidekick, Olaf.“我们将返回阿伦黛尔(Arendelle),”华特迪士尼动画公司的首席创意官约翰·拉塞特(John Lasseter)对观众说阿伦黛尔是《冰雪奇缘中的那个王国第一部讲述的是两位北欧公主,其中一位具有召唤暴风雪的神奇魔力,但她并不总能控制好她们还有一个傻乎乎的雪人伙伴——雪宝(Olaf)Disney is trying to use “Frozen” to drive ticket sales its next live-action movie, “Cinderella,” which opens on Friday and is expected to take in at least million over its first three days. “Cinderella” will be shown with a new animated short called “Frozen Fever,” which finds one of the princesses, Elsa, with a bothersome cold.迪士尼正努力用《冰雪奇缘拉动下一部真人电影《灰姑娘(Cinderella)的票房销售《灰姑娘将于周五(3月日)上映,预计头三天将至少赚取6500万美元《灰姑娘将和新动画短片《冰雪奇缘:生日惊喜(Frozen Fever)一起上映,短片讲述的仍是拥有召唤冰雪魔力的公主艾莎(Elsa),那种魔力总是给她招惹麻烦Disney held its annual meeting at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater here, which is a few blocks from its Lucasfilm , and used the moment to reveal that a previously announced “Star Wars” spinoff movie, set release next year, will be titled “Rogue One.” Additionally, Disney revealed that “Star Wars: Episode VIII” will be released in theaters in May . “Episode VII” arrives this December.迪士尼公司的年会在旧金山的艺术宫殿剧场(Palace of Fine Arts Theater)举办该剧场离迪士尼的卢卡斯电影分公司(Lucasfilm )只有几个街区之遥迪士尼利用这个场合宣布,之前已定于明年上映的《星球大战(Star Wars)续集将命名为《星球大战:侠盗一号(Rogue One)另外,迪士尼宣布,《星球大战8(Star Wars: Episode VIII)将于年5月上映《星球大战7(Episode VII)将于今年月上映The official business portion of the meeting was uneventful. Two shareholder proposals were defeated by wide margins, including one to end a practice of allowing one executive (currently Robert A. Iger) to serve as both chief executive and chairman. All members of the Disney board were comtably re-elected.这次会议的事务部分平淡无奇两项股东提案以极高票数被否决,其中一项提案意图终止允许一位执行官(目前是罗伯特·A·伊格[Robert A. Iger])同时担任首席执行官和主席的做法迪士尼董事会的所有成员都轻松重新当选The rest of the meeting unfolded as usual. Shareholders questioned a beaming Mr. Iger about perennial concerns ranging from pin trading at theme parks to the disappearance of an obscure character called Figment, a purple dragon from an Epcot ride at Walt Disney World. Mr. Iger was also grilled by a shareholder over depictions of smoking in PG--rated films released by the company under secondary labels.会议的其余部分像往常那样展开股东们向容光焕发的伊格提出各种老生常谈的问题,从主题公园的徽章交易到一个名叫Figment的小角色的消失——它是迪士尼乐园未来世界里的一条紫龙还有一位股东向伊格提出质问:公司子品牌发布的若干家长指导观看级电影中出现了抽烟画面And, as always, there was a very specific question from a child, this time from a 6-year-old named Brooke: Who was the first Disney princess to walk on a Disney cruise ship? A surprised Mr. Iger punted to Thomas O. Staggs, who was recently promoted to become the company’s No. executive and was sitting in the front row.像以往一样,大会上总会有一个由某位孩子提出的特别问题今年的问题来自一个来自名叫布鲁克(Brooke)的六岁孩子:谁是第一个踏上迪士尼邮轮的公主?倍感意外的伊格把问题推给了托马斯·O·斯塔格斯(Thomas O. Staggs),后者最近刚被提升为该公司的二号主管,他坐在前排“We couldn’t choose just one,” Mr. Staggs said, saving the day.“我们不能只选一位,”斯塔格斯这样答复来救场Bee the meeting began, the sound system played “Let It Go” from “Frozen” while shareholders posed photos with costumed characters representing major movie divisions like Pixar (Buzz Lightyear) and Lucasfilm (Stormtroopers).会议开始前,背景音乐里播放着《冰雪奇缘的主题曲《随心而行(Let It Go),股东们和戏装人物合影,这些人物分别代表几个主要电影分公司,比如皮克斯动画工作室(Pixar,巴斯光年[Buzz Lightyear])和卢卡斯电影公司(风暴兵[Stormtroopers])One new twist was that Disney executives marveled at the company’s steadily climbing stock price. Disney shares rose percent on Thursday, to ..一个新转折是,迪士尼的执行官们惊喜地发现,该公司的股价在稳步攀升周四,迪士尼的股价上涨了%,达到1.美元 368惠州早泄治疗哪家医院好

惠州性病治疗哪里最好TIME is summing up Angelina Jolie’s big week with three words on the cover of its latest issue: “The Angelina Effect.”安吉丽娜·朱莉效应:《时代周刊最新一期的封面用这三个英文单词总结了对于安吉丽娜·朱莉来说“意义非凡的一周”The powerful cover image was revealed on Wednesday, one day after the Oscar winning actress revealed that she had a preventative double mastectomy earlier this year. According to TIME spokesperson Kerri Chyka, the photo was taken bee Jolie’s surgery in February.而就在这张非常具有张力的封面照发布的前一天,这位奥斯卡最佳女主角刚刚透露了自己在今年早些时候接受了预防性的双乳腺切除手术根据《时代周刊记者Kerri Chyka的说法,这张照片摄于二月份朱莉接受手术前The magazine’s cover story focuses on how far the star’s influence has gone in past cases: her adoption of a baby (her daughter Zahara) in Ethiopia and her name choices daughter Vivienne and son Maddox. Now, with Jolie actions, doctors are expecting a ;stampede of women; who will request to be tested the breast cancer-related BRCA1 gene.杂志的封面故事集中报道在过去的各种情况下这位女星的影响力:收养一个埃塞俄比亚女婴(即为她现在的女儿Zahara),以及给女儿取名Vivienne和给儿子取名Maddox 现在在朱莉的影响下,医生们预计会迎来一股女性蜂拥的热潮,即女士们会主动要求进行乳腺癌患病基因BRCA1检测.However, her medical challenge is not over yet. PEOPLE reported that the mother of six would have another surgery to remove her ovaries. Because of a genetic mutation, the Oscar-winning actress had an 87% risk of developing breast cancer and a 50% chance of ovarian cancer.不过朱莉的医疗挑战并没结束根据美国《人物杂志的报道,这位六个孩子的母亲还将接受另外一个手术切除卵巢因为基因突变,朱莉患上患上乳腺癌的几率高达87%,患上卵巢癌的几率高达50%“I wanted to write this to tell other women that the decision to have a mastectomy was not easy. But it is one I am very happy that I made. My chances of developing breast cancer have dropped from 87 percent to under 5 percent. I can tell my children that they don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer,” Jolie wrote in her New York Times op-ed published on May .朱莉在《纽约时报文章中写道:;我把自己的经历写出来,是想告诉其他女性,作出乳房切除的决定其实并不容易很高兴我还是下了决心现在,我患乳腺癌的几率已从87%降到了5%现在,我可以告诉孩子们,妈妈不会因为患乳腺癌而去世了;惠州睾丸疼去哪里看 惠州龙门县男性专科

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