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泉州新阳光医院看妇科安溪县妇女医院看病贵么安溪县妇女医院门诊收费 Do hand sanitizers work any better than soap and water?洗手液比肥皂水好用吗?Yaeuml;l: We re-enjoy our hero, the handsome Donne, in the kitchen where hes preparing baked Alaska for his lovely bride.再看看我们的男主角Donne,不仅拥有帅气的外表,还会在厨房里亲手为女朋友做火焰冰淇淋。Don: Yes, yes. The way to a womans heart is through her stomach.嗯,嗯,抓住女人心最好的办法就是抓住她的胃!Y: But wats this? Donnes handling the food without first washing his hands. Isnt he worried about passing on cold germs and other nasty bacteria to the lovely Delina?但是这又是什么意思啊?Donne做东西的时候都没有先洗洗手。难道他不担心将感冒病毒或是其它有害的细菌传给他那可爱的Delina?D: Oh, cut the melodrama. Im not poison in anyone. You see, ordinary soup and water dry my hands, so I switch to a hand sanitizer. A hand sanitizer contains alcohol, which kills the germs and then evaporates on contact. And it also contains soothing emollients to counter the alcohols drying effect.好了,就别再说你那些戏剧之类的东西了,我又不迷恋谁谁谁。你知道的,用普通的肥皂或是水来洗手的话手会变得很干,所以我改用洗手液了。洗手液中含有酒精,能够杀死细菌且易挥发。另外,洗手液中还含有舒缓润肤剂可以一定程度上抵掉酒精的干燥作用。Y: Not the fact, Don. Sure, hand sanitizers kill the germs on your hands–including the resident bacteria that live there, and the transient illness-causing bacteria you pick up off doorknobs. But unless you rinse them off in water, the dirt on your hands isnt affected. Its like sanitizing dishes without first rinsing them off.事实并不是这样的,Don。诚然,洗手液能杀死手上的细菌,包括长期寄生菌,以及在门把手等东西上沾上的“临时”致病细菌。但是你若不将那些细菌洗入水中,你手上的细菌对你根本就毫无影响。这就像是你给碟子消毒却又不先将碟子冲洗干净一样。D: Surely you jest.开玩笑吧你!Y: Whats more, as the alcohol evaporates, it strips your hands of their protective oils and pulls up resident bacteria that live in the deeper layers of your skin, so you may end up with more germs on the surface of your hands than you started with.还有呢,在酒精挥发的时候会顺便将你手上的一层保护油和皮肤深层的寄生菌也带走,如此一来你手的皮肤表层的细菌可能比用洗手液之前还要多。D: Oh, no. So whats the neading man to do?那要怎么办啊,总要洗手啊!Y: Rinserinse and rinse more. While hand sanitizers offer a quick fix, they work best in conjunction with soap and water.那就洗刷刷,洗刷刷,洗呗。虽然使用洗手液只是权宜之计,但总比用肥皂水洗要好些的。 /201211/207257Youll be surprised how many parts in your car are taped in place these days, the Gustav Scharnau Company molds special industrial adhesives, and much of its production goes to the automobile industry, but that industry is in trouble due to the euro crisis and this firm near Berlin is feeling the pinch, the director tells me.要是知道现在的汽车里有多少部件都是粘在一起的,你一定大吃一惊。Gustav Scharnau公司专门生产工业粘胶,且主要为汽车工业用粘胶。但是由于欧债危机,汽车工业正陷入困境之中,因此这家在柏林附近的制胶公司的董事告诉我,公司业务正在萎缩。The crisis is affecting us, he says, we dont have cancellations yet, but companies are ordering smaller quantities, of course that is a problem.危机正在影响我们,他说,虽然目前汽车公司未取消定单,但是这些公司的定购数量减少,这当然是个问题。The euro crisis has reached the continents biggest and so far most resilient economy, industrial giant Siemens just announced a 6 billion euro cost cutting plan, saying layoffs could also be part of measures to make the company leaner. Mercedes Benz wants to save about 2 billion euros by the end of 2014 with demand in Europe in a slump, and GM subsidiary Opel says they will have to slash thousands of jobs and possibly close plants, but those are just a few examples, across the board, German export saw a steep decline in September as has industrial production.欧债危机已波及欧洲最大的,到目前为止最有活力的经济体。工业巨头西门子刚刚宣布了其60亿欧元的成本削减计划,并称公司更节俭措施将包括裁员。因为欧洲需求陡降,Mercedes Benz希望到2014年,能够节省大约20亿欧元,同地GM子公司Opel称将不得不大幅裁员,还有可能关闭工厂。这只是其中的几个例子,统计数据显示,和工业生产一样,德国出口急剧下降。A prolonged economic down turn would also be a threat to Germanys role as a leader combating the eurozone economic troubles. Chancellor Angela Merkels rescue course for the euro has never been popular especially among politicians in her own governing coalition, and experts say a weak German economy will make it even tougher to lead, though in the end the Germans might have little choice.这一延长的经济衰退期可能会危及德国作为带头抗击欧元区经济危机的。总理默克尔对欧元区的救助路线也从未得到广泛认可,特别是属于她自己的领导联盟的政治家的认可。专家称变弱的德国经济将很难带领大家走出危机,尽管最终德国可能会有渺茫的选择权。It might be a little bit tougher getting things through parliament, but since we have this consensus that Germany is integrated into Europe, I think the political side will definitely not shy away from this rescue measures.可能各项提案将较难通过国会,但是既然我们在德国是欧洲的一部分这一点上达成了一致,我认为各党派不会逃避营救措施计划。Its inevitable that the euro crisis will also hit companies like this one, the only way for mid sized firms to thrive and to survive in the crisis is to keep innovating and find new markets for their products.不可避免地,欧债危机也将殃及Gustav Scharnau,对于这种中等规模的公司来说,在危机中兴旺并生存下去的唯一方法将是保持创新,并为产品开辟新市场。Something the Gustav Scharnau Company managed to do in the past, the firm is almost 100 years old and used to produce string for packaging, then one day management decided tape would be the future, a decision that paid off, soon management might need to make further bold moves to remain profitable.Gustav Scharnau过去也正是这么做的,这家公司有近100年的历史,过去生产包装带,后来有一天管理层决定工业胶将是其未来市场,这一决定成功了。因此,为了保持盈利,很快管理层可能需要进一步做出大胆的举措。201211/211413晋江看乳腺检查多少钱

泉州药流费用Business Intellectual property Many patents, still pending商业 知识产权 悬而未决的专利Congress tweaks, but does not overhaul, Americas patent system国会将对美国专利制度进行小幅修改AFTER years of dithering, America is set for patent reform.徘徊犹豫了多年,美国终于着手专利改革。On September 6th a bill proposing to change the system passed its highest procedural hurdle in the Senate.9月6号,整改议案过了最艰难的一关——参议院。With Barack Obama supportive, this means the America Invents Act could soon be signed into law.得到总统巴拉克?奥巴马的持,美国发明法规将很快能正式写入法律。Instead of the ;first to invent; principle, which America currently uses, patents will be awarded to inventors who are the ;first to file;.美国专利目前遵循;第一发明;原则,将改为授予第一个申请注册的人。This is similar to the system most other countries use. The aim is to avoid long and difficult legal arguments over who was the first to come up with an idea.目前大部分国家都实行这种规定,这样可避免对第一发明人的确定争论不休,难以确定。As in most cases of patent law it is not going to be that simple.如专利法中涉及的案例很多都不能简单的界定。One criticism is that being first-to-file gives big and sophisticated organisations, highly experienced at the difficult job of filing for patents, an advantage over smaller outfits that may be technically brilliant but not legally savvy.有一种批评意见是,申请注册专利会造成庞大复杂的机构,特别是申请过程更是项困难的工作,小型机构的优点在于技术上的优越而不只是合法的专业知识。Another problem is that first-to-file may make companies rush to put in for a patent before their invention is truly y.另一个问题是专利的申请可能促使一些公司在一些发明尚未成型时就急于将其注册。Moreover, the law does little to address the more basic problem of a patent system that has grown in expense for all kinds of companies that want to protect their ideas.另外,法律没有解决专利体系存在一个更重要的问题:各类公司为保护自己的点子付出高昂的出。The number of disputed cases going to trial, average awards and legal costs have all ballooned.许多有争议的申请案例被搬上了法庭,最后或平分奖金或取得合法补偿,诸如此类的事件不断发生。To many, the system looks like a lottery.对许多人来说,这种制度更像是活动。Those who think that patents are granted too easily complain that the bill will still allow too many suits, especially those by ;non-practising entities;, which are also known derisively as ;patent trolls;.有些人认为专利申请是件易事的人称,此法案仍会造成大量诉讼纠纷,特别是那些毫无经验的企业,它们被戏称为;专利的钓饵;。These buy up patents and then license them or sue for infringement, rather than using the patents themselves.它们购买专利不是为了自己使用,转而注册成为自己所有,或用于高发侵权行为。The too-many-patents crowd wanted to do away, in particular, with ;business-method; patents, which claim to have invented a new way of doing business.拥有很多专利的人尤其希望去掉;商业用途;的专利,他们表示已经发明了一种新的经营方式。Instead, the bill did this only for the financial industry, after strenuous lobbying by Wall Street.然而,经过华尔街艰难的游说,议案只是在金融业去除了;商业用途;专利申请。And many advocated making it harder to get any kind of patent at all.另外,许多人持提高所有专利申请的难度。The bill does make some changes that could be positive.法案并没有做出一些积极地变动,只新增加了几条打击有害专利的程序。It creates several new procedures to deter or defeat bad patents. One would let an alleged infringer of a patent challenge its validity at the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), rather than going to court.第一,被指控侵权者不必被送至法庭,可到专利商标局(PTO)说明其非法性。This would, in theory, be cheaper and faster. But it could still be followed by a lawsuit.原则上说这样做即省钱又快速,而且之后仍可对其侵权行为进行控诉。Second, the bill expands the right of third parties to join the fray at the PTO by showing ;prior art;—meaning the invention is aly known about and so a patent should not be granted.第二,法案体现;优先权之道;——即申请专利的发明之前已有人知道则不能通过。这样就扩大了在PTO参与纠纷的第三方权利。This might save time and money for firms which would be affected by a dodgy patent, allowing them to argue things out at an early stage rather than later on in a costly courtroom.法案使双方在初期就公开辩论,防止企业在遇到一些狡猾的专利申请者时,浪费过多时间和金钱在法庭上。One of the biggest criticisms of the bill concerns the PTOs funding, which some think should be increased so that the office can hire and keep the best examiners and so reduce a huge backlog of applications.对此法案一个最大的异议是有关PTO的成立,有些人认为应多建几所PTO,这样就能让雇佣最好的审查官,减少申请案例的大量积压。Instead, Congress chose to multiply the alternative dispute-resolution procedures at the PTO,但是,国会选择在PTO大量增加可供选择的争论解决程序,giving the office more work to do without a guarantee of more money. The result is a muddle as well as a missed opportunity.加大了PTO工作量的同时,有没有给予更多资金保障,致使局面混乱,失去最佳调节机会。 /201212/215022泉州新阳光医院贵不贵 泉州第二医院评论怎么样

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